Private Message from Our Lady

Private Message from Our Lady

through Gianna Sullivan

July 6, 2006

The Feast of St. Maria Goretti


Little children, praised be Jesus!


Little ones, Jesus doesn't punish you.  He sees your incentives, and the best thing He does is that He loves.  So all of your worries and concerns can be placed in His Most Sacred Heart where you will find Joy. 


When you rest in Jesus, it does not matter where you go and what you do, or even what your intentions are, because He takes all of them.  His Love is all encompassing.  So you never have to worry.  All you have to do is to praise Him, thank Him, and dedicate your life to Him, to His Most Sacred Heart.


I, His Mother, stand by Him as the Immaculate Heart.  If you come to me and to Him together, how well you will be dressed with glory!  If you do not want to come to me, but rather just to Him, you too will be dressed in glory. 


However, I can tell you in all humility that there is a special place where I can purify and elevate you.  I can change your position from that of Purgatory to Heaven if you but come through my Immaculate Heart. 


Why?  Well, for me as a "mother", a genuine Mother who loves her children, there is a special place for each of my children.  A Mother has a different kind of love, because it is a pure love; and this is how I see you.  If I see you as a pure child, then I can change your clothing from what was tainted to something most pure and present you to our Most Gracious King. 


I love you.  Peace to you.  I thank you, I thank you for simply listening and pondering my words, and for giving my Son the ultimate glory.  Thank you for responding to this call (fading whisper).