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News Story

Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing


Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

(Oct. 22, 2018)

“It’s one of the most sacrilegious acts a religious leader could perform, but it’s happening again — this time in Columbus, Ohio.  There, on the evening of November 9, the so-called Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is planning a “blessing” of the Planned Parenthood abortion center….

During this clinic blessing, participants will gather with local faith leaders and guests to ask for God’s blessing upon Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s East Columbus Surgical facility, the abortion providers and staff, and all those who pass through the center…..”

Read the entire article…..


And how has Our Lady of Emmitsburg addressed this subject?


“…There are many things I desire to tell you. One is that many people have rejected me because my message is one of challenge. Oh yes, indeed, I pre-warned the world of the events that were to happen in September, 2001, but also I have pre-warned the world that if abortion did not cease and moral ethics were not changed back to their rightful place that this world would see a devastation like it has never seen before in the history of humanity. I pre-warned the world of the devastation that would happen to the children, and about the exponential rate at which the children are being exposed to demoralizing values. I pre-warned the world of the effects of crime and natural events that were soon to hit his country and the whole world. Many people rejected these because they did not want to hear messages that caused them fear. I invited them not to be afraid, that there was no time for fear but only time for change. And yet, many people chose to believe that they were more righteous and rejected my words from heaven. So now, in the midst of such turmoil, pain and suffering, I your Mother weep for all my children who rejected my words because even now they still reject them and choose not to believe that I pre-warned them. They choose still not to return to God and give Him the glory which is rightfully due to Him….”  (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, June 8, 2002, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)


Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!



October 2018- The Month Dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary

Rosarium Virginis Mariae...

The Month of the Most Holy Rosary...

How to Pray the Rosary...

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!!!


Worldwide Continuous Rosary - 24/7

Are you praying alone? Remember that Our Lord said that wherever two or more are gathered in His Name, He too is there. Pray with others around the world who are praying the Rosary with you right now in real time!

Come Pray the Rosary...

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!!!



Grace-filled Spiritual Gifts

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Rosaries

It is the privilege of the Foundation to direct you to two private companies specializing in faith-inspired handcrafted rosaries and jewelry. Most notable has been their efforts in designing the first Our Lady of Emmitsburg rosaries. We would like to introduce you to the beautiful artistry of Vanessa Rackers of Little Gemma Designs in Waynesboro, PA, and Arasely Chelsea Rios of Seraphym Designs in Temecula, CA. With the holiday season fast approaching, you may find some very special gift ideas here. Thanks to Vanessa and Chelsea!

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Rosaries...



All Soul’s Day Novena - October 24 thru November 2

Join us in a 9-day Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, as we the Church Militant on earth along with the Church Triumphant in heaven, join together as the Communion of Saints to pray in atonement for the sin and for the release from Purgatory of the Church Suffering, including those we may know and those for whom there is no one to pray.

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory...


30th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 28, 2018

In today’s Gospel from St. Mark on this 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear Our Lord ask the blind man:

“What do you want Me to do for you?”

(Mk 10:51)

And the blind man responds:

“Master, I want to see!”

However, in this modern day world which suffers from a depth of blindness which appears to exceed all prior blindness, would humanity respond the same way to Our Lord’s question?  OR Is it more likely that much of humanity would ask Our Lord:

“Who are You?”

Let us recall what has been shared with humanity by God the Father in His Words to the world, Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons and Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages regarding the future, and the fear of the future, about which so few even care to hear Heaven’s Divine Plan.

Fear of the Future, The New Beginning, Part 9


Feast of St. Jude - October 28

Patron of Hopeless Situations and Desperate Cases

Brief biography...

Novena Prayer to St. Jude
For Desperate Situations and Hopeless Cases...

Litany of St. Jude...

The Brief Summary of the Biblical Letter of St. Jude...


What has Our Lord in His Lessons said

on this great feast of St. Jude?

"I came as Son of Man to stir up division and separation so that all, who wished to dwell with Me, could do so. It is the same now! I am here to bring Peace; but in order for Peace to reign, there will be separation. Man will go against man and the battle between evil and good will commence…. The men of good shall break off from the men of evil. The men of evil judgment shall celebrate in the victory of battle; but I tell you, their celebration will be premature. Their celebration will result in their damnation and agony, as they scream in the fires of Gehenna. No, the troops of glory, the men of God, shall reign forever and win in victory for all eternity; and Peace shall be their flag…. Tell My people not to be deceived to think they have been defeated. The power of God reigns now, and shall for eternity!" (JOM, Vol II, #15, 10-28-89, The Presence of Jesus)

I AM Your Jesus of Mercy:
October 28, 1989...


What has OLOE said on the St. Jude's feast day?

“…Do not focus on fear, but instead focus on changing your old ways to new ones of honesty, love, compassion and works of mercy…. Why is it I must speak of future purification to gain your attention? All words from Heaven I speak on behalf of my Son are of equal importance, whether they be words of comfort or words of challenge. If people loved the Word of my Son in the Gospel, there would be no need of my visitation. It is because there is a large percentage of the world who are indifferent to His Truth that I come to plead and invite all to return to Him. There are so many deceptions and demoralizing issues which have infected the world. Many people don't know what is God's Truth….Unless people become centered on Jesus in prayer, His True Presence in the Eucharist, and unless they live a sacramental life, His Truth will only continue to be diluted by the pollution of sin, and fear will become the end product….” (OLOE Public 10-28-99)

Our Lady of Emmitsburg October 28, 1999...


Pre-election Day Novena – USA

October 29-November 6 2016

Join us in a 9-day Novenas from the poor Clare Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at Our Lady of the Angels in Hanceville, Alabama, as we pray that our nation will elect leaders that will protect life, morality and the family:

Our Lady of America, Lily of Purity, intercede for our country during the coming elections. Since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from the Most Holy Trinity political leaders who will support life, who will change the laws to make abortion in any form illegal, and who will protect the life of each individual at every stage. Our Sweet Mother, intercede for us that our leaders will be men and women of God who will help the United States become a country of great purity and high morality, a country that will uphold family life and influence other countries throughout the world to love God above all, to serve Him and to live for Him alone. Our Sweet Mother, time and again you have given us your gracious assistance, and thus we humbly and gratefully acknowledge you as Queen of America. Intercede for us now, as we beg for the end of abortion in our country and for the uprising of a culture of life. We place our hope and our confidence in you! Our Lady of America, pray for us, and may Our Eternal Father shine His Light upon this country and the whole world. Amen. (Adapted to current election)



Halloween - October 31, 2018

There has been much controversy over the years with regard to the celebration of Halloween. Even though it may have had some of its original traditions rooted in Christianity, for many it has become a purely secular celebration that diminishes the reality of the dark spirit world of evil; and for some it has even become a celebration of that evil. What does the Catholic Church teach about Halloween?

Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween...

OLOE delivered a very blunt and profound message to the world

on Halloween night 2009:


“…It is truly astounding, children, in a country founded in its completeness and wholeness in the glory of God the Father, that God now is being pushed aside…. It astounds me that many people continue to go on and walk as if tomorrow will come, as if they are safe and that they will never be held accountable for their sins, because God is now fiction…. The scenario is set! The climate is right! Even God has warned that if you see a storm coming, you should prepare…. If you look within at your own personal relationship with my Son, your walk is a walk alone. All the people around you cannot gain you the reward due to you…. Your total outcome rests within you…. No one has the final say other than my Son!....” (OLOE Private 10-31-09)

Our Lady of Emmitsburg October 31, 2009...

What has Our Lord in His Lessons said on this All Saint's Vigil?

“...My people pray for mercy, yet they do not practice it on their neighbor. Better to be blind and not see, than to see and act blinded!...”  (JOM, Vol I, #2, 10-31-88, Mercy)



Reflections from Gianna's Perspective

Read personal reflections from Gianna's perspective on the inspirational gifts she has received over the past 25 years, beginning with some of the earliest guidance she experienced on her spiritual journey.

Reflections from Gianna's Perspective...


The Autumn of the Holy Spirit

The Wild Goose


Prayer to Save America

During these critical times in U.S. history as well as in salvation history, the Foundation will be including this prayer on all e-newsletters.

O merciful God, we cry to Thee for pardon and for mercy.
We are an unbelieving and perverse generation.
We are disobedient, disloyal and ungrateful to Thee. 
We have excluded Thee from our homes, our schools, our places of business. 
We are no longer worthy to be called Thy children. 
Merciful Father, spare America! 
Forgive us! 
Save us from the scourge we deserve. 
Teach us Thy law, and move our wills to serve Thee today and everyday. 
Merciful God, please spare America!
O Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Pray for us!


Featured Writings...


Pope Francis Prayer Intention –October, 2018 - Join in praying for the October 2018 prayer intention of Pope Francis:

Evangelization—The Mission of Religious:  That consecrated religious men and women may bestir (stir into action, exert) themselves, and be present among the poor, the marginalized, and those who have no voice.

DAILY OFFERING PRAYER - O Jesus, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart: the salvation of souls, reparation for sin, and the reunion of all Christians. I offer them for the intentions of our bishops and of all Apostles of Prayer, and in particular for those recommended by our Holy Father.



World Wide Prayer Group of Our Lady of Emmitsburg
Held in Homes Around the World,
November 4, 2018
Join us on the first Sunday of the month: "The World Wide Prayer Group of Our Lady of Emmitsburg" to be held in your own homes and communities.


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