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Published Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Special Edition Newsletter

September 15, 2018

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows


In today’s modern world and Church,

To whom might Our Lord say,
“Get behind Me, Satan. 

You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do!”

(Mk 8:33)


The Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary

In response to a mystical invitation from God the Father through Gianna Sullivan in 2005, the Foundation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was formed as a 501©3 non-profit religious organization for the purpose of preserving and propagating the message of Our Lady of Emmitsburg from the Center of Her Immaculate Heart in Emmitsburg, MD.  Drawing its Board of Directors from 5 states, and at cumulative peak distribution of over 9 1/2 million hits from over 180 nations and all 50 states, the Foundation strives to provide a weekly devotional newsletter based on solid Roman Catholic orthodoxy and predominantly private revelation from Church-approved and yet-to-be vindicated sources from around the world.  The current scandals within the Church and the prophesied apostasy would force almost any informed Catholic to be concerned about some very serious matters of faith and morals as well as discernment and legitimate authority in the hierarchical institutional Catholic Church.



(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, January 31, 2008)


The Archdiocese of Baltimore & Our Lady of Emmitsburg

Within one month of the first public apparition and message from Our Lady in Emmitsburg at St. Joseph’s Catholic Rectory on December 8, 1993, She gave to our nation and the Church a message about purity:

“My dear children, I am your Mother of the Immaculate Conception.

…My little ones, you are all called to a life of purity,

a life free of sin, a life filled with joy, happiness and peace.

Satan would like you to dwell on your sins.

He would like you to live in shame and guilt

and to be unforgiving to yourselves and others.

In prayer you will realize that Jesus loves you

and is calling you not to sin, shame or guilt,

but to freedom, joy, purity and forgiveness.

…Seek to be pure, my little ones.

…Jesus will grace you with purity if you desire this virtue.

…A call to purity!”


(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Dec. 8, 1993)


With the consent of the Archdiocese, approved spiritual direction, and the pastoral supervision of the Vincentian priests at the local parish, the weekly Prayer Group, Mass and apparition with Our Lady’s message continued through September 7, 2000.  On September 8, the Feast of the Nativity of the BVM, Gianna and Michael Sullivan were called to the Archdiocesan offices in Baltimore and presented without any explanation the infamous unsigned letter from officials there:


Read the Unsigned Letter….


One month after their receipt of the Unsigned Letter, God performed His miracle of affirmation when they were gifted with an unplanned, unscheduled visit with Pope John Paul II on October 13, 2000, in the Vatican, allowing them to present the Holy Father with a picture of Our Lady of Emmitsburg and to receive his blessing on the Mission of Mercy healthcare ministry to the poor.


JPII picture


Over the next year there was tremendous pressure placed on the Archdiocese and Cardinal Keeler to establish a Commission of Inquiry, and this was accomplished on June 12-13, 2001, at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland.  Three commissioners were appointed by Cardinal Keeler.  At the completion of the first day’s morning meetings, the commissioners met with Keeler.  All three and through them Cardinal Keeler were invited to witness the apparition of Our Lady to Gianna Sullivan in the seminary chapel at the end of the day.  All refused to do so.  However, Our Lady did appear later that day to Gianna accompanied by her husband Dr. Michael Sullivan and two priests who had testified in defense of the authenticity of the apparitions, well-know Marian and mystical theologians Fr. Edward O’Connor from Notre Dame University and Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi.  Fr. Robert Faricy, SJ had testified earlier, and world-renowned French Marian theologian Fr. Rene Laurentin had testified in absentia by letter due to health problems.


In 2002 the commission submitted a report to the Archdiocese of Baltimore which was strongly rebutted by Fr. Edward O’Connor,CSC,  but to no avail.  In 2003, on the Vigil of Pentecost, Cardinal Keeler did release his decree.  However, nothing has ever been determined to be contrary to the faith and morals of the Roman Catholic Church.


Read the entire Decree:



How did Our Lady of Emmitsburg respond to Cardinal Keeler’s decree?


“…Do not be bothered by the fact that so many elements are coming towards you that make you feel unworthy and discouraged.  When this happens, it should be more of an authentic uplifting and rally for you to know that God Himself is guiding you and leading you onto this new horizon because there is so much evil trying to discourage you and distract you….So whether there be one person here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart, or whether there be one million, it would remain the same; because if one gave glory to my Son it would be greater than if none did….”  (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2003) 


Our Lady had remained publicly silent from Sept, 2000 until Aug, 2002, when she resumed through Gianna Sullivan a monthly public message to the world which continued through October, 2008, both online and later through a prayer group held on private property in Frederick County, Maryland.





                    Our Lady of Emmitsburg on February 19, 2003:

“…It is the beginning to the end.  In this beginning I need leaders.  Those leaders need to lead, not mislead, but lead; to lead those who are indifferent, those who are righteous, those who are spiritual, those who think they know where they are, those who have a lack of communication skills, and those who cannot discern.  Although many of them are in love with my Son, they need a leader and need to be directed what to do and what not to do.  I cannot rest this in the laps of my priests, because even my priests do not know….” (OLOE, Feb. 19, 2003)


Goodbye, Good Men

In April, 2002, author Michael S. Rose, published an investigative report through Aquinas Publishing Company which was entitled Goodbye, Good Men, “An Expose of the Homosexual Revolution in the Catholic Church.”  One of the most scandalous segments dealt with St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, MD, over which Cardinal Keeler was episcopally responsible from 1989-2006, and he was president of the USCCB from 1992-1995.

“…This is to put it mildly. How can any healthy, heterosexual seminarian expect to be properly formed and prepared for the Catholic priesthood when constantly subjected to that which is so clearly contrary to Church teaching and discipline? How many heterosexual seminarians, whether orthodox or not, have decided to leave the seminary and abandon their vocations because of the “gay subculture” they were forced to endure, because they had been propositioned, harassed or even molested? We’re not talking here about the presence of a few homosexually-oriented men who conduct themselves with perfect chastity. Rather, there exists an intense and often threatening atmosphere.

According to former seminarians and recently ordained priests, the “gay subculture” is so prominent at certain seminaries that these institutions have earned nicknames such as Notre Flame (for Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans) and Theological Closet (for Theological College at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.). St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore has earned the nickname “The Pink Palace….”


Read the entire review….


Our Lady of Emmitsburg Puts All this in Perspective

“…The fact is that I do uphold my priests.  I do support this Church, the Church of my Son.  I do support everything in obedience to the Hierarchy of the Church; but when there is error and when the "truth" is not the Truth, then all must be revealed. 

I am not concerned about what anyone would say to you against my most Immaculate Heart, because I belong to God, just as you belong to God.  I am not God, so I cannot judge.  Justice rests between their own souls and God when they meet their Creator. 

However, I have also spoken in the past that my Son is the Light of the world.  If something is not correct, then if you do not speak up and challenge and change this, you will be held accountable.  There are many of my beloved Christian children who are so afraid, afraid because they are confused and afraid because they fear disobedience; but there has also been a tremendous sin of omission on the part of some in the Church Hierarchy….” (Our Lady of Emmtsburg, February 6, 2006)



In the wake of clergy sex abuse report,

Cardinal Keeler's legacy is being rewritten

The report of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury implicates Keeler, who served as bishop of Harrisburg from 1983 to 1989, of failing to take meaningful action to prevent an abusive priest from having access to children.

Per the order of Harrisburg Bishop Ronald Gainer, Keeler's name was removed last week from any property owned by the diocese. Gainer took similar action for all of his predecessors dating back to 1947, in response to what he said was their failure to protect children from predatory priests….

...David Lorenz, a member of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in Bowie and Baltimore, has in the past expressed some leniency towards Keeler for having released the names of accused predators…."After reading the report and hearing what Keeler had done ....clearly he did a lot of things, but clearly he was hiding priests and he knew he was hiding priests," Lorenz said.

Read the entire article….


The Baltimore Sun Details Cardinal Keeler’s

actions in Baltimore during early 1990’s

August 14, 2018

“Keeler was notified of the alleged abuse in 1987, according to the grand jury. He said he preferred to have Long’s religious order, the Jesuits, reassign Long.

‘Keeler was informed that Long had admitted to the conduct,’ the grand jury wrote. ‘In spite of such knowledge, Keeler, now in his capacity as Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, returned Long to ministry in a Roman Catholic Archdiocese.’

The grand jury quoted from a 1995 church memo regarding Long in Baltimore in 1991 and 1992: ‘Shortly after his assignment, reports were again received of inappropriate behavior on his part.’

Long was removed from ministry in 1995.”


Read entire news article….


Mt. St. Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, MD,

Executive Committee Revokes Keeler’s Honors and Awards

“…Last week I made recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees about actions to take regarding these honors, awards or special recognitions. The Executive Committee decided to revoke honors in accordance with these recommendations, which were based on the credible evidence contained in the grand jury’s report. The most prominent individual honored by the Mount is Cardinal Keeler. We will remove his name from the Cardinal Keeler Seminary Dining Room, which will now be called the Seminary Dining Room; revoke all awards and honors given; and remove all portraits and other listings of his name in places of honor….”


 Read the entire letter from President Thomas Trainor….


Earlier this month (September 2018) a pilgrim to the National Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on the campus of Mt. St. Mary’s University, stopped into the Grotto office and made a $1000 donation to have a memorial “paver” concrete square placed on the Seton Walkway with the inscription, “Our Lady of Emmitsburg, pray for us.”  A few days later he received the following e-mail from Grotto staff at the direction of University Administration:

“Happy Thursday to you. My apologies but because of the attached letter and the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s policy we are unable to have your paver installed at the National Shrine Grotto. We hope that this does not affect your decision to preserve a memory.  If you would like to provide another inscription I am happy to assist you.”


And what Archdiocesan policy is this referring to?

In November, 2008, at a time when Our Lady was challenging both the clergy and the laity to holiness and alerting the world to the “end times” toward which it was heading, Archbishop Edmund O’Brien of Baltimore widely distributed the following Pastoral Advisory from the pulpits and in the newspapers and online.  Of course, it was picked up nationally and throughout the world:

“…Therefore, I strongly caution all the faithful regarding these purported apparitions to be guided by the Magisterium which cannot affirm them as authentic. The confusion and division that have come as a result of these apparitions have prompted me to take this public and decisive step….

Further, I strongly caution those who participate in any activity surrounding these alleged apparitions or who seek to disseminate information and promote them here in the Archdiocese. To do so is a great disservice to the Church and creates further confusion and division among the faithful….”


Read the entire Pastoral Advisory….

Nor can they affirm that the apparitions are not authentic!

However, as the faithful read reports from the Vatican and investigative reports online, it appears that now Cardinal Edmund O’Brien who now works in the Vatican may himself be in need of a Pastoral Advisory:

“…As far as the Roman Curia is concerned, for the moment I will stop here, even if the names of other prelates in the Vatican are well known, even some very close to Pope Francis, such as Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who belong to the homosexual current in favor of subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality, a current already denounced in 1986 by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then-Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in the Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons. Cardinals Edwin Frederick O’Brien and Renato Raffaele Martino also belong to the same current, albeit with a different ideology. Others belonging to this current even reside at the Domus Sanctae Marthae…..”


Read entire Cardinal Vigano letter….


On August 27, 2018, the American Conservative follows up

with an enlightening article on the “Two Faces of Cardinal O’Brien”

In your most recent post on the fallout from Archbishop Vigano’s letter, you wrote:

“…For years I’ve been told that the 2005-06 Vatican-ordered investigation of US seminaries was a sham because it was led by then-Archbishop, now Cardinal, Edwin O’Brien — believed by some insiders to be part of the lavender mafia, the gay lobby within the Church intent on protecting its own. In his testimony, Vigano says that O’Brien is indeed part of this group. How is it possible for anybody Rome appoints from within the Church to investigate now? It’s not….”


Read the entire article….


And if the faithful had not heard enough scandal over the past few weeks, we now hear that the Pope has appointed rchbishop William Lori of Baltimore to assume duties over the Diocese of West Virginia while recently resigned Bishop bows to the pressure of sex abuse allegations.  In a September 13, 2018 article on Church Militant, we now see that the trustworthiness of Archbishop Lori is being questioned:

“   The problem is that Lori, who Rome chose to investigate his fellow bishop for clerical sex abuse, was instrumental in exempting bishops from provisions of the 2002 Dallas Charter for the Protection of Young People.

Archbishop Elden Curtis of Omaha spoke up at the meeting in 2002 asking why a revision of the document replaced the term “clerics” with the words “priests and deacons.” Curtis pointed out, “Bishops are also clerics.” Bishop Lori, then the ordinary of Bridgeport, explained the switch in terminology. The drafting committee, said Lori, “decided we would limit it to priests and deacons, as the discipline of bishops is beyond the purview of this document. ‘Cleric’ would cover all three, so we decided not to use the word ‘cleric.’

“…Faithful Catholics find it hard to understand how Lori, who helped exempt bishops from the charter on sex abuse some 16 years ago and who does nothing about the dissident gay group in his own diocese, can be tapped to authentically investigate alleged homosexual predation in the diocese of his fellow bishop….”


Read the entire article….


Nearly all the faithful have always had very limited access to address the institutional hierarchical Church in our dioceses, our nation or the Vatican.  Certainly, the Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary shares that same frustration and limitation.  However, to the degree that we can get some attention, we would like to ask:

1.      Are not the same Church officials in our country and in the Vatican, who have participated in or at least silently allowed this subculture to grown like a cancer, are not these the same officials who are discerning and making decisions about the “supernaturalness” and “worthiness of belief” of so many of the sources of private revelation from Our Lord and Our Lady over several decades and even a couple centuries?

2.      Are we expected to believe that these decisions or dismissal of the words of Our Lord and Our Lady from multiple apparition sites including Emmitsburg, especially those which challenged the Church and its clerics**, are based on Spirit-filled discernment and the exercise of legitimate ecclesiastical authority or rather a warped sense of ecclesiastical inconvenience and preference? **(Quito, Montichiari, Garabandal, Ohio, Akita, Emmitsburg, Itapiranga and more)

3.      Finally, how much pain, suffering and loss do the Church leaders need to see before they give credence to the fact that God through His messengers is trying to use men and women as instruments of His Divine Will, delivering the messages of Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints to the Church and the world?


It may be too late for the Church to act in a responsible way in regard to the private revelation of these end times, because its efforts to be responsible for the very scandals that permeate its  hierarchical ranks will most likely be all-consuming.  Thank God we do have the promises from Our Lady of Emmitsburg that at the most perfect time God will vindicate and authenticate His messengers and Her message that they carry from Heaven:

“… For this I bless you and I thank you for the pain you have endured and for withstanding the massive attack that has here been launched against me and my Son.  He will vindicate you; but He must first reveal those who are proud and those who on the surface seem committed and sincere, but are really wolves only waiting to destroy and devour the innocent….” (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, June 29, 2003) 

“…So, what must first take place here, which is different from my other apparition sites in the world, is that the works of Mercy and the works of commitment that contradict the ways of the world have to unfold.  As you continue to fulfill the mission of my Son, His Mission of Mercy, then the credibility which becomes you through your humble ways and your devotion will set the precedent for the world.   This then will pave the way for God when He intervenes as the Father of all and authenticates my presence here….”  (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, May 27, 2005)

“…Cardinal Keeler will die, and then the Archbishop will announce that all people are welcomed to pilgrimage here to my Center.  Because they could not stop pilgrims from coming, they will reopen (the commission of enquiry) and once again begin to review my presence.  They, in turn, will even want to receive blessings from Heaven.  This will all unfold because of your faithfulness and courage in following Jesus in good times and in bad.  All will want to know what to do, but they will only learn through their own intimacy with Jesus, prayer, listening and in suffering.  I love you and bless you….”  (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, September 29, 2008)


Cardinal Keeler died on March 23, 2017


In closing, it might be worth revisiting the document that was compiled by Dr. Michael Sullivan in 2012 which highlighted Sacred Scripture, the Words of God the Father to the world, the Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg, regarding preparation (or lack there of) and the clergy:

Preparation and the Clergy….

Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s Promise:

“…As you give of yourselves, my Son too continues to give of Himself.  He is always there for you.  He will not leave you, and I will not abandon you.  I am with you….This is my home. I am not leaving.  I am here because this is a gift from my Son, for all the people to come.  My Son gives; and He is not going to take away….”   (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, September 5, 2004, Feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg, pray for your “clerics”!

Our Lady of Emmitsburg, pray for us!

Mother and Queen of the End Times, pray for us!







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