Private Message from Our Lady

Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

through Gianna Talone Sullivan

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day



Little children, praised be Jesus!


Little ones, Thank you so much for praying. Thank you for loving my Son. Thank you for uniting as family. Thank you for being together as husbands and wives. Thank you for being a sign for the future of relationships that can prosper and work through hardships. Thank you for loving the Triune God. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for bringing children into the world. Thank you for your "yes."


 Now allow me to talk about "death." Truly those who are united to God, those who have worked for God, who have prayed and who believe are so safe. Those parents who pray for their children, even if their children stray and if they were to die, those children are safe. You see, God knows the incentives of the heart.


When someone you love dies, you miss them, yes; you desire to be with them, yes indeed; but the beginning of  "life," true life, is at the moment of death.


Now, there is another element here. For those who do not pray and do not believe, then there is a problem; because, at the moment of death, they will have to meet their Creator. Then they must decide to atone in remission for their sins or never to see God, ever again. 


There is yet another element. For those, the "unborn," they too meet their Creator; and they in turn, pure as angels, are safe.


 If you now are concerned for those who have the angel of death at their door, think of this: With the stars aligning and moving in their own orbits, what is to come, sooner than you know, could result in the death of 70% of this world's population. When you see two "suns" in the sky, wherever you are, come home to your*** Center of my Immaculate Heart. There you are protected. Prepare now, and be the "light."


Think of it this way: Every time you have a desire and you pray to me and to my Son, I look to you and desire all of your wishes. You also should desire all of God's wishes, without the opinions and biases of your nature. Then all good things will unfold; and you will live and be "one" is His Divinity. You will fulfill His Divine Will.


I bless you, and I love you. I take all of your petitions, as I usually do, because you are special. Pray for those who do not know the goodness of God. Pray, and lend a hand of love. Peace. I love you. God's Peace to you (fading whisper).

***(The word "your" might imply not only a physical place, but also, for many of her children, a place in your heart that Our Lady has prepared for you and you for her.)