Idle Words

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“I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned." (Mt 12:36-37)

Who can say they make perfect use of the gift of speech?

Who has not failed by speaking ‘idle words’?

While none have demonstrated the messages of the private revelations from God the Father, Our Lord, and Our Lady to prophet Gianna Sullivan to certifiably contain within them ‘idle words’, there are a great number of messages addressing how we ought to mind what we say. Many of these messages have never been made public. That being the case, and in conjunction with so many people suffering a lack of peace and joy in their lives, a comprehensive document entitled “Idle Words” was compiled for publication by Peter Blanchard in effort to better assist getting the words from heaven on this topic to all people for their immediate and lasting benefit. The Abstract of “Idle Words” reads thus:

“Scriptural references clearly but yet simply help us know the proper use of our tongue in speaking words. God the Father reminds us that every word from our lips should give honor and glory to the Son of Man, His Son, Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Both Our Lord and Our Lady of Emmitsburg have said very much in extensive counsel on how we should speak and the effects of our words, especially as it is relevant in our world today at “this end of an era”. Both warn of the dangers and detriments of the improper use of this gift of speech which have been so frequently a topic of their messages and lessons. Most importantly, how to obtain the interior spiritual benefits of peace and joy through holy speech are explained as well as is the elucidation of the resulting interpersonal and societal benefits.”

In the compilation, both in the chosen texts from the “LESSONS” from our Lord and the private and public messages from Our Lady some will observe a perceptible development or progression over the years in the considerations provided on the use of the gift of speech. It will be difficult for anyone who reads “Idle Words” in its entirety to yet claim that the messages are merely a free association of ideas or a bland repetition of Christian spirituality, especially because most all of us err with speech from our lips. You will likely find that the cited doctrinally orthodox messages from heaven are not deficient in the presentation of our Lord and His teaching on ‘idle words’. For those devoted to the sacramental life, enhanced theological reflection is gained by observing the dates the messages were given; some will likely sometimes find clearly evident reference to the cycle of readings prescribed for the liturgical year.

Also, since heaven has provided this wisdom in the context of messages containing content not strictly about ‘idle words’, the reader of “Idle Words” will also gain more knowledge of many other things. For instance on page 17, in a private message given May 27, 2005, one learns from Our Lady of Emmitsburg warning of an invasion happening within the United States:

“…But one thing is for sure: you cannot compare any other place, where I have visited, to the United States; because our works must be different here, as I have previously said. I am here now in my country which is consecrated to my most Immaculate Heart, but it is also Satan's turf. There truly is a battle raging, a battle that people do not see; because over a significant number of years, quietly and through various deceptions, little by little, Satan has invaded this country and pulled so many people away from my Son and from the Truth. …Bear with me, stay with me as I am with you. All shall come to be so glorious, for I will be victorious. Wait, and work with the Love and the Power of God behind you.” (OLOE private 05-27-05)

And, there also are some comforting consolations from heaven:

“Forgive one another, because remember: You are human, and humans are sinners. (oloe 04-12-05)

“Overlook your differences. You are human; and in your weaknesses, sometimes you have faults without anyone even knowing what you have done to them. You may not even realize it. So everyone is invited to overlook everyone's faults. Rather, look at the core of the Plan here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart, here where my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart reigns, here where all children of all ages are invited to seek refuge, here at the inception of Catholicism where the Church first began in this country! Here, here focus on the Truth and join in the camaraderie of Love.” (oloe 01-03-06)

We hope you enjoy “Idle Words”. In its reading, may God grant us many graces and blessings to improve our speech!!!

We hope you enjoy “Idle Words”. In its reading, may God grant us many graces and blessings to improve our speech!!!

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