For many years, at midnight on Christmas Eve, the Child Jesus, as a youth of 5-6 years old, has appeared to Gianna

The Purification


For many years, at midnight on Christmas Eve, the Child Jesus, as a youth of 5-6 years old, has appeared to Gianna.  In a  profound, yet light-hearted manner, on Christmas Eve, 2003, His message was very brief: 


"It’s time."


Over this past century, at many of the apparition sites of Our Lady, she has either said or implied that it is through both the prayers of humanity and through her intercession that she has been allowed to hold back the Angel's sword, the Father's wrath and His Hand of Justice.  At the end of 2003, the tone of her messages had a distinctive change. For the first time Our Lady of Emmitsburg used the phrase "intervention of the Father", where previously she had always referred only to her own intercession and the intercession of her Son with the Father.  She expressed that she was now bowing in humility and silence to God the Father, waiting for His intervention.


"All of what I have said will come to pass….This is not a time period when you will be waiting so long.  I have said that I would intercede.  My Son has said that He will intercede for all people to know the Truth and to live in Peace.  God the Father knows the exact date and time,  and I can tell you that my Son has said that God the Father would now intervene." 

(Dec. 31, 2003).


These words complimented what had been profoundly revealed by Our Lord Himself to Gianna 18 months earlier, on April 21, 2002, when He said:


I am your Jesus of Mercy.  Throughout history I have manifested My Divine Love and Mercy through various means, and my people have responded, giving hope to a new era.  With time, many of my people would then become tepid in their prayers of thanksgiving and would even fail to listen to my prophets.  Various events would then unfold which manifested My Mercy through the Supremacy of the Holy Trinity.  When these traumatic events and wars had unfolded, My people would then turn back to God; and civilization would once again rebuild itself and grow in prosperity.


However now, even in the midst of these trying times, the minds and hearts of so many are closed, rejecting My Mercy.  So now, you will see many things and events unfolding, as My Mother pre-warned the world, because the Justice of the Supremacy of the Holy Trinity must prevail in order that Divine Love and Mercy can flow once again into the land, rebuild it and make it prosper.


….Now I can no longer permit such hostile, perverse ways to continue because of the Truth and Purity of how the Holy Trinity precisely and most meticulously created the world.  The Truth and the Holiness of God's Divine Plan will stay intact.  All the world may pass away, but My Word shall never pass away.  Therefore, Justice must prevail so that Truth, Mercy and Love can retain their place in Creation. (April 21,2002).