"God does exist…


I am now on Satan's turf…


I am not leaving."

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg-1993-present)




The Contribution


Our Lady of Emmitsburg








Presented by Drs. Gianna and Michael Sullivan

At the 101 Foundation Fatima Pilgrimage

July 12, 2004

Fatima, Portugal






"God does exist…

I am now on Satan's turf…

I am not leaving."

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg-1993-present)



The Contribution


Our Lady of Emmitsburg


The Middle East Peace Process


Part I



Rue du Bac, France (1830)

Emmitsburg, Maryland (1993-present)

Fatima, Portugal (1916-17)

Medjugorje, Yugoslavia (1981-present)

The Mission


Part II


The Middle East Peace Plan


Part III


Love, Mercy & Justice

Warnings from Fatima

Warnings from Emmitsburg

The Truth

(Purgatory and Hell)

Faith & Trust




"God does exist….

I am now on Satan's turf….

I am not leaving."

                                                                        (Our Lady of Emmitsburg-1993-present)

Opening prayer--Gianna


Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life:

Such a Way as gives us breath;

Such a Truth as ends all strife;

Such a Life as killeth death.

Part I



Michael and I want to thank Rosalie Turton and the 101 Foundation for their continued love and support and for inviting us to be here in Fatima, Portugal, with all of you on the vigil of this very special day, July 13, the feast of Our Lady's 3rd  and most prophetic apparition in Fatima in 1917.  Be assured that the significance of what Our Lady has asked us to share with you here today is not dependent on the number of people here in attendance; but rather it is dependent on the fact that this message will be presented in Fatima and disseminated from Fatima throughout the world at this critical time in history when humanity is struggling for World Peace and is so in need of the Truth.


On March 30, 2000, at the Marian prayer group which included Our Lady's public apparition to me in St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Emmitsburg, MD, and just 6 months before the Archdiocese of Baltimore stopped the prayer group and restricted the propagation of Our Lady's Messages on church property, ONLY in the Diocese of Baltimore, Our Lady said:


"…..But know, my children, my Son is not leaving.  I am not leaving…..I invite you not to complain or be concerned but rather to be grateful that God Almighty has chosen this humble place (Emmitsburg, MD), from where His Love and Mercy will do miraculous things for the world."  ( Mar. 30, 2000).


Rue du Bac, France (1830)


It was on July 18, 1830, on a narrow back street called Rue du Bac in Paris, France, at the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, that Our Lady appeared to a novice by the name of Catherine Laboure' and told her:


"the good God wishes to charge you with a mission."

(July 18, 1830).


Of the many fruits of these apparitions, the Miraculous Medal was probably the most notable.  In l836 there was in Paris a very holy priest named Abbe' Charles De Genettes, who had been one of the most enthusiastic promoters of the Miraculous Medal.  Following the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of his little used,  but historic  Church of Notre Dame des Victoires (Our Lady of Victories), that Church became the home of an astounding development of Marian devotion which has ensued for decades.




In his biography of The Life of St. Catherine Laboure', world-renowned Marian theologian Fr. Rene' Laurentin, wrote:

(Referring to the pilgrimages and miracles at Lourdes, France, which began much later in 1858.) According to Sr. Tranchemer, her companion, Catherine (Laboure' ) said, "You know, these miracles could have happened in our chapel."


Apparently she said the same to Sr. Millon:  "If the Superiors had wanted it, the Blessed Virgin would have chosen our chapel!"


Sr. Dufes found in Catherine's belongings a piece of paper.  On it were written these words in the Sister's (Catherine's) own hand:  "My kind Mother, here no one wants to do what you want.  Manifest yourself somewhere else!"


"On different occasions," Sr. Cosnard tells us, "Sr. Catherine went to great lengths to persuade me that the pilgrimage of Notre Dame des Victories and the Lourdes pilgrimage had been granted by the Blessed Virgin in order to compensate for those that the Superiors had not seen it necessary to authorize via our chapel.  'However,' Catherine said to me several times and with a remarkable tone to her voice, 'pilgrimages will come here just the same'."


And they certainly have!

Emmitsburg, Maryland (1993-present)


It is with this historical background regarding Rue du Bac in mind, and now in the setting of Emmitsburg, MD, where again we find the Vincentian Fathers, the Mother House of the Daughters of Charity, and the resting place of the first American Saint, Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton, DC, that it is particularly profound that Our Lady now states:


"I am not leaving."

(March 30, 2000).



My wife, Gianna Talone Sullivan is now 47 years old.  She is a mother (of our daughter Anne Marie) , a step-mother (of our daughter Chelsea), a clinical pharmacist, the  Foundress of the Mission of Mercy healthcare program, the Foundress of the Jesus of Mercy Lay Community, and United States representative for the worldwide Armata Bianca apostolate which promotes the Fatima message to the children of the world. 


She has also been blessed to see and speak with Our Lady almost daily since December 19, 1989, first as Our Lady of Joy (in Scottsdale, AZ, USA); and since November, 1993, as Our Lady of Emmitsburg (in Emmitsburg, MD, USA), the place where Our Lady first on March 9, 1995, referred to as:


          "the haven of Life because it is the Center of my Immaculate Heart where all children seek refuge.  It will withstand the attacks from  evil because I am here with my Child Jesus." (Mar. 9, 1995).



Moreover, from September 20, 1988, through November 12, 1995, she has received over 250 LESSONS, or spiritual dissertations from Our Lord in the form of both inner locutions as well as apparitions.  We all know that the Bible, the Gospel Message, forms the entirety of public revelation, and if it were lived by humanity, there would be no need for any further private revelation.  However, why then do Our Lord and Our Lady continue to provide the world with such blessings?



Michael will now read a few excerpts from a series of LESSONS from Our Lord to me over a seven year period from 1989-1996 explaining why Our Lord is speaking now, (Volume #, page #, I am your Jesus of Mercy series):

I am your Jesus of Mercy.  My people, it is I, and this is the Age of My Divine Mercy. (I,104). (Sept. 8, 1989).

My lessons are for all the people in the world….All are invited to live in the Truth of God. (V, 45).  (Nov. 9, 1995).

My message of Love and Mercy may seem to be too simple of a task and without full flavor for many people. (V.40).  (Oct. 30, 1995). 

I am giving these lessons for all My people, not as a meditation piece, but because I desire action, and for all My beloved ones to begin to live My words. (IV, 105).  (Nov. 1, 1992).

I have not humbled Myself to teach you words of Truth given to Me from My Father so that you can leisurely read them as a pastime.  I am here for you, My people, to save you. (I,77).

(June 6, 1989).


And in speaking of His Mother, Our Lord said: 


Devotion to My Mother is having devotion to Me.  I listen to her and grant her heart's desire.  Her prayer is pure.  Her desire is for all to seek the Kingdom of God.  Her desire is service to Me and My Father.  We do not deny her.  Pray to her.  It is through My Mother that you are brought to Me.  She purifies you and offers you to Me.  (I,84).  (July 10, 1989).



Michael will now review with you a few excerpts from a series of Our Lady's Messages over a period of ten years in which she also makes it clear why she is here now:


"I am here with you because of the short time left for salvation." (Mar. 4, 1990). 


"Because My Son loves you so unconditionally, He has humbled Himself to allow me to come to you in a very special way, to help you and to ask for your unconditional love." (Nov. 24, 1993).


"A mother does not allow her children to suffer alone, for a mother who loves shares in that sorrow of her children.  I share your sorrow and I take your suffering to God."  (Sept. 15, 1994).


"All of the messages granted you from Heaven are for one purpose, to bring you back to my Son.  I have always pointed the way to my Son and have invited you to return to Him."  (June 19, 1997).


"Jesus sent me because if people continued on a path without prayer and love, the world would surely end in destruction."  (July 16, 1998).


"I am a Mother of Love and my only desire for you is to love as my Son loves.  I am not your Savior.  Jesus, my Son who suffered and died for you that you may have Life, is your Savior." (Feb. 17, 2000).



So what has Our Lady been saying in Emmitsburg since November, 1993?  And what things are unique to these apparitions to me?  What is the relationship between Our Lady's appearances first in Fatima, and now in Emmitsburg?  What is the mission?  What are the consequences of not responding to the call?  These are some of the questions we hope to answer today.


From the very beginning, Our Lady's message in Emmitsburg has been one of LOVE and MERCY.  In fact, Our Lady herself has contrasted this message with some of her more apocalyptic messages from other messengers and sites throughout the world, when she said:


"The refuge of my Immaculate Heart is for all people, but the Center of my Immaculate Heart can only be a place where the community reflects the purity, joy, love and mercy of Jesus."  (Apr. 6, 2000).


She has repeatedly emphasized the invitation to and the importance of the greatly misunderstood virtue of "littleness":


"The only way you can develop an intimate relationship with God Almighty is by becoming 'little'.  You must decrease in all ways and He must increase in all ways.  You must accept the enlightenment of your weaknesses and embrace them, for it is in your weakness that you are made powerful in the eyes of God." (July 15, 1999).


And the following week she continued:


"Do you understand the meaning of meekness, 'littleness', and simplicity?  Seek the answers in these and replace them to their lawful throne….I love you, little children, but you need to be just that, 'little children'.  It is the only way to gain power and rise to the top…..Do not be afraid to be 'little'.  Be afraid that you might become lost through works of evil from hidden pride."  (July 22, 1999).





Unique to the Emmitsburg apparitions have been several points discussed by Our Lady on many occasions:


1.    Our Lady describes the Emmitsburg area as the Center of her Immaculate Heart.

2.    She has said that it is the only apparition site in history where the Father has allowed her to come presenting the Child Jesus as a refuge for all children.

3.    She links the Center of her Immaculate Heart (Emmitsburg, MD) in the East  with  Our Lord's Center of Divine Mercy (Scottsdale, AZ) in the West, where my experiences began, in a union likened to the Covenant of the Two Hearts.  That union between East and West symbolizes  the horizontal beam of the Cross which Our Lord carried on His shoulders before being crucified and which He Himself  raised up vertically to the Father on Calvary.  Our Lady rejoiced that:


"Through the Cross evil's reign shall end."

 (Oct. 31,1996).


4.    It is from this place, the Center of her Immaculate Heart, that God's Divine Mercy will be unveiled and the Child Jesus through His Spiritual Eucharistic Reign will usher in an Era of Peace.



On May 11, 2000, Our Lady placed her appearances in Emmitsburg in the context of her Plan as it has unfolded over 20 centuries:


"This holy place in Emmitsburg will be a living realization of the Gospel.  My Immaculate Heart and the Eucharstic Heart of my Son are inseparably united in the plan of salvation….

I have been waiting for 2000 years to fulfill the plan God the Father has commissioned to me, to bear the fruits of my Son's redemption.  Through my Immaculate Heart I will obtain for you from my Blessed Son every grace, justice, charity and peace.  What commenced in Fatima with my three little children will continue now and come to fruition here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart." (May 11, 2000).


She further explained in March and June, 2000, the role of the Child Jesus in this plan, a role that has not been fully understood and has been greatly misrepresented by those not familiar with Our Lady's words in Emmitsburg:


 "It will not be His Final Judgment and coming, for this next era will be the Covenant of Our Two Hearts, a Spiritual Eucharistic Reign…."(March 2, 2000).


"I have told you that this is my Son, the Child Jesus who will return again, not in a corporeal body to walk the earth, and not as the Glorified Just Judge as He will come at the end of time, but as a Child of Hope to usher in an era of peace as God's Mercy is unveiled.  This has been foretold for many centuries and is not a new theology  which many seem to believe."  (June 29, 2000).


She then went on to emphasize the role of the Child Jesus as He relates to her Plan that has unfolded over the last two hundred years in what has been called by some "the Age of Mary":


"It is my Son, the Child Jesus, who requested the consecration to God the Father through my Immaculate Heart.  It was the Child Jesus who later encouraged my little daughter Lucia from Fatima to spread the First Saturday Devotions in reparation for sins against my Immaculate Heart.  It is the Child Jesus who gives joy in life and represents the way of purity, simplicity and 'littleness', in order to confound both the proud and the works of the evil one." (June 29, 2000).


On April 29, 2003, the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, Our Lord Himself placed His stamp of authority on Our Lady's words when He appeared to me with Michael present and addressed both of us:


Humanity does not realize the importance of children.  Because they do not understand the gift of the life of a child and the gift of My Death for all children, gifts in which all people are called to share, they cannot realize the return of the Child in My Most Sacred Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.


Our Lord then concluded:


We are embarking now on the new beginning, the first phase of the unveiling of My Divine Mercy.  When humanity realizes the trouble in the world, they will look for My Mercy.  They will realize that they are prisoners to a few people who control their lives through power, and through materialistic and monetary means, both in the Church and in the world.  People will come back to Me, and I will reveal the Truth and ratify My prophets…… All shall know the Truth of the Child, the Omnipotence of the Child, the Joy of the Child, the Wisdom of the Child, and the Security within the Child." 

(April 29,2003).


As recently as May 13, 2004, Our Lady referring again to the Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus emphasized:


"This is a far cry from the Final Judgment.  This is a rejuvenation period where, because of the graciousness of my Son, you can mend in your lives those areas that are broken.  The balm of purity which first came from His Heart, His lips, and His glorious eyes, and which then poured forth from His Sacred Wounds, is now yours to dress and mend your wounds."

 (May 13, 2004).


Fatima, Portugal (1916-17)


It was in the spring of 1916, when a young man, transparent and much brighter than crystal pierced by the rays of the sun, appeared to three young children tending their sheep on a hillside in Portugal.  The young man said,


"Fear not, I am the Angel of Peace.  Pray with me."


And kneeling down, he bowed to the ground and prayed:


"My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee.  I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee."


During a second apparition of the Angel in midsummer, 1916, He said:


"Make everything you do a sacrifice and offer it as an act of reparation for the sins by which He (God) is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners.  Bring Peace to your country this way."


Then in October, 1916, he appeared a third time holding in his hands a chalice surmounted by a Host from which some drops of blood were falling into the chalice.  Leaving the chalice and Host suspended in the air, he prostrated himself on the ground and prayed:


"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly.  I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference by which He is offended.  And through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners."


The following year, on May 5, 1917, at the height of WWI, Pope Benedict XV prayed and pleaded with Our Lady to intercede with God that Peace be obtained for our agitated world.  He then directed that the invocation,


"Queen of Peace, pray for us"


be added permanently to the Litany of Loreto.  His earnest prayers must have been heard, for only eight days later on Sunday, May 13, 1917, Our Blessed Lady, a young Jewish mother, appeared on a hilltop in the Cova da Iria to three young Catholic Christian children, here in this small village of Fatima, Portugal. Ironically, this small village had been named after the favorite daughter of Mohammed, who had founded the Islamic religion some 13 centuries earlier.  Significantly, in those days, May 13 was known as the Feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of the Eucharist. And furthermore, Cova da "Iria" is derived from the Greek word "eirene" which means "peace", the Cova of Peace.


Between May 13 and October 13, 1917, Our Lady delivered a message which cried out to be put into practice for the preservation of the world, for the salvation of the world and for World Peace.  Its teachings were in harmony with the Gospel and called to mind with new emphasis many Truths, several of which are very pertinent to today's discussion and our current world situation  in July, 2004.  These include:


1.  The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity

2.  The Providence of God, which directs and governs the

     world and presides over the events of human history  

3.        The omnipotence and omniscience of God, for whom

Our Lady foretold future events and revealed      miraculous signs

4.        The reality of sin as an offense against God (and the

Immaculate Heart of Mary) with its tragic consequences for sinners and for nations

5.  The reality of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

6.  The Real Presence of Christ in the Most Blessed


7.     The necessity of penance and prayer and their value of

     atonement and intercession

8.     The Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the

     Immaculate Heart of Mary and the importance of

     Marian devotions, especially the Rosary and the First

     Saturday devotions

9.     The powerful action of God's grace which so

     transformed the three little children at Fatima and

     which can still do so in 2004

10. The sanctity of the family, modeled after the Holy

     Family as seen during the last apparition

11. The significance of the role and authority of the Holy


12. The final Triumph of the Immaculate Heart


Medjugorje, Yugoslavia (1981-present)


Many years and many wars later, on June 24, 1981, in the Communist country of Yugoslavia, in the little village of Medjugorje, Our Lady appeared again to six young children as the Queen of Peace. Our separate and independent journeys of faith led both Gianna Talone and me to Medjugorje in 1988 and 1990, respectively. 


The Mission


It was in 1990 back home in Scottsdale, Arizona that Our Lord first clarified His Mission to me when he said these words:

You were created to fulfill the Mission of My Mercy, to carry out My Mission…..I have asked you to restore dignity to My people.  My poor and downtrodden have little or no dignity….I ask you to restore dignity to My poor by aiding them in their recovery, by restoring their health…..Begin small to sow the seed of Love firmly planted by loving and restoring dignity to those in your community.  Then your love will expand to great lengths and metastasize across the world. (Dec. 14, 1990).


God brought our separate journeys together in November, 1992, and we married on June 19, 1993, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  By November, 1993, Our Lady had drawn us to Emmitsburg, MD, from where blossomed the large weekly Marian prayer group that served as the forum from which Our Lady gave her messages for the world through me and from where the Mission of Mercy healthcare ministry launched and continues to grow.



From very early in Gianna's mystical experiences, this mission began to take on other aspects.  Most notably the mission was to involve the Church with its hierarchy, the leaders of the world, and World Peace.  It was in July and August 2000 that President Clinton had invited Prime Minister Barak of Israel and Chairman Arafat of the PLO to Camp David, Maryland, just a few miles from Emmitsburg and from our home, to broker a Middle East Peace deal. 



Our Lady had shared with us her contribution to the Middle East Peace process and desired that we be prepared to present it in person to the three world leaders, as if we would be sitting in front of them.  Much to our surprise, a woman very close to Our Lady and a personal friend of President Clinton with amazing access to him and the White House staff was able to carry to them Our Lady's request for President Clinton to meet with us as well as Our Lady of Emmitsburg's public message from July 13, 2000.  One month earlier the President had  acknowledged in writing to his personal friend, on June 6, 2000, that he had received from her and had studied the information about Our Lady and her appearances in Medjugorje and to Gianna in Emmitsburg.    Up until the very last minute when these peace talks collapsed, this friend of President Clinton, who was also serving as a faithful liaison for Our Lady, pleaded with the President through his staff to meet with us for the sake of World Peace; but in the end, the meeting failed to transpire.


The following October 13, 2000, through a miracle that only Our Lady could have orchestrated, on our pilgrimage to Assisi, we found ourselves in front of His Holiness Pope John Paul II in the Vatican after his morning Mass.  We placed in his hands Our Lady's Peace Plan which the world leaders had failed to see.  Bishop Dziwisz, the close aid to the Holy Father, in his role of assisting him, then removed it from the Holy Father's hands; and we were not sure if the Holy Father was able to read it at that time. 


Through correspondence to the Holy See on our behalf by Fr. Michael Scanlon, the Chancellor of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, we were again able to meet briefly with the Holy Father one year later, on Oct. 9, 2001, and again place in his hands Our Lady's Peace Plan.  Once again Bishop Dziwisz removed it from his hands, and we were unsure of whether the Holy Father had a chance to review it later.  As a courtesy to Cardinal William Keeler of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, we made this same document available to him when we returned from Rome that second time in the fall of 2001. 



It was during the winter of 2002 that another person surfaced, a retired Army intelligence officer who, because of his Middle East experience, had remarkable access to the Bush White House, especially to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.  Their interest in Our Lady's words seemed very appropriate because "Middle East Peace" certainly does represent a national security issue.  We were informed that this Army officer was able to provide Condoleezza Rice and President Bush a written copy of this Peace Plan. Once again it was Our Lady's  desire that we be prepared to meet face to face with the three current world leaders: at that time being President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, and again Chairman Arafat. Although we were not able to meet with these leaders at that time, we were told that in September, 2003, this Army intelligence officer served as an official courier for the President of the United States; and during his visit to Rome, he was authorized by the President to present to the Holy Father, along with other official documents, Our Lady's contribution to this Middle East Peace process.



In a private message to me, and witnessed by Michael, on May 12, 2003, not long into the Iraq War, Our Lady  firmly spoke of the chances of a true and lasting peace, when she said:


"Little ones, know that Peace will never exist in this world unless this Administration listens to my plea and listens to my words which my Son has given directly from Heaven….I can tell you that many will suffer tremendously if my words are not heeded, not because they are my words, but because humanity is denying God directly." (May 12, 2003).


Look what has happened in the world since July, 2000, when President Clinton met with Barak and Arafat in Camp David.  Look at the Middle East situation, Israel and Palestine.  Look at the series of terrorist strikes both before and after the World Trade Center attack on 9/11/01.  Look at Afghanistan and Iraq.  Look at the Sudan.  Look at the AIDS Crisis in Africa and many other 3rd world countries, with the suffering, the loss of young lives, the millions of orphans, and the depletion of medical resources.  Look at the abomination of human sexuality.  Look at the decay of the family and the plight of the world's children.  Look at all the natural disasters in the world.  Look at the crises in the Church.  Look at the very attack on the authority of the Almighty Creator in humanity's attack on Life itself, in the tragedy of abortion and the travesty of fetal stem cell research and cloning.  How much further will God allow the world situation to spiral downward before He intervenes?


Our Lord Himself reaffirmed our mission on April 29, 2003, when He said to Michael and me:


You know my Father because you know Me.  I can tell you that I came into the world for a Mission, one of salvation.  You came into the world for a mission, one of My Mercy.  Your mission is for the entire Church, and it is for World Peace. (Apr. 29, 2003)



It is for these reasons that Our Lady feels it is important now to reveal to the world from here in Fatima her contribution to Middle East Peace, a peace that holds the key for Peace throughout the whole world.  We will present it now as if we were sitting in front of President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon of Israel, and Chairman Arafat of Palestine (since no other leader yet has risen to represent the Palestinians).   
















Part II





The Middle East Peace Plan


Contributions from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

July 12, 2004

Fatima, Portugal




A.  MIDDLE EAST Peace Process

(Dr. Gianna Sullivan)


-Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.


-Our Lady has asked that my husband Michael & I share the responsibility of delivering Her words & sentiments from Heaven.


-On April 21, 2001 Our Lady said to me that, “The American public is not aware how blessed they are to have this current Administration to govern this country”.


-What we will share with you now will be presented to you as if we were speaking in person to all 3 leaders: To you President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, & Chairman Arafat. This is how Our Lady has asked us to prepare.


-I have to admit that we do  feel somewhat helpless like Moses must have felt when he walked into Pharoah’s court with nothing but a staff and blind faith to carry out God’s work and to convince Pharoah of God’s Will.  Obviously only God Himself can authenticate what we have to say here today. And when and how He does that remains to be seen.


B.  MIDDLE EAST Peace Process

(Dr. Michael Sullivan)


--Our Lady has said that it is critically important for all (3) of you to hear her words:


- to your peoples whom you represent


- to the whole world because so much of future world history depends on events in the Middle East


- to God who has allowed your peoples to share this "holy land" for 4000 years


- to Our Blessed Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, who lived in and walked your homeland from one end to the other nearly 2000 years ago


--We ourselves could not have made this happen, to be here to share this message with you; only God could open the doors to have made this possible.

--We are not international arbitrators, not people of political   influence and power, not people of wealth$$.

--We are not as intelligent as many of your aides and advisors who surround you daily.

--We are not religious leaders or representatives of any formal religion.


--We are very “little” and “insignificant” people , but there may be some advantage to that.  Because by being “little

and insignificant” it may be easier:


To listen to God,

To obey God,

To take a risk for God, and

To desire to be authentic children of God.

Fish analogy:

It would make little sense to talk about all the fish in the sea without being able to           assume that the ocean is both present and life-giving.  Without the ocean all the fish would be DEAD.

So too it would be just as foolish to talk about a true and lasting peace in the Middle East if God Himself and His Will are not central in the process.  For without God’s role in the forefront, true and lasting peace is DEAD!


--You (3) also are all Children of God---

He loves each of you very much.

He loves each of you equally.

--You (3) are ---all Children of one and the same God

 ---all Children of one Creator

 ---all sons of Abraham

--Granted, you may each know God through three different religious traditions:

-You, Mr.Arafat, know Him as Allah, in the Muslum tradition.

-You, Mr.Sharon know Him as Yahweh, in the       Jewish tradition.

-And you, Mr. President, know Him as Our Father, in the Christian tradition.

-Yet,  ONE and the SAME God, and you (3) all children of that one God.

--And as children of that same God we all share one unique opportunity:  that is, at some point in the future we must all come face to face with God and give an account of our entire lives.

--Some of us here may actually face that day sooner than we might like or desire.

--On that day, Our Lady has said that one of the questions which will certainly be asked by GOD is, “HOW HAVE YOU LOVED?”



--To you Mr. Arafat, God would ask:

                     -- “How have you  loved all my Jewish children?”

--To you Mr. Sharon, God would ask:

                     -- “How have you loved all my Arab children?”

--To you Mr. Bush, God would ask:

                      -- “How have you loved and protected all my

children, from the moment of their conception in the womb to the moment of their natural death?"


--And how each of us is able to answer this question will have much to do with where and how we will spend our ETERNAL LIFE. 


--Violence begets violence.  Evil begets evil.  When the issue involves the destruction of innocent human life, how can this end ever justify any means?


--What does it profit a man or a people to gain the whole world--or at least worldly fame, fortune & power, and in the process lose his or their own souls?

--There has been much said and written over the last several years  about the personal “legacies” of some of our current and recent world leaders, however the only “legacy” that truly matters is the one which God Almighty recognizes and respects! 


C.  MIDDLE EAST Peace Process

(Dr. Gianna Sullivan)

-We fully realize that history has not recorded accurately nor has the media presented in an unbiased fashion the problems your two peoples have dealt with over the past 100 years and even much longer.  Many words and ideas have been misused by both sides; things such as: compliance vs. concession, occupied vs. disputed lands, security for property controlled vs. compensation for property lost, control vs. sovereignty, retaliation vs. terrorism, peace vs. a temporary cessation of hostilities.  This is no longer a political or nationalistic battle, but it is a spiritual war. 

Our Lady says that mankind will not experience true peace until trust in God’s mercy is practiced by all peoples, including both Jews and Palestinians.  And trust in God’s Mercy cannot be practiced without at least a sense of justice.  A sense of true justice is possible only if love, God’s Love, is present amongst all parties.  That does not mean we all must like each other as best friends, but we must love and respect each other as children of the one and same God.

-Gentlemen, Our Lady’s message is really quite simple.  It is three words, “Love or Die”.  Our Lady is not talking to each of you about your political life or even your physical life.  She is talking about your eternal life, a life with God or a life without God. 

-God is Love.  And God can only love.  This is not about punishment or revenge.  It is about the Truth..   Ponder these words of Our Blessed Mother carefully, gentlemen, “Love or Die.”


-It is Our Lady’s prayer that all (3) of you will choose Love, will choose Life, true Life in God, and will choose Truth.  Please open your hearts. 


-A truly great leader is one who is not afraid to take a risk and who will rise to meet new challenges in the spirit of true love.


-There will always be differences between your peoples because of years of wounds, but if you leave here all in agreement that in God’s Love, as Ambassadors of His Light, you can make history, as well as mold and influence your peoples, then the world can change.


-Our Lady has told me that the Jerusalem issue can only be settled if Jerusalem comes under International protection.  Jerusalem, "the city of peace" does not belong to the Jews.  It does not belong to Mohammed and the Palestinians.  It does not belong to the Christians whose Savior was crucified there.  The sovereignty over Jerusalem belongs to God alone; and He desires to share it with ALL the children of ABRAHAM, with ALL the children of God.


-Our Lady desires you to make this one statement , all (3) of you together, and you will stupefy the world.


-All together in agreement, she asks that you pledge with filial and firm confidence in God’s Love:




-Here, gentlemen, lies your legacy and what may be your only chance of brokering a true and lasting peace.  This is not a political or military issue, but a spiritual one; and that is why Our Lady says that only a spiritual solution will suffice, and then make possible the more practical work of implementation of the peace process.


-It is written in the Canticle of Zacchariah speaking about God the Father:

This was the oath He swore to our father Abraham: to set us free from the hands of our enemies, free to worship him without fear, holy and righteous in his sight all the days of our life….In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace”. (Lk 1:73-79)


-Much has been said and written about freedom. The word “freedom” has been used and abused in many a context.   However, true freedom is the power to do what is morally right according to God’s Will. And allow me to remind you that all that matters to God is LOVE, gentlemen. All that matters is LOVE!  Here lies your legacy! 



Here ends the message of Peace that Our Lady has asked us to share with first, the world leaders, then with the Holy Father, and now with the whole world.



Part III


Love, Mercy & Justice


Yes, God is Love, and Mercy is God's Love in action.  It was in that Love that God chose to create each human being, each one!   That includes each Christian, Jew, Muslim, and child of every other faith, and even children of NO faith, each in His own image and likeness, and each a unique composite of soul and body, of infinite value, destined for eternal life.  Divine Justice would have it that God would then both provide for and guide, as well as reward and chastise His Creation, as was seen through His series of covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, culminating with the New Covenant in His Son, Jesus Christ.  Man's just response to this Divine Justice would be in his adoration and worship of God, in his uncompromising obedience to God's Commandments, and in his faithfulness and trust in God's Love and Mercy.  Man's greatest injustice is in his rejection against the dominion of God's kingship. 


Did God leave up to each of us our own interpretation of what He is asking of us?  And are there not consequences if man does not pay attention to what God has commanded and what His Mother has warned throughout the world?


First, we can best find our answer in the series of Our Lord's commands found in the Gospels, connected by a most extraordinary word, "as":


a.      You therefore must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Mt. 5:48).

b.      Be merciful even as your heavenly Father is merciful.  (Lk. 6:36).

c.       A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you.  (Jn. 13:34).


And most astonishingly in the Lord's Prayer, which we have prayed for nearly 2000 years:

d.      Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. (Mt. 6:12).


Warnings from Fatima


In Fatima, Our Lady made several requests as well as gave several warnings and predictions of what would happen if humanity did not listen to God.  Some of these were part of what was later called the 1st and 2nd Secrets of Fatima.  These included:



1.    God wished to establish world devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2.    That the current war (WWI) would end.

3.    That another more terrible war would break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI (WWII), if men did not cease offending God.

4.    A night lit up by an unknown light would be a sign from God of that impending punishment from God.

5.    If Our Lady was ignored, Russia would spread her errors throughout the world.

6.    The Holy Father would suffer much, but He would eventually consecrate Russia to Our Lady.

7.    In the end, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart would Triumph.

8.    On October 13, 1917, she would reveal who she was and perform a miracle so that all might believe.


In the 3rd secret of Fatima, which was not made public by the Holy Father until May 13, 2000, at the beatification of two of the Fatima children, Jacinta and Francisco, Our Lady revealed a gruesome scene in which the Holy Father was afflicted with pain and sorrow, praying for the souls of corpses as he walked through a big city half in ruins and up a steep mountain, at the top of which was a big Cross.  On his knees at the foot of the Cross he was murdered, as were other clergy, religious and lay people.  Beneath the two arms of the Cross stood two angels who gathered up the blood of the martyrs and with it sprinkled the other souls making their way to God. 


The Church offered an unofficial commentary on this, released a few days later by Vatican officials, which seemed to relegate most of the events and warnings of that 3rd Secret to the previous 20th century.  However, on Sept. 15, 2003, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her public message to the world spoke about the significance of this 3rd Secret:


"It told of the future and what will happen in my Church.  It did not end with the Millenium; but it is beginning now, because of the lack of commitment of many priests, Bishops and Cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth….The 3rd Secret of Fatima is about to unfold.  It has not been revealed and understood in its totality as to how it applies to humanity.  It deals with the Truth and who shall stand up for the Truth, and how my most beloved Pope is holding up the Truth of my Son while being hit with crashing waves." (Sept. 15, 2003).


 Warnings from Emmitsburg


Over the last ten years, Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her public messages to the world has attempted to prepare and to warn humanity, just like she did in Fatima, of the grave consequences if people continued to disregard her pleas and did not return to her Son.  Here are a few of those warnings:


"I plead with you not to advocate abortion as a form of population control…..Life is your gift.  Life is a treasure and not a burden….Abuse it and my Son will take it away from you"  (Apr. 28, 1994).

"Children today are facing tremendous confusion and destructive circumstances from being surrounded by this horrible abomination from sexuality of the same gender."  (May 23, 1996).

"The dignity of every human being is being threatened today because of modern issues of human sexuality…. And if you follow the true Way of my Son,….you will be rejected and ridiculed."  (Dec. 23, 1999).

"There are already philanthropists arising to the forefront, who, by exerting their monetary influence, are gaining world power which will soon effect your world's economy.  They have forfeited their eternal fate by their choice of temporary pleasures."  (Sept. 25, 1997).

"Your future is being molded around a monetary system.  Be alert to a cashless society developing around the world and the forces of power which will manipulate and ultimately restrict your freedom."  (May 9, 1996).

"Until prayer is placed at the center of the lives of scientific researchers, and genuine love be the fruit of their motives,…many cures will remain puzzling, and researchers will continue to walk in circles.  Self-righteousness, fame, power, and prestige are current obstacles to medical advancements."  (May 1, 1997).

"The time is approaching when the world will be renewed.  First, however, this world will be purged of its crimes against God."  (Apr. 16, 1998).

"You are about to enter an era of cleansing which will lead to Peace, the true Peace in my Son.  I am not speaking of peace in the world as you know it to be.  I am speaking of God's Peace….All people will have the opportunity to choose Life, the Truth and Peace."  (Oct. 21, 1999).

"If the world continues to ignore the importance of prayer and moral ethics and does not restore them to their rightful place, the world will suffer a tragedy of a World War as never witnessed before in history."  (Feb. 17, 2000).

Then on New Year's Eve Dec. 31, 2002, Our Lady warned:


"This year is different….War indeed is inevitable; but with that will be revealed the Truth….Those who desire to walk with my Son shall walk in peace and harmony.  Those who do not, shall pay the consequences for not knowing their own self-righteousness and pride.  All shall be invited.  No one is exempt.  Anyone can fall away at any moment."  (Dec. 31, 2002).


One of the most descriptive examples of how God has interacted with his people in the past, that certainly most of those familiar with Judeo-Christian teaching and Sacred Scripture would recognize, is the story of the prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh.  On January 26, 2003, Our Lady spoke of it in this way: 


"In Nineveh, the Old Testament prophet Jonah proclaimed that in forty days there would be the complete wrath of God upon the city unless people changed.  Those people suffered….they changed….God resisted….God relented, and He did not carry out what the prophet had warned….

Today, I have sent many prophets.  And who is listening in the world?  Many desire to go off on their own paths, under their own ways of thinking and discernment.  Everyone has a different opinion….Because of this, I can tell you that what is coming upon this world is different than what happened in the days of Nineveh….When the day comes upon you, it shall be swift.  You will not have time to bring forth your children.  You may not have time to bring forth your spouses…..So I would invite you to be prepared, more so than ever before in your lives…..We are on the edge of war.  This is not a war between peoples, but this is a war in the heavens.  This spiritual war is quite evil indeed." (Jan 26, 2003).



Our Lady continued on June 22, 2003 in her public message to the world, when she pointed out some of the areas of deception in the world's efforts toward peace and how her plan differed:


"The world continues to be in turmoil because the world continues to desire only what the world wants.  Leaders desire to continue to be leaders.  They forget how they became leaders….I have outlined the plan for freedom and Peace, not for just a moment, not for just a day, not for just a week, a month nor a year.  My Plan was a plan of Peace where mankind could live in unity and harmony without friction.  Humanity could join together in a new tomorrow….My plan was one to allow humanity to join together, all continents and nations, to live freely together in Peace….My sadness comes because so very few of my children have responded….The turmoil to come is not what God is giving as much as that for which humanity is asking." (June 22, 2003).


For many years, at midnight on Christmas Eve, the Child Jesus, as a youth of 5-6 years old, has appeared to Gianna.  In a  profound, yet light-hearted manner, on Christmas Eve, 2003, His message was very brief: 


"It's time."


Over this past century, at many of the apparition sites of Our Lady, she has either said or implied that it is through both the prayers of humanity and through her intercession that she has been allowed to hold back the Angel's sword, the Father's wrath and His Hand of Justice.  At the end of 2003, the tone of her messages had a distinctive change. For the first time Our Lady of Emmitsburg used the phrase "intervention of the Father", where previously she had always referred only to her own intercession and the intercession of her Son with the Father.  She expressed that she was now bowing in humility and silence to God the Father, waiting for His intervention.


"All of what I have said will come to pass….This is not a time period when you will be waiting so long.  I have said that I would intercede.  My Son has said that He will intercede for all people to know the Truth and to live in Peace.  God the Father knows the exact date and time,  and I can tell you that my Son has said that God the Father would now intervene." 

(Dec. 31, 2003).


These words complimented what had been profoundly revealed by Our Lord Himself to me 18 months earlier, on April 21, 2002, when He said:


I am your Jesus of Mercy.  Throughout history I have manifested My Divine Love and Mercy through various means, and my people have responded, giving hope to a new era.  With time, many of my people would then become tepid in their prayers of thanksgiving and would even fail to listen to my prophets.  Various events would then unfold which manifested My Mercy through the Supremacy of the Holy Trinity.  When these traumatic events and wars had unfolded, My people would then turn back to God; and civilization would once again rebuild itself and grow in prosperity.


However now, even in the midst of these trying times, the minds and hearts of so many are closed, rejecting My Mercy.  So now, you will see many things and events unfolding, as My Mother pre-warned the world, because the Justice of the Supremacy of the Holy Trinity must prevail in order that Divine Love and Mercy can flow once again into the land, rebuild it and make it prosper.


….Now I can no longer permit such hostile, perverse ways to continue because of the Truth and Purity of how the Holy Trinity precisely and most meticulously created the world.  The Truth and the Holiness of God's Divine Plan will stay intact.  All the world may pass away, but My Word shall never pass away.  Therefore, Justice must prevail so that Truth, Mercy and Love can retain their place in Creation. (April 21,2002).


The Truth


My dear friends, dear children of God, it is not about what you may think is right or wrong.  It is not about what you believe or what you do not believe.  It is about "What is the Truth?"


And the Truth is that you are so loved by God and His Love for you is endless.  You too can love as God loves, because He lives in you.  You can love one another and have meaningful relationships only through mercy and forgiveness for one another.  You can only experience joy, peace of heart and freedom by loving as Jesus loves.   


God is real!  Never forget, God is real. And as God is real, so too is the evil one who desires to destroy you, to harm you, to cause you confusion and doubt, and to cause you to have division, insecurity and lack of compassion.  The principalities of darkness would like to cloud your vision for a new tomorrow and to make all humanity think that people have become immune to the effects of Love, however, that will never be true. You can pass off the signs of the times and the man-made catastrophic events, but you cannot pass off what is from God.  God allows things to happen, and all things are possible with God.


In fact, Our Lady has told me that in the United States, she is on Satan's turf.  The three children of Fatima described what Our Lady showed them in Hell.  Lucia, the oldest of the three Fatima children later wrote:


"Plunged in this were demons and souls that looked like transparent embers....amid cries of pain and despair which horrified us so that we trembled with fear."


This is what Our Lady said about that day, July 13, 1917, in Fatima:


"You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go.  In order to save them God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart." (July 13, 1917).


So too, in 1989 Our Lord asked me if I would like to see Heaven.  I said "yes", of course. But He said that I needed to see Hell first, before He would take me to Heaven.  He then took me to the lowest level of Purgatory where I saw a pool of molten liquid with people burning in it.  Next to this was a rock wall which separated Hell from Purgatory.  He was holding my hand as we stepped into Hell.  There are pits in Hell, and I saw different levels too.  In one pit I saw demons devouring people.  In another pit, people in their physical forms were on fire, however their forms were never consumed nor were the fires ever extin-guished.  Then Jesus took me to the lowest level of Hell which had a great pit, like a crater, where Jesus told me that Satan himself would be bound by chains of electric current. 




The fact is that Hell does exist and will provide an eternal home for those who say "NO" to God; but this in no way hinders, and in fact only bolsters Our Lady's determination to bring all her children home to her Son.  On July 13, 2000, Our Lady of Emmitsburg said: 


"I have waited patiently for 2000 years for My Plan to unfold during which time God the Father permitted Satan to draw souls away from His Truth.  Satan's reign is ending this year, and now I am moving swiftly on his turf to reclaim all those who were deceived and lost.  I am determined to bring all My children back to my Son."  (July 13, 2000).



Our Lady has shared with me that it has been through her humility and tears of love that the Angel's sword has been held back.  She is determined to bring all her children safely back to her Son; yet most people receive her words with fear and with judgmental and hardened hearts.  She has warned that there are only two ways to live: a way of love or a way of fear


So many people are afraid to give themselves unconditionally to God for fear of losing their freedom and not being able to live their own lives according to their own plans and desires.  They fear they will be unhappy and filled with misfortune.  The Truth, however, is just the opposite.  When people cooperate with God's Plan, they see how much He loves them and how all things work out for the good.  God's Plan of Love covers all areas, even those acts which fall outside of His Plan.  He can turn something that appears bad into something good.


Our Lady wants us to realize that this is a time when we should be allowing God to prune the thorns surrounding our souls; a time of enlightenment; a time to see ourselves as we are, and a time to see God as He is; a time to love amongst the hatred and sorrow in the world, a time to listen, and a time to receive the breath of Jesus.  Today is the gift that God has granted each one of us.  We all need to be instruments of Love, not vessels of fear.


She is begging us to pray unceasingly for Peace, because it can occur!  But there is in this world tremendous desire on every level for power, which oftentimes acts as an immense obstacle.  The subtlety of evil has infiltrated the world through trickery, deceitfulness, anger, malice and control.  A forced peace is not lasting.  A binding contract is only temporary.  Peace must come from the heart.  It can only come from God.  If people walk away from God, they will not know true Peace.


Our Lady has warned me that right now there is much unfolding in the world.  The lack of peace in the world and the fight for the monetary and economic control of the world are two entities merging, politically and religiously, forming into a head, like a volcano about to erupt and destroy all the earth.  All that would remain would be the dark coals burning with fire.  She explained that the brightness of that Light itself would however be enough, just as her children being purged and purified would be enough, to be an offering to God to change all of humanity.  In this symbolism she points out the parallel with sin; and it is sin that must be purged, and the Truth of God must erupt like a volcano.  The dark coals are those who have wasted away, but the glowing red heat is that which  continues to give Hope and new Life because of the Light of Christ.


On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2004, Our Lady then rallied us on when she said:


"How blessed are you who continue to persevere and to love, to seek the Truth, to uphold the Truth, and to live the Truth.  Because of the few who continue to remain faithful at all costs, life itself in the world will have a new beginning and be different from what it would have otherwise been; yes, for  the effects of sin and many events have been mitigated through prayer, repentance, and reconciliation." (Feb 14, 2004).


And so what is the Truth that Our Lady is asking us to seek, to uphold and to live at all costs, and that she has waited 2000 years to help us understand?


"All the world must know the Christ Child.  All the world must know that the Two are One, both the Child and the Salvific Savior who was crucified.  What began with the wood of the cradle ended with the wood of the Cross.  Humanity cannot divide the Christ Child from the Salvific Savior.  The separation is not possible.  All must know the Truth, that the One Who came forth with His first breath of life to save humanity, died with His last breath of life so that humanity could live in eternity."  (May 16, 2003).


She also explains the reasons for the continued obstacles that her children have experienced in Emmitsburg:


"I would like you to know that out of all the places in the world, there is no place that is called the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  This is not just another site where people can go on pilgrimage.  Because Emmitsburg is the Center of my Immaculate Heart, it is very much under attack…..God desires all people to know my Center…..Thus, the greater the importance, the greater the division(April 1, 2003).


And most recently, On Ascension Thursday, May 20, 2004, as her apparition to me was witnessed by a Roman Catholic Bishop, Our Lady summarized her Plan:


"I thank you in advance for all of your good works, for all that you do to uphold me here at the Center of my most Immaculate Heart, where my Son is, and where the unveiling of His Divine Mercy truly shall commence.  Yes, my Son, as He rose on the day of His Ascension, will come back again in the same way at the end of time.  However, He shall also return, but the world has not yet acknowledged it, in an intermediate way, as my Son the Child, all pure, innocent, and honest, alive and hidden in the Eucharist, totally dependent on God the Father, as you too are invited to be…

My Peace I give to you, because this is the Peace that my Son allows me to give you, a Peace that comes from God the Father." (May 20, 2004).


Faith and Trust


The phrase "signs of the times" gets thrown around quite liberally.  But pick up any newspaper, turn on the TV, log on to the internet, look what is going on in our world and in our Church!  Are these not the signs?  Is the last century of Our Lady's work in the world a big deception? Or are these the times?


The special gifts, graces, and warnings to a world that seems immune to conversion, have been presented on the solid foundations of prayer, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and the writings of the Popes as well as the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.  Prophesies have been and are being fulfilled before our very eyes.


Now is the time when it all comes down to Faith & Trust.  Faith is strengthened, increased and enriched by those very things that escape the senses, not just by signs and miracles; and the less there is to see, the more there is to believe.  Do you believe this is true?  Do I believe this is true?  Or do you just hope it is true, but stop short of believing because of fear and because of the risk involved or because it threatens you?  Or do you just reject it all?


Yes, it all comes down to Faith & Trust!  And Faith and Trust  cannot be said to be  real, living virtues until they have been tried and have triumphed over everything that would destroy them.  God's grace has been there with us and will continue to be, because God cannot deny Himself.  


It is because of our love for you---you who are here and all of you around the world who will read these words from Our Lord and Our Lady in the days, weeks, and months to come.  Yes, it is our love for you, as well as our love for all the skeptics and for those whose slander and persecution of us will in the end authenticate Our Lady's Plan.  Yes, it is this Love that makes it so necessary for us to be here in Fatima today with you. 


It is now all in God's Hands.  Only He can authenticate His Mother.  Only He can authenticate this Plan.  Only He can authenticate much of what has been shared here with you today.  Only He can share with us the mystery of His Birth, His  Cross and Crucifixion, and His Resurrection, as it applies to this point in salvation history.  And He will do it when He desires.  Only He is the Truth.



We believe that what we have shared with you today is not a deception.  We believe that it is the Truth.  Taking into consideration our faith, our knowledge, our powers of discernment, and our total trust and confidence in our experiences with Our Lord and Our Lady; and resting on the foundation of prayer, the Sacramental life, and the Holy Spirit living within us, both Gianna and I would gladly take an oath to the Truth of what has been shared here today, knowing that there are leaders in the world and in the Church, as well as many of the faithful, who may be quick to try to discredit these words in the future.  However, it is Our Lady's desire that her Peace Plan become a part of the public record now, rather than risk our being unable to present it in the future.



There are also those who might argue that they do not understand how something so simple could possibly be fruitful.  However, can God no longer expect us to trust beyond our understanding?  In this modern world, is there no room for mystery in God's Plan? 



In this current time of trial, each one of us, every nation, and the Church are being invited to rise above

          this culture of doubt,

          this culture of skepticism,

this culture of indifference, and

          this culture of fear!


Yes, prudence is important; but now we are being begged by our heavenly Mother, crying, sometimes even crying tears of blood, to embrace

          a culture of Faith, and

          a culture of Truth.




Michael and I will soon be leaving Fatima, and we are most grateful to Our Lord and Our Lady, who through Rosalie Turton and the 101 Foundation have provided us this opportunity to share these words with you and the world from here in Fatima.  We will return to Emmitsburg to resume our mission at home, with silence as our shield and Love as our sword.  But before we leave, we are here to reassure you that this last century has not been a deception; that Our Lady has waited 2000 years for this time in salvation history, to crush the head of Satan, not to be outwitted by him; and that Our Lady has not backed away from anything she has said about the Center of her Immaculate Heart in Emmitsburg, MD, where God's Divine Mercy will be unveiled, and the Child Jesus through His Spiritual Eucharistic Reign will usher in an Era of Peace.


There have been many mystics over the years who have tried to capture with simple descriptions for our limited human minds and understanding a glimpse of Heaven.  I, too, have had such an experience with Our Lord; and I, too, am at a loss for words, and my description would only sound too simplistic and even monotonous.  In fact, St. Paul even tells us that, “eye has not seen and ear has not heard what God has reserved for those who love Him.(1 Cor. 2:9).  What seems far more appropriate and fruitful to me is for each of us to focus on how we can begin to live that Heaven while still here on earth.


Our Lady has been relentless over the past several months in telling us to ponder her Son's tremendous Love for us and how important it is not to lose our focus and not to lose our hope, as she states:


"This is a new beginning, because things will never again be the same….And as my Son makes all things new, He will make everything new for you, too….We are just beginning." (April 4, 2004).


And as recently as last month, June 13, 2004, in speaking about her Son's True Presence in the Eucharist, Our Lady promised:



"I desire you to know fully and to embrace the Truth of His all-encompassing Love, not only as a Man who died because of His Love for you, but also as a Child who was born out of His Love for you.  Do not allow this opportunity to slip by, because it is in your grasp." (June 13, 2004). 


We thank you all for your attention, and we pray that God will have Mercy on the whole world!


And please remember: 


Our Lady is our Mother.

She is our Hope.


She is not leaving!





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