Pride: Part 3

Remedies for Pride


The Lack




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as taught by


God the Father in His Words

Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons

Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages

The Saints of the Church

and in

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)




“..It is pride that changed angels into devils;

it is humility that makes men as angels.”

(St. Augustine)


God has a Plan.  His Plan was a pure and holy Plan—a plan devoid of sin.  However, in His generosity He gave both angels and man free will—a gift which allowed for selfishness to enter into the world and alter His Plan.  Sin was able to establish its reign, and its roots penetrated the very core of the angelic spirits as well as of humanity.  Pride is the very root of all sin.


PRIDE is defined “as an inordinate esteem of oneself. It is inordinate because it is contrary to the truth. It is essentially an act or disposition of the will desiring to be considered better than a person really is. Pride may be expressed in different ways: by taking personal credit for gifts or possessions, as if they had not been received from God; by glorying in achievements, as if they were not primarily the result of divine goodness and grace; by minimizing one's defects or claiming qualities that are not actually possessed; by holding oneself superior to others or disdaining them because they lack what the proud person has; by magnifying the defects of others or dwelling on them. When pride is carried to the extent that a person is unwilling to acknowledge dependence on God and refuses to submit his or her will to God or lawful authority, it is a grave sin. The gravity arises from the fact that a person shows contempt for God or of those who take his place. Otherwise, pride is said to be imperfect and venially wrong….

“While not all sins are pride, it can lead to all sorts of sins, notably presumption, ambition, vainglory, boasting, hypocrisy, strife, and disobedience. Pride strives for perverse excellence. It despises others and, depending on its perversity, even looks down upon God.” (Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary)


Pride looks down on God because it envies His glory, His power and His authority.  St. John Vianney, the 19th century French priest and mystic, first speaks about that relationship between pride and envy.  Then we will explore the Lessons of Our Lord and the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg regarding the remedies for pride:


“Envy follows pride; whoever is envious is proud.  See, envy comes to us from Hell; the devils having sinned through pride, sinned also through envy, envying our glory, our happiness.  Why do we envy the happiness and the goods of others?  Because we are proud; we should like to be the sole possessors of talents, riches, of the esteem and love of all the world!  We hate our equals, because they are our equals; our inferiors, from the fear that they may equal us; and our superiors, even God, because they are above us….”  (St. John Vianney, French priest and mystic, 1786-1859)


“…Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure

should take care not to fall….”

(1 Cor 10:12)



The Remedies for Pride

“… Night and day we pray beyond measure to see you in person

and to remedy the deficiencies of your faith.

Now may God himself, our Father, and our Lord Jesus direct our way to you…”

(1 Thes 3:10-11)


“The remedies for pride are a sincere knowledge of oneself, the acceptance of daily humiliations, avoidance of even the least self-complacency, humble acknowledgement of ones' faults, and prayerful communion with God….”  (Modern Catholic Dictionary, Fr. John Hardon)

Jesus said to him:

“I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.

No man comes to the Father, but by Me.”

(Jn 14:6)


It is so unfortunate that it takes so many of us so long to come to an understanding of His Way.  There are so many actions involved in coming to that understanding:  obeying, bearing with patience, thanking, giving more, surrendering, progressing through discomfort, desiring closer intimacy with God, stepping out into darkness, taming our pride, loving, enduring and changing.  All of these seem so contrary to the world in which we live and to the distractions, temptations and sinfulness in which we find ourselves so submerged.  This is all grossly aggravated by the 24-hr cycle of distortion by the media and gross falsities and fallacies in the way in which “truth” is presented.  However, from within this cesspool those who can still listen are able to hear a voice that still says that these things will pass, and that those with hearts still meek and humble will endure and inherit the land.  It is the voice of Our Lord, our Jesus of Mercy:


“My dear ones, listen intently and hear the words I speak. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear:

I humbled Myself in obedience to My Father so that you would overcome your pride in My humility. Continually, you must resign to My Will and overcome your will and pride! Bear with patience for the sake of God the subjections of treatment from others. Bless those who maltreat you. Give to all who beg from you.

“What have you to complain of to Me? Even in the midst of your sins, I love you and give to you because you are precious to Me. It is My hope that you will recognize My favor upon you. Be thankful. When I hide My Face from you, shower Me with your love and praises. For I do not come at your beck and call for you to realize it is I Who control and am God!

“As I give to you, give to Me. But give more to Me when you are alone and think I have left you! I am there, but I am listening for your loving prayers in silence. As you listen to Me, it is now the time that I listen to you in this silence. I do not hide because you have offended Me. You have offended Me many times, and My Love still endures! It is so you know Who is God. It is so you will surrender to the subjections of others for My sake, and so that you will overcome your pride in My humility….”  (JOM, Volume IV Lesson #43, July 29, 1992, The Only Way)

“….If you allow yourself to allow Me to filter you in My Love, you will progress rapidly, even though at times, from the human element, uncomfortably.  The discomfort is due to your lack of surrendering.  When you have experienced surrender even further, you are no longer aware that you even have the control to surrender!...


“…Desire only to be close to Me, and I will ascend you into another dimension of life, My Life, where My goodness knows only that which is good, total Peace, Love and virtue…..Do not analyze.  Do not even attempt in fervor to seek more.  You must be who you are, not knowing who you are, but knowing you are because of Me!...”  (JOM, Vol IV, #42, July 28, 1992, Spiritual Matrimony)


“… Do not wait until you are confused in turmoil and in need of assistance. Come to Me now, for later it will be far too difficult to focus on Me because of your illness of self-conceit and lack of humility!...” (JOM, Vol IV, #8, Nov. 11, 1991, Love in Humility)


“…When you grow slowly, it is difficult to see the change at once.  This is for your humility.  The vices of the flesh need taming; and the worst vice, that of pride is the most poisonous and the most difficult to tame….Tame this vice of pride now!...The human vices need to be tamed.  How shrewd the subconscious to deceive you to experience self-pity and need for acceptance and praise of your graces.  Put aside these harmful thoughts and continue to simply live quietly in My Love…”  (JOM, Vol IV, #41, July 27, 1992, Growth)


“…Be at peace and resigned to listen, to pray and to do good according to the pleasure of God, and you will not be at a loss. If you seek merry things for your own interest, you will not find rest or freedom or peace; because in everything for which you search, defect will always exist. But if you are humble of heart, continuously searching to please God and tending to Heav­enly things, you will secure a lasting foundation, one seeded in great wisdom and purity.

“Things will pass away, and even My people will pass away with them; but I am He Who does not change! I understand all and sit in judgment of vanity and affliction of spirit. So come to Me, you of humble and meek heart---a heart meek with strength and endurance, not losing courage, but striving for good. Blessed are the humble and meek of heart.  They will inherit the land!...”  (JOM, Vol IV, #31, July 17, 1992, The Humble Heart)

“…For the evildoers shall be cut off,

but they that wait upon the Lord shall inherit the land….”

(Ps 36:9)



A Mother’s Remedies

 “…A wicked messenger brings on disaster,
    but a trustworthy envoy is a healing remedy….”

(Prov 13:17)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds all her children of her efforts over the centuries to invite, to teach and to secure their safety in her Immaculate Heart, in spite of their indifference and rejection of her attempts.  Instead of having a like dedication to hers, so many have continued to be selfish rather than selfless, paying no attention to the accountability factor in their relationship with God.  God’s gifts of prayer and faith have so often been diluted or extinguished in an ocean of human pride; and the time left for change that leads to a return to God has been exchanged for idolatry, spiritual blindness and fear.  Yet, Our Lady reassures us that her Son quietly waits—waits in Heaven, in the Blessed Sacrament and in our hearts—waiting for humanity to repent, to bow in adoration, and to return back through His merciful Love to the Father:


“…I have tried and invited my children.  I have told them that they would be secure and safe in my Immaculate Heart.  I have tried to warn them of many things so that they could have the peace, the strength and the perseverance to move forward….Many try with all their hearts; yet, there are many who are indifferent…and who have  pushed aside many things I have asked them to do.  So now, we must all stand together, pray and, join together in faith, faith through works of Love….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 16, 2003)


“…Remember these words on how important it is to pray, no matter where you are, and no matter what you do in your lives, because there are so many people who do not.  Because of this, tremendous confusion and division result.  Pride becomes the source of all evil and replaces the joy of humility.  When my Son does come, those people, who are people of prayer and faith and who desire to be like Him, are those who will always be His most beloved children.


“…This is a great grace in itself, the gift of prayer to you; but you must use the gift to receive all the good things and to be protected from all sources of evil, all the days of your lives until you see your Creator face to face….”  (Private OLOE, Dec, 23, 2006)


“…Know how important you are in God’s mission.  I dedicated my life to the mission to which the Holy Spirit guided me, that being my Son, your Redeemer. You must dedicate your life to fulfilling all that I have said….

“…Do not be selfish.  Do not allow your pride to overtake you…..Be careful of your anger, and do not allow yourself to taint my words.  For when you find out they are real, then only you are accountable to God…”   (Private OLOE, Mar. 31, 2008)


"…Fear God, that you might not offend Him in self-pride and self-righteousness.  Be humble, love Him, implore His Mercy, and adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament….Put your fears to rest and hope in the Resurrected Christ!  There is no time for fear.  There is time for change….Remove the idolatry you have formed in yourself and have placed higher than He.  He is your God, and I have been allowed to come here to implore you to focus on Him, trust Him and return back to Him….”   (Public OLOE, April 28, 1994)


“…If you return to the Lord,

your kinfolk and your children will find mercy with their captors

and return to this land.

The Lord, your God, is gracious and merciful,

and He will not turn away His Face from you if you return to Him.”


(2Chron 30:9)



Acts of Love and Charity

“…Dearly beloved, let us love one another,

for charity is of God.

And every one that loves is born of God, and knows God….”

(1 Jn 4:7)


Prayer and faith are certainly building blocks to our personal sanctification, but they cannot exist as isolated entities, or they would be lifeless.  They must lead to acts of love and charity to be fruitful and effective.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg describes three categories of people in the world, but draws special attention to the poor, for it is the poor who most closely experience and identify with many of the same abuses and deficiencies as did Our Lord.  She also assures each of us that if we are to follow her Son, we too will have to bear with her and her Son some of the sorrows and sins of the less fortunate in a redemptive manner.  This, however, should come as no surprise to us, for she has been preparing her children to meet evil head-on and to share her message for many years:


“…Be gentle and show acts of love and charity to others, or you will not be able to recognize any sign from Heaven because of your own pride and arrogance.  This only leads to affliction and self-destruction…”  (Public OLOE, July 20, 2000)


“…The world consists of three categories of people:  those people who believe they have been given the grace from Heaven to be all-knowing and righteous; those who are indifferent; and the poor, who are oftentimes arrogant, demanding and angry, but who house a love for my Son, even though they have been treated poorly.  It is the poor who speak for the Church because it is those people who are experiencing the same treatment that my Son received.  That is why my Son loves those who serve the poor….”  (Private OLOE, Oct. 7, 2003)


“…You will bear the sins and sorrow of my children, many of whom are close to you;…We shall lay their sins at the foot of the Cross so that my Son as He is glorified can take the sins of humanity and bring them to His Most Sacred Heart; and there the grace of His all-abounding Love shall pierce through His Heart onto humanity, and it shall save the world from many things, especially self-righteousness and pride….”  (Private OLOE, Apr 15, 2003)


“…This is not a time you should take lightly.  This is a time in which evil strikes, and if evil strikes it wants to destroy.  If you allow evil to come in, it will destroy you.  I have often mentioned there is no middle of the rope, there are only two ends.  So now take my message and deliver it to those who must know that this is not something to be taken lightly, but this is something for which I have been preparing you for several years….”    (Private OLOE, Feb. 24, 2003)


“…Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,…”

(Mt 28:19)





“… Strive for peace with everyone,

and for that

holiness without which no one will see the Lord….”

(Heb 12:14)


Holiness can be defined and measured by various parameters.  It can also be mimicked externally or through one’s own deception and self-pride be corrupted and contaminated internally.  However, true holiness must include the possession of Divine grace and the moral practice of virtue.  It must also include in some degree the consecration of one’s life and service and purpose to God the Father.  Anything less than this would seem to be something less than “true holiness.” 


Our Lady of Emmitsburg affirms that all God’s children are called to this goal, but that it involves the necessity of avoiding all sin or paying the consequences of that sin.  Fortunately, for the benefit of humanity, we have a very patient God, but only He knows at what point extending that patience will no longer result in bringing more of His children back home for eternity.  Much of private revelation today would lead one to believe we are fast approaching that point in time!


Thus, the time for change is now!  And this means that we must pray for not only our change, but for the change of those family members and friends who need to change, for those in the world who won’t pray for change, for those who would outright reject the very change that would be required for their own salvation as authentic children of God.  And that prayer, our intercessory prayer, might not be fulfilled until the last breath of many of our brothers and sisters, but we must believe that it will be fulfilled:


“…Avoid sin.  Vanity, pride, worldly carnal desires and the renunciation of God are all sin, sin that surely takes you on the path to hell….There is so much power and pride in the world today; yet, God seeks holiness for you….”  (Public OLOE, Mar. 5, 2006)


“…To be holy is to be consecrated to God the Father.  To be holy is a sacred moment indeed.  To be holy is to be pure and perfect with the Sacred Love of my Son.  It is more than being one who is just religious and prayerful.  To be holy is to be saintly….Those who desire to walk with Him shall walk in peace and harmony.  Those who do not, shall pay the consequences for not knowing their own self-righteousness and pride.  All shall be invited.  No one is exempt.  Anyone can fall away at any moment.  You have to remain focused….”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 31, 2002)


“…Peace can only exist when the desire for self-gain is set aside and openness to live in harmony supersedes the desire to gain power.  If mankind continues to reject God’s Love and block His assistance by closing their hearts, then God will allow the people to live in their own designs.  God is patient and will wait for His people to return to Him.  It is the people who have chosen not to allow God to free them from their own slavery…. 

“It is necessary to put aside your pride and forgive those who have caused you pain.  Do not seek revenge or justice, for evil begets evil.  Ask God to change you!...”  (Public OLOE, Mar. 7, 1996)


“…My Son dwells within my heart, and I dwell within Him.  So too, all of my children are invited to be One with Him.  Pray, because there are many who are loved by Him, and who through their own free wills choose to walk away and not to listen to Him because they think they know in their hearts what is correct.  They do not see that they could definitely choose Him without limits, choose to be free in Him without turmoil.  But they choose instead to walk in another direction, oftentimes because of righteousness and because of their own pride….Moreover, humility is the first virtue that is most often overlooked; and yet, it is the most important virtue that needs to be in place and lived in every moment by an authentic child of God….”  (Public OLOE, July 16, 2003)


“…I invite you to pray, to live and to have fun.  Life is what my Son desired for all peoples, not corruption, deception, immorality or self-pity; not for greed, not for lust, not for gluttony, not for vanity nor self-righteousness.  God came to give Life that all might live—fully!...”  (Private OLOE, July 13, 2009)



“…The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly….”

(Jn 10:10)



“…And the angel said to me:

‘Thou must prophesy again to many nations,

and peoples, and tongues, and kings….’

(Rev 10:11)


Just as St. John the Baptist has been called the “last of the Old Testament prophets,” so too has Our Lady served in that same position as the “last of the New Testament prophets” through her many messengers around the world.  Her words have not been idle words, but living words; and her warnings have not been scare tactics, but rather an accurate prediction of the many calamities plaguing the world daily due to the effects of “unbridled sin” in this world—effects that can only be squelched by God’s “unbridled Mercy.”  Unfortunately, Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares that many in the Church and the world leadership have through their lack of humility and their spiritual pride blocked her efforts, have not protected the innocent nor preserved her Son’s Word in Truth.  For this reason, grave prophesies will continue to unfold and new leaders will arise to carry her banner into battle:


“…Little ones, look what is happening today!  Everything that I have foretold:  people running crazily, confused, almost in a state of panic, moving their money, concerned where there money will be, worried about their well-being, their lives and their food, where they will live, and how they will survive.  If they had only done what I asked them to do, ‘Pray with all your heart.  Prepare now; so when the time comes, you are focused and will not sway with the wind!....”

 (Private OLOE, Sept. 25, 2008)


“…Right now we must focus at this most critical time that those who are innocent and pure be protected and that the Words of my Son be preserved in Truth; and we must allow those, to whom it has been revealed by Heaven to understand some of what the future holds, to be humbled due to their own lack of humility and the spiritual pride which they are exemplifying…..”  (Private OLOE, July 12, 2003)


“…And the Lord who is your leader, He Himself will be with thee:

He will not leave thee, nor forsake thee:

fear not, neither be dismayed…..”

(Deut 31:8)


It is God’s very own design that the Deposit of Faith be preserved in and by the Roman Catholic Church.  At the same time, it has been prophesied in Sacred Scripture and by saints, popes and prophets for centuries that a great apostasy will occur within that Church, leading to a “false church” led by the Antichrist, and a “remnant” true Catholic Church remaining faithful to God founded upon the Eucharist and Our Lady, as prophesied by St. John Bosco.



My Immaculate Heart

"Although the Heart of Jesus is distinct from that of Mary,

and infinitely surpasses it in excellence and holiness,

nevertheless, God has so closely united these Two Hearts,

that we may say with truth, that they are but One Heart."
(St. Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226)


The leaders in that remnant Church will be those faithful clergy, religious and laity who have held tightly to their Consecrations to the Eucharistic and Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds us that she has been there with and for us in good times and in tough times, that she has prepared leaders (however few there may be in the end), that those leaders must help, guide and comfort those who do not know but who seek the Truth, that those leaders must trust in God’s grace as they help Her fight the battle leading to a new world, and that this is the last chance for so much of humanity to know the Truth of her Immaculate Heart in God’s Plan for the salvation of all His children:


“…I have brought you children a long way.  I have taught you, I have nourished, I have comforted you, I have warned you, and at times I have challenged you; and you have been obedient, you have listened, you have reformed.  Yet there are many who have not.  Who needs to move ahead are strong leaders who will help those, guide those, tell those what they need to do, where to go, how to be fulfilled, how to be nourished.  Tell them they are comforted.  Correct them when necessary. 


So many are hungry, hungry and thirsty.  As my Son thirsts, they thirst, not to the same degree, for vanity and pride lives in many of the lives of others.  However, they are invited to look to the true source of Thirst, so that their thirsts may be quenched by the Divinity of the Holy Trinity.


“Tough times are ahead, for sure to follow.  Many will come to the Center of my Immaculate Heart, but very few leaders.  Now I am inviting you to rise to the forefront at the proper time to guide and to lead, because, most importantly, so many could be lost if they are not guided to the Truth.  What this means is that when things unfold, you must stand up, stand your ground, and help others whether forcefully or calmly, depending on the situation and the wisdom and the prudence that God gives you at that moment.  You should be able to guide these people to my Son and the Truth; and as a leader,… to lead them to know that in tribulation comes justice, in justice comes peace, leading to mercy, and in mercy true Love, and in Love union, and in this union, the complete glory of God the Father Himself….”    (Private OLOE, Feb. 19, 2003)


“…Do not be troubled by the events unfolding.  Know that I am your Mother, and in my Immaculate Heart I take you to my breast where I shall protect you.  Those who are against my Son shall be confounded in their pride and righteousness….Look to Him and He shall reveal to you the Truth within your hearts, your minds and your souls….Move forward and fight the battle, because few, very few shall remain.  Those who remain are the ones who will make a new world….”  (Private OLOE, May 25, 2003)


“…No matter how much negativity and no matter how many persecutions or reprimands come from authorities, people continue to pray to me here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart because they know the great graces of my appearance here that have been granted from heaven above and the blessings that continue to abound….”  (Private OLOE, May 5, 2003)


“…The fact is, God exists.  The fact is, I am Immaculate.  The fact is, I bore the Son of God in my womb.  The fact is, He is Divine; I am not.  The fact is, I am there to help you to be pure so that you can rest in His humble Heart and be safe and free.  Your opinions can be many.  Your minds can float and your minds can discern many things.  It is my prayer that you discern this message properly, and the message is:  This is the last chance that you have, not only you but others, to know the Truth of my Immaculate Heart….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 24, 2003)


“…Therefore, while we have time, let us do good to all men,

but especially to those who are of the household of the faith…”

(Gal 6:10)


The End

“The Spirit of Pride”

Part 3



“In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!

(Our Lady of Fatima to Lucia, July 13, 1917)