Part 2



Part 2

Prayer, Faith, Hope, Love & Truth





The Words of God the Father

The Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg


The Writings of the Saints


(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)




Webster’s Dictionary defines “perseverance” as the act of continuing in some effort or course of action in spite of difficulty and/or opposition. The Catholic Online Dictionary places a much more specific and spiritual connotation on the definition as  “the act of remaining in the state of grace until the end of life. The Church teaches that it is impossible, without the special help of God, to persevere in the state of grace to the end….Final perseverance cannot be strictly merited, as though a person had a claim on dying in grace because he or she had been faithful all through life. Nevertheless it can, with unfailing success, be achieved by proper prayer, offered regularly and earnestly, in the state of grace.”

Throughout the Words of God the Father, the Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg—all given to the world through Gianna Talone Sullivan—there are two other words, “endurance” and “persistence,” that  are often used in conjunction with perseverance, or alone with slightly different nuances.  Endurance can be defined as the act of remaining firm under suffering or misfortune, without yielding in spite of difficulty; and persistence as the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people and occurs beyond the usual or expected time frame

It seems that we live in an era where these three qualities are of some value toward success in the eyes of the secular world, but often forgotten when visualized through the spiritual eyes of faith.  More often than not, the modern man and woman are looking for a “quick fix,” immediate gratification and God’s prompt and specific response to any of their prayers.  Unfortunately, that is not the usual way to progress on one’s spiritual journey, but rather with perseverance, endurance and persistence. 


Prayer of St. Bonaventure for Perseverance

Pierce, O most sweet Lord Jesus, my inmost soul with the most joyous and healthful wound of Thy love, and with true, calm and most holy apostolic charity, that my soul may ever languish and melt with entire love and longing for Thee, may yearn for Thee and for thy courts, may long to be dissolved and to be with Thee. 

Grant that my soul may hunger after Thee, the Bread of Angels, the refreshment of holy souls, our daily and super substantial bread, having all sweetness and savor and every delightful taste.

May my heart ever hunger after and feed upon Thee, Whom the angels desire to look upon, and may my inmost soul be filled with the sweetness of Thy savor; may it ever thirst for Thee, the fountain of life, the fountain of wisdom and knowledge, the fountain of eternal light, the torrent of pleasure, the fullness of the house of God; may it ever compass Thee, seek Thee, find Thee, run to Thee, come up to Thee, meditate on Thee, speak of Thee, and do all for the praise and glory of Thy name, with humility and discretion, with love and delight, with ease and affection, with perseverance to the end; and be Thou alone ever my hope, my entire confidence, my riches, my delight, my pleasure, my joy, my rest and tranquility, my peace, my sweetness, my food, my refreshment, my refuge, my help, my wisdom, my portion, my possession, my treasure; in Whom may my mind and my heart be ever fixed and firm and rooted immovably. Amen. 
(St. Bonaventure, Italian Franciscan Bishop and Doctor of the Church, 1221-1274)


“…Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,

let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely,

and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us….”

(Heb 12:1)


Part 2

The Blessings

Perseverance in Prayer

Perseverance in Faith

Perseverance in Hope

Perseverance in Love

Perseverance in Truth


The Blessings

“…Blessed is a man who perseveres under trials;

for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life

which the Lord has promised to those who love Him….”

(James 1:12)


The signs of the times would certainly appear to have fallen on blind eyes and deaf ears when one looks around the world and at home and finds such evil, deception, indifference, violence and hatred.  In fact, very few people would be likely to consider it a tremendous blessing to be living during these times.  Yet, Our Lady of Emmitsburg goes out of her way to explain why it is just that—a tremendous blessing from God to be living now and during what has been foretold of these current times.  With these blessings and graces come great opportunities and responsibilities—responsibilities to stand up, to move forward, to help others, to discover and defend the Truth, to persevere in prayer and faith, and to hopefully experience union with God Himself:


“…I tell you that you have received from Heaven above a great blessing indeed, one of thanksgiving, one of perseverance, one of fortitude, and the grace to move ahead valiantly, knowing that my Immaculate Heart shall triumph and be victorious!….You should feel confident with the blessing from above, the filial confidence to know that you are pleasing my Son and walking in His Truth….Now I invite you to lead those who do not know where to go and which way to turn….Because the time of chaos and confusion is at hand, there is no one who desires to lead my army forward.  If no one comes forward, then all can be lost.  But if someone does come forward, the possibility exists that none shall be lost….Now I am inviting you to rise to the forefront at the proper time to guide and to lead, because, most importantly, so many could be lost if they are not guided to the Truth.  What this means is that when things unfold, you must stand up, stand your ground, and help others, whether forcefully or calmly, depending on the situation and the wisdom and prudence that God gives you at that moment.  You should be able to guide these people to my Son and the Truth.  As a leader,…you should lead them to know that with tribulation comes justice, with justice comes peace, leading to mercy, and with mercy comes true Love, and with Love comes union, and in this union comes complete glory of God the Father Himself….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 19, 2003)


“…Too often many people seek other signs and want consolations and comfort.  What you have is something great, perhaps even abused, in that you do not even realize the tremendous joy that has been offered to you from Heaven, the protection, the blessings, the graces, the gift to persevere, the courage to move on, and the Seal of Love from Heaven above.  At  some time in your lives, each one of you will see what has been given to you , what you have, what you have missed, what you could have obtained, and the challenge of what you can continue to grasp and receive in the future…”  (Private OLOE, June 21, 2005)


“…Your own free will allows you to do either what is good or what is not good.  But as you come to  my most Immaculate Heart and I draw you most fervently into it, there you will dwell and there you will receive the graces to continue on, to persevere, to be enlightened, and to grow in wisdom.  You also gain the grace of safety, for I walk with you….”  (Private OLOE, Jan, 21, 2006)


“…This is a great country that God has blessed.  But a true country, worthy of the blessing of God, is not rooted in power or materialism.  A country worthy of God’s peace is a country rooted in prayer, in faith, in love, in honesty, in humility, in perseverance, in compassion and in littleness…Each one of you…must look into the depths of the core of your soul.  You must root out all the vices that are there; and you must grow in true Love, in true humility and in the freedom which is there, yours to be had….”  (Public OLOE, July 4, 2005)


“…How blessed you are for living your faith!...I bless you in the Most Glorious Name of God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit, Whose breath fills you with wisdom, knowledge, humility, patience, perseverance, meekness and fortitude.  You are who you are because God is your Almighty….”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 2, 2007)


“…A faithful man will abound with blessings….”

(Prov 28:20)


It may sound quite simple to encourage someone to persevere, but that can be a rather nebulous request to those of shallow faith or of even no faith.  One might ask, “In what way do I persevere?  For what end do I persevere?  How do I know if I have persevered successfully?” We will now try to address some of these very reasonable questions through the Words of God the Father, the Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg, as well as several of the Saints, in the areas of Prayer, Faith, Hope and Truth:


Perseverance in Prayer

“…Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you….”

(Thes 5:16-18)


“…Because of the evil ways in which many live, there is little trust in Me and no perseverance….You ask of Me your heart’s desire, but are impatient in waiting for your answer.  All prayers are heard!  Please persevere!....There have even been many of you who have said that, ‘Our Lord heard my prayer, but he is upset with me and no longer cares for me’….This is not the case.  If you truly believe in Me and trust in Me, you would know that all things happen for a purpose in accordance with My desire….All prayers are answered in accordance to My timetable, not yours.  So…persevere in your journey with Me….”  (JOM, Vol I, #68, July 17, 1989,  Perseverance)


“…Do not allow the glory of the world to entice you away from Me.  Pray for wisdom and allow Me to ward off the errors of falsehood which could dismay you and be a disadvantage to you.  Allow Me to prevent all carelessness from affecting your progress….Pray and be strong through perseverance, that your spirit of love is not broken with deceiving desires and invalid arguments…..Everything must take time.  Your soul needs this time of My Love….Do not be impatient, but go at My pace, moment to moment.  Do not worry about tomorrow or the outcomes of events to happen.  Do not exert your energy analyzing or discerning what needs to be the course of your life.  Trust in Me, and I will care for you….If you would surrender unto Me and be in My peaceful Love, tending to Me, the fruits of your life would never put you in a situation where you need to discern or take a course of action to help yourself, because I would be paving the course of your safety and happiness for you!  But you are afraid because of the changes you anticipate (which may not even happen) with which I would strike you!...”  (JOM, Vol, IV, #38, July 24, 1992, Steps to Prayer)


“…Be persistent people of prayer, and consistent in your actions.  You ask, and then you give up so easily!  Where is your endurance?  Will a salesman give a bargain to you if you do not persist in asking, in being a nuisance? 


“My Love is not one for which I will make you beg and plead, but you ask in prayer today and do not follow through the next day because you become inpatient and do not persist in endurance!  Ask, and it shall be given unto you.  Seek, and you shall find.  Knock, and it will open.  Keep knocking until it opens.  When the door opens, walk in!...Not of your labor or merit do you succeed in strength of virtue, but through surrender.  My Love is true, but the tests I give to you to see your progress do not always prove true to your claimed love of faithfulness to Me.  You want, but do not give in return.  You ask, and then you become impatient that I have not responded immediately to your dictates.  Then you doubt and give up on your God, which opens My wounds…..


“…Now you, My broken people must allow Me to be your God, to remold you; to be the potter; or you will only continue to break yourselves and one another until the existence of your world ceases to be.  Take, heed, and persist in asking….”  (JOM, Vol IV, #40, July 26, 1992, Fidelity)


“…As I purify you and make you clean, you may suffer the markings of pain from worldly attachments.  Those, who persevere and remain persistent in prayer and saturated in faith, move from apathy to courage and are transfigured in the likeness of purity and joy.  Life then becomes Life…”  (JOM, Vol IV, #51, Aug. 6, 1992, Simplicity)


“…If you desire time with Me, I will give it to you….You will knock, and I , being the Door will open to you the Way….In Me you will live the perfect model of prayer through a loving adherence to the Will of My Father….Pray with confidence.  Pray with a persevering faith and with purity of heart….Trust in Divine Providence and surrender to His consoling Truths….Conforming the soul in love to Divine Providence allows the soul to rest in peace and gives hope to the weary….I have given my people the tools of prayer and the consoling truths of My existence…..I await their love…Come, you who are weary and filled with anguish.  Come, rest in My Love….”  (JOM, Vol V, #29, Nov. 9, 1995, Let me orchestrate Your Time)


“…Without faith no one can please God.

Whoever comes to God must believe that He is real

and that He rewards those who sincerely try to find Him….”

(Heb 11:6)


St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, (+1859) wrote:  “All saints began their conversion by prayer, and through prayer they persevered.  All the damned were lost because they neglected prayer.”  It is the perseverance in prayer, trusting and patiently awaiting God’s answer, that Our Lady of Emmitsburg so strongly reinforces.  Whether that answer comes promptly or delayed, whether to our liking or not, whether the answer may simply be “NO”; in each case the prayer is heard by God, and the most perfect answer to each prayer is applied to our lives and to the lives of those for whom we might pray:


I only invite you to pray and to be loyal to God, because fidelity and loyalty are the marks of a true friend.  They are the zeal and the seal of perfection, truth, purity, wisdom, courage, compassion, forgiveness, integrity, meekness, kindness, fortitude and perseverance.  All are marks of Heaven….”  (Private OLOE, April 6, 2010)


“…I invite all of you to pray, pray with all your hearts, pray within your families; pray, pray together.  You will then learn and be able to receive the gifts of wisdom, prudence, perseverance and temperance.  You will be able to discern, but you must pray.  You cannot always receive gift after gift; but now is time for you to give and give, so that my Jesus, your Savior can receive all of your love….”  (Private OLOE, July 21, 2005)


“…Ask, ask and ask.  Persist, and do not give up hope….You are not alone.  You are not just one among many other souls, as if not even recognized.  No, each one of you is valuable and important!...”  (Public OLOE, Aug. 14, 2007)


“…Continue to knock and knock and knock.  Ask, ask and ask.  My Son loves those who prod Him.  Do not give up so easily.  He desires those who are persistent.  As you desire to be wanted and needed, so too He desires to be wanted and needed….Persist and do not give up hope….Each of you is a real person, a treasured gift to Him….”   (Private OLOE, Aug. 14, 2007)


“…Pray within your families.  Unity, compassion and forgiveness are fruits from prayer in the family….Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction and persevere in prayer….”  (Public OLOE, June 16, 1994)


“…Pray the rosary.  Pray with all your heart.  Invite people to put aside something in their lives—other than prayer—so they can focus more on prayer.  Be absorbed in the Love of God.  Know how present the Holy Spirit lives within you.  Listen with your heart, not so much your mind.  Respond with all conviction to the grace of God’s Love. Be firm and steadfast.  Persevere, and with fortitude move valiantly ahead.  In a time of confusion, few will listen.  Few are listening now, so help others, with the spirit of love, to be prepared….It is time not to delay, but to bear fruit….”  (Private OLOE, June 26, 2008)


“…Allow the Peace of Jesus to control your hearts.  Be gentle and patient, and forgive one another…..Your actions, thoughts and speech must give glory to God….Persevere in prayer, little ones; and whatever you do, give thanks to God the Father….”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 3, 1996)


“…Never be afraid.  Always trust in God….In good times and in sorrowful times, in times of relaxation and in times of difficulty, in your health---mind, soul and body—in your children and in your work, all your intentions and desires will be fulfilled; and so you have nothing to fear.


“…I thank you for your commitment and I always challenge you to do better….So many other people are also invited; and yet, so few really truly respond because of different avenues of their lives, and because of distractions and even obsessions.  However, the remnant few who truly focus on the Light of my Son radiate such tremendous Love, that even those few can change the world….Please persevere. Move valiantly and gallantly forward.  Do not be distracted.  Seek first in your most precious moments with God the purpose in the life that God has given to you.  If you do as I ask, you will be safe and holy, and your name will never be forgotten, but will be written in the Book….”  (Private OLOE, May 6, 2006)


“…And we know that God causes all things

to work together for good to those who love God,

to those who are called according to His purpose….”

(Rom 8:29)




Perseverance in Faith

“The fruit of silence is prayer,

the fruit of prayer is faith,

the fruit of faith is love,

the fruit of love is service,

the fruit of service is peace.”

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta-



“…It is the power and strength of your faith and your persistence in loving, that allows you to walk with Me, talk to Me and touch Me!  My people need to grasp on to their faith and know that I dwell in them….The shy, the weak, the downtrodden need not turn away in sorrow, thinking I have not noticed them.  I do notice them!  I hear them.  I have taken them to My Heart….”  (JOM, Vol I, #45, Feb. 3, 1989)


“…Do you not realize the power you have through love, faith and prayer?  Through faith in Me and the One Who sent Me, trust, love and prayer, all beauty and peace can be reestablished, preventing chastisement….The chastisement shall be a result of misbelief, lack of love, lack of faith, lack of respect and from the lack of your mercy!...Prayer and faith in Me are powerful tools….The chastisement will come from your not doing the wish of My Father….You can prevent the works of the evil one and destroy him now by loving…Wars can be prevented through prayer….Persevere, have faith in Me, love Me by loving and respecting one another….These are the keys to preventing the chastisement, destroying evil and recreating the beauty of My Father…”  (JOM, Vol I, #55, June 5, 1989, Chastisement)


“…Always be cautious, and stand firm in your faith.  When you feel that you are alone, not loved and unimportant, you can be sure I am closest to you….When you are in need interiorly, I give you strength to persevere.  I bleed for you from My wounds when you are under attack from the evil one.  My Blood is your salvation, and I joyfully suffer for you when you are suffering….I assure you that this suffering, when offered to My Father for merciless sinners, is the most potent offering in penance,…the suffering man cannot see with his eyes, but only with his heart!...”  (JOM, Vol II, #14, Oct. 26, 1989, Internal Suffering)


“…I want my people to fear nothing!...Acknowledging your fears is fruitful, realizing that you have nothing to fear from the fear.  Taming that fear in My Love allows you to breathe freedom from the control of your crippling fears….Through the lack of facing your fear, you are losing your love, your control of emotions, your dignity, your respect and the clarity of your thought processes.  It is a step all My people need to take, since only few have courageously stepped into the open abyss and persevered in the persistence of faith and love by My gracing help…I encourage My people to take that leap for love of themselves and their God.  I wait for them ….”  (JOM, Vol IV, #52, Aug. 7, 1992, Fears)


“…Do not be afraid of them,

for nothing is hidden that will not be revealed,

and nothing is secret that will not be made known….”

(Mt 10:26)


Many of us may have been led to believe that “holiness” is a very special grace reserved for God’s canonized saints.  However, that call to “holiness” is a universal call to every one of us, each of God’s children.  God will provide the graces and opportunities and the discernment to live in that very moment, even if it is our last moment, to recognize and cooperate with His grace and His Love.  However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg also warns that it is not wise to wait until the last moment and not wise to presume that we will have the stamina and endurance to cooperate with God’s grace, especially if through our free will we have consistently shunned God up to that point:


“…Holiness does not depend on extraordinary gifts with which you are graced.  It is a direct response to your fidelity in your duties to God.  Your deeds must be holy if they are to be esteemed by God.  It is your response to your gifts and what you do with them for God that merits His rewards.  It is not the gift itself, but your response to your gift.  Your constant fidelity in persevering in faithfulness to God’s Will distinguishes you under His grace….It is your response to the grace from God and cooperation which makes you holy…..”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 29,, 1994)


“…Be patient and trust in the gift of your faith.  Trust in my Son.  Have faith in Him.  It is a great gift He has given to you.  To have faith is to live it through love, service and mercy, perseverance and endurance.  All who hold out to the end will escape eternal death….I encourage you to have trust in your faith and to have trust in His Love.  Anything that happens is a result of His Love for you.  Nothing can unfold unless God allows it, and God allows trials to unfold because He loves you and wants you to know the Truth….”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 5, 1995)


“…If you do not return to God now and allow Him to open the vessels of your heart clogged by deceit and self-righteousness, you will not be able to avoid the traps of evil.  Do not wait until God’s Warning strikes the souls of every person in this world, for it will be very difficult to respond and change….There will not be much time after God’s Warning for the fire of purification to befall you….Pray with all your hearts that you will be able to persevere in your faith and not turn from God….”  (Public OLOE, May 9, 1996)


“…Pray, little ones, so you will be able to know the Truth of God’s Way and follow Him.  You need to be strong in your spiritual exercises in order to prepare for the Second Coming of my Son.  You need to be strong in your faith in order to persevere.  Your relationship with God needs to be solid….You cannot have a casual attitude in your spiritual development; but instead prepare as an athlete prepares for an event, or you shall not have the stamina and endurance….”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 14, 1996)


“…You think it very hard to lead a life of such restraint

unless you keep your eye of faith always open.

Perseverance is a great grace.

To go on gaining and advancing every day, we must be resolute,

and bear and suffer as our blessed forerunners did. 

Which of them gained Heaven without a struggle?’

(St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 1774-1821)


Persevering in Hope

“…But now, O Lord, upon what am I relying?

You are my only hope!”

(Ps 39:7)


The Catholic Online Dictionary defines “hope” as:

The confident desire of obtaining a future good that is difficult to attain. It is therefore a desire, which implies seeking and pursuing; some future good that is not yet possessed but wanted, unlike fear that shrinks from a future evil. …Yet it recognizes that the object wanted is not easily obtained and that it requires effort to overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way.

Our Lord in His Lessons challenges us to become Him by growing in His Love and Mercy, and then to direct that effort toward helping others who are lost.  Although that can play out by doing great and acknowledged things for God and others, more often, as Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages describes, it involves doing the little, unnoticed things that will bring the hope and encouragement to others so that they too might persevere:

“…The dawn brings hope for the tomorrow of My Love.  The dawn enlightens and unfolds my Love today.  It is good, and those who persevere await the moment in hope and confidence….Perseverance in hope will bring on the new day of goodness….Those who are close to the reign of God and the Kingdom of Goodness work diligently interiorly and exteriorly, challenging themselves to grow in My Love and Mercy, to be Me.  They know the darkness of the night will pass, and they hope in perseverance for the dawn of My Light….When the new dawn of My Light approaches, it will find them waiting with patience, confidence and hope, having persevered through the night.  I will take these My few laborers and give to them My crown of glory; and they shall help all those who are lost on the way, those who started on the path, but became distracted from persevering and stranded themselves in the cloud of confusion….”  (JOM, Vol V, #14, Aug. 1, 1995, The New Dawn of My Light)


“…Never surrender prayer!  Surrender your heart in love for My Word to Me….The battle will be won through prayer and unity.  Be persistent hope-filled children.  Have perseverance and hope in your God of Love.  Do not settle for less….”  (JOM, Vol V, #16, Sept. 9, 1995, Little Children of Hope)



“…What would you prefer?

Am I to come to you with a stick,

or with love in a spirit of gentleness?...”

(1 Cor 4:21)


“…Gentleness is what is needed to meet challenges.  It is necessary to meet all challenges with love in order to move ahead valiantly and with courage….Be patient and confident; persevere and have hope for tomorrow….All those who persevere and hope will bring a new day of goodness.  You can rise above hatred, difficulties and all challenges with love, gentleness and perseverance….”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 31, 1996)


“…It is so very important to remain faithful, persevere and to have hope in my Son.  Jesus desires you to be free and happy.  Please allow Him to make the necessary changes in your lives so that you will be able to grasp true happiness and live in complete freedom….”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 31, 1996)


“…Love and compassion remove the infection of avarice and truly clean the soul, making it beautiful.  If you are sorrowful, do not despair, for your sorrow will turn to joy….An understanding heart, a listening ear, an inviting tone of voice and a supportive comment, and a gentle smile will help soothe the agony and pain in someone’s life and will give them the hope and encouragement to persevere.  God will take all His loved ones to His Heart and comfort those who mourn.  Do not lose hope….”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 9, 1999)


“…What toil we must endure, what fatigue,

while we are attempting to climb hills and the summits of mountains!  What, that we may ascend to Heaven!

If you consider the promised reward, what you endure is less.  Immortality is given to the one who perseveres;

everlasting life is offered; the Lord promises His Kingdom….”

(St. Cyprian of Carthage, +258)




Perseverance in Love

“…Through such works you have taught your people

that the righteous must be kind,

and you have filled your children with good hope….”

(Wis 12:19)


Throughout the Old Testament, we read dozens of times that God’s “steadfast Love endures forever.” (1 Chron 16:34)  What that means can often be taken for granted.  Does it not mean that in spite of our indifference toward Him, rejection of Him, hatred of Him, desecration of Him, sin against Him and even blasphemy towards Him, He will continue to love us unconditionally and provide us with the grace and opportunity to be saved up to the moment of our last breath?  But are we not also commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves  (Mt 22:30) and to forgive that neighbor not just seven times, but seventy times seven?  (Mt 18:21-22)  And are we not encouraged to love our enemies (Lk 6:27) and to do good to those who hate us and persecute us? (Mt 5:44)  But as Our Lady of Emmitsburg describes, are not these the prerequisites in assisting her and her Son to gather the lost sheep and in helping others become the faithful servants they were created to be?


“…For every act of kindness that you give and show is in turn another act of kindness and a gem placed on your own souls.  How precious you are when you give and give and continue to give!  You are blessed through your suffering and obedience with great gifts of discernment and Wisdom; and because you have persevered, you can now move valiantly ahead as leaders….to gather the lost sheep, those who are straying away.  Call them back!...”  (Private OLOE, April 15, 2005)


“…Know, little ones, that when you are very close to Jesus and when you respond to His Holy Will, then many people want what you have….So many people are hungry for Love….You then radiate that Love….With time, patience, perseverance, consistency and continuity of action all will be well; and each person will then learn through his and her own actions what needs to be done to be a faithful servant….”  (Private OLOE, May 14, 2005)


“…You are truly blessed because you listen and you try, even though sorrow or pain may afflict you.  That is inevitable; but never give up prayer, because the closer you are in prayer to God, the more joy you will carry, and the more endurance and strength you will have to help others…”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 2, 2009)

”…There are others who are slow and need help,

who lack strength and abound in poverty;

but the eyes of the Lord look kindly upon them;

He lifts them out of their lowly condition…” 

(Sirach 11:12)



Perseverance in Truth

“…Lead me in Your Truth, and teach me,

for You are the God of my salvation;

for You I wait all day long….” 

(Ps 25:5)

Due to the effects of original sin, human nature left unchecked or to its own devices will most often take the “low” road, fall away from virtue and drift toward the deadly effects of sin.  Since we appear to be living in a world in which all “truth” is relative, it has become more and more difficult to persevere in Truth.  Our Lord in His Lessons acknowledges that so many no longer pay heed to His words of Love and Mercy. However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg rallies her troops and prepares all of us for the secular world’s battle against the Truth:


“…Those who do not pay heed to My words of Love and Mercy are deprived of life because they live to sin….It is not my desire that any one person miss the bridge of life and the refreshing waters from which abundant races flow.  I desire all to live in purity and integrity.  Know the truth from the deadly affects of sin.


“To you, my beloved ones, who strive to live in My humility, love and mercy, be not afraid.  Your torments will result in your crown of glory which I will share with you.  All you who are scandalized, take courage, and with your walking stick in hand, valiantly conquer the evil of envy with love and perseverance in Truth….”  (JOM, Vol V, #10, Mar. 26, 1995,  Poisonous Venoms or Refreshing Waters?)


“…I am writing to you, fathers,

because you know Him Who is from the beginning.

I am writing to you, young people,

because you have conquered the evil one….” 

(1 Jn 2:13)


As we look around in our families, our nation, the world and even in the Church, it seems like the understatement of all understatements to say that “there is much work that needs to be done.”  To assume that successfully completing this work can even be within the realm of possibility with our limited human talents and opportunities would seem to be no more than a fallacy.  But it is here that we must remember that “all things are possible with God,” (Mk 10:27) and our contribution lies in our prayerfulness and fidelity to His Will for each of us.  However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg continuously tries to turn our focus away from what has been lost and toward what has been promised and what is to be gained.  It is only in faithfully answering God’s call that we, His children, can ever experience a truly new beginning in life itself, not only in eternity, but even here on earth:


“…There is much work that needs to be done in the harvest of Love.  I need an army who will face challenges with Love and fidelity to God, and who will surrender in faithfulness to Him.  The battle against Truth strikes, but the power of persistence, perseverance and Love results in victory, freedom and peace….”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 8, 1994)


“…Continue to pray, little ones.  It is your weapon against evil.  Prayer allows you to discern what is good and evil.  The battle against Truth progresses; but as children of God, perseverance and hope will bring the new day of goodness….Immerse yourself into Jesus’ Passion through the silence of your heart, and pray for strength and endurance….”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 10,1996)


“My little children, you look for many answers, solutions and comforts from my Son.  You are very much loved by my Son and graced to walk in fortitude perseverance and courage….This time in history seems like much has been lost, but really much has been gained by those who persevered, prayed and continued to seek the Truth….”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 14, 2002)


“...Live your lives, little ones, in a way which pleases Jesus.  Follow His teachings of faith, patience, perseverance and Love.  Remain faithful to what you have learned from Jesus….Do not be self-centered, ungrateful, abusive, lovers of money, disobedient to your parents, or slanderous and indifferent to what is good….Make progress through the knowledge of God’s Love in faith.   Do not stop following the Truth of God by following your own desires….


“Return to Him now; for it you choose to deny the Truth of His Way, it will be difficult to hear His voice and respond to Him when He calls you to His feast….”  (Public OLOE, July 13, 1995)


“…God calls you to live in a world, one which was created for Him and you so that you would be able to achieve everything and acquire even that which is much more, namely holiness.  You are able to acquire things that the world cannot give to you, but things that gain you a crown from which for all eternity you will shine and radiate Love..”.  (Private OLOE, Feb. 1, 2004)


“…How blessed you are that you continue to persevere and to love, to seek the Truth, to uphold the Truth and to live the Truth.  Because of the few, the very few chosen ones who continue to remain faithful at all costs, life itself in the world will have a new beginning and be different from what it would have otherwise been; yes, because the effects of sin and many events can and have been mitigated through prayer, repentance and reconciliation….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 14, 2004)



Our free will is a great gift from God; but as Our Lady of Emmitsburg warns, it can cause us to divert from God’s Plan unless we are firmly planted in His Truth.  She reminds us that we must still live in the world, continuously being faced with discerning good from evil and Truth from deception, but confident that God’s blessings of wisdom and fortitude will provide the balance we need to be God’s leaders of Light:


“…Free will oftentimes causes a diversion from the Plan of God; but God in His Love and Mercy, and through acts of humility, persistence and love of His faithful servants, always returns mankind’s diversions back to the core of Truth….You have an obligation to God, both morally and spiritually, to defend the Truth and to uphold what you have been commissioned to do….


“…What is unfolding, children, is that you are seeing very angry people exposing their hearts and souls; and yet, you are also seeing many of my children, persistent and standing up for the Truth, continuing to move forward, and not being swayed by the wind, but being firmly planted beside the Stream of Life and Truth of my Son….”    (Private OLOE, Aug. 20, 2005)


“…You must live life, though.  You must have balance, not too extreme on one side or the other; for all peoples of different cultures, ways of thinking, opinions and beliefs must see in you the Light of God through your love and your actions, through your perseverance and your faith.  When they see you stand up for the Truth of what is right and what is wrong, they too will desire to follow God.


You are called to be leaders of Light.  You have been blessed with graces because God expects more from you.  So in your heart, maybe not yet from your lips, but in your heart you must love God; and when the time is right, you will speak the Truth.  That is the beauty of wisdom and the grace of fortitude….”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 29, 2009)


“…But speaking the truth in love,

we must grow up in every way into Him

Who is the Head, into Christ….” 

(Eph 4:15)



The Center of my Immaculate Heart

“…Fight to the death for Truth,

and the Lord God will fight for you….”

(Sir 4:8)


It may seem that Our Lady of Emmitsburg and the Center of her Immaculate Heart have become somewhat irrelevant in view of the local Church hierarchy’s indifference and dismissal of the authenticity of these events and graces in salvation history.  Both the flood of Church scandals as well as the abundance of private revelation from all different sources have, in the minds of many, relegated Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s  significance to the back burner or even completely out of the kitchen.   However, Our Lord and Our Lady do not waste their words and promises.  Nor do they change their plans when there are still a few who remain to fight for the Truth. 


We (those remaining faithful to the promises of Our Lord and OLOE) are those few who will remain to fight for the Truth, and nothing that has happened nor that will happen will deter that commitment as long as we remain faithful to the prayer and sacramental life in which we have been formed through the grace of God.  Thus, we must not fear.  We must not doubt in spite of any abuse of authority or diversion from the Truth that has been taken by any of Our Lady’s detractors, but rather speak the Truth and joyfully anticipate the Child Jesus in His Most Glorious and adorable Eucharistic Reign:


“My Son needs children who are willing to fight for the Truth, to defend His cause, and to be grateful for the graces He has allowed to be dispensed, especially in this country, here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  Many come seeking, and many run away; and only a few remain devoted to my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Only a very few see the reality and the special grace of my visitation here….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 1, 2004)


“…Being human in nature, and oftentimes being weak and frail, you can divert your energy and time and attention away from what is the Truth.  However, God then graces each of you with the perseverance and the fortitude to continue on and to remain…a Light of Christ.  For this I thank you, because it is of your own free will, your own choice….Even though you are only a few, the few you are, are the ones who truly make the difference.  You are now making a new framework for this entire world and making this whole new outline, this new Center of my Immaculate Heart, a reality.  You are creating for all the world this open book, a presence to which all can come freely without reservation, here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 27, 2006)


“…You must continue to march on valiantly to be victorious in my Immaculate Heart.  To rise to the forefront you must be prudent and wise,…not being afraid, but being strong with fortitude and perseverance, having courage to speak what is the Truth….to the world.  If you cannot speak the Truth, you cannot live the Truth.  Many who think they live the Truth cannot speak the Truth because they are cowards….You must have the wisdom and prudence to know when to speak the Truth and to whom to speak the Truth….I will guide you….”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 4, 2003)




“…When it was evening on that day, the first day of the week,

and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said,

“Peace be with you….” 

(John 20:19)


“…Remember, even the Apostles were afraid, gathered together doubting, not wanting to leave and not knowing where to go, fearing for their lives; and yes, these were the Apostles!...


“…Do not be afraid, for God is with you and I am with you as your Mother, knowing the prudence of the Truth and how to guide you with gentleness, yet challenge with strength in order that you can persevere in fortitude….Most important is how you are needed now to prepare for what is forthcoming!...The time is not certain, but the word has been said.  In your heart you will know….You seek the Truth, and you await with joyful anticipation the Child Jesus in His Most Glorious and Adorable Eucharistic Reign….”  (Private OLOE, April 12, 2009)


“…One night the Lord said to Paul in a vision,

“Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent…”

(Acts 18:9)



End of Perseverance, Part 2