Evil—Part 5: The Chastisements
Evil—Part 5:  The Chastisements
Satan, the Devil,
His Demons and Evil Spirits,
The Protection and Victory
(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)
The Words of God the Father,
The Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg
And both
Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church



Evil, Part 5: The Chastisements

The Church has not spoken dogmatically on much of what is contained in the Book of Revelation.  Throughout history there seem to have been specific areas of ambiguity in the teaching of the faithful by the Church and the understanding of the faithful, especially in regards to these end times.  Certainly, over the last 200 years, private revelation, both that approved by the Church and that yet to be approved, have added much to an understanding of a sequence of events, if not the timing per se, which remains hidden in the Mind and Heart of the Eternal Father.  Some of the specifics of the apostasy in the Church, the period of trials and tribulations, the illumination of conscience, the unveiling of God’s Divine Mercy, the Antichrist along with the period of persecution and chastisement, the 3 days of darkness, the intermediate Coming of Our Lord in spiritual Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus, and the Era of Peace to precede the Final Judgment, are all areas in which private revelation has contributed to a more concrete perception of the very symbolic Book of Revelation.  In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this tradition of skipping from a time of apostasy to an era of peace and then the Final Judgment and end of the world again appear to be consistent with the Church’s “hands off” policy when it comes to eschatology—the study and teaching of these end times.  However, much of what has been shared by God the Father, Our Lord, Our Lady, as well as the Angels and Saints, does in no way contradict Sacred Scripture or the Church’s teaching, but only adds to our understanding of the times in which we live.  So, let us first review what the Catechism teaches in these matters:


Catechism of the Catholic Church

Christ already reigns through the Church…

670      Since the Ascension God’s plan has entered into its fulfillment. We are already at the last hour. Already the final age of the world is with us, and the renewal of the world is irrevocably under way; it is even now anticipated in a certain real way, for the Church on earth is endowed already with a sanctity that is real but imperfect.  Christ’s kingdom already manifests its presence through the miraculous signs that attend its proclamation by the Church.

...until all things are subjected to him

671      Though already present in his Church, Christ’s reign is nevertheless yet to be fulfilled with power and great glory by the king’s return to earth. This reign is still under attack by the evil powers, even though they have been defeated definitively by Christ’s Passover. Until everything is subject to him, until there be realized new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells, the pilgrim Church, in her sacraments and institutions, which belong to this present age, carries the mark of this world which will pass, and she herself takes her place among the creatures which groan and travail yet and await the revelation of the sons of God. That is why Christians pray, above all in the Eucharist, to hasten Christ’s return by saying to him: Maranatha! “Our Lord, come!”

672      Before his Ascension Christ affirmed that the hour had not yet come for the glorious establishment of the messianic kingdom awaited by Israel which, according to the prophets, was to bring all men the definitive order of justice, love, and peace.  According to the Lord, the present time is the time of the Spirit and of witness, but also a time still marked by “distress” and the trial of evil which does not spare the Church  and ushers in the struggles of the last days. It is a time of waiting and watching.

The glorious advent of Christ, the hope of Israel

673      Since the Ascension Christ’s coming in glory has been imminent, even though it is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority. This eschatological coming could be accomplished at any moment, even if both it and the final trial that will precede it are delayed.

674      The glorious Messiah’s coming is suspended at every moment of history until his recognition by all Israel, for a hardening has come upon part of Israel in their unbelief toward Jesus. St. Peter says to the Jews of Jerusalem after Pentecost: “Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for establishing all that God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from of old.” St. Paul echoes him: “For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?”5 The full inclusion of the Jews in the Messiah’s salvation, in the wake of the full number of the Gentiles, will enable the People of God to achieve the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, in which God may be all in all.

The Church’s ultimate trial

675      Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the mystery of iniquity in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

676      The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatalogical judgment. .…

 677    The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven.  God’s triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.


Why Chastisements?

Since through our human nature, humanity has often been slow or indifferent in responding to God’s goodness and generosity, and since often the personal trials and tribulations of our own lives allow God only our short-term or limited attention, our Merciful God is far too commonly placed in an uncomfortable and even paradoxical position:  “What must I, your Eternal Father, do to bring you back home to Me for eternity, without compromising your gift of free will?”  It would appear that in most cases it takes some degree, often an intense degree, of pain, suffering and/or loss to gain our attention and maintain our love and obedience.  Thus, out of His unconditional Love and His dogged pursuit of each of His children, chastisements are allowed in His permissive Will.

In part 4 of this series on “Evil,” we defined conversion as “a turning or changing from a state of sin to repentance, from a lax to a fervent way of life, from unbelief to faith.”  (Catholic Online Dictionary)

It would be wonderful if we lived in a world where this transition was desired by all, desired for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of all of humanity.  Unfortunately, we do not!  Far too often, mankind (we) not only do not respond to the goodness and Mercy of God, but even offer only a transient and lackluster response to our own personal loss, suffering and pain, and an even more anemic response to the pain, suffering and loss of our families and neighbors.

Thus, living in a world where our Creator is Love, can only Love, and expects Love from all his children, we inevitably have come to a point in time when our lack of response to His goodness and Mercy has left God with only His Divine Justice to get our attention.  How does He accomplish that?  Through trials, tribulations and chastisements, delivered not by a vindictive God, but by a loving God Who will do whatever it takes to save each and every one of His children for an eternity with Him.

For our purposes here, “chastisement” can be defined as rebuke or punishment to inflict pain, suffering and/or loss for the purpose of instructing or teaching us on a spiritual level in regards to God’s Truth and His Divine Will.  In His Lessons to the world, Our Lord Jesus Christ laments that He is far too often “shunned”:

 “…Tell my people to be on guard against the evil one and his followers.  Where there is good, so too evil will be!....I tell them to be on guard against the evil one, and they shun Me away, afraid that I am he!....Tell my people to be on guard against the evil one, but to know that I am their Jesus of Truth and Faith….There is no evil in Me….Know what I say is true….”  (JOM, Vol II, #27, Dec. 18, 1989)

The Depravity of Man

Webster’s Dictionary defines depravity as “a very evil quality or way of behaving.”  What is it in our human behavior that makes us so resistant to God’s goodness and deserving of His chastisements?   Is it not the hatred, the malice, the abuse, the slavery to sin, the pride, the love of money, and the lack of genuine love and service in our culture?   Both God the Father in His Words to the world and Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons address some of these traits:


“In return for My Love they slander Me….

they repay Me evil for good, hatred for My Love.” 

(Ps 109: 4-5)


“…The indifference of the world leads only to slothfulness and, in the end, hatred, because selfishness becomes the way of life.  When people do not get what they want for themselves, they become angry.  When they become angry, they are not able to have the vision of true Life.  They become blind to the ways of good, and only desire things of themselves. So hatred then leads to terrible mishappenings, misconduct, blasphemy, killings and outright war….

“…No matter where you live, it is possible because of the poisonous venom of hatred.  If you are jealous and you want what your neighbor has, that also then lends to selfishness and hatred…..You can either accept selfishness, indifference and hatred, or you can accept selflessness, love and unity.  You can receive the protection and guidance of the Queen and the Love and Mercy of my Son, or you can be devoured by evil, penetrating into your soul to hate and to kill….For as good comes with the flowers of spring, evil is sure to lurk behind, wilting it and destroying anything that you desire good in your heart….”  (GTF, Mar. 8, 2009)

Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Today, even with My Lessons and the gift of My Mother which I have given, men continue to hate, despise, resent and deplete what little source of love remains.  My people continue to fight, kill and attack others.  They cripple the old and they batter the young.  They want control of their lives, but they cannot control their emotions and tempers!  They continue to function from impulse, instead of allowing Me to develop goodness within them and to bring them My Peace.  My people live with the skepticism and trust little in Me and their brothers.  They live in fear and remorse.

“What value has resulted in their world from their hatred and lack of interest in one another?  None!...There is no value in hatred or in hating. There is only value in love….Resentfulness, the poisonous venom, leads to jealousy and hatred.  When there is hatred, only evil exists.  Hatred kills and inspires death.  Hatred is darkness and a merciless sword.  All, who walk in hatred, walk with the sword of death!  That sword kills others; and, in its moments of pleasure, kills the bearer of its grip.  There is little hope for those who desire to walk the path of hatred….”  (JOM, Vol II, #37, Jan. 14, 1990, Hatred)

“Though his hatred be covered by deceit,

his malice will be revealed in the assembly.”

(Prov 26:26)



O wicked presumption,

whence camest thou to cover the earth

with thy malice, and deceitfulness?”

(Sirach 37:3)


“…My people are not allowing Me to give to them the many gifts of My fruitful virtues….The reason stems from their malice and spitefulness, from the hatred which controls their lives, and from the envy which dwells in the core of their souls—envy which is poison and the venom of death….Do you not know that those you hate and dislike identify the truth about yourself?....Do not call yourselves ‘children of God’ if you love conditionally.  Do not call yourselves ‘children of peace’ if you live with malice, envy and hatred…..Know the truth, for it is you who are responsible for the destruction of the world which was once created in the beauty of My Father.  Know My Father’s delicate creative Hands are also strong and can destroy instantly all evil created by you!  Fear My Father Who is your Father.  Live with the absence of malice, and pray for peace to reign in your hearts!”  (JOM, Vol I, #80, Aug. 30, 1989, Malice)

These things they thought, and were deceived:

for their own malice blinded them.”

(Wis 2:21)


Slavery to Sin

“…But we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient,

deluded slaves to various desires and pleasures,

living in malice and envy,

hateful ourselves and hating one another…” 

(Tit 3:3)


“…My people have sorrow because they are slaves to sin.  If they would come to Me, I would purify and cleanse them….My people live in sorrow, a pain deeply embedded in their souls.  As each day goes by, their pain does not alleviate, but continues to deepen until their hearts turn cold and then to ice.  The numbness exists and they co-exist, not as co-redeemers, but as co-destructors!  They exist in the only possible way—with no love!....They mourn because their souls thirst for love and honesty, but their  hearts have turned to ice….Man will not be able to  exist much longer with icy hearts because the soul will die.  Love and openness to receive love through the heart nourish the soul.

“If you do not wish My Love and gifts, your hearts will freeze and your souls die.  Do not allow the glamour of evil to hypnotize you.  Evil will mesmerize you, and then deceive you.  Your oxygen of life will be depleted, and your hearts will grow cold until final damnation freezes them and the soul mourns in death for eternity….”  (JOM, Vol II, #19, Nov. 7, 1989, Sorrow)

“…My children who perform My works of love and mercy are continually judged falsely and are scandalized by others.  This is because the poisonous venoms of resentment, jealousy and pride continue to seep into the wicked who thrive on self-love.  They judge My beloved ones falsely and attempt to spoil the good fruits of charity.  How impure are the motives of those who scandalize the virtuous servants of Mine!  How this human generation has become blind to its own dignity!  Do you not see that those who are chained to the vices of envy, impatience, jealousy, gossip and hatred, are slaves to sin?  They no longer are great, but have become small, and are no longer rulers, but have become slaves to the prince of darkness.  That is why the prince of darkness, Satan, was hurled down from the heavens.  His pride and jealousy caused him to boast in self-righteousness and self-love to the point that he would have no glory shared with any human being.  He wanted all for himself.  From the poison of envy, pride and jealousy grows an incurable hatred which resulted in death.  Those who do not pay heed to My words of love and mercy are deprived of life because they live to sin….Know the truth from the deadly effects of sin….Take courage, and with your staff in hand, valiantly conquer the evil of envy with love and perseverance in truth….”  (JOM, Vol V, #10, Mar. 26, 1995, Poisonous Venoms or Refreshing Waters?)

“…They promise them freedom,

though they themselves are slaves of corruption;

for a person is a slave of whatever overcomes him….” 

(2Pet 2:19)



The Love of Money

“…There is not a more wicked thing than to love money:

for such a one setteth even his own soul to sale…”

 (Sir 10:10)


“…It is My people who choose to select money, prestige and status as their ‘gods’—their power. It is in doing this, that I am placed last and not acknowledged as their Divine Power….”  (JOM, Vol I, #19, Dec. 19, 1988, Divinity/Faith)  “…Seeking power, money and prestige as your ‘god’ is centering on envy!...”  (JOM, Vol I, #40, Jan. 24, 1989, Envy)


“…People live in this world placing so much value on money and materialism that they allow it to control them.  They become dishonest and not trustworthy….Money is their ‘god,’ and dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness are their fruitless rewards.  If they cannot be honest with their earthly wealth, how will they receive My wealth graciously, humbly and with honesty?...” 

“…I will teach you that the love of money deceives you and is the source of evil.  If you love money, you love your prestige!”  (JOM, Vol II, #4, Sept. 25, 1989, Wisdom)

“….Do not allow the way of the world or evil to fog your intellect….Do not allow money to be your ‘god’ of power.  There is only one God of power….Be powerful through Me!”  (JOM, Vol II, #27, Dec. 18, 1989, Guard against Evil)

“…I wish for my people to have simplicity…The love of money will control you and manipulate you into leading a complex life…I am calling my people…to a life without complexity….”  (JOM, Vol II, #30, Dec. 24, 1989, Simplicity)


“…For love of money is the root of all evils;

and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith

and have pierced themselves with many pains….”

(1Tim 6:10)




“…Herod ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem

 and its vicinity two years old and under,

in accordance with the time he had ascertained from the Magi….”  (Mt 2:16)


“…How it grieves Me to see how my people show their love and mercy.  They neglect their children, beating them—yes, beating their children, denying them growth in love!  They verbally and physically batter, not only the young, but the old….What possesses My people to take their anger and aggressions out on the meek, weak and little grieves My Heart.  It tears and bleeds for them.  These same people, who are to be called ‘children of God,’ strip all hope of salvation by their evil deeds.  They cannot be called ‘children of God,’ for to be a child of God, you must love as children, not endanger them….

“…How it grieves Me that these are My people who have allowed such degrading evil to possess them.  They have no sense of dignity, and do not even know the value of dignity!....Abuse is sacrilegious!  Verbal, mental and physical abuse of the young, the old, and the children are horrifying in the Eyes of God….Stop, or there will be no stopping the consequences in My Father’s actions in defense of the innocent!”  (JOM, Vol II, #38, Jan. 16, 1990, Abuse)

“…Many of My youth are lost….They suffer today because of the lack of love and lack of support..  They hunger to be fed by being included by their brethren.  They will go out of their way, beyond reasonable measures, simply to feel included and of worth and loved.  Many of these ways go so far as to pull them into evil behavior….It is the way of today which leads them to evil and loss of self-respect.  When their culture does not fortify them in faith in God and there is lack of family love or support, they turn to whatever means is available to maintain what little self-worth is established.  Envy and hatred build in them, thinking that love will surface through possessiveness and authority.  My young ones are not at fault, for they know not what they do!...Children, desiring to be of value to humanity, participate in exercises not beneficial to their spiritual health, all because of the elimination of love from the family….Pray for My beloved young ones and bring them back to Me, to My Most Sacred Divine Heart….Let all be refreshed in the presence of My Mother, who cleanses and cares for all her children who have been harmed….”  (JOM, Vol III, #8, June 26, 1990, My Youth)

”…And whosoever shall scandalize

one of these little ones that believe in Me;

it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea….”

(Mk 9:41)



 “…There shall they cry, and he will not hear,

because of the pride of evil men….”

(Job: 35:12)


“…Pride is always last to be offered up to Me.  My people want to be ‘gods’ themselves and rulers of their lives.  It is because of this that there are so many destructions of kingdoms.  My Kingdom is the only kingdom to which no destruction comes.  I tell you that pride is a kingdom that My people create, and destruction comes to the kingdoms of pride because of the ego!..Offering to Me their pride will conflict with the kingdom of pride they have created within themselves, their kingdom of ‘I am god and only I can rule.’”  (JOM, “Vol I, #50, Apr. 9, 1989, Pride)

“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;

pride, arrogance, the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate.” 

(Prov 8:13)


“…All good works, that you or any of My people do, come from the grace of God….Prayer, discernment, prudence and obedience to your religious superiors will protect you from deception from evil.  Evil can deceive through your hidden pride to expose yourself.  It is like anyone who has the initial desire to do good works and serve Me through obedience, but then he or she decides to go off on his or her own and plays god!...It is as much a virtue to be silent as it is to have the gift of speech. Far better to live in silence than to live in deception and pride….”  (JOM, Vol IV, #12, Dec. 29, 1991, Obedience)


“…Be silent while I teach you wisdom…”

(Job 30:33) 


The Value of Suffering a Chastisement


“…He hath delivered my soul from going into destruction,

that it may live and see the light. 

Behold, all these things God works three times within every one, 

that He may withdraw their souls from corruption,

and enlighten them with the light of the living….”

(Job 33:28-30)


It appears that in these Lessons from Our Lord during the early 1990’s, He is already alluding to the effects of the coming Illumination of Conscience.  We have all missed great opportunities to pray and to love through our own sin and procrastination in returning to God.  However, Our Lord reassures us that the window of opportunity is still open, but it will require from each of us a response of love, mercy and service.  Without such a response, there is no hope:

“…My servants may suffer, but their suffering is united to Mine and is redemptive.  In time every man, woman and child shall know the Truth of My Love.  They will see the truth of the world as it is and what they have missed from postponing prayer and service through love.  By seeking self-gain in the world they will see what they have depleted from their souls through the loss of treasures in heaven.  Evil does exist and its subtleties linger and fall prey on any soul complacent or indifferent to unconditional love and mercy.  No doubt My servants will suffer interiorly and perhaps exteriorly because of the current conditions of the world which do not render love without self-gain….

“…Ultimately, pain will cease and no wounds will exist when you walk My Way….The window of opportunity has been opened to love, but now My people in desolation despair and pain accuse Me of abandonment….So few listened to My Words….The window of opportunity still exists….Each soul is invited to love and will not be turned away….Now the world is a product of humankind’s decision to love.  Evil could not prevail unless allowed by the soul.  Power, materialism and prestige have masked the truth of dignity….The lack of genuine love and service will only be manifested in the current devastations existing in the world….As genuine love surfaces, evil will initially seem to have stronger forces, but will weaken because evil cannot exist where there is Love.  Humankind will have the opportunity to control and eliminate evil through genuine love and mercy….Evil would like you to believe you have no power to control or eliminate its forces in existence.  But I tell you otherwise:  Through love, evil cannot exist!...Love has no boundaries, and the first areas evil attacks are the areas of pride, self-gain, materialism and power….But many of My beloved ones are gaining the knowledge of Truth from asking My assistance and giving their souls unconditionally to My care, Love and Mercy.  There is hope for the future of mankind, a hope founded in Love.  For evil’s reign is close to an end….”  (JOM, Vol V, #28, Nov. 2, 1995, The Cry of the People)

“…My dear little ones, the time of Satan’s reign is ending and, soon this world will know that the God of Glory exists!  All deceptions will be put aside, for the Truth of God’s Reign will be revealed.  Soon all will realize that their current stresses and worries are irrelevant and trivial compared to what is to come….Listen and change your ways.  Walk the path of purity.  Soon you will all see your own deception.  I repeat:  the Way of life…is to be of Love, Mercy, Respect, Dignity, Compassion and Honesty.”   (JOM, Vol IV #82, Aug. 17, 1992, Your Future)

“…For thou art my lamp, O Lord: and thou,

O Lord, wilt enlighten my darkness….”

(2Sam 22:29)


An Era of Cleansing

“…Upon this day shall be the expiation for you,

and the cleansing from all your sins:

you shall be cleansed before the Lord….”

(Lev 16:30)


As has been foretold by Our Lady at so many places over the last several hundred years, and now as Our Lady of Emmitsburg here in the United States, we have arrived at that prophesied time, the end of the era, when the cleansing, the purification, the purging, the renewal, and hopefully the true conversion of the world will take place.  Many now alive will live to see it—at least part of it!  Many are still skeptical or even indifferent to the fact that God would use Our Lady, our Blessed Mother, in this way to warn and guide her children.  Many have probably written off Our Lady of Emmitsburg and the specific prophesies she has made here due to the complacency and duplicity of the local Church hierarchy.  However, she has placed a seal of protection in the Name of the Child Jesus on all her children here at the Center of her Immaculate Heart, and we pray that we might all now humbly submit to God’s Plan:

“…You are about to enter an era of cleansing which will lead to peace, true Peace in my Son.  I am not speaking of peace in the world as you know it to be.  I am speaking of God’s Peace….All people will have the opportunity to choose Life, the Truth and Peace.  Sinners will have the opportunity to come back to grace and holiness.  This is the place, the Center of my Immaculate Heart, where my Son’s Divine Mercy will be unveiled.  In the Name of the Child Jesus, I place the seal of protection against evil upon your souls, sanctified by grace for my Son’s glorious reign.  All hearts must be purged of iniquity and renewed with His Love.  This area, the Center of my Immaculate Heart, is a refuge for all my children, my ‘little’ children….”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 21, 1999)

“…Perhaps you are not so confident in God’s Love that you would trust the words of his Mother.  And if and when, in God’s time and pleasure, the Angel’s sword strikes, will you be frightened, confused and selfish? Or will you be detached, giving and all-available unto death?”  (Private OLOE, Aug, 18, 2003)

 “…The world is in turmoil.  It is in bad shape.  There is much evil and very much deception.  There are very many angry people.  There are also so many people who desire to be loved; and because they are not recognized or noticed, they take matters into their own hands, feeling unloved.  They exaggerate their actions so that they can draw attention to themselves in hopes that they will feel the power of love….” (Private OLOE, Mar. 15, 2004)

“…You may not see the world changing.  In fact, you may even see things in the world intensifying and being torn apart in different directions; but it is necessary for all this to surface, because any wounds are healed from the inside out, and everything surfaces to the top and then explodes (as in a boil)….As things change, what happens?  Like water on a heated surface begins to boil, like a wound that needs to heal rises to the surface, so too the tension in the world intensifies.  It is not that God the Father is not responding, but it is because He is responding!”   (Private OLOE, May 6, 2006)

“…There is no healing for your hurt,

your wound is mortal. 

All who hear this news of you clap their hands over you;

for who has not been overwhelmed

steadily by your malice?’

(Nahum 3:19)



Battle in the Heavens

“…These were demonic spirits who performed signs. 

They went out to the kings of the whole world

to assemble them for the battle

on the great day of God the Almighty….” 

(Rev 16:14)


Obviously, Sacred Scripture and Tradition as well as the history of the world would tell us that there has been a continuous war between good and evil, beginning with God’s creation of the angels and their fall, with His creation of man and his fall, and with the battle that has raged in the human conscience of all rational human beings since their creation.  Our gift of free will, the effects of original sin, God’s unfathomable grace, and the determination of the evil spirits have provided the weapons for this battle for several millennia.  However, due to the absolute numbers of souls at risk, and not only the sins of human weakness but the sins of human arrogance against God’s very act of creation, the intensity of this battle at this end of the era seems to have reached an intensity yet unseen by mankind.  Private revelation would bear this out in today’s world.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg emphasizes this current state of affairs and pleads with her children to pray, to love and to persevere, to be prepared and to evangelize during these soon to be even more difficult times:


“…The battle between good and evil has commenced.  You must be a soldier of Christ and pray, pray, pray!  There is  tremendous pain and suffering in the world, and the evil one plans only to intensify the sufferings.  God is with you even though it may seem Heaven has closed the gate of God’s Mercy….Justice will prevail and the righteousness of God will slay evil….”  (Public OLOE, April 15, 1999)

“…The battle continues to build in the heavens, and soon the forces of evil will afflict the world.  Build up your forces by putting on your armor of love, perseverance and patience.  Pray you will be able to endure what is to come….”  (Public OLOE, July 25, 1996)

“…So I would invite you this very night to be prepared, more so than ever before in your lives.  I can tell you that we are on the edge of war.  This is not a war between peoples, but this is a war in the heavens.  This spiritual war is quite evil indeed.  Many lives shall be lost, but many more souls shall be lost.  However, it is better to die in the faith of Christ than to live in another world without Christ Himself, in a world dwelling in darkness.

“So I invite you to make it known to those around you and to be prepared; for this new time we are entering is a battle, not only spiritual, but perhaps physical.  I invite you also to invite those others you know to come forward and to be prepared.  Days are coming upon you, sooner than you know; and in those days, there will be more mourning and weeping and sorrow.  Many shall blaspheme my Son and many shall walk away from Him….”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 26, 2003)

“…Now this world, dangerous as it is, will continue to be even more dangerous, because of the philanthropists and people who are in charge of the money of this world….You do not know that you are being manipulated and guided, not through worldly enticements, but by a few people who are in charge of the economic well-being and affairs of the world, not just this country.  As things continue to surface and intensify with tensions in both political and religious affairs, you will see evil at its greatest.  You will see the face and hand, not of God, but of him who desires to destroy. Only those who are meek and humble of heart will be able to persevere.  The battle is beginning, but so too the unveiling of my Son’s Divine Mercy.  Very few shall survive, although many will be invited.  It is hard to say ‘yes’ in times of tribulation and suffering….”.  (Private OLOE, April 20, 2003)

 “…Be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God.  Please do not cause disgrace for others.  Satan is desperately attempting to cause division.  Anger, hatred, resentfulness, jealousy, malice and premeditated attempts to strip others of respect, dignity and self-esteem are the poisonous venoms to evil.  Silence is the shield and Love the sword to battle evil….”  (Public OLOE, June 23, 1994)

“…The present heavens and earth

have been reserved by the same word for fire,

kept for the day of judgment and of destruction of the godless….”



The Purgation

 “…But there shall come one mightier than I,

the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to loose.

He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: 

Whose fan is in his hand, he will purge his floor,

and will gather the wheat into his barn;

but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire….”

(Lk 3:17)


Over 2000 years have passed since Our Lord and Savior has been born of a virgin, lived, suffered and died in poverty, and rose from the dead, conquering evil and death and bringing salvation to all of humanity.  During this time He has remained with us in His Real Presence in the Eucharist and has been available to live within us in His Spirit.  However, this Presence and Kingdom have not been acknowledged by most of humanity, even Christians, and have not been enough to gain our attention, our loyalty and our obedience.  We have miserably fallen short of His Divine Will for us; and now requiring the direct intervention of the Eternal Father, we blindly walk on our own paths, vulnerable to the deception of the evil one and the destruction of our very eternal life with God.  Now, as never before in salvation history, our human choices call out for purgation and purification.  Without these, those choices will merit us only eternal suffering and torment.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg assures us now that this is the time for evil to be slain forever and explains, especially to the youth and to all her children, how this suffering, how these calamities and warnings, and how this turmoil at every level are all we have left God to bring about our repentance and salvation:


“…No one truly understands the depth and the breadth and the meaning of the “Triumph of my Immaculate Heart.”  It is time for evil to be slain once and for all.  Those who desire to walk with God shall be purged and purified, and will be victorious.  Those who have suffered already will be relieved and shall be the ambassadors of Light to help guide and comfort.  Those who do not desire to walk with my Son shall know the true meaning of hell….”   (Private OLOE, April 1, 2005)

“…I invite all the youth to join together…. and to bring people back to unity and harmony.  You are safe, and this is a special place, the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  Holiness dwells here among the people….It is a holy place….Know that even though there may be challenges and suffering, the suffering that you endure is a purgation so that God can dwell totally within you and that you may grow to be One with Him in His Holiness.  All those who desire God must be holy as He is Holy.  Those who do not desire God will know the breadth and the depth of hell.  All are invited, and those of you who have suffered are now the lights to help those who suffer…”  (Public OLOE, April 3, 2005)

“…I have mentioned before about many of the calamities and warnings and of the attacks on the children that would happen in the world because evil desires to destroy the family, to divide your hearts, and to cause you pain and turmoil.  I have told you that Satan is angry, and that this is his last attempt to try to deceive, confuse, distract, and draw you away from the Truth, the Truth of the Will of God.  However, pray, little children, pray; for I have also told you that these are the times when my Heart will be victorious!”   (Public OLOE, Sept 15, 2004)


“…The time is approaching when the world will be renewed.  First, however, this world will be purged of its crimes against God.  Jesus has waited to respond to those in need, but few have asked for His assistance.  Many people have chosen to walk evil ways and follow their own thoughts instead of following the path of God’s Truth.   Many have forsaken Him and have displeased Him.  They are making their own destiny….”  (Public OLOE, April 16, 1998)

“…There continues to be tremendous evil in the world despite all the effort of those who love.  The evil one is very active, trying to cause turmoil at every level. Prayer will protect you, little ones, and help you discern.  Keep focused on Jesus and His ways of Love….Do not fight evil with evil.  Reciprocate with love.  Bow only to God and strive to be like Jesus.  Your responsibility is to love, not to point out the faults of others.  The time will come when every person will be held accountable for his unloving actions and deceitful ways.  People influenced by evil may believe they are cunning and deceiving others, but in reality, they are deceiving themselves….”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 15, 1998)

”…The vessels of the deceitful are most wicked.

For he hath framed devices to destroy the meek with lying words,

when the poor plead their case….”

(Isa 32:7)


An Era of Renewal

“…But now you must put them all away:

anger, fury, malice, slander and obscene language out of your mouths.  Stop lying to one another,

since you have taken off the old self with its practices

and have put on the new self, which is being renewed, for knowledge, in the image of its Creator….”

(Col 3:8-10)


The renewal that is to follow is dependent not only on our passive endurance of such pain and suffering and loss, but on God’s grace to help us understand the redemptive nature of these, both for our own salvation and that of all humanity.  For some, this renewal may require endurance, conversion and a new life in God here on earth; for others it may require conversion, death here on earth and a period of purification in Purgatory; and for others it may result in the defiance and rejection of God and eternal life in Hell without renewal.  For the many who live through this period of renewal, there will be great expectations by God for His faithful to help those in need and those who do not understand and to be pillars of Light and catalysts for Peace:


“…This is a renewal period with all of your sacrifices, offerings and penance.  Only God can grace you to fulfill them.  You must not be too hard on yourself, but witness this renewal period as one of hope, nourishment and an infusion of Life.  Soon all of your enemies shall be enlightened to know that the only enemy is Satan himself.  Christians must unite, and global peace needs to follow, which is all possible through humility and through the welcoming of the Divine Will of God….”  (Private OLOE, Mar 31, 2006)


 “…What will it take, children?  Not for just a moment, but truly for the comradery I desire here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  What will it take?  Not going place to place, but here, focused here in this country where the battle against Satan exists.  What will it take for you?  You flee to wherever you desire to be fulfilled; but when you return, will it not be the same?  What are you going to do to make a difference?


“And here I am!  You could have all you want because I am here, not only as a statue to which you pay tribute; but I am here in your presence as the Mother of God and your Mother.

The human mind cannot conceive the depth and the breadth of God’s Wisdom.  Yet, as a Mother it is hard for me to see even at this most simplistic level the few who desire to accept this invitation.  What will it take?  Maybe your last dying breath!”  (Private OLOE, June 19, 2006)


“…You may think that you have been dealt the lesser hand—perhaps temporarily—but allow them to boast in their victory; because when it all unfolds, only a few will have the upper hand, and those few will be able to help all in need.


“Satan is actively trying to deceive and destroy, because the time is at hand.  No harm can come to you.  Words are only words, but the soul is an entity—precious and belonging to God….Let the princes be princes, but the time will come when the lowly and humble will rise above and be victorious pillars of Light, my hidden heroes….”  (Private OLOE, July 20, 2008)


“…Your first love must be God, and it is necessary for you to follow his Way of Truth.  You may be sinners, but you are all called to sainthood; and it is your duty to strive to be loving and humble.  If you do not temper your inclinations and thoughts with love for neighbor, you only fight evil with evil and fall into the trap of the evil one’s malice and slander.  You will be held accountable for any deliberate actions against your neighbor which defy the law of love.  There are many people who are suffering in this world, and it is necessary that you be a catalyst for peace, not a catalyst for more suffering….”  (Public OLOE, April 30, 1998)

 “…Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise

Be earnest, therefore, and repent….” 

(Rev 3:19)


The Guarantee

“…Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. 

May it be done to me according to your word.” 

(Lk 1:38)


Reminding us of her unconditional “yes,” her total abandonment to the Divine Will, Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares with us the value of our very own “fiat” as we humbly submit to whatever level of purging is needed to make us pleasing to God our Father.  This is a prerequisite for our full participation in the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart as well as the spiritual Eucharistic Reign of her Child Jesus leading into the Era of Peace.  A world without disease and evil, a Kingdom of Peace, all preceding the Final Coming of her Son in Glorious Splendor at the end of the world! Praised be God’s Merciful Love!

“…Through my ‘fiat,’ I said ‘yes.’  In today’s world many of my children are also given the same opportunity.  In their ‘fiat,’ they say ‘yes.’  So with this they are most blessed because they have buffeted the seriousness of the evil waves trying to crash them apart…Being a human, you are good and evil because you are created with sin.  However, your ‘fiat’ allows my most Immaculate Heart to penetrate and to cleanse you and allows my most Sorrowful Heart to purge your sufferings and make them pleasing to God as an offering….”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 7, 2008)

“…My Immaculate Heart will triumph with my Son, and I desire you to be strong at the hour of His Coming.  This world will be purged of its evil, for my Son’s Mercy will restore your souls to grace through the great trial, which has been foretold, and will lift this world out of its misery.  It will not be His Final Judgment and Coming, for this next era will be the Covenant of Our Two Hearts, a Spiritual Eucharistic Reign where the Child Jesus will usher in a Kingdom of Peace….”   (Public OLOE, Mar 2. 2000)

In one of the final Words from God the Father, in March, 2009, we are given the assurance of our own safety within the Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Heart of Mary our Queen:


 “…Take courage, for no evil has power over you unless you allow it.  You are safe with Me, My Son, the Holy Spirit and your Queen…”  (GTF, Mar. 8, 2009)


“Do not seal up the prophetic words of this book,

for the appointed time is near

Let the wicked still act wickedly, and the filthy still be filthy. 

The righteous must still do right, and the holy still be holy. 

Behold, I am coming soon!” 

(Rev 22:10-11)



End of Evil, Part 5:  The Chastisements