Evil—Part 1:  An Overview
Satan, the Devil,
His Demons and Evil Spirits,
The Protection and Victory
(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)
The Words of God the Father,
The Lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg
And both
Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
“…But you shall be glad and rejoice for ever in these things which I create….”
(Is 65:18)
One cannot trace the path of “evil” throughout salvation history without first reviewing what we have been given through Sacred Scripture and Tradition as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church in regards to Creation itself.  So, first let us ponder what our Catholic faith teaches us :

CCC—The Catechism of the Catholic Church


279      “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Holy Scripture begins with these solemn words….,  “all that is, seen and unseen” (Nicene Creed). We shall speak first of the Creator, then of creation, and finally of the fall into sin from which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to raise us up again.

280      Creation is the foundation of all God’s saving plans, the beginning of the history of salvation that culminates in Christ. Conversely, the mystery of Christ casts conclusive light on the mystery of creation and reveals the end for which in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth: from the beginning, God envisaged the glory of the new creation in Christ.

In the New Testament, the Gospel of St. John begins:

291      “In the beginning was the Word....and the Word was God....all things were made through him, and without him not anything was made.” The New Testament reveals that God created everything by the eternal Word, his beloved Son….

292      The Old Testament suggests and the New Covenant reveals the creative action of the Son and the Spirit, inseparably one with that of the Father….by the Son and the Spirit who, so to speak, are his hands. Creation is the common work of the Holy Trinity.

293      Scripture and Tradition never cease to teach and celebrate this fundamental truth: “The world was made for the glory of God.”  St. Bonaventure explains that God created all things “not to increase his glory, but to show it forth and to communicate it,” for God has no other reason for creating than his love and goodness …

“…not for increasing his own beatitude, nor for attaining his perfection, but in order to manifest this perfection through the benefits which he bestows on creatures, with absolute freedom of counsel “and from the beginning of time, made out of nothing both orders of creatures, the spiritual and the corporeal....”

God creates by wisdom and love

295      We believe that God created the world according to his wisdom.   It is not the product of any necessity whatever, nor of blind fate or chance. We believe that it proceeds from God’s free will; he wanted to make his creatures share in his being, wisdom and goodness.…  296      We believe that God needs no pre-existent thing or any help in order to create, nor is creation any sort of necessary emanation from the divine substance. God creates freely “out of nothing.

298      Since God could create everything out of nothing, he can also, through the Holy Spirit, give spiritual life to sinners by creating a pure heart in them and bodily life to the dead through the Resurrection. God gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. And since God was able to make light shine in darkness by his Word, he can also give the light of faith to those who do not yet know him.

God creates an ordered and good world

299      Because creation comes forth from God’s goodness, it shares in that goodness…

300      God is infinitely greater than all his works: …..But because he is the free and sovereign Creator, the first cause of all that exists, God is present to his creatures’ inmost being: …

God upholds and sustains creation

301      With creation, God does not abandon his creatures to themselves. He not only gives them being and existence, but also, and at every moment, upholds and sustains them in being, enables them to act and brings them to their final end…

302      Creation has its own goodness and proper perfection, but it did not spring forth complete from the hands of the Creator. The universe was created in a state of journeying toward an ultimate perfection yet to be attained, to which God has destined it. We call “divine providence” the dispositions by which God guides his creation toward this perfection.

By his providence God protects and governs all things which he has made, reaching mightily from one end of the earth to the other, and ordering all things well.…

305      Jesus asks for childlike abandonment to the providence of our heavenly Father who takes care of his children’s smallest needs….Your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

306        God is the sovereign master of his plan. But to carry it out he also makes use of his creatures’ cooperation. This use is not a sign of weakness, but rather a token of almighty God’s greatness and goodness. For God grants his creatures not only their existence, but also the dignity of acting on their own,…

307     To human beings God even gives the power of freely sharing in his providence by entrusting them with the responsibility of subduing the earth and having dominion over it. God thus enables men to be intelligent and free causes in order to complete the work of creation, to perfect its harmony for their own good and that of their neighbors. Though often unconscious collaborators with God’s will, they can also enter deliberately into the divine plan by their actions, their prayers, and their sufferings.
Our Father, the Creator
“A clean heart create for me, God;
renew in me a steadfast spirit.” 
(Ps 51:12)
Our Eternal Father in His Words through Gianna Sullivan to the world describes some of His attributes and motives in creating humanity, the gifts He has provided His children, what is expected of them, and for what they are accountable:

“...I am a patient God.  I am a loving God.  I have only wanted, from the inception and creation of time, for you to dwell in complete happiness and total freedom.  It was through the hands of humans who bowed to evil that mankind was therefore thrown out of Paradise.  That was not My doing.  Initially, life was created forever to be lived in Paradise.  You now have that opportunity once again by avoiding temptation.  Through your free will, you can reject evil and be the Truth and the Light through compassion, love and fidelity….For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you have been given a gift.  If you drape a cloth of negligence over your eyes and block your ears from hearing the Truth, then your own fate is what you make of it…. It is best to surrender and to have nothing in this world than to lose everything in the next…. Your time is limited….The soul will have to answer, and yet cries out for Justice.  You have the complete control over your vices, your thoughts, your muscles, your words, what you see and what you hear, how you act, what you say, where you walk and what you do, what you receive and what you give, how you give and how you receive.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is for you to behold!..”  (GTF , Sept. 8, 2008)



Jesus, Our Savior

“…On that day you will realize that I am in My Father,

and you are in Me and I in you…..”

(Jn 14:20)


Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in His Lessons, then promises to be with us, to nourish us, to protect and save us, to forgive us and to unite with us—all because of His Love for us:


“..I am present in all My children, which is the bond I have promised to them.  I came into this world to save you from the evil one, and through the forgiveness of your sins to unite you in Oneness to Me.  Unity with My Body allows the power of My gifts of Love, Faith and Hope—to be Me, living them in you!”  (JOM, Vol I, #14, Dec. 6, 1998, Unity)

Mary, Our Mother and Guide

“…They went forth and preached everywhere,

while the Lord worked with them

and confirmed the word through accompanying signs.”

(Mk 16:20)


And finally, Our Lady of Emmitsburg speaks of God’s Love for us, His ever presence, even throughout our purging, and of our need to remain focused and to go forth like the Apostles to evangelize the world about God’s message. She then affirms the special graces awaiting those who pray, believe and pay attention to what God has allowed Our Lady to offer to all her children here—here, at the Center of her Immaculate Heart and throughout the world:

“…How blessed are you to have the Hand of God upon you!  In the midst of all trouble and confusion, God does not leave your side.  More and more He pays attention to your needs as He wipes out all of the idiosyncrasies and vices within you.  Through purging and other means you are reborn into a wonderful and beautiful flower!

“Know that God loves you, and I love you too!  Never, never would God leave you!   You must pay attention always to His Word and remain faithful and loyal to his Gospel.  Please, children, things will only get worse in so many other areas; and you can fight evil by not paying attention to it.  You must remain focused on God!...

“…As the Apostles went forth evangelizing the Message, here make known all that you can because this is the place where so many people will come.  You are safe, and many people will seek you.  Be prepared.  Proclaim the Word.  Let everyone know that We are here.  The authorities will only be blindfolded and in denial so long before they must lend an ear and give a glance, and then repent in their heart to regain the fortitude of God….”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 5, 2009)


Evil:  An Overview

“When The Lord saw how great was man’s wickedness on earth,

and how no desire that his heart conceived was ever anything but evil

He regretted that He had made man on the earth, and His Heart was grieved….”

(Gen 6:5-6)


The Modern Catholic Dictionary defines “EVIL” as the privation of a good that should be present. It is the lack of a good that essentially belongs to a nature; the absence of a good that is natural and due to a being. Evil is therefore the absence of what ought to be there.

We will begin this study of “evil,” its history and nature, in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  (bold numbers represent paragraphs in the CCC)

Providence and the scandal of evil

309      If God the Father Almighty, the Creator of the ordered and good world, cares for all his creatures, why does evil exist? To this question, as pressing as it is unavoidable and as painful as it is mysterious, no quick answer will suffice. Only Christian faith as a whole constitutes the answer to this question: the goodness of creation, the drama of sin, and the patient love of God who comes to meet man by his covenants, the redemptive Incarnation of his Son, his gift of the Spirit, his gathering of the Church, the power of the sacraments, and his call to a blessed life to which free creatures are invited to consent in advance, but from which, by a terrible mystery, they can also turn away in advance…. 

310      But why did God not create a world so perfect that no evil could exist in it? With infinite power God could always create something better. But with infinite wisdom and goodness God freely willed to create a world “in a state of journeying” toward its ultimate perfection. In God’s plan this process of becoming involves the appearance of certain beings and the disappearance of others, the existence of the more perfect alongside the less perfect, both constructive and destructive forces of nature. With physical good there exists also physical evil as long as creation has not reached perfection.

311           Angels and men, as intelligent and free creatures, have to journey toward their ultimate destinies by their free choice and preferential love. They can therefore go astray. Indeed, they have sinned. Thus has moral evil, incommensurably more harmful than physical evil, entered the world. God is in no way, directly or indirectly, the cause of moral evil. He permits it, however, because he respects the freedom of his creatures and, mysteriously, knows how to derive good from it….

312           In  time we can discover that God in his almighty providence can bring a good from the consequences of an evil, even a moral evil, caused by his creatures….From the greatest moral evil ever committed—the rejection and murder of God’s only Son, caused by the sins of all men—God, by his grace that abounded all the more, brought the greatest of goods: the glorification of Christ and our redemption….


Free Will—The Choice
”…Before man is life and death,

good and evil;

that which he shall choose shall be given him…”

(Sir 15:17)


It is our Creator Himself in His Words to the world, Who with the love of a grieving Father, extends to all humanity a promise, a warning, and an explanation on the relationship between His Truth and our free will:

“…If you come to Me with open hearts, all is made anew.  If you  come, even with skepticism, I can make all anew.  But if you come blaspheming, especially blaspheming the tremendous gift of the Holy Spirit, then you cannot be made anew.  You cannot desire evil, for you must desire love and that which is pure….For only those who can rejoice in my tremendous glory can survive forever.  Those of you who desire to live your lives in your own way now, instead of as your soul was created to be, enjoy it; but do not ask why the Truth was not presented to you. For I have outlined the entire Truth.  It is your free will that has rejected it….”  (GTF, Feb, 8, 2007)

This unique and powerful gift, the gift of free will, can serve as both the bridge to eternal joy and happiness or the funnel to eternal suffering and damnation.  Our Lord in His Lessons commits His help in the difficulties our journey may present to each of us: 

“…You need to know how to master yourself in these times of difficulties, so that nothing will drive you away from Me.  It is free will.  At any time on your journey, you are always free to leave and descend the mountain.  I do not hold you in confinement or slavery!  Your desire to walk My path to freedom is your choice.  The climb is not so easy, and many must enter through the desert in order to continue further; but I promise you that you will have Me to help you….”  (JOM, Vol IV, #53, August 8, 1992, Confidence)

“…My people do not realize that what they have, I have given them!  In their greediness, they do not realize that I can also take away.  It is my Mother who is so loving, and who calms My anger and comforts My sorrow!...Hold on to Me and your unending power of faith in My Trinity.  It is the time of My Divine Mercy!  It is the time to save….Hear My words!  All who do not, let it be your choice; and dwell with the evil one in his flames of unending pain.  It is your choice.  There is no turning back….”                (JOM, Vol I, Feb, 5, 1989, Service)

”…But if it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, you have your choice:

choose this day that which pleases you, whom you would rather serve,

whether the gods which your fathers served in Mesopotamia,

or the gods of the Amorrhites, in whose land you dwell:

but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord…..”

(Joshua 24:15)


Yes, the choice will always be ours—a freedom that much of the world  neither recognizes nor appreciates; and time appears to be running short to correct that.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds us of the tremendous gift of free will and her desire to protect and heal us through the Father while there is still time; however, so many have chosen to walk away, embracing sin and abandoning faith:

“…Free will was a tremendous gift given from God the Father, and the same gift which He respects has been misused.  I am here with you because He allows me to be here with you.  I protect you and heal you through Him.  I remain with you because I am on Satan’s turf.  No one, no person, no spirit can remove me because God wills me to be here!”  (Private OLOE, May 6, 2006)

“…Believe with your heart…. You can make a change today by your actions, your thoughts, your words and your ways.  Pray within your heart….Always pray to Him in thanksgiving.  And always ask your angels to protect you; for where there is good, there too is evil, and Satan does exist.  There is a Hell; there is a Heaven; and there is a Purgatory, a place where you can be purged so you can see God face to face.  Make no mistake about it!  God will never leave you.  The choice is yours.  Only you can walk away….”  (Private OLOE, July 28, 2009)

“…Know that the time will come when it will be most necessary for prayer.  However, because of the evil and wickedness in the world, not because of humanity per se, but because of the evil; because of free will, because of the lack of prayer, because of the lack of unity and harmony, and because of power and pride, so many people have chosen to go their own ways….I can tell you this, that sin is taken away when there is faith, faith through works of Love….”  (Public OLOE, Feb 16, 2003)

“When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic,

“Courage, child, your sins are forgiven.”

(Mt 9:2)



“Nor do I condemn you.  

Go, and from now on do not sin anymore. 

(Jn 8:11)


In an overview of “Evil,” it is first necessary to define “Sin,” which Our Lord so ably does in one of His Lessons to the world.  Evil can come packaged in many disguises, some of which may be in moral decay, equality, pride and self centeredness and the need to control, and the weaknesses of the flesh:

“…Sin is an act committed, either by thought or action, which paralyzes the soul of spiritual drink….You commit sin by allowing your mind or your body to control you through a disgraceful passion of evil….If you control your thoughts to reflect My goodness, by allowing My goodness and by allowing Me to assist you, then that thought will proceed to flow through the channel of goodness and follow through in your bodily actions.  If you allow your thoughts to carry out in your bodily functions without allowing Me to dwell in you,  then you block My Spirit of goodness; and it will funnel down the channel of evil….If you dwell on evil, evil will possess you; but if you dwell on Me and My goodness, it is sure to protect you and teach you the way to eternal perfection….The conflict and separation of your inner being will exist until you allow My goodness to prevail,  However, once I have entered your soul, the conflict cannot last long because no evil can exist very long when I possess the soul….If you sin, ask My Spirit for a truthful and honest cleansing.  In order for this to happen, you must allow and accept the Truth with openness, sincerity and honesty….”  (JOM, Vol II, #12, Oct. 18, 1989, Sin)

“…In your world today, there exists much strife.  There is the inequality of man.  The rich are richer, the poor are the poorest of the poor.  There exists the fear of destruction, if not by military force, then by socio-economic or human means.  There exists hunger, pain, suffering and devastating illness.  There is much evil, both physical and moral, which make the world entangled with greater tensions and contradictions.  It has become a threat to human freedom and leads to uneasiness….People feel alienated…Nothing is sacred.  The suffering of moral decay, in spite of the appearances of men, results in dehumanization, which affects society and humanity….Be sensitive to the poor, the hungry, and the dying who only know the reality of loneliness and darkness.  Free yourselves interiorly by striving for equality and freedom for all….” (JOM, Vol IV, #24, July 6, 1992, Moral Decay)

“…Even My most beloved fall prey to pride, self-centeredness and the desire to control and be ruler.  When you are graced to witness this, and fall prey to suffering because of human ways, do not despair….Take firmly the hands of this suffering and sorrow, but do not choose to grasp the hands of pride or hatred to deceive you away.  Once you take hold of their hands, it is difficult to unleash from their grasp….but call out, and in a moment I shall free you….With confidence in My Love of yourself, continue not to be pulled into the funnel of the manipulations of control, but be free….These are simply the seeds of evil and deceit, lurking to try at every chance to prevent the continuation of your journey to Truth and a life of beauty….”  (JOM, Vol IV, #532, Aug. 8, 1992, Confidence.)

“…Evil influence and weaknesses of the flesh continually crash as waves on the soul to distract and persuade it that I am a vengeful God.  The fact and truth is that I am merciful, forgiving, compassionate and understanding…..I do not desire My loved ones to be downtrodden, troubled or discouraged; for I am a God of hope.  I do not desire My loved ones to feel that they will not be able to possess eternal life and therefore become more distant from My Love.  These temptations only have one agenda, and that is to weaken them further and widen the gap between the Truth of My love for them and their position….When I begin to change situations of great need in peoples’ lives, it seems at first the situation becomes more hopeless.  That is because the circumstance initially commenced and was controlled at a human level.  I, in turn, must weed out the bitter fruit so that all will blossom with the sweetness of honey.  However, many of My people prevent Me at that point to continue to prune the garden.  They pull the reigns of control, and out of fear they take back what they initially gave to me.  They do not trust Me.  Instead, I desire them to remove themselves even further and to trust that My Mercy will prevail and that ultimately great works of goodness will surface….”  (JOM, Vol V, #23, Oct. 6, 1995, The Breadth and Depth of My Love)


“…For I have come to set a man against his father,

a daughter against her mother,

and a daughter –in-law against her mother-in-law;

and one’s enemies will be those of his household….

Whoever finds his life will lose it,

and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it….”

(Mt. 10:35,39)


Our Lord, however, promises man’s victory over evil, in spite of the fact that it may appear that evil has won the battle.  He promises Peace and a Kingdom in which His power shall reign forever, but not before a period of division and separation:

“…I came as Son of Man to stir up division and separation so that all, who wished to dwell with Me, could do so.  It is the same now.  I am here to bring Peace; but in order for peace to reign, there will be separation.  Man will go against man and the battle between evil and good will commence.  The men of good shall break off from the men of evil.  The men of evil judgment shall celebrate in the victory of battle; but I tell you, their celebration will be premature.  Their celebration will result in their damnation and agony, as they scream in the fires of Gehenna.  No, the troops of glory, the men of God, shall reign forever and win in victory for all eternity….The power of God reigns now and shall for eternity!”  (JOM, Vol II, #15, Oct. 28, 1989, The Presence of Jesus)

The Disguises of Evil

“…If your eye is bad, your whole body will be in darkness. 

And if the light in you is darkness, how great will the darkness be….” 

(Mt 6: 23)


In a very rare message to Gianna from St. Clare of Assisi, she puts things into perspective, comparing our current times to the 13th century in which she lived. She then points out the two targets toward which evil has directed its most devastating assaults:  the Church and the family:

“…So much evil has penetrated the world.  Where good is done, there evil is to destroy.  The division within the Church itself speaks of the lack of faith a various levels.  Families are disintegrating and the promotion of immoral values surfacing.  The world would have already been destroyed through the hands of humanity if it were not for the prayers of many hidden saints.  Our Savior repented for our sake.  The world you live in now is very much different than in my time.  Saintly works and prophets are not welcomed….”  (St. Clare to Gianna, Nov. 20, 2007)

The State of Affairs

“So, then, I discover the principle

that when I want to do right, evil is at hand….:

(Rom 7:21)


However, as many of us know and believe, and as has been prophesied not only in Sacred Scripture, but in approved and yet to be approved private revelation, all of humanity as well as the Church itself is facing a period of tribulation and chastisement, all part of the purification that is so much needed, before we can fully join in God’s reign for all eternity.   In a series of messages stretching from 1997 through 2009, Our Lady of Emmitsburg both solemnly and succinctly describes the seriousness of the state of affairs in the world and the grip evil now has on humanity:

“…There is a great deal of evil and corruption in this world.  There are many people afflicted with an obsession for material power.  The value of money has become the forerunner to prestigious rank, power and influential tactics over simplicity.  There is so much impurity today that the children growing do not know the difference between good and evil.  They think actions of impurity are an expression of their freedom….The subtleties of evil are infiltrating at every level. (Public OLOE, June 26, 1997)

“Little ones, in these days when evil forces are trying to cause confusion and division, it is my desire to help you…. Beware of the evil subtleties currently in your midst.  Your future is being molded to surround a monetary system.  Be alert to a cashless society developing around the world and the forces of power which will manipulate and ultimately restrict your freedom…..If you do not return to God now and allow Him to open the vessels of your heart clogged by deceit and self-righteousness, you will not be able to avoid the traps of evil.  Do not wait until God’s Warning strikes the souls of every person in this world, for it will be very difficult to respond and changed….”  (Public OLOE, May 9, 1996)

“…There are any things unfolding in the world.  Many people are being confused, many people are being deceived, and many people are being misled.  However, I have foretold this long ago, and I have invited and encouraged people to prepare, to pray, to be warriors, and to put on their armor; so that when this time of tribulation did arise, they would be ready and their very souls would be protected by their faith and from any evil….”  (Private OLOE, July 13, 2003)

 “…The world is in a troublesome time.  Evil has subtly infiltrated into the minds of people through many means.  ‘Anything goes!’  Morality, spirituality and responsibility are carelessly tossed around.  The world has reached its epitome of destruction and is on the verge of tragedy—tragedy against humanity and destruction at the hands of mankind.  Throughout history, in different eras, evil has penetrated to the core of humanity, but never to the extent that it has today—even far worse than during the times of the different world wars and those world leaders….”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 9, 2008)

“…There is tremendous desire on every level for power.  The subtlety of evil has infiltrated the world through trickery, deceitfulness, anger, malice and control.  A forced peace is not lasting.  A binding contract is only temporary.  Peace must come from the heart.  It can only come from God.  If people walk away from God, they will not know true Peace….”  (Public OLOE, July 15, 1999)

“…There are so many good people who are trying to be devoted to my Son and to do the best they can do as humble servants….Yet, there are many other people who are trying with all their hearts and exhibiting tremendous evil.  Through this evil they are trying to destroy humanity because of their thirst for power, materialism, and their own self-seeking glory, not that of God.  These enticements initially seem to escalate and become most powerful and glorious in the eyes of humanity, yet most destructive.  Many people remain hidden underneath a veil that allows them to seem that they are very much like quiet lambs.  However, I can tell you that the veil will be lifted soon enough, and their own ways shall trip them and cause them to know and will expose the truth of their evilness and their deliberate actions….”  (Private OLOE, mar. 18, 2004)


“…So much is unfolding.  The forces of evil try to surround you, to confuse you and to distract you; but you are here, and you still have the same conviction….I have spoken of unity and harmony.  You are all of the same Spirit, so why is there division.  Those, who do not want to know the truth, are still loved by God.  But it is written, and my Son Himself said, ‘Woe to you who choose to scandalize those who are chosen.  Woe to you who try to harm those who are my beloved children.’ It would be better to place a millstone around your neck than to go against one of my Son’s chosen. (Mt 18:16, Mk 9:42,, Lk 17:2)….(Private OLOE, July 10, 2008)

“…Be careful, for all four walls are closing in.  Those who are filled with greed and envy will press you further.  Those who desire to do harm and trick you, and to manipulate you and even try to control you, will come from a different angle—that of sweet enticements.  Those who simply hate you will do everything possible and offer every prayer to have the angels of darkness surround you and envelop you to devour your soul….

“…Be very careful.  It is only to get worse.  Why?  Because these people are so angry!  They want what you have.  They know they are losing.  They know you have the upper hand, and they want to destroy you.  They want to kill you.   They have no hope of a God of Mercy.  They could, but they are consumed by other forces of evil and darkness around them…..Please, just pray with all your heart and stay in the grace of God….”  (Private OLOE, Jan 26, 2009)

…However, evil is spreading quickly, like a fire fueled by oxygen.  Do not close with your heart the flame and protect that which is good.  You yourself are held accountable….Be wise, and please be vigilant against every evil attack desiring to destroy what is good….”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 7, 2008)

The Suffering

“…For whenever anyone bears the pain of unjust suffering

because of consciousness of God, that is a grace….

For to this you have been called, because Christ suffered for you,

leaving you an example that you should follow in His footsteps….”

(1Pet 2:19,21)


“…God does not want you to suffer.  He did not try at any moment to hurt you.  He is all-good and kind.  It was not His desire that the Holy  Innocents were martyred.  It was because of the evil acts of other people.  That is not to say that they were not glorified in Heaven through their martyrdom.  God gave them the desire, as He gives all who are martyred, and the grace to endure and to offer their lives for God.  The little children, so innocent, had no clue what was happening, but God graced them.

“The evilness back then, as it is today, was horrific!  More and more people are experiencing a different type of martyrdom—the martyrdom of purity—maybe not through shedding their blood, but through persecution.  That martyrdom also is one in which God is glorified through one’s selflessness and by one’s offering….”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 28, 2009)

“…If someone is suffering hardship, it will amaze you how people will walk by them and be thinking of something else, not paying attention to their pain—as if the world had just stopped and they were watching a movie.  How is it that people can be so inconsiderate and not show support and compassion, lending a hand of assistance to those in need when they suffer?  The world is so busy, with people moment to moment distracted by so many things.  A catastrophic event could happen, and the next day people would be thinking of something else.  Those who are immune to the effects of sorrow in other people’s lives or even take joy in them are grasped by evil and their own selfish ways….”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 1, 2009)

The Dangers and Warnings

“…For no prophecy ever came through human will;

but rather human beings, moved by the Holy Spirit,

spoke under the influence of God….” 

(1Pet 1:21)

The “Age of Mary” is often said to have begun with the Marian apparitions  at Rue du Bac in Paris in 1830 and LaSalette, France in 1846, and has extended through the present time.  Very few are still alive who witnessed the events of Fatima in 1917.  Many have picked up and carried the torch from Fatima, and Our Lady has reinforced that message at many sites since then, some of which include Garabandal, Spain in the early 1960’s; Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 1945-59; Akita, Japan, in 1973;  Betania, Venezuela, from 1976-1990; Kibeho, Rwanda, in 1981-82; Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, from 1981 to the present; San Nicholas, Argentina, from 1983-1990; and even Emmitsburg, Maryland, from 1993 to the present; but Our Lady of Emmitsburg acknowledges that her children are tired and she is astounded at what has evolved in the world during this time of such great blessings from our Heavenly Father:


“…However, these beloved children are now exhausted, and evil is permeating the world more than ever before.  Destruction is at every avenue; and if the evil from all the ends of the world merged at once, the world could crumble in an instant.  This is all it would take….”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 5, 2006)

“…It is truly astounding, children in a country founded in its completeness and wholeness in the glory of God the Father, that God now is being pushed aside.  It astounds me also, when any family that God has blessed, has pushed God aside, not praying, not paying attention and not reverently receiving the Sacraments.  It astounds me that many people continue to go on and walk as if tomorrow will come, as if they are safe and that they will never be held accountable for their sins, because God is now fiction.  But I tell you that when they meet their Maker face to face, they will know; and how they will wish that  they had enlightened and instructed their children, and that they had done all they could do for family members and friends to know God….

“…As you know, the world is changing.  There are many dangers surrounding you.   You must be prepared spiritually within your heart, and perhaps, physically, depending upon your circumstances.  Needless to say, if you want God, God will be with you.

Those who are wise will not fight evil with evil.  Those who are wise will pray and not be distracted; so that when the time is right, they will be able to discern good from bad….”  (Private OLOE, Oct. 31, 2009)


The Battle

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones,

for I say to you that their angels in Heaven

always look upon the face of My Heavenly Father.”

(Mt 18:1)


And paradoxically, Our Lady of Emmitsburg again highlights the importance of “littleness” and comradery in securing the joy and confidence needed to properly discern the Truth and be victorious in this great spiritual battle:

“…Do not be afraid to be ‘little.’  Be afraid that you might become lost through the works of evil from hidden pride..  Pray your petitions might not be confounded but will find a gracious hearing with God.  Where your treasure is, there is your heart….”  (Public OLOE, July 22, 1999)

“…Know that where there is good, there too is evil.  The clouds of darkness may seem to be forming, and you must be able to discern and join together.  Many are called, but few respond when times are tough because of fear; and fear is not from God, especially when you are afraid to reach out….”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 17, 2005)

“…Hold tight and move forward in comradery among your group of Love.  Allow me to tell you that evil may seem to take charge, to abuse and to make some people feel desolate; but that is only for a short time.  The ultimate Truth is that evil has sparked up its works because of its own fear of what is coming.  Those who are precious to my most Immaculate Heart have suffered and are being attacked, but not much longer will this happen….You shall see a new beginning of freedom, first within yourselves, then as an explosion within the world.  Even though it may seem evil to those who cannot grasp what God is doing, but for you and those who have remained faithful and committed, all shall be free because all have been prepared….”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 18, 2004)


“…We are in spiritual warfare….You have been trained by Heaven to wear the armor of God.  Even in the midst of turmoil, that shield shows joy as well as confidence in God’s Will.  You are protected by angels, unless you yourself choose to allow evil to dissuade you.  Enticements come and go; and you being human, distinctions of this type may mislead you.  But in your case, only temporarily, because you always come back to the Truth….”  (Private OLOE, Sept 5, 2010)



The Triumph

“…Thanks to God, Who always leads us in triumph in Christ

 and manifests through us

the odor of the knowledge of Him in every place….” 

(2Cor 2:14)


In closing, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, as not only a loving and reassuring Mother, but as the General of her army, puts everything into perspective and encourages her troops, both in regards to what is at stake and what training and weapons have been shared with each of us for this battle with evil.  We live in a world that allows most of us to be lukewarm, or to remain in the gray zone, rather than choose black or white.  However, we are quickly moving toward that world in which, as Our Lady says, there is “no middle of the rope, only two ends.”  Are we ready?  Have we taken the time to prepare to make the choice between those “two ends,” no matter what the cost?


“…You must remember one thing.  For 2000 years I have been waiting for this moment of Triumph to be victorious.  It is for the salvation of humanity.  I have known for a long time.  Satan and his reign have come to an end!  I have waited all this time just to be victorious because of all the children who will return back to my Son.  But the battle is not a pleasant one.  This battle, in fact, is very ugly and many lives are at stake.  Many lives can be lost….This is not a time you should take lightly.  This is a time in which evil strikes, and if evil strikes it wants to destroy.  If you allow evil to come in, it will destroy you.  I have often mentioned that there is no middle of the rope, there are only two ends.  So now take my message and deliver it to those who must know that this is not something to be taken lightly, but this is something for which I have been preparing you for several years….”     (Private OLOE, Feb. 24, 2003)

“…Love must be at the center of your heart; because if you are chosen, you want all to love God, regardless of what they do to you or how that act towards you.  When you belong to Truth, then all you know is Truth; and the Truth is Love.  Evil begets evil, but Truth and Love are the pillars to bring forth those who have walked away….”  (Private OLOE, July 10, 2008)

“…So take courage, and know that this must happen because you are loved so much; and the wickedness and evil of the world must meet the Truth so that all the precious souls can be saved.  No one precious soul that desires God should ever be deceived or turned away from the Truth….”   (Public OLOE, Apr. 2, 2006)

“…All of your new beginnings and all of your current actions are blessings from Heaven.  God looks at everything and gives everything that is good, but He will not prevent those who walk away from Him and who cause damaging results.  Where there is good, there is evil because the devil desires to hurt and destroy.  But if you pray, your soul is not in danger.  It allows God to purify it and to come and dwell with you….”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 13, 2010)

“…What will separate us from the Love of Christ? 

Will anguish or distress or persecution or famine,

 or nakedness or peril or the sword?...

No, in all these things we conquer overwhelmingly

 through Him Who loved us….” 

(Rom 8: 35,37)


End of Evil, Part 1, An Overview