Part 4

Part 4


God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

Have taken the time to share much with humanity!


Will you take the Time



(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


“Let the one who is wise heed these things

and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.”

(Ps 107: 43, NIV)


Part 1:                  Introduction

                             Opening Remarks from Heaven

                             The Holy Spirit


                             God’s Love


Part 2:                  The Life of Jesus through Mary


Part 3:                  Suffering

                             Prayer and Discernment

                             Humility and Holiness

                             The Blessed Sacrament


Part 4:                  The Prophecy of Our Lady of Emmitsburg

                             Her Triumph

                             The Center of Her Immaculate Heart


Part 5:                  Contemplation

                             The Closing


Ponder Introduction


Part 4

The Prophesy of Our Lady of Emmitsburg

“There are also many other things that Jesus did,

but if these were to be described individually,

I do not think the whole world would contain the books

that would be written.”

(Jn 21:25)


Most likely we have all, at one time or another, heard it said that there is no need for Private Revelation because in Public Revelation (Sacred Scripture, and in some denominations, Sacred Tradition) we have all that we need.  This point might not be disputed if people paid attention to living the Gospel.  However, in the absence of this, God the Father has allowed Our Lord, Our Lady, the Saints and Angels, and even Himself from time and time, to again try to get the attention of a forever more secular, materialistic, narcissistic, indifferent and relatively atheistic humanity.  Now we live in a time when most of the world and many even in the Church have little concern for God, Sacred Scripture or Tradition, Private Revelation or any guidelines or restrictions on their own concepts of morality.  Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons to the world likens the response He receives  now to the one when He walked the earth.  He has continued to try to lead and support all humanity on their way home to the Father in spite of all the resistance and lack of acceptance, always because of His Love, not our merit:


“The sorrow in My Heart was one of the most painful symptoms of My Passion.  How I tried to teach My people with the little time I had, of the goodness of My Father and the many facets to freedom!  I suffered frustration because so many people could not understand My message.  Many did not want to be saved, and many were looking only at the surface of My words…..It is like that now.  My people look at My words, not at My message…..Look at My message in My Lessons, not at each word!  The reason I spoke in many parables was because My people could see the message of My Father.  Now, I speak clearly and simply in order that all can understand My message, and they are only looking at the surface of My words.”  (JOM, Vol II, Mar. 4, 1990)


“My people will not be able to understand the full depth of My words I have spoken in My Lessons; but, as they continue to read and study them, they will recurrently see how each word and phrase is designed and formed with great Love in order to assist them in their journey….If I grant revelations, visions or prophecy to one, the other closes his ears to knowledge in resentment and lack of acceptance….My teachings do not cease.  I am a teaching God, and My Love endures forever.  I do not change, and I journey with you. Do not struggle, then, when aridity and thirst for Me is not fulfilled.  I am bringing you to life’s springs and endless gardens.  The journey is continuous, but I continue to lead you through the darkness and confusion.  I am with you right by your side, and many times supporting you when you are weary…I do not get discouraged with you, but I test the willingness of the spirit, and I teach you that what you acquire is not what you merited by your control, but by My Love!”  (JOM, Vol IV,#37, July 23, 1992)


“…Be watchful and strengthen what is left, which is going to die,

for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God….”

(Rev 3:2)


In July, 2004, Gianna and Michael Sullivan were invited to join a pilgrimage in Fatima, Portugal.  It was Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s desire that they use that opportunity to reveal to the world from Fatima Her Peace Plan for the Middle East.  The central portion of their presentation carried this message from Our Lady to the world:


The Middle East Peace Plan


Contributions from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

July 12, 2004

Fatima, Portugal


(excerpts from Part 2 of the Fatima document)

“…And as children of that same God we all share one unique opportunity:  that is, at some point in the future we must all come face to face with God and give an account of our entire lives.

--Some of us here may actually face that day sooner than we might like or desire.

--On that day, Our Lady has said that one of the questions which will certainly be asked by GOD is, “HOW HAVE YOU LOVED?”  “HOW HAVE YOU LOVED?”


--To you, President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine,  (so too, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad), God would ask:

                     -- “How have you  loved all my Jewish children?”

--To you, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, God would ask:

                     -- “How have you loved all my Arab children?”

--To you, President Barack OBAMA, God would ask:

                      -- “How have you loved and protected all my

children, from the moment of their conception in the womb to the moment of their natural death?"


And how each of us is able to answer this question will have much to do with where and how we will spend our ETERNAL LIFE….” 



“…Gentlemen, Our Lady’s message is really quite simple.  It is three words, Love or Die”.  Our Lady is not talking to each of you about your political life or even your physical life.  She is talking about your eternal life,--a life  with God or a life without God. 

-God is Love.  And God can only love.  This is not about punishment or revenge.  It is about the Truth.   Ponder these words of Our Blessed Mother carefully, gentlemen, “Love or Die.”



“…Here, gentlemen, lies your legacy and what may be your only chance to broker a true and lasting peace.  This is not a political or military issue, but a spiritual one; and that is why Our Lady says that only a spiritual solution will suffice, and then make possible the more practical work of implementation of the peace process….”


 Part 2 of Fatima Talk:

“Love or Die!”

Since very few in the world, especially those in positions of power or influence, gave Her words any attention,  Our Lady of Emmitsburg encouraged Gianna in 2006 to attempt once again to place Her Message of Middle East Peace in front of the world to be pondered.  Certainly, the names of many of the world leaders have changed since that 2006 version, but the positions of those in power and their continued indifference appear unchanged or even more hardened to the Truth than ever before:


“Go ahead, and give my children another opportunity to read and to ponder and to make amends; to not be so busy within their own lives in what they need to do at this moment, but to prepare, to prepare for something great and glorious.  For this world is passing….Prepare for this Kingdom coming, for the new Era of Peace. This Era of Peace is preceded by confusion and controversy, battles, pain and other bowls of purification, which the Angel, whose sword I can no longer hold back, will release at God’s command.”    (Private OLOE, Aug. 12, 2006)


“Remember to always trust, trust in what I have told you.  Be confident.  Do not doubt; for what I have told you, will happen.  If you trust, it will happen!  If you are confident, it will happen!...You must remember that your analysis and understanding of even my words may be different than the true meaning.  But if you trust and are at peace, and if you continue to praise God, how blessed you will be; and how safe you will be because you will dwell with Him…Know at every moment that what I have said and what I now continue to say must live in your hearts, not to be dismissed, but to be pondered…”(Private OLOE, Aug. 17, 2006)



Our Lady of Emmitsburg also said again, in Her Peace Message, that the problems of the world no longer have any political or military solutions, but only spiritual ones.  This is a nearly impossible concept for most of the world to grasp.  Those solutions are to be found only in the Truth, and that Truth lies deep within the passionate Heart of Our Lord; and Our Lady of Emmitsburg tells us that there alone will we find those solutions which can change the whole nation and the whole world.  And she explains that the Life in God is a grace that comes and goes, a mystery to be pondered:


 “So many people are suffering.  Everyone seems to know the correct solutions.  However, the most important solution is found in losing yourself; then you find the Truth.  The world has finite means and ways within it, but God is infinite.  In His infinity there is no measure to any solution nor problem that is unsolvable.  God can do all things….Never, ever give up hope!  The only thing I ask of you is not to look for sensation, approval, affirmation, support or confirmation of your prayer; because in this grace that’s given, you submerge yourself into the passionate Heart of my Son, where the sword plunged first and only the water that cleansed was released.  But as you plunge further in with the sword, you tap into His tissue and His Most Precious Blood, a rare gift indeed for those who have the will and the hope to endure…Ponder my words….This will change a whole country, and it takes only a few people.”   (Private OLOE, Sept. 25, 2007)


“There is still much mystery to unfold, for scholars have tried for centuries now to understand the depth and the breadth of God’s Words.  That mystery continues….So much to do, and not enough time!  The days pass quickly, in a moment’s glance a babe is now grown….In a moment’s glance!  You cannot calculate the hours and the time.  So too it is with life.  Life in God comes and goes, and there is no essence.  It is timeless, and you cannot calculate when the grace was received or what you have done with it. It is a gift, a gift to ponder, a mystery for sure.”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 29, 2007)


“To me  (St. Paul)…this grace was given,…to bring to light for all

what is the plan of the mystery hidden from ages past in God

Who created all things, so that the manifold wisdom of God

might now be made known through the Church

to the principalities and authorities in the heavens.”

(Eph 3:8-10)


The Warning

“Look upon me, answer me, Lord, my God!

Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep in death.”

(Ps 13:4)

Joy, too, a gift to be pondered!  Just as Our Lord Jesus Christ paid a great price for our opportunity to experience His Joy, so too we must be willing to give ourselves unconditionally, at all costs, to Him to fully share in that Joy.  So many of us actually think we are keeping some things hidden from God, and thus we may be obstructing our own healing; yet, according to God the Father in His Words, all will be revealed to us through Him grace during the coming enlightenment:


“Joy is given to you at a great cost to my Son….Let us look and ponder at some of the circumstances and ways….how it is that Joy is not embedded within your heart….


“…Is God your Father, the God of your love and your life, for ever and above all things, without your own agenda or your seeking consolation, and with your acceptance of all that comes?....As you give yourself unconditionally, do you give and then retrieve because you are met with circumstances not quite pleasing to you?...Are there many issues interiorly within you that you keep hidden and are afraid to release so that the eyes can see in human ways, but that God’s Way would be able to penetrate and heal?....Is your soul at rest within your body, desiring to be unified with the Triune God, freely, unconditionally and without reservation, even unto death?  If the answer is no, Why?”  (GTF, Sept. 8, 2007)  “Look within and ponder, and it will be revealed to you a most wonderful enlightenment of your mind and heart.”  (GTF, Oct. 8, 2008)


“…The one, who once was persecuting us,

is now preaching  the faith he once tried to destroy…..” 

(Gal 1:23)


How necessary it is for each of us to see and know the Truth, if we are to grow in God’s Love and perfection.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg has taught us that to do this we must see God as He is and ourselves as we are in relation to Him; but she cautions us not to wait until the Warning to do this, but to ponder God’s Mercy and hold on to the Sacraments for dear life now, while there is still time:


“…Nothing can unfold unless God allows it, and God allows trials to unfold because He loves you and wants you to know the Truth.  He wants you to see yourself as you are.  He wants you to see Him as He is.  But God can only love.  Anger and hatred cannot come from Him, for He is Love and can only love….Ponder my words, little ones, and be open and ready always to endure all trials, for this is how God graces you with virtues and self-knowledge.”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 5, 1995)


“God must be at the center of your life, in all your activities, in your plans, in your thought process and in your heart.  Beware of the evil subtleties currently in your midst….If you do not return to God now and allow Him to open the vessels of your heart, clogged by deceit and self-righteousness, you will not be able to avoid the traps of evil.  Do not wait until God’s warning strikes the souls of every person in this world, for it will be very difficult to respond and change….There will not be much time after God’s warning for the fire of purification to befall you.  Some events are inevitable.  Pray with all your hearts that you will be able to persevere in your faith and not turn from God.  Receive the Sacraments while they are available.  Pray. Pray. Pray, little children, and ponder God’s Mercy.”  (Public OLOE May 9, 1996)



“…You will roll them up like a cloak, and like a garment they will be changed.

But you are the same, and your years will have no end….”

(Heb 2:12)



This seems to be a universal question.  Most people who realize now or will come to realize it, can see that there has to be change—change in their own personal lives, their family lives, changes in the way they work, play and pray; changes in the way they worship and the way they treat themselves and others.  Here is where the resistance lies—in change!   “How will that change come about?  How will my life need to be different?”  However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg tells us that the time is coming when human error shall be made known and silenced, when a choice will be necessary—to live in unity with God’s people in His Love or not, whether to know and love the Child Jesus in the Sacred Species, or not:


“There comes a time that perhaps mankind needs to live, feel, discern in their lives and contemplate why things have happened, both in times of sorrow and times of joy.  What is the source from where the pain or joy stems?  The world can continue to live, as many people think it shall, in a very great pit of self-righteousness and knowledge stemming from human nature.  But the time will come when all human error shall be made known and silenced, and all of that which is Divine shall likewise be made known.”  (Private OLOE, Jan 20, 2004)


“You, my beloved children will soon have a choice, just as you have choices everyday of your lives that are granted by God.  The choice will be whether or not to live in unity with humanity through my Son’s Divine Love, and whether or not to live in communion, not only with the ‘eyes of faith’, but through the grace of your God-given senses, through which you will be able to know and see my Son, both in one another and in the precious Sacred Species.  There my Son truly is, Body and Blood, both from the inception of His Life in this world through His Death and Resurrection.  There you shall experience the ecstatic joy of being suspended in His Love….Ponder my words and know that the God above is the same Child and crucified Man Who brought Joy, Hope and Peace to the world.”   (Public OLOE, Oct. 13, 2003)


“…My brothers, you are well aware that from early days

God made His choice among you that through my mouth

the Gentiles would hear the Word of the Gospel and believe….”

(Acts 15:7)


There comes a time, after decades and centuries of teachings and warnings, that no further efforts will save more souls, and when for God to delay fulfillment of those promises and prophesies would only result in the loss of greater numbers of souls.  Only God knows that time; but it certainly seems, as judged by nearly all of the Marian prophesy throughout the world, that that time is near or here!  Moreover, Our Lady of Emmitsburg seemed to be expressing that sentiment as early as 2004:


“Even though I have tried to rally the people of this country to see God, they seem to know what is best for themselves.  So now I back away.  As I fade into prayer, prayer for each human soul, I do not leave you; but I allow them to have an opportunity and time to ponder what they had, what they could have had, and perhaps the opportunity they have missed.”   (Private OLOE, Jan 12, 2004)


“A wise man is silent till the right opportunity comes,

but a boasting fool ignores the proper time.”

(Sirach 20:6)


The Purification

“Therefore you delivered them into the power of their enemies,

who oppressed them.  But in the time of their oppression,

they would cry out to you, and you would hear them from heaven,

and according to your great mercy,

give them saviors to deliver them from the power of their enemies….”

( Neh 9:27)


Throughout the history of the Chosen Jewish people, God often had to purify and purge them after they had broken a covenant agreement made with Yahweh.  To purify is to remove from any and all guilt, sin and corrupting elements of the intellect, the will and the soul which would be in conflict with the Divine Will.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares with her children some of the characteristics of that purification, the need for it, and the purpose of her warnings to her children:


“Purification can take many forms.  To some, passive purgation involving emotions takes place, and yet to others the soul is suspended awaiting God to uplift it.  In all forms, the outcome is the purging of the soul in order that the human will be united with the Divine Will….Give yourself to Him unconditionally.  Do not try to understand from a human perspective.  The spirit of the soul belongs to Him Who is Divine.  It is the intellect which attempts to control the human will.  Conflict of the two continues until the soul is purged and trusts unconditionally in God’s Way of Love.” (Public OLOE, July 18, 1996)


“I am sad to say that my messages are diminishing in the hearts of many of my children.  Please listen to my words, for I speak from Heaven; and ponder the Truth in your hearts.  Time is soon at hand when great trials and tribulations will unfold through God’s Mercy.  It will seem endless.  There will be continual devastations and disasters naturally, humanly, and spiritually, which will pour out on the world until God is adored in His Sanctuary and His people are purified.  Pray you will be able to persevere and endure the bowls of purification to be released soon by God’s angels.  It will seem as if evil has won the battle, but my Immaculate Heart will triumph and will be victorious in the end…..Ponder the words of God’s Mercy.”  (Public OLOE, May 2, 1996)


“Little ones, in order to assist in gathering together souls that have been scattered, there must be genuine love.  Instilling fear is not the way….I have mentioned the consequences of a failing world without God and without Love.  This is not to cause fear, but to awaken souls and to protect them from destruction.  Love is the only solution to life.  Please ponder My Son’s Love for you and be renewed be being instruments of His Mercy….”  (Public OLOE, Feb. 6, 1997)


“Bless the Lord, my soul;

do not forget all the gifts of God, Who pardons all your sins,

heals all your ills, delivers your life from the pit,

surrounds you with love and compassion,

fills your days with good things….”

(Ps 103:2-5)


Although when looked at from our purely human perspective, there seems to be nothing to be exhilarated about when we consider purification and purging, Our Lady speaks of these events as “glorious” and these times as a “new dawn,” a time when we as her children will be able to look through her eyes and see her most precious Son, our loving Savior:


“How glorious an event it is to be living in a time when God Almighty is among you and where so glorious events are to unfold through the ways of your lives and all the glorious works you give to Him!....Continue to focus and ponder His Love.  Know that there are both tremendous evil and a tremendous battle in the heavens and on earth.  You can conquer this evil with humility and tremendous prayer.  Always keep before you my eyes, the eyes that I have on my Son.  Make my eyes your eyes.  Look through my eyes and see a most precious loving Savior Who is there and Who loves you.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 27, 2004)


“The new dawn is arising and your Savior is among you….It is my desire that the world rejoice in His Love and for humanity to live in harmony, peace and honesty.  It is my desire the entire world receive the childlike virtues of my Son:  humility, obedience, gentleness, innocence and purity….There continues to be sorrow and pain because for generations the world has been unable to recognize the Truth and simplicity of God’s Love. Money and power has superseded the way of true happiness God intentionally designed for His children.  Ponder His Love and work in unity towards a tomorrow where war does not exist and the Spirit of giving surpasses the desire to succeed in power.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 26, 1996)


“Take your places, stand firm,

and see how the Lord will be with you to deliver you….

Do not fear or lose heart.  Tomorrow go out to meet them,

and the Lord will be with you.”

(2Chr 20:17)


Her Triumph


The Center of Her Immaculate Heart

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun,

with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars….”  (Rev 12:1)


Over the last couple hundred years, at numerous places throughout the world, Our Lady has invited the little people, the ordinary people, those who would listen to her; because so often the leaders, those in power and authority, those with influence and wealth, those with prestige and reputation, would either have little to do with her or would not take a risk for her.  It is these little, ordinary ones whom she is asking first to take a stance, to ponder, to listen, to discern and to make a difference:


“I ask you to contemplate my words….Tough times are ahead, and are for sure to follow.  Many will come to my Center of my Immaculate Heart, but very few leaders.  Now I am inviting you to rise to the forefront at the proper time to guide and to lead; because, most importantly, so many could be lost if they are not guided to the Truth.  What this means is that when things unfold, you must stand up, stand your ground and help others, whether forcefully or calmly, depending on the situation and the wisdom and prudence that God gives you at that moment.  You should be able to guide these people to my Son and the Truth.  As a leader…you should lead them to know that with tribulation comes justice, with justice comes peace, leading to mercy, and with mercy comes true Love, and with Love comes union, and in this union comes the complete glory of God the Father Himself…..”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 19, 2003)


“I have told you once before that a time of confusion would be soon enough upon you; and if you did not pray, you would not be able to discern.  But as the Body of Christ, as you join together, you are the voice and you speak the Truth.  It is because of your faithfulness and devotion to my Son's Most Sacred Heart and to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart that Truth is being revealed; and all of you are gathering together as one, in Love and in Peace, but speaking the Truth.  This is how my most Immaculate Heart triumphs.  It is when people and children are not afraid, even unto death, to live and speak the Truth and to pray.” (Public OLOE, Nov. 6, 2005)



“Thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ

and manifests through us the odor of the knowledge of Him in every place.

For we are the aroma of Christ for God among those

who are being saved and among those who are perishing….” 

(2Cor 2:14-15)


“I desire you to know that with all the good that is coming, there will also be challenges in the world.  As you seek to do good and are faced with opposition and challenges, look to Jesus. As you pray, take a moment and ponder, and ask God the Father to enlighten you with discernment so that you have the wisdom to know in which direction you are to proceed….I listen to all your prayers and take them into my most Immaculate Heart.  I do not believe that humanity really knows the meaning of the ‘Triumph of my Immaculate Heart’.  It is not just one event, it is a process; and in this process, here the fulfillment will be, at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  Here, here I am.  Here is where my Son has placed me.  Here my Son is with me….Please ponder the Truth, the meaning of my words, and how you can make a difference and can change tomorrow.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 28, 2005)


“Accept whatever befalls you, in crushing misfortune be patient;

for in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation.” 

(Sirach 2:4-5)


To those who have responded, she confirms that they have been and will be tested and purified as gold in a fire before they can assume their roles here at the Center of her Immaculate Heart—a role that involves saving a nation, saving the world


“As you have trusted in my Son, I can tell you that just as gold has been tested and purified in fire, so too you have been tested and purified.  Now you are entrusted with the task of fulfilling the means, the way, the hope and the communication path in welcoming all here to the Truth of the Center of my Immaculate Heart, to the Truth of the unveiling of my Son’s Divine Mercy, and to the Truth of the value of littleness and dedication in the fulfillment of God the Father’s Word and his Divine Will.  All shall be revealed in a sequence which will allow people to ponder in their hearts and in their minds, and to give gratitude and praise in their souls to God the Father, not only for my presence but for His Son your Savior.”  (Private OLOE, Apr. 26, 2005)


“…Behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed. 

The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is His H\Name…..”

(Lk 1:48-49)


“Look here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart; and if you are to do anything further with your life, then ponder this request.  Look here and see!  We are here to save a nation and a world.  We can do it!  Do not be afraid to speak boldly on my words by identifying here, what and who and when and where….  However, now use all the talents and graces that you have received and make it known that here, here I am!


“Let us move valiantly to the forefront and proclaim to the world His Good News, not simply about my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, but about here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  Do not be afraid!”  (Private OLOE, Oct. 6, 2007)


“He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you,

and with their hands they will support you….”

(Lk 4: 10-11)


What Our Lady of Emmitsburg has promised seems almost incomprehensible, but she offers angelic protection from the enticements and distractions that have misled so many, especially those within her Church; and she reaffirms the importance of this Center of her Immaculate Heart, here on Satan’s turf, where so many of her children will seek refuge:


“You are protected by angels, unless you yourself choose to allow evil to dissuade you.  Enticements come and go; and you being human, distractions of this type may mislead you.  But in your case, only temporarily, because you always come back to the Truth.  What is so important for you to know now is how important your focus must be on here, the Center of my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, the Center of my Immaculate Heart where many will come to love God, to be safe, and to be here at this refuge in this most critical time in salvation history.


“The Church is in turmoil, but the Church will continue, whether holy priests, Bishops or Cardinals desire to listen to my words or not; and even though there are those who are distracted and are actually trying to destroy Mother Church, you yourself must be active in supporting my words through everything you have been advised and asked to do….Wherever you go, take every opportunity not to let the moment pass for any other better time in your mind, but take the moment at hand.  For the Holy Spirit will give you a moment, and at that moment you should say what you have pondered and desire to say.  Never wait for another more opportune time….I have been many places all over the world; and there are many people who support those various places.  But as you know, the last and the most important because it is on Satan’s turf, is here at the Center of my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.  This is the refuge where children, those with childlike hearts, shall be safe and free.  And how many will come!”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 5, 2010)


Whoever humbles himself like this child

is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And whoever receives one child

such as this in My Name receives Me.”

(Mt 18:4-5)


And finally Our Lady of Emmitsburg pays tribute to those who have pondered and responded to her Son, Who in turn has allowed all that is yet to happen!


“I know that this is the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  I know that there will be a change.  I know that because of your free will and response to my Son, all of this here has been allowed to happen.”  (Private OLOE, May 15, 2004)


“You shall not see the sword; famine shall not befall you.

Indeed, I will give you lasting peace in this place.”

(Jer 14:13)


Are you willing to ponder?



“Let the one who is wise heed these things

and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.”

(Ps 107: 43, NIV)


End of Part 4