“Thanksgiving” in the words of Holy Scripture, American History,

Part VIII of 12 Part Series


“What on earth are you afraid of?”

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


“Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy

that will be for all the people.  For today in the city of David,

a Savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord.” 

(Lk 2:10-11)



In medical terms, “fear” is often defined as an unpleasant, strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, and often accompanied by increased autonomic activity (increased heart rate, blood pressure and sweating).  “Anxiety” is defined by an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by the same physiological signs, by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it.  However, “fear” in the most general term as used in the English vernacular, and so often in the multitude of mystical gifts from God the Father in His Words to the world, Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons, and Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages through Gianna Sullivan, most often implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.  The moral evaluation of anxiety begins with the exercise of prudence, to discover if there are valid grounds for the apprehension.  If there are not, to act on the anxiety or fail to act because of it would be a lack of trusting God’s Providence.




21.  Fear of the Future:  In General Terms


“Blessed is the one who reads aloud,

and blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message

and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near.”

(Rev. 1:3)





Fear of the Future


The Catholic Dictionary helps us understand the meaning of several important concepts in this discussion.  It defines “future” as that which does not yet exist or has not taken place but will come to pass.  In speaking of the future in the Biblical sense, certain other terms often are used, most notably prophecy.  “Prophecy” implies a prediction of future events that cannot be known by natural means.  However, the Biblical meaning of prophecy includes not only foretelling future events, but also speaking the word or Will of God.  Prophecies as predictions are part of God’s supernatural Providence.   “God’s Providence” is His all-wise plan for the universe, and the carrying out of His Plan by His loving rule or governance, the eternal world plan and its fulfillment in time, in all events, even the most personal decisions of human beings .  It is infallibly certain and immutable because God Himself cannot change.  God, in whose sight all things future are ever present, is able to communicate to His creatures the knowledge that He has.  He alone finally has this power, because certain foreknowledge of the contingent future is possessed only by God.  Prophecies are the words of His prescience, just as miracles are the work of His omnipotence.  Hence, a religion supported by prophecies must be Divine.  “Apocalyptical” refers most commonly to the events described in the Book of Revelation attributed to St. John the Apostle.  It is a prophetical work, describing in anticipation the many trials of the followers of Christ and their eventual triumph over Satan and the forces of Antichrist.  (Catholic Online Dictionary)


It is not the purpose in this section VIII of the “Fear” document to review all of the prophetic material covered in the 7 prior sections, but rather to discuss in more general terms the ever-present fear of the future.


God the Father, in His “Words” to the world, puts this topic in perspective:


“You act as if you know so much of the future’s events and what is needed for change; but truly, within your selves, you do not!  No one knows the future events or what really needs to be changed other than Myself, your Father.  You have been welcomed, invited and encouraged to unite in harmony, not to live in division; to live in ways of good moral values and ethics; and to slay your vices and silence your anger.  And yet, so many of you pass this off and do not believe that My Words are for you.”  (GTF, Feb, 8, 2008)  “I banished from the Garden of Eden that which was bad, to preserve all that was good.  Now at the hands of humanity, your future will either be a safe haven or you will be banished.  All dwells within your heart, for you hold the key to Truth; and you can either accept selfishness, indifference and hatred, or you can accept selflessness, love and unity.”  (GTF, March 8, 2009)  “Be at Peace.  You will need this to discern in the future when you cannot do anything without Me.”  (GTF, June 8, 2007)


Our Lord, in His Lessons to the world, addresses this fear of the future very early in these mystical events:


“I want my people to know not to fear!....I shall save My people….Do not be afraid of what may come ahead.  All those who wish to be Mine shall be saved….The power of God, My Father, is so intense in fortitude that, if He wanted to destroy everything and everyone, it would only take a matter of a second in terms of time!...However, My Father is a loving Father….So do not be fearful of what may come, but be grateful that He loves you and cares so much for you that all who wish to be His, will be!  It is that simple.  Ask, and allow Us to purify you….”  (JOM, Vol II, #24, Dec. 6, 1989)


Judith’s Prayer:

“O’ God, my God,…

It is You Who were the author of those events

 and of what preceded and followed them. 

The present, also, and the future You have planned. 

Whatever You devise comes into being;

the things You decide on come forward and say,

‘Here we are!’ 

All Your ways are in readiness,

and Your judgment is made with foreknowledge.” 

(Jth 9:5-5).





Our Lord goes on to clarify the role of His Divine Providence in our lives:


“The secret to progress is patience.  Nothing will come to pass unless it is permitted by Me.  Everything shall be in accordance to Divine Providence.  Therefore, put your mind at ease and rest in My Love.”  (JOM, Vol IV, #44, July 30, 1992)  “I want all My people to know I am here for them at their asking….It is My Hope that they practice filial submission to Divine Providence.  This allows them to rest in My Father’s arms as a child rests in its mother’s arms.  Conforming the soul in love to Divine Providence allows the soul to rest in peace and give  hope to the weary.”  (JOM, Vol V, #29, Nov. 9, 1995)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg further instructs all her children on the value of conforming our human will to the Divine Will of God in His Providence:


“God the Father releases the graces and gifts of holiness upon you, for all those who love, respect, adore, and humbly submit and surrender their lives to Divine Providence.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 19, 2004)  “It is only through the grace of God that man chooses Him.  You must submit to the Will of God and you must all continue to fight for the Truth, especially for the Truth in my Church.  Many suffer.” 


“I have come to so many of my children, and yet I have been smothered because of the many Bishops who do not want me in their territories, and who do not desire for me to assist in guiding them in the desires of God’s Divine Providence.”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 5, 2005)  “Even though so many suffer, know that everything is according to Divine Providence.”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 9, 2005)  “It oversees all the events and actions of all the peoples around the world.  However, free will always plays an important part, because this is humanity’s freedom.  For those who come willingly to God and truly believe in their hearts in what they ask, and for those who truly surrender themselves to God in submissiveness, serenity and peace, all good will happen!”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 25, 2005)  “As you see things unfold, they will happen irregardless of free will.  God pays attention and respects humanity in its free will, but His Plan ultimately unfolds.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 15, 2004)  Regardless of your life, every act and everything you do—if, and I mean ‘if’ God is at the center—it is in the realm of Divine Providence.”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 24, 2009) 


“I desire you to have good health, prosperity and true happiness, detachment and total abandonment to Divine Providence.”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 29, 2009)


Certainly, living in the present moment in the Divine Will should be the ultimate goal for all of God’s children; however, in this imperfect world in which we live, that is most often not the case.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her messages to the world teaches her children:


“Living your life now in the Love of God is the only chance you have to solidify your security in the future.  Decide for God now.  Your decision will mark your destiny.”  (Public OLOE, Sept 22, 1994)  The time of arrival is drawing near when Jesus, your Savior, will calm every fear and wipe every tear….May the sacredness of His Love silence your anxieties and give you hope for tomorrow.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 21, 1995)  The more confident and trusting you are in God, the more you will experience peace of heart, and the more freedom you will have because your security will be in His Love.  You will not be worried as to the future, because you will be detached.  You will know that all will unfold as God wills and that it will be for your happiness.”  (Public OLOE, March 21, 1996)  “(So) come to Him like a little child without concern for the future, but content with being led wherever He takes you in the present moment.” (Public OLOE, July 25, 1996)


Judith to Holofernes:

“God has sent me to perform with you such deeds

that people throughout the world will be astonished on hearing of them. 

Your handmaid is indeed a God-fearing woman,

serving the God of heaven night and day.”

(Jth 11:16-17)


Throughout the last 200 years, in what many have referred to as the “Age of Mary,” Our Lady has continuously pointed to her Son and His Gospel message.  At times She has also spoken in more prophetic terms, generally as to what might be the consequences if her children do not live her Son’s Gospel message.  Unfortunately, far too often humanity has paid little attention to either her Son’s message or her words of encouragement, but focused far too much on the futuristic and apocalyptical tones:


“God wants you to be filled with joy and to be carefree children in His Love.  There is too much emphasis placed on futuristic events.  Do not be consumed with events to unfold in the future….If you focus on messages that instill fear, you cannot focus on God’s Mercy and Love.”  (Public OLOE, Aug. 1, 1996)  “Attempting to gather souls by means of apocalyptic fear is misleading and is not my mission from Heaven.  All that matters is how you love and the virtues you utilize to grow in His Love….I have mentioned the consequences of a failing world without God and without Love.  This is not to cause fear, but to awaken souls and to protect them from destruction.”  (Public OLOE, Feb. 6, 1997)   “Slow down, little ones.  Cease the entertainment of futuristic events and simply do God’s works of Love and Mercy each day.  Work for God today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.  He will give you the grace and strength to endure what is necessary tomorrow.”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 29, 1998)


It was in 1998 that Our Lady of Emmitsburg began to share with the world some of the aspects of that Era of Peace which she had promised in Fatima in 1917:


“The time is coming when Jesus will create a new heaven on earth.  Pain and suffering will cease, and His people will live not only a mere few years, but rejoice in the fullness of life.  Yes, your merciful Lord is coming and shall renew the face of the earth.  You will leap with joy.  Your hardships will be forgotten, and you will no longer grieve or go hungry.  The Lord will be your delight.  The time is approaching when the world will be renewed.  First, however, this world will be purged of its crimes against God…But Jesus, your merciful God will save and protect all those who desire to be with Him.  He will grant the necessities of life to sustain you.  Do not fear, you who are devoted to Him and glorify Him….He will save you from darkness.”  (Public OLOE, April 16, 1998)  “You are the generation approaching a new millennium and are privileged indeed to participate in an historic event.  However, the true privilege is to unite with your fellow countrymen and people of all nations, faiths and races through the mystical silence of the Love of Jesus.  My Son will renew the face of the earth.  You can assist Him by practicing mercy towards one another….The new dawn is approaching and you will have the choice to embrace it with peace, calm and tranquility of heart, or fear, confusion, panic and chaos.  Begin to rest in the silence of Jesus.  You will dwell in His Peace and know His Essence.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 10, 1998)


Certainly, “fear” of all the various topics that have been covered in this series may serve as excuses which in one way or another tend to distract and confuse each of us and to ultimately cloud our vision and discernment, and which could even draw us away from God’s Will.  Our Lady addresses these fears in more general terms:


“My Heart is sorrowful to see people motivated by fearful circumstances.  Why is it that I must speak of future purification to gain your attention?  All words from Heaven I speak on behalf of my Son are of equal importance, whether they be words of comfort or words of challenge.”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 28, 1999)  “If you are always afraid, then perhaps you are focusing too much on yourselves.  If you were focusing on my Son, each of you would know with certainty that your soul is safe….What future do you paint when you live in fear?  When you place your confidence in Jesus, you do not have to be afraid about your future.  Jesus knows who you are.  He has formed you and knows each of you by name.  Are you afraid of pain and suffering?  My Son knows and understands every aspect of pain and suffering, because He endured it for you.  He is not seeking out people upon whom to inflict pain.  He is calling His people to be loved and to be comforted.”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 21, 1999)  “You must be solid in your commitment to follow the Way of My Son if you are to be planted on sturdy ground for future events of purification.  You are about to enter an era of cleansing which will lead to peace, true Peace in My Son.  I am not speaking of peace in the world as you know it to be.  I am speaking of God’s Peace.”  (Public OLOE, Oct. 21, 1999)


Certainly the terminology of this second spiritual coming, this intermediate coming, this springtime of grace, has been the source of great confusion and misrepresentation by the Marian critics.  However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg has been very clear in her descriptions:


“Do not be afraid….My Son is coming, and He will be looking to find those with childlike ‘little’ hearts, those not preoccupied with sensationalism and the complexities of life….It is my Son, as the Child Jesus, Who will usher in the new era of peace, to give you hope and invite all the world to be enthroned in His virtues.  It is not the end of the world as you know it, but a hope for a new beginning.  In the end My Son, the righteous glorified Savior, will come as your Just Judge….Now wait His arrival with great anticipation and joy.”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 30, 1999)


But first, according to Our Lady of Emmitsburg, the Child Jesus will reign in a spiritual Eucharistic Reign:


“Evil shall not reign; and you will see, as was prophesized before, my beloved Pope guiding the ship, holding the Eucharist and leading His flock.  Yes, the Eucharist will reign, the Eucharistic Reign of my Child Jesus, a reign in which He is hidden, and yet so profound and omnipotent in His Presence, glorifying God the Father.”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 15, 2005)



Jesus to His Apostles:

“My time is not yet here, but the time is always right for you.”

(Jn 7:6)


This is a unique time in salvation history.  In no time or place ever before has Our Lady said many of the things she is now saying in Emmitsburg.  God has a plan.  God has had a plan from the very beginning.  Our Lady is a central figure in that plan, joined to her Son in the Covenant of their Two Hearts, not because she deserves it or has merited it, but because God Himself has willed it.  So thus, when Our Lady of Emmitsburg speaks of the plan, it seems most appropriate that all should listen:


“For over 2000 years I have been waiting for this great moment of triumph to be victorious.  It is for the salvation of humanity….I have waited all this time just to be victorious because of all the children who will return back to my Son.  But the battle is not a pleasant one.  This battle, in fact, is very ugly and many lives are at stake.  Many lives can be lost.”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 24, 2003)   “You live in a time that is different.  Even now, when all of those elements, warnings, and apocalyptic events that I have mentioned in the past are coming to fruition, so few seem to be paying attention to my words!  So remember, it will all unfold whether with or without people on board.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 23, 2005)


But always Our Lady turns the focus to a future of goodness, truth and freedom, not of desolation and fear:


“Look not to a future of desolation and fear which is surely to happen to those who choose not to be free.  Look to a future, pure and free with the Truth of Almighty God.  Evil may seem to be in place to deceive you and draw you away, but only limitedly will that be allowed, because God Almighty will not permit any soul who seeks the Truth to be turned away.  Beware of those who fear not God but humans, because of their own need to seek a more prestigious role in humanity.  Look to those who pray and who genuinely desire to be humble and to know the Truth.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 19, 2004)


The Holy Spirit, the Spouse of the Virgin Mary, is central to this plan of God’s Love and Mercy.  Our Lady reassures all those who desire to live her Son’s Gospel message and who are listening to her words from Heaven:


“So do not delay and do not be afraid!  The power of the Holy Spirit has been given to you.  The Holy Trinity blesses you….The Sprit is within you; and if the Spirit is in you, then you are with God.”  (Private OLOE, June 3, 2007)  So I invite you to be most sensitive to the needs of others and to be at peace.  I love you; and God, the Almighty, is with you guiding you, instructing you, protecting you, gracing you, enveloping you, challenging you, and mapping a new way for you---a Way into the future that will lead others and protect them from all harm.”  (Private OLOE, Apr. 20, 2008)


Human “time” is difficult to define, but may be considered as an indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present or future. (Webster’s Dictionary)  However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg contrasts this with God’s time:


“God’s time is mysterious.  It is not like human time.  When I mention anything of the near future or of God’s time, you can relate it to a time indefinable, but yet could be definable.  For instance, because of God’s patience and Love for all, a year or two could be just that or it could be longer.  It is related to the Love of God in His Infinite Wisdom.  That is why many things change—through prayer.”  (Private OLOE, May 22, 2008)




Canticle of Zechariah

“And you, child, will be called prophet of the Most High,

for you will go before the Lord to prepare His ways,

to give his people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of sins,

because of the tender mercy of our God by which the daybreak from on high

will visit us to enlighten those who sit in darkness and death’s shadow,

to guide our feet into the path of peace.” 

(Lk 1: 76-80)


However, Our Lady goes on to express her excitement over this time in which we all find ourselves living:


“This is a great time—a time of hope, a time when the future can be enlightened with stewards of love and graciousness.  This is a time when direction from Heaven will draw all peoples to the Throne of God.  However, it is also a time of discord and confusion, a time when those who do not pray nor desire to pray will be enlightened to know the true course. Because of free will, the weight of God falls on those hardened hearts, not as a vindictive punishment, but as a way to help them come back to Him.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 6, 2008)  When the time comes, there will be calamities, one right after another, so that you will not be able to keep up and focus on only one event.  That is why you must be prepared.  I have oftentimes invited you and told you that there is no time for fear, only time for change.  So it is important to go where God leads you, to follow Him and to be at peace.  No human being can place peace within your heart.  The wise, who have eyes to see and ears to hear, will see and hear the Truth.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 20, 2008)


There have been great advancements in science and technology; and through these advancements, much has been learned about our planet earth, our solar system, our galaxy and the infinite expanse of the cosmos.  With this has also come an acknowledgment by some of the natural risks and vulnerabilities which our planet has always faced and survived, but the realization of which could dramatically change the way we live on this planet.  In her June 1, 2008, Public Message to the world, Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophesied what governments, scientists and the Church hierarchy may have already known, but what was relatively new information to most of humanity—that being the prophecy related to the “two suns”:

“…Even your governments and the Church authorities already have knowledge of the stars aligning and its implications upon you….After awhile, you will see a time when there is another body in orbit around your solar system, coming between Earth and the Sun and leading to tremendous devastation….Prayer can mitigate much of anything to come.  Love and unity must be at the forefront, not survival of the fittest….Look not too far before you will see two suns….”  (Public OLOE, June 1, 2008)


In a subsequent message a few months later, Our Lady explained how God has used humanity’s advances in science and technology to help the world realize the risks it faces, and that only Divine intervention could offer the protection required to deal with them:


“If in the past, during the times of other prophets, God the Father or my Son would have revealed something about the future, something not yet even conceived in thought during the time frame of those prophets, they would have been even more ridiculed, and each of their deaths would have been even more horrific than it was.  If a message came, back in the time of those prophets, of ‘two suns’, let alone that the world was round, what would have happened?...God uses prophets in a timely fashion to outline at the proper time a futuristic event; and yet to outline a way to bring about—through prayer and change—a new beginning, and the consequences of that lack of change.  So, in God’s infinite Wisdom, through time and through the technology of today which was not present in the past, you can be enlightened through wisdom of many events of the future….So now, God in His graciousness has allowed me to tell you not only of ‘two suns’ but perhaps of other life—life in different forms in the cosmos.  Is that not possible, because God has created all?...There is so much more to be taught, to enlighten and to gift.  All is in the reach of your hands if you have but an open mind, and most importantly, a humble and open heart.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 1, 2008)   “No one knows the time nor the day, but the world knows scientifically that there are most certainly elements which can affect the lives of the majority of the people in this world.  That being said:  The grace of God, the Holy Spirit, and your goodness and love can restore, protect and keep safe all of those who desire to live a life in Truth and Love.”  (Private OLOE, June 13, 2009)


More recently Our Lady is giving what sounds like final instructions to her army as we face an uncertain future in the eyes of the world, but a certain future through faith in God’s Divine Providence:


“What you will see now is that those who are good and devoted will change a world so distracted, spiraling down a different path, one literally ‘gloomy.’  They will change that, intercept it and make a new tomorrow—one most glorious, holy and healthy, with people happy and in harmony with one another and most peaceful, free and eternal.”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 15, 2009)

“In what you see today with the division and riots, with anger, hatred and killings of all sorts, you see such a level of unrest and fear and uncertainty.  Yet, on the other hand, there is another level in those who have prayed, who are ambassadors of Light, who try to do good, and who during this course of time have actually diverted events from what should have occurred in the unveiling of evil to that which is good….There have been many planned devastations and disruptions within the world; but because there are many people who have prayed and remained devoted to God, this has offset some of that devastation and evil.”  (Private OLOE, June 13, 2009)


As little children on a trip with our parents, we continue to press God and Our Lady in our prayers, “Are we there yet?”  But as a loving Mother, Our Lady of Emmitsburg patiently consoles and counsels her children:


“You desire to know all of the many things that God has planned in the future.  You desire to know the circumstances of issues that are unresolved and which way to act.  You desire to know many, many other things, personal things within your heart.  You desire also to be loved.”  (Private OLOE, June 16, 2009) 


“Today will pass.  Tomorrow is coming.  The future—unknown!  Where are you in the midst of the changes unveiling now in Heaven?”  (Private OLOE, Jan 13, 2009)   Know that this is true:  There is no time for doubt and no time for fear, but there is time for change.  There is time for love, and no time for hate.  There is time to give, but no time to be selfish.  There is time to detach, but no time to be enticed by the things of the world.  Please, you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, look around and see what you see and hear what you hear, and you will be enlightened to see and hear all that is about to afflict the world.”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 12, 2009)  “You are very safe; and in the midst of that safety, God calls you to move forward and to be not afraid.  He calls you to show the world through your actions, through your speech in the wisdom of your words and how you say things, and through how you act, so that all will come together and will comfort different people of all different races, religions and ages at the right time.  It does not matter whether someone believes or not, but faith is what will save this country; and I am here!”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 30, 2009) 


So if we are living at the end of an era, if we are on a precipice in salvation history, if the world as we know it is going to change, if life as we live it is going to be different, then what can we do?  Our Lady of Emmitsburg answers this question for all of humanity:


“What you can do now is to be calm and continue to pray, and to accept things in a format that allows you to be a guide for others and to lead them into a way of Peace….So you are invited to continue to focus, to love and to move on.  Focus, love and move on!  Focus—no distractions from either side.  Focus—no opinion or judgment.  Focus, focus and focus.  Focus on God.  Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else!”  (Private OLOE, Oct 16, 2009)


“The scenario is set!  The climate is right!  Even God has warned that if you see a storm is coming, you should prepare.”  cf. Mt 16:3; Lk 12: 54-56  (Private OLOE, Oct. 31, 2009)


“Make use of every virtue.  Be holy.  Be saints!  There is nothing stopping each and every one of you from being a saint.” (Public OLOE, June 4, 2006)


In His Lessons to the world, Our Lord Himself, in a very simple and prophetic way, provides advice on the best course for us to follow:


“You hold the power in your own heart to unfold and control outcomes to many issues.  The power is in the level of confidence you have in Me.  The more confident and trusting you are of Me, the more pleasure you will take in maintaining peace of heart and the more freedom you will experience because of your security in My Love.  You will not be worried or concerned as to the future, but you will be more surrendered and detached….When you place your confidence in Me, you never have to worry about your future.  Every moment of your life is in My Hands, in My Hands of Love, safety and protection.  As you are subjected to trials and tribulations, confidence in Me will allow you to surrender and accept all which is sent to you with patience and meekness of heart.  You never have to fear, because in the end I will rescue you!”  (JOM, Vol V, #26, Oct. 27, 1995)




“The salvation of the just is from the Lord,

their refuge in time of distress. 

The Lord helps and rescues them,

rescues and saves them from the wicked,

because in God they take refuge.” 

(Ps 37:39-40)



"Foolish the nation whose God is not their Lord!”

(Private OLOE, Jan. 4, 2010)


“What a foolish nation that would not prepare!"

(Private OLOE, Jan. 6, 2010)