Part I of a 9 Part Series


 Primarily Spiritually

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!”

(Isaiah 40:1)


“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!”

(Mt 3:2, Mk 1:3, Lk 3:4)



If we were to look in the Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of the word “prepare,” we would find it to mean “to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use or activity, some occasion, test or duty.”  Thus, the word may encompass spiritual preparedness, but also other forms of preparation. 


As early as May, 1989, in the Lessons from Our Lord to Gianna Sullivan, Jesus said:


“You must prepare and be patient in your preparation to enter my Kingdom…. In your preparation, you must accept that which I bring you, be at peace, and most certainly, be patient!...There is no need to know how you can prepare.  If you pray, as I have mentioned, all shall be given to you in accordance with Our wishes, and the Holy Spirit shall guide you….Be at peace.  Relax in My Spirit.  Do not attempt to control.”  (JOM, Vol I, #54, May 31, 1989)


“There is not much time left for salvation (‘time for salvation’ referring to death related to unexpected world events or the natural end on one’s earthly life).  Use every minute you have to prepare your soul for My Father’s Judgment.  Do not waste any time!  The time you have has been granted as a grace period to assist you in your conversion.”  (JOM, Vol II, #18, Nov. 4, 1989)  The soul lives and prepares on earth only to continue living in My Kingdom of peace and serenity.  It is meritorious when the soul is wounded, for it is its salvation.”  (JOM, Vol II, #22, Nov 29, 1989)


Since we can expect that no servant will be treated differently than his Master, we too can expect to be mistreated, to suffer and to die; however, Our Lord in His Lessons calls us to do this in the Spirit while in the world, not of the world:


“Bless those who maltreat you.  Give to all who beg from you…Your worldly wealth and selfish desires to succeed monetarily through control and power are only short-lived!  The time will soon come when all must face death; and this death is a reality of life over which no one has control, only the Heavenly, Divine, Almighty God!  Live now in preparation to succeed in this death to Life!”  (JOM, Vol IV, #43, July 22, 1992)


“The more confident and trusting you are of Me, the more pleasure you will take in maintaining peace of heart, and the more freedom you will experience because of your security in My Love.  You will not be worried or concerned as to the future, but you will be more surrendered and detached…..This does not mean that you will be free in your life from all trials, humiliations, mortifications or desolations, for all come from Heaven to prepare you for the glory of My Father’s Kingdom.  It does mean that utilizing the gift of confidence and trust in My Divine Love and Mercy will free you, protect your soul and gain you sanctification.  It takes many opportunities to practice humility and patience before perfection reaches sainthood.  It is how you prepare to reach the finish line.”  (JOM, Vol V, #26, October 27, 1995)


As one might expect, prayer is the lifeblood of the spiritual life, but not just “words” of prayer.  God is asking for much more than this, and Our Lady has been all over the world, especially over the last 200 years, trying to get the attention of all of her children, begging them to return to God while there is still time, however time is now short!  As Our Lady of Emmitsburg has said:


“Give yourself to God in this life on earth.  Devote time to prayer and prepare yourself to receive the graces God desires to give you.  Do not wait until the moment of need arises or you will be too exhausted from the world’s yoke to carry the yoke of God.” (Public OLOE, Sept. 8, 1994).   “If you are Catholic, pray your Rosary.  If you are Christian (non-Catholic) reflect on the words of the Gospel.  Each of you proclaims the Good News!  Look to yourself to be Jesus Himself!”  (Public OLOE, July 2, 2006)  “How much longer do you think terrible abominations against God can continue before destruction of your world happens through human hands?  A vast majority of people in this country alone are not paying attention to Our words and not praying daily in gratitude to God as requested….Pray in your families every day!  Save the family unit.  Receive the Sacraments with reverence.  Study His Word in the Scriptures.  Be loving, merciful and compassionate children.  Turn to God for assistance.  Ask the angels to assist you daily to do God’s Will.  Pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment and prudence….Do not keep your distance from Him any longer.  Time is no longer on your side.”  (Public OLOE, July 11, 1996) You cannot have a casual attitude in your spiritual development; but instead prepare as an athlete prepares for an event, or you will not have the stamina or endurance.  You cannot become lax in your faith.  Practice your faith continuously, and live as if today were your last.”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 14, 1996)


Our Lady also teaches us about some of the most important aspects of prayer.   Prayer is not defined in terms of quantity, but rather quality—praise, surrender, mortification, purification and transformation.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg further explains:


“Receive Jesus’ merits by uniting with Him in the most sacrificial Love of the Mass.  It is in the Mass where you not only receive His grace, but Jesus Himself.  Submit to Jesus Who infinitely loves you and is infinitely merciful.  If you consecrate all of your being to Jesus during the Mass, you will join Him in offering to the Father His immolation on the Cross.  Then you will be intimately fused together in His Body and Blood and never be separated.”  (Public OLOE, Feb. 13, 1997)


“During this time Jesus is very close to you, and your prayer should consist of ejaculations of praise and happiness….Perhaps Jesus desires you to be motionless during a small period of time so that you can be successfully purified of self-love.  Perhaps you need to be detached from not only the ways of the world, but personally and spiritually as well, so that you will be prepared to receive the gifts of charity and humility.”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 22, 1998)


“Surrender in peace to his desires and accept with patience all He has planned for you.  He will free you.  This does not mean you will be exempt from trials and tribulations of all sorts, for these prepare you for eternal glory and allow you to grow in the perfection of His Holiness through meekness and humility.”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 12, 1998)


“Your vision must be to seek holiness and to utilize the graces God gifts to you.  To receive the grace is not sufficient enough.  It is necessary to fervently practice every good deed and perform your duties in God’s Light of Love.  You then will grow in holiness and strengthen your virtues….Prepare yourselves to receive great virtues from God in a spirit of sacrifice…Purification precedes great graces.”  (Public OLOE, April 8, 1999)


In speaking of God the Father, Our Lady of Emmitsburg in May, 2000, pointed out that full cooperation with the Divine Will involves adhering to her Son’s request to prepare.  That preparation is driven by the movements of the Holy Spirit within each of us and there may certainly not be the same elements of preparation in each individual, all depending on what Divine Providence holds in store for each of us. 


“Ask Him for the grace and gifts you need for your loved ones, family, friends and neighbors.  He has given to you the treasure of His Son, and He will not hold anything from you.  As your Mother, I can tell you that the Father will give to you every grace needed to cooperate with His Divine Will, which will lead you to eternal joy, peace and happiness….You are now able to share His glory in the hiddenness of the Sacraments.  You can share His glory through prayer and the gifts of serving one another….The gift of giving to others in genuine love, service and generosity will renew your hearts to receive the blessings from the Father….Do not hesitate any longer in cooperating with my Son’s request for preparations.”  (Public OLOE, May 4, 2000)


As mankind approached the year 2000, there was great anticipation and fear brought about with the Y2K concerns.  Many overreacted, especially in a material sense, and many were not at all balanced.  Much of the world did not even consider spiritual preparations.  In 2003 Our Lady of Emmitsburg took the time to guide us again in the post-Y2K era when she said:


“There are many things unfolding in the world.  Many people are being confused, many people are being deceived, and many people are being misled.  However, I have foretold this long ago, and I have invited and encouraged people to prepare, to pray, to be warriors and to put on their armor so that when this time of tribulation did arise, they would be ready and their very souls would be protected by their faith from any evil….There are no boundaries within the Love of God, and at all costs I will give so that all might be happy and safe within Him.  At the same time, I must protect the faithful, the innocent, the pure, and all my prophets who risk their very lives, their reputations, their identities, their dignity and their integrity for the Sacred Heart of my Son.”  (Private OLOE, July 13, 2003)


“Now there are so many who are not certain which way to turn.  There are many who do not know what to and what not to believe.  Yet, my message continues to be pray, pray, pray; to love, to be charitable and kind, to focus on my Son, and to live pure and holy lives.”  (Private OLOE, July 13, 2003)  “This is a very important moment in history, a moment when things will change.  All this time of preparation, suffering, confusion, struggle, interior turmoil and distractions will come together and fit like a puzzle….All God’s people have a right to gain the Truth and knowledge of His Word.”  (Private OLOE, Oct 7, 2003)


On the Feast of St. Don Bosco, January 31, 2005, Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminded the world of the prophecy of her beloved saint which he received in a dream and which concluded with the words:  “Only two things can save mankind in such a great hour:  Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary.”


Our Lady said that “with all the pain that has occurred through the events in the world, there is nothing that has not been previously foretold.  I have cautioned and invited all to be prepared so that when these things happened, all would be in the proper frame of mind, one of preparation, and with their hearts at peace.”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 31, 2005)


Our Lady wants all of humanity to have her Son’s Peace, but she has been preparing us for war.  One does not have to look very far in many neighborhoods, in our nation, in the world and even in the Church, to see that not only human battles are raging here on earth, but even spiritual battles in the heavens for the salvation of souls:


“There is a real battle raging, a war that was once not seen by the human eye, but now has entered into an atmosphere where humanity is grasping it most powerfully in an attempt to destroy the Sacred Love and Truth of the Covenant of Our Two Hearts.  Your best stance is not to be swayed, and to mean what you say and say what you mean….This has been a long journey.  You have walked through and prepared for it, and now desire so much to see it unfold.”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 21, 2005)


Then one month later in September, 2005, only one month after Hurricane Katrina did such great damage to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Our Lady reminded us that trials and tribulations certainly can bring out the worst in humanity, but also an urgent call for change and eventual goodness:


“I have oftentimes invited all of humanity to join together in love and in compassion, and not to speak words of hatred, nor cause slander, calumny or malice.  I have invited all of humanity to be ‘little’ in ways so that they could be totally dependent on God, and so what was once created good could again be good, as it will be in the end.  But now humanity is in the midst of tribulation, and there is an urgency, a call for change, not a call for fear.


“It is necessary to begin now!  There is still time.  Do not wait till it is too late, for you need to have peace and the conviction to change.  You have seen that when certain events occur, there can be seen the confusion, the anger, and the loss of many lives.  In a moment what was there can be gone.  You have also seen the goodness of people who rally to the occasion as ambassadors of Light.” (Public OLOE, Sept. 4, 2005)


Our Lady goes on to address what happens when God’s time does not meet human expectations.  Most of us, at one time or another, have probably become impatient with God.  What is He waiting for?  But in His infinite Love and Mercy, only He knows the amount of time needed to bring the greatest number of souls home to Himself for all eternity.  However, even God Himself is now telling us that time is short and His patience spent.  When mankind repeatedly and relentlessly spurns His Mercy, what choice does He have rather than to be a God of Justice?


“There is tremendous turmoil in the world; and yet, in the midst of it, many people continue to live their lives in the ‘status quo’….This is the time about which I have previously spoken to my children….Many initially persevered; but when the hour did not come to their liking, they turned away.  Even yet, many are thinking now of turning away.  Only God the Father knows the time, but all must be strong and persevere.  Have the temperance to fight off those elements that prevent you from being prepared to meet God, to meet the Holy Spirit within your hearts, and to meet whatever the world brings you.”  (Private OLOE, February 13, 2007)  It is far better to be prepared now than to wait for illnesses, misfortunes or any threat of catastrophic events.  It is better now to be there, safely within my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart and the Heart of my Son.” (Private OLOE, Oct. 22, 2007)  For when the time comes, it will happen so quickly, that if people are not prepared through prayer, only confusion and chaos will exist.  So unite together, and know that you are blessed—blessed because you pray, because you hope and because you continue, day to day, fulfilling God’s Divine Will….Nothing is impossible with His help!”  (Private OLOE, March 29, 2008)


In the now widely disseminated “two suns” message of Our Lady of Emmitsburg to the world on June 1, 2008, in which she spoke of “tremendous devastation” that was to follow that sign, Our Lady also said:


“You must not fear but must be prepared, primarily spiritually….Prayer is the answer!  Prayer can mitigate much of anything to come.  Love and unity must be at the forefront, not survival of the fittest!”  (Public OLOE, June 1, 2008)


Our Lady has given, here in Emmitsburg, messages of hope and spiritual preparation.  Unfortunately, many people did not listen, nor did they care.  She pointed out that people’s indifference and arrogance had highlighted and exposed their ignorance, but that even those people will learn the Truth through their own difficulties and sufferings.  She has promised that Wisdom will be formed once again after the devastation, and that God’s unconditional Love will never leave.  In the end, she has said that all will have the choice to accept her Son’s Love.


And as a closing word of encouragement, it seems appropriate to draw from a March 2004 private message what so aptly applies to these very days in which we are now living, when Our Lady of Emmitsburg said:


“Do not let any of this disturb you or cause you to lose your focus.  The most important thing that you can do is to renew your consecration, your dedication and your commitment, to continually surrender, and to do your best….Remain pure, and receive the Sacraments.  I can tell you that in this time of tremendous turmoil and tribulation, when all will feel that God is not answering their prayers and has left them to naught, that is when you will see many different changes.” (Private OLOE, March 18, 2004)


Finally, as if adding the exclamation point to this Heavenly discourse on spiritual preparation, God the Father in His “Words” to the world on January 8, 2008 asked and answered a critical and probing question:


“And how do you prepare?  Perhaps it’s best to look within, within your wounds, within your life, and within your relationships and friendships. Look at how you want and desire to live.  If it is at peace, you shall attain Peace.  If it is with power, you shall fight the forces of humanity for this power.  If it is with the Power of God, most dignified and loving, then you shall embrace humility.  If it is in the Truth, you shall stand by the Truth until death.  If it is a surrendering and abandonment, then you shall be fulfilled most abundantly and will be led at all levels to become a pillar of Light and an ambassador of Peace, a lamp that shall never be extinguished.  And all shall move forward towards you for change, counseling and strength.”  (GTF, Jan. 8, 2008)


In the end, it will all come down to faith.  In Luke’s Gospel, Our Lord asked: “But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?”  (Lk 18:8)


Our answer is “yes”—yes, because we believe Our Lady when she says:


“I am Our Lady of Emmitsburg.  I am your Blessed Mother.  I am the Mother of my Son Who reigns Eucharistically and most powerfully, from His conception as the Child Jesus, through His Paschal suffering, finally becoming the Salvific Savior.  He is Jesus, and He shall reign Eucharistically, most devoutly and omnipotently, yet hidden.  He shall reign as the Child, the Savior, the wounded, torn, broken Savior, and the most glorious King.”  (Private OLOE, March 18, 2004)



“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!”

(Isaiah 40:1)


“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!”

(Mt 3:2, Mk 1:3, Lk 3:4)



End of Prepare, Part I



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