Part 2

Part 2

The Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom

Our Wisdom




A Gift of the Holy Spirit

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)



"…Today, every human being, every precious soul has an opportunity

to say 'yes' or to say 'no'.

Listen, and you will hear words of wisdom and enlightenment,

words to follow, Truth in life, yours to be had…."

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, June 28, 2008)


God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

speak on



The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


"The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: 

a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, spirit of counsel and of strength,

a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord." 

(Is 11:2)


As expressed in the Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent), to the Holy Spirit are attributed the operations of grace and the sanctification of souls, and in particular spiritual gifts and fruits.  The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit are freely given by God (Is 11:2-3), and they are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.   These are considered supernatural and permanent qualities which make us attentive to the voice of God, which render us susceptible to the workings of actual grace, which  make us love the things of God, and consequently, render us more obedient and docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  As permanent qualities, they can be nurtured over a lifetime to bring about our eternal reward, or they can be neglected and starved over a lifetime and convict us to our eternal damnation.


Part 1:  Introduction

             The Wisdom of God the Father

             The Wisdom of Jesus

             The Spirit of Wisdom


Part 2:  The Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom

              Our Wisdom


Part 3:   The Characteristics of Wisdom


Part 4:   The Lack of Wisdom

               The Closing



Introduction Wisdom Part - 1



Now we will ponder what has been given to the world through Gianna Talone Sullivan by God the Father in His Words, Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons, and Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages to the world regarding "wisdom" and how it may apply to each of our very own spiritual journeys.  




Part 2

"Wisdom inspires life into her children,

and protects them that seek after her,

and will go before them in the way of justice."

 (Ecclesiasticus 4:12)


The Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom


"…Imagine:  If there was a soul who would not receive 'words' from God the Father; yes, imagine the consequences.  I received words from God the Father.  The Holy Spirit came to me, yes indeed.  But first, God the Father sent an angel to come to me.  What if I had not listened?  What would be the consequences if I had not said 'yes'?…"

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, June 28, 2008)


In his encyclical Veritas Splendor, Pope John Paul II writes:


"Mary lived and exercised her freedom precisely by giving herself to God and accepting God's gift within herself.  Until the time of His Birth, she sheltered in her womb the Son of God Who became Man; she raised Him and enabled Him to grow; and she accompanied Him in that supreme act of freedom which is the complete sacrifice of His own life.  By the gift of accepting and pondering in her heart events which she did not understand, she became the model of all those who hear the Word of God and keep it, and merited the title of "Seat of Wisdom."  The Wisdom is Jesus Christ Himself, the Eternal Word of God, Who perfectly reveals and accomplishes the Will of the Father.  Mary invites everyone to accept this Wisdom.  To us too she addresses the command she gave to the servants at Cana in Galilee during the marriage feast:  'Do whatever He tells you.'…."   (Veritas Splendor, JPII, Aug. 6, 1993)


"…And  there is great delight in her friendship,

and inexhaustible riches in the works of her hands,

and in the exercise of conference with her, wisdom,

and glory in the communication of her words…." 

(Wis 8:18)


Over the years, through the Words of God the Father to the world, He has expressed such intimate sentiments regarding the important role and all of the virtues, including wisdom, of His beloved daughter Mary, the Mother of His Son, and the spouse of His Spirit.  Sacred Tradition has even entitled her the "Seat of Wisdom."


“…Without the tremendous gift of your Mother, you would be nothing!  Here she is, gathering her children continually, pleading on your behalf, and prodding for change.  Who could move the Throne of God if not her, who is so pure and Immaculate, so obedient and humble, so gentle and meek, and so filled with virtue and knowledge as to be called the ‘Seat of Wisdom?”  (GTF, Feb. 8, 2006)


“…Look to your Mother, pure and Immaculate, wholesome, humble and most wise….She made the ultimate choice!  It was nothing other than to be in Union with My Will, to live, to breathe and to die for only one purpose.  For that purpose she is given the greatest and most holy title, ‘Mother of God’….Look to her.  There you will find the entrance, the security, the protection, the wisdom and the treasure….”  (GTF, June 8, 2006)


“…Look to this most precious Immaculate Virgin, the Mother of your Savior, and there you shall see no guile, and that as she grew, Wisdom grew within her.  She gave all that she had and listened even more intently, giving and giving in joy to Me….”  (GTF, Feb 8, 2007)


Mary, Seat of Wisdom, sculpture



Various other artistic representations of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, show her seated on a throne with the Christ Child on her lap, offering Him for adoration.


Mary, Seat of Wisdom, painting



Our Lady of Emmitsburg speaks beautifully of her early life with her parents and of her offering to God, through Whom she was infused great Wisdom.  That same Wisdom, her wisdom, is available to all of her children by obedience to God's Will through detachment and openness:


"…When I was presented as a young girl, it was a very difficult act for my parents to give so freely my life to God.  But when they had initially offered that to God, they were blessed with life and no longer ridiculed that they were not able to conceive.  So as I dedicated my life to God and grew, God's Wisdom was infused within me, allowing me to grow in knowledge, in charity, in patience and with total fidelity to God.  All my virtues are virtues that you too can receive, for you also have been dedicated to God…."  (Private OLOE, Nov. 21, 2009)


"…My Son loves you, and it is through detachment from the world and in being open to His Way through obedience, that you can be at peace, so as to love and receive great graces.  My Son wishes to grace you with many virtues, but first the vices of the flesh must be tempered.  My Son wishes for all to receive my virtues of patience, faith, love, sweetness, wisdom, charity, humility, obedience hope and prayer…."  (Public OLOE, Dec. 1, 1993)


The status of the world, however, is such that there are so many impediments to receiving her virtues.  For this reason, she has for the last one hundred years been fielding an army to engage in the spiritual warfare so necessary to regain so many lost souls.  To that army she has provided her seal of protection, and the reality of the fact that her words are coming to an end, for nearly all that is needed has been said by her:


"…Because of the spiritual warfare and because of the many things happening in the world leading towards human destruction, my Son has come and asked me to gather my army of children, to wrap them under my mantle, and to give them the seal of God's blessing.  In that seal is the protection of safety, harmony and unity, and tremendous wisdom to know and discern God's Will…."  (Private OLOE, Jan. 18, 2003)


"…This world has no idea of the intensity of pain and the level of mass confusion it is about to be afflicted with.  You will have to move on as I say, but with no other words of wisdom will you be able to encourage them because they have already all they need from my words in the past.  Every person must walk their own walk on the path to God.  You cannot take them there…."  (Private OLOE. Oct 21, 2008)


"…We are not of the night or of darkness….

But since we are of the day, let us be sober,

putting on the breastplate of faith and love

and the helmet that is hope for salvation….:

(1Thes 5:8)


As the loving Mother she is, Our Lady of Emmitsburg does not leave her children without hope.  She promises to be there as our "fortress of wisdom" and to be with us as we share with others all that she has promised and all that she has planned for here at the Center of her Immaculate Heart and throughout the world.  So once again, it seems that our victory will require us to use our gift of wisdom, share it, grow with it, or lose it:


"I am so pleased to be your Mother, your friend, your 'fortress of wisdom', and a pillar directing you through the winds and torments of the troubled waters coming your way and to all the world.  Those of you who are wrapped in my mantle, as you pray and pray and as you stay close to my son, you will be victorious and safe.  The more you pray, children, the more you will have the wisdom to discern what is true and what is not." (Private OLOE, May 10, 2009)


"A gift is freely given; and a gift is freely received.  However, this gift must be given to others freely.  You want to develop the spiritual component of your lives, but you oftentimes seem to forget from where the inception of it came.  It began with my presence here, here, a presence that has been allowed by God the Father Almighty, through the Passion and suffering of my Son, and through the blessedness of my Child, the Child Jesus Who has called all children here.  As you have developed your spiritual component, it seems to me that you have forgotten that it was me, here, as your humble Mother, who has so much planned for this area, and who has called you to rally on others to come here again….(So) use your prudence, a gift from Heaven.  Use the gift of wisdom, and be very vigilant.  You cannot be afraid to defend what God has given you….Be not mistaken; the grace is for a time only.  Receive it, share it and grow to become truly a blossom of God…."  (Private OLOE, July 26, 2005)


"You must use the Wisdom of God as you see it; and you must proclaim it.  If you do not, then you will lose it.  Whether people agree with you or not, use the Wisdom that God gives you."  (Private OLOE, Feb. 2, 2005)


"And when He was twelve years old,

they went up  (to Jerusalem) according to the festival custom….

All who heard Him were astounded at His understanding and His answers….

And His mother kept these things in her heart.

And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man."

(Lk 2:42, 47 & 52)



Our Wisdom

"If you have aught to say, then answer me….

If not, then do you listen to me;

be silent while I teach you wisdom."  

(Job 33:33)


We have spoken about the Wisdom of God the Father, the Wisdom of the Son and the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and how through all of these, wisdom is ours to be had.  What then has been said about our wisdom?  What are some of the human fallacies about our wisdom?  And how do we, through growing in wisdom, give glory to God and become more like Him in His Love and Mercy?  Our Lord Himself addresses some of these questions: 


"Man places importance on spiritual things according to the standards of the world.  My people believe that their wisdom comes from the length of time they have been practicing prayer.  They imagine that graces will beget to them because they impose a value on their prayer which they feel they deserve--immeasurable gifts depending on the length of time they have been praying.  Do they not know that I can do in someone in a matter of a short time what would normally take another years of prayer to achieve?  I am asking for devotion and commitment to prayer through the love of your heart, not through spiritual vanity.  Pray for spiritual emptiness so that true devotion to Me can exist!"  (JOM, Vol IV, #9, Nov. 24, 1991)


"My faithful people, by the light of their holy faith, have rekindled the darkness to Light….They are the pearls of My Mercy through their upright and holy lives.  They render Me glory and praise, despising vice and embracing virtue.  These, My beloved people, through their desire to grow in the opportunity of knowledge and wisdom, are the soothing balm of My most broken Heart.  By living virtuously, they cauterize the wound of sin in the world, giving Me honor for the salvation of souls….Their service is unconditional….Their actions are the peace and light in the minds of all people."  (JOM, Vol V, #6, Feb. 6, 1995)


"Always strive to be loving and master all trials and tribulations through trust and confidence.  Even if you initially fail, you have not failed.  Each time you have gained wisdom and have practiced the virtues of humility and patience. Each time you become more like Me until you are Me in Divine Love and Mercy."  (JOM, Vol V, #26, Oct. 27, 1995)


"You hipocrites!

You know how to discern the appearance of the earth and the sky;

why do you not know how to discern the present time?"

(Lk 12:56)


Our Lady has never turned her focus away from Jesus, and so too she is always encouraging her children to do the same.  So important in our spiritual journey are the gifts of wisdom and discernment, for evil is always there to disguise falsehood as truth and to corrupt and confuse:


"Jesus is the power of all life and the depth of all knowledge.  The highest level of wisdom which can be acquired is through trusting in Him.  Peace of heart exists when you place your confidence in Him.  Little ones, as you draw closer to Jesus, you may encounter difficulties in your life.  Do not fear.  Have confidence in Jesus.  Turn to Jesus and draw strength from His sufferings.  He will teach you wisdom against the deceits of the world.  Use your intelligence and will to live a holy life."  (Public OLOE, June 26, 1996)


"The more you embrace the Love of my Son, the more you will diligently work to remain in the state of grace.  You will desire to receive the sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Jesus will become your all.  He will penetrate every microscopic cell of your body.  He will inebriate you with His Love, and you will inherit His Peace of Heart.  You will gain wisdom and discernment, fortitude, confidence and fidelity to your Savior."  (Public OLOE, Dec. 31, 1998)


"Peace cannot exist through force.  My Son's mission was to obtain eternal salvation for you, not to bring peace to the world.  Peace does exist in His Truth, for He is the Light and the Way.  I invite you children to pray for God's Truth and knowledge.  Pray to have the grace and wisdom to avoid the influence and persuasion of the evil one, for he will present himself as a peacemaker and give you false hopes of security and unity."  (Public OLOE, Jan 2, 1997)


"Charity envelops all the virtues.  But in a time of disengagement, corruption and confusion, a time when all seem to be going in one direction and few in the other, the main virtue to ask God to grace you with would be that of 'wisdom.'  For without this virtue, you will not be able to discern in those moments whether to go right or to go left, to go straight or to turn around, whether to dig under, to dig inward or to dig upward.  How will you know where to go, who to follow, who to be with and how you will function?  You will not know without this great virtue!"  ((Private OLOE, Sept. 6, 2008)


"As you seek the good and are faced with opposition and challenges, look to Jesus.  As you pray, take a moment and ponder, and ask God the Father to enlighten you with discernment so that you have the wisdom to know in which direction you are to proceed."  (Private OLOE, Mar. 28, 2005)


"By Thy Providence, O' Father govern it.

For Thou has made a way even in the sea….

showing that Thou art able to save….though a man went to sea without skill.

But that the works of Thy wisdom might not be idle,

therefore men also trust their lives even to a little wood,

and passing over the sea by ship they are saved."

(Wis 14:3-5)


God wills only for our true happiness.  God is Love.  It seems, however, that it is our lack of trust that allows us to always stumble over the many obstacles placed in our path.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg encourages us to trust and to resign to God's Will so we can be free, unafraid and courageous:


"When you discern everyday to fulfill God's Divine Will, trust with all your heart and remove any obstacles that would prevent you from fulfilling His Will.  It may not seem like a happy course; but if you are resigned to His Divine Will, your permissive will will follow through, and you will be at peace, completely free.  You will not be afraid.  You will be courageous.  You will have the fortitude to persevere, the temperance to follow through and the wisdom to understand."  (Private OLOE, Aug. 5, 2007)


 "Trust in God, little children.  Place your confidence in Him alone….Consolations from this world are limited and imperfect.  Trusting in God brings the deepest form of security, freedom, consolation and wisdom.  Desire only what God desires for you."  (Public OLOE, May 18, 1995)


"Know that courage, vigilance, prudence and wisdom are all there for you to receive and utilize, to take ownership of as God's Will allows it, and to change this small world with all its great challenges into a beautiful new tomorrow."  (Private OLOE, Aug. 27, 2005)


"And a crown of gold upon his mitre,

 wherein was engraved 'Holiness,' an ornament of honor:

a work of power, and delightful to the eyes for its beauty." 

(Ecclesiasticus 45:14)


And more specific to her message here at Emmitsburg, Our Lady reminds us again of what God has allowed her to offer to all her children throughout the world from this little site in Emmitsburg, from which so much has been promised, and around which so few have rallied to defend her most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.  Nevertheless, she joyfully points toward that new tomorrow when Wisdom shall be ours and the Holiness of God will dwell within us:


"Today, many people get involved with so many things, and they desire to pray and pray in many different directions.  Oftentimes they seem to forget that here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart is a place that is not only for just the local people, but it is one of the greatest sites in salvific history where my Son has allowed me to come.  There are not very many people who rally to defend my most Immaculate Heart….God loves everyone, but this is why things often are delayed; because God in His  Love and compassion awaits humanity's loving response.  For man, the fruit of love is wisdom.  The fruit of wisdom is action.  Action then becomes the treasure and crown of my Son."  (Private OLOE. Nov. 12, 2003)


"As we walk together in joy, know that you are blanketed from all harm, for you have lived the sorrow and the pain that I lived when my Son died.  Blessed are you who have heard the Word of my Son and kept it!  Because of your conviction, a new tomorrow is now surfacing….


"…I bless you, and I thank you with the joy of a Mother who is so happy for her children because they have chosen the safe and wise road.  Wisdom shall be yours, and the Holiness of God shall dwell within you."  (Private OLOE, Oct. 18, 2006)


"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly,

as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another,

singing psalms, humans, and spiritual songs

with gratitude in your hearts to God." 

(Col 3:16)


"Behold, God's dwelling is with the human race.

He will dwell with them and they will be His people,

and God Himself will always be with them as their God….

for the old order has passed away."

(Rev 21:3-4)



Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.



End of Wisdom

Part 2

(to be continued)