Part 4

Part 4:

The Fruits of Christian Joy






A Fruit of the Holy Spirit

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)



God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

speak on



"We are writing this so that our joy may be complete."

(1Jn 1:4)


The Fruits of the Holy Spirit


"The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,

 goodness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, modesty, chastity and self control."

(Gal 5:22-23)




Joy, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, when listed in St. Paul's letter to the Galatians, is listed 2nd only to love.  When as human beings we experience God's Love and it begins to take root in our interior being, the natural outflow is joy.  It is that same joy then that can, through the interior workings of the Holy Spirit, attract others to God's Love.


Opening Remarks/Definitions from Part 1


In this compilation on "JOY" we hope to draw from this vast heavenly grace to the world in a way that brings each of us closer to God--His Love and His Joy!



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   The Joy of Jesus

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Part 2:  The Joy of My Divine Providence

             The Joy of My Light and in My Truth

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Part 3:  The Aspects of Our Christian Joy

Part 4:  The Fruits of Christian Joy


The Fruits of Christian Joy



Pope Paul VI teaches:


"There is needed a patient effort to teach people, or teach them once again, how to savor in a simple way the many human joys that the Creator places in their paths:  the elating joy of existence and of life; the joy of chaste and sanctified love; the peaceful joy of nature and silence; the sometimes austere joy of work well done; the joy and satisfaction of duty performed; the transparent joy of purity, service and sharing; the demanding joy of sacrifice.”  (Gaudete in Domino, On Christian Joy, Pope Paul VI, May 9, 1975) 


Some of these simple human joys are brought to mind by Our Lady of Emmitsburg as she shares with us her messages about the birth of Our Lord, the innocence and dependence of the Child, the beauty of our own childlikeness and littleness, the treasure of the Eucharist, the exhilaration that comes with tears of joy, the genuine satisfaction that comes with sharing the Joy of Jesus, and the promise that Joy is ours to be had, that it will be made complete.


We have in the Opening Remarks defined "joy" as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and in that, not just a wonderful emotion and a virtue, but an action.  That action can produce many positive effects, results and outcomes.  In this section we will explore some of the fruits of Christian Joy.



“”I proclaim to you good news of great joy

 that will be for all the people. 

For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you

who is Messiah and Lord.” 

(Lk 2:10-11)


Throughout the course of the liturgical year, some of the most "joy-filled" messages from Our Lady of Emmitsburg have come during the Advent and Christmas Seasons, which anticipate the first coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a Child.  Reflecting on these sentiments and teachings now may serve as preparation for anticipating the second coming, which is not the Final Judgment at the end of the world, but the second or intermediate coming of the Christ Child at this end of the era.


“Hail, full of grace!  The Lord is with you!”

(Lk 1:28)


Our Lady begins by sharing some of the most intimate aspects of that first coming and its meaning for all of her children:


“As I was gathering water from the town well, a brilliant light from Heaven approached me.  Startled by this light I made in haste my way home.  Once in my humble quarters there again a brilliant light from Heaven entered my quarters, and from this light came the melodious voice of an angel who announced, ‘Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you!....


"…My little children, God in His Love instructed my soul and spoke to me in the middle of the silence and darkness of the world.  There I surrendered in the trust and poverty of a child.  I did not know the land I would travel or the route.  I had only one desire, that of reaching the summit of Love.  My Joseph and I were led by God through passages where we saw nothing but half-veiled light, but that Light was God Himself advancing us toward His mountain of Love….


"Make a way: give free passage, turnout of the path,

take away the stumbling blocks out of the way of my people."

(Is 57:14)


“…You also, children are invited to walk the passage of Love, seen though it may be with silence and little consolation.  Surrender in hope and watch.  Our Jesus will turn your sorrow and darkness into joy, and a luminous light will dawn a new tomorrow.  Wait in anticipation and adore Him.  Walk where He leads you with the trust and poverty of a child.  The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you!  The Holy Child to be born will be called Son of God.  He is your God, children; He is your Jesus, your Savior; and nothing will be impossible, for He is God.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 16, 1999)


The events of that first Christmas bring bittersweet memories to Our Lady as she recalls all of the trials and tribulations that accompanied it; however, those trials were overwhelmed by the moment of joy when she looked into the eyes of “Life” Himself:


“Allow me to tell you, my little ones, on the night when my Son was born, although it was glorious indeed, it was a sad evening; for there we were with my newborn Child, no place to keep Him, no clothes in which to wrap Him.  It was cold and dark; and yes, it was sad because I wanted Him to have all the good things a mother could give….But then I looked into His eyes, and like in that glorious moment when every newborn babe has barely opened his baby eyes, I could see in Him “Life.”  Just the glimpse of that moment was joy indeed!...I can tell you that what day after day seemed to be so harsh and so filled with turmoil, turned out to be glorious, day after day, filled with joy after joy….


“… (And for you) what was once dark, sad and in turmoil, and you with no place to rest your souls, now in the glimpse of the Newborn will open a new dawn, and day after day will be a new tomorrow, glorious and more glorious!”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 25, 2002)


“It is a time of Joy, a time for the world to prepare for the glorious Coming of my Son, your Emmanuel….When I was expecting, I had the tremendous Joy of giving birth to a Savior.  Now as a Mother, I continue to have that same joy as your Mother.  So please join me in being filled with a childlike joy.”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 2, 2003)


“This season draws close to every human’s heart the joy of love in several forms.  Joy centered on Jesus and his mystical Life shall bring forth interior Peace and self-satisfaction.  Reflect on the Infant Jesus, and wait in anticipation for His joyous coming….Ponder His goodness and the holy indifference which allowed Him to rise to the heights of humility.  The joy of a mother surpasses all ailments, and it is my Joy to bring you to Him.  It is my Joy, for I am your Mother.”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 30, 1995)


"For a child is born to us, a son is given us;

upon his shoulder dominion rests.

They name him Wonder-Counselor, God -Hero,

Father-Forever, Prince of Peace."

(Is 9:5)


“It is a great joy to have the gift of Jesus in your heart.  There is no greater gift than to bear in your heart the Birth and the Joy of the Child Jesus.  This comes with tremendous Peace…..Many things pass quickly, but your love for Him can only grow deeper until your heart is inflamed.  At that point, Peace and Justice meet.”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 2, 2005)


"Justice shall be the band around his waist,

and faithfulness a belt upon his hips….

The calf and the young lion shall browse together,

with a little child to guide them."

(Is 11:5-6)


“So focus on the Child this Christmas Season; and even in His suffering you will see the Joy—the Joy of life, holiness and redemption, the gift of salvation.”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 30, 2008)




The Joy of the Child Jesus

Recalling David speaking of Our Lord:

"You have made known to me the paths of life;

you will fill me with joy in your presence." 

(Acts 2:28)


“I am your Mother of Joy because I bring you “Life.”  I bring you my Son, your Savior, Jesus.  He is Life….He is Joy, and it is my joy to present Him to you.  He is your Joy….I am here to protect all life, and no forces of evil can prevail over me. This place is the haven of life because it is the Center of my Immaculate Heart where all children seek refuge.  It will withstand all attacks from evil because I am here with my Child Jesus….Here they will find Joy, for I am your Mother of Joy; and I present your Joy as a Child.  Jesus comes in the form of a Child when He is filled with Joy….He humbles Himself in His Majesty to come with me in the form of a little Child offering you the invitation to Life and Joy.”  (Public OLOE, Mar. 9, 1995)  The desire for all people to know and to come to the Center of my Immaculate Heart for Joy and as a refuge of children, because the Child Jesus is here, is a great grace.  So much joy is missing today in peoples’ lives, and the Child Jesus can restore that; and I with my mantle will cover and protect them.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 9, 2010)


“The earth is being renewed by the Presence of Heaven.  My Son is coming to dispel the darkness of your minds and hearts.  Rejoice to have a Savior who loves you and is coming to give you a breath of Heaven….Receive the joy, anticipation and excitement of a child’s heart awaiting a prized treasure.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 9, 1999)


“…This is the time when my Son is awaiting the hour to arrive, when His Joy can come into your hearts.  This is the time for you to keep vigil and wait for Joy.  My Son is the Joy of your heart.  Await Him in anticipation through prayer….The Joy of God is coming for those who seek Him with all their hearts.  Joy is coming for those who invite Him into their hearts.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 1, 1994)



"Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,

you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whoever humbles himself like this child

is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven."

(Mt 18:3)


“My Son is coming, and He will be looking to find those with childlike and little hearts, those not preoccupied with sensationalism and the complexities of life.  He will be looking for those who live a humble, modest life and who strive to love, who are honest, who are not filled with malice or guile, and who have been faithful to His Word and who trust in His promise with childlike, filial confidence….It is my Son, the Child Jesus, who will usher in the new era of peace, to give you hope and invite all the world to be enthroned in His virtues….Therefore,, do not be afraid.  Await His arrival with great anticipation and joy.”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 30, 1999)  “…He will return again, not in a corporeal body to walk the earth, and not as the glorified Just Judge as he will come at the end of time, but as a Child of Hope to usher in an era of peace as God’s Mercy is unveiled….It was during my Son’s childhood years that He was surrounded by love, warmth and security.  He was filled with joy, gained wisdom and was protected from danger.  The return of Jesus as a Child through my Immaculate Heart will provide a refuge where you will be safe from harm; and He will give you hope to live life in the fullness of His Joy.”  (Public OLOE, June 29, 2000“It will not be His Final Judgment and Coming, for this next era will be the Covenant of Our Two Hearts, a Spiritual Eucharistic Reign where the Child Jesus will usher in a Kingdom of Peace.”  (Public OLOE, Mar. 2, 2000)


“God loves you, little ones.  Your eyes show the joy of littleness and a genuine love of Jesus.  Your eyes are the core of your soul.  They cannot lie.…God is with you at all times.  Stay close to Him in His Most Precious Body and Blood. There you shall learn the Truth of how to be like a child.”  (Private OLOE, July 9, 2005)  “Do not allow anyone to take from you the joy, the innocence, the purity, and the fresh love that you portray.  Continue to be childlike.”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 5, 2005)


"I give you praise Father, Lord of heaven and earth;

for although you have hidden these things

from the wise and the learned,

you have revealed them to the childlike."

(Lk 10:21)


“Little ones, that is what you are, children of God….In all humility and as humble servants, in the Light of God, you all are invited to allow God to be greater and you to be lesser.  When you move aside, then God is everything, and you are filled with Joy and freedom; but it takes wisdom and the Light of the Holy Spirit.  Then through your prayer and faith, you can realize that you must become lesser so God can become all!...Remember:  Littleness is greatness, and to be great you can be the tiniest atom that hides within my Son’s Heart.  There you are protected.   God did not need me, He chose me; and as He does not need anyone, He chooses you.  Why?  Because He loves you in His Plan for the fulfillment of the life and the salvation of humanity.”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 10, 2010)


“The joy of the little children is the Joy of His Heart….For those who are truly childlike are those who have the vision of hope, freedom, peace and life.”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 18, 2005)


"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them;

for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these."

(Mt 19:14)


Center of my Immaculate Heart

"For if you live according to the flesh, you will die;

but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live." 

(Rom 8:13)


It is one thing to know, to recite, to answer appropriately questions regarding the Word of God in the Gospel or even an authentic message from Heaven which supports the Word of God; however, what is important and most necessary is to “live” the Word of God and whatever messages one genuinely discerns to be true.  Oftentimes, we may deceive both ourselves and others in this matter of living” the message; however, God in His Truth sees all and knows all and reaches out to all with His unfathomable Mercy, and is not deceived.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg invites all to live rather than just know about the message:


“I invite you, children, to live my messages of hope, joy and love, so that all the world will know God’s Truth and see that at this Center of my Immaculate Heart there can only be hope, joy, love and safe refuge for all children.  My Immaculate Heart shall triumph, and the Two Hearts shall reign in the glory of the Eternal Father’s Truth….I desire the world to know that those who trust in my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son can rest in Our Peace and Joy.”  (Public OLOE, May 4, 1995)


“Strive to be hospitable and genuinely loving so that the world will see the Joy of Jesus in your eyes here at this Center of my Immaculate Heart.  All are called to be filled with Joy.  To be filled with joy, you must be filled with Jesus’ Love….I desire all who come here to see the Love and Joy of Jesus in your eyes.”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 2, 1995)   “My Immaculate Heart is a refuge for all people.  All are welcomed.  You, little children, are invited to join together in unity to share my Love and Joy in Jesus with all who come here.”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 9, 1995)


“But here, at the Center of my Immaculate Heart, I am not leaving.  It does not matter how many do not desire me.  I do not look for numbers.  I look to what God desires; and I am so honored and humbled that if there is even just one soul here who desires me, I would never leave; and there are more than one soul.  There are many, many here who desire me….For this is a Center of Hope, a Center of Joy, and a Center for the people to rejoice in their Saints, their priests and their God…..”  (Private OLOE, Feb. 5, 2005)



A profoundly prophetic and not well understood aspect of Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s message at the Center of her Immaculate Heart involves the unveiling of God’s Mercy here in such a way as it will affect the entire world.  This appreciation of what has been called God’s greatest attribute, His Divine Mercy, was initiated most notably by St. Faustina Kowalska in Poland during the 1930’s and has been expanded upon by the Church and many of its prophets since that time.  Interestingly, Our Lady states that this local community in and around Emmitsburg, the Center of her Immaculate Heart, will need to be a community of purity, joy and peace.  Would this be an accurate description of this community yet?


“When my Son’s Divine Mercy is unveiled, it will entail the entire world; and as His Divine Mercy commences, it will be unveiled here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  What results from the unveiling of His Mercy will be glorious, and it will involve the Eucharistic Reign moving to the forefront.  But initially this community will need to be one of purity and joy and peace before His Divine Mercy can commence here.  It will involve everyone who has chosen to walk away from Him or to be indifferent and those who have been fearful.  But eventually glorious works and Peace shall come.  A new springtime of grace and hope shall arise.”   (Private OLOE, Sept. 22, 2003)


“I thank you with all my heart for all of your efforts and your commitment and devotion to my Son, allowing me to be here at the center of true Joy and refuge for all people and all nations, of every race and creed.  I tell you that I am a Mother, a Mother of all religions.  I am the Mother of Hope, your Mother of Hope; the Mother of Truth, your Mother of Truth; the Mother of Joy, your Mother of Joy.  My hope for all humanity is that Peace and unity will live in your hearts, a world of Peace which can exist.”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 27, 2005)



"For in hope we were saved.

Now hope that sees for itself is not hope.

For who hopes for what one sees?

But if we hope for what we do not see,

we wait with endurance."

(Rom 8:24-25)


Never lose hope!  Always keep the Joy of Jesus in your heart….What is important is that you know that all I have said will unfold.  Yes, God is good and merciful, and oftentimes events are mitigated, but all of what I have said will unfold.”  (Private OLOE, Mar. 21, 2009)


“Whatever you believe, children, if your faith is deep enough, it will happen.  Your faith must be rooted with the firm confidence that God’s Will shall unfold….The signs of the times have revealed that the end of an era is truly sooner than you think….All there is time for is to love and to unify; and in your actions of love, people will see the Truth.  Truth is so important, because with my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, all things will be made new, for they will be made new within my Son.”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 15, 2010)


Do not be afraid to give yourself totally to God.  He will always provide for you and fill you with Joy.”  (Public OLOE, may 26, 1994)


"For the grace of God has appeared,

saving all and training us to reject godless ways and worldly desires

and to live temperately, justly, and devoutly in this age,

as we await the blessed hope, the appearance

of the glory of the great God and of our Savior Jesus Christ,

who gave Himself for us to deliver us from all lawlessness

and to cleanse for Himself a people as His own,

eager to do what is good."

(Tit 2:12-14)


Joy and the Eucharist


In Christ Our Joy, the Theological Vision of Pope Benedict XVI, Msgr. Joseph Murphy writes:


"The Eucharist in its various dimensions gives rise to joy:  joy for the salvation that the Lord has won for us in the Paschal mystery; joy at the Lord's abiding presence; joy that arises from the intimate union with Him that takes place in Eucharistic communion and binds us more closely to the life of the Trinity.  Furthermore, the joy that flows from the Eucharist urges us to evangelize and commit ourselves to bringing the 'yeast' of the Gospel into society and the world at large."


"I am the living bread that came down from Heaven.

Whoever eats this bread will live forever;

and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world."

(Jn 6: 51)


During Holy Communion in 1988, Our Lord spoke to Gianna:


“…I am now within you!  It is in the Eucharist that I am consecrated to you and you to Me….It is I, through the Eucharist, Who makes your image one in the likeness of God, because you are receiving My Body.  I grant you special graces, not by human desire, but by Mine….My people need to be open to this!”  (JOM, Vol I, #3, Nov. 5, 1988)


By some accounts in private revelation, Our Lady lived another 15 years after the Death and Resurrection of her Son, as she worked with the Apostles in establishing that early Church.  Who more than she could appreciate the Life and the Love present in her own Son’s Eucharistic Presence?  Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares this with all her children:


“The Love of God is everything.  It is your joy, your life, your food.  Your treasure is in the Love of Jesus.” (Public OLOE, Nov. 17, 1994) 


Receive Holy Eucharist so Jesus will find great joy in dwelling in you.  Profit by the remedy offered in Jesus as the ‘Bread of Life.  Do not use an excuse of fear to stay away from Jesus.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 8, 1994)


“How blessed you are that He is here everyday for you in the Most Holy Eucharist!  How blessed you are to receive Jesus every minute!...Receive His blessing most graciously, and open your hearts continually to receive more; for there is much more to give….”  (Public OLOE, Sept. 2, 2007)




"I yearn to see you again, recalling your tears,

so that I may be filled with joy,

as I recall your sincere faith…."

(2Tim 1:5)


Certainly, all of us can identify with many of the emotions that can elicit the act of crying or tearing up.  It can be associated with pain and sorrow, with fear or embarrassment, and with joy and exhilaration.  Through the modern media we see so many peoples’ lives—lives across the world or our nation that we see but know not, lives of our friends and acquaintances, lives in our family members and within our own households—all filled with so much sorrow and sadness; and we might expect most of the tears in the world to reflect that stark reality.  But, it is not going to be that way forever!


However, God the Father in His “Words,” Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Lessons, Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her messages, all speak of that time, sooner rather than later, when those tears of sorrow will first serve as tears of cleansing and then no longer exist, but rather be transformed into tears of joy:

          God the Father:

"I bless you with tears of cleansing at every moment that your souls may be uplifted and inebriated with the Joy of My son, and there joined to the Triune God, pure and undefiled, gracious and whole, glorious and unending, magnificent and omnipotent!”  (GTF, Mar 8, 2007)


Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Evil’s reign of power is close to an end, and there shall be no more tears of sorrow, but tears of joy and gladness.  Every sorrow, every whimper of pain pierces My Sacred Heart, only to be turned into the soul’s glory in resurrection.”  (JOM, Vol V, #28, Nov. 2, 1995)


          Our Lady of Emmitsburg:

“Your tears will no longer be tears, like pellets falling from the face of my Son’s torn flesh, but will be tears of Joy.  Your tears will turn into droplets of purifying balm that can only heal and will soothe the pain of the tormented Face of my Son, which has been torn apart and filled with the hatred of the angry people who have injured it.”   (Private OLOE, Dec. 15, 2009)


"He will wipe every tear from their eyes,

and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain,

for the old order has passed away."

(Rev 21:4)



Sharing Our Joy

"Awe came upon everyone,

and many wonders and signs were done through the Apostles….

Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple area

and to breaking bread in their homes….

praising God and enjoying favor with all the people. 

And every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved. 

(Acts 243-47)


Just as the Love of God could not contain itself, but overflowed in a way as to bring about creation and humanity, so too Christian Joy cannot contain itself or be hoarded or be directed inward, but also must overflow to our fellow brothers and sisters, all children of God.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg refers to the actions of and response to those first Apostles who after being filled with Holy Spirit could not contain the Joy of Christ:


“Be filled with the Holy Spirit, and know that the Joy of Christ will sustain you in all your trials and in all your accomplishments.”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 14, 2009As the Apostles could not contain themselves with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and went all about preaching the Good News of my Son, you also should not be contained or withhold any information regarding my presence here.  Go forth valiantly with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, like crashing waves!...Keep going and going forth, prodded by the Holy spirit, until people look and see the great fruits and the Joy and the Peace with which God has blessed them here….The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles courage.  They were made new!...If they remained silent, it was like torture within them—also the same for you.  The longer you hold back, the more inside you will be wounded with turbulence from the lack of inner strength and inner security,  You will lack peace of heart, and your void will not be filled with Joy.  So respond and move valiantly, like a surge of wind and like gushing waves!”  (Private OLOE, May 31, 2009)


"Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory;

rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves,

each looking out not for his own interests,

but also everyone for those of others." 

(Phil 2:3-4)


“Focus on loving one another and pondering how the Love of Jesus can change you and help you to be pure.  Self-centeredness can be changed to self-givingness.  Selfishness can be changed to selflessness.  You will take joy in the Cross and you will not be troubled by the way of the world.  Nothing is impossible for God.”  (Public OLOE, July 9, 1998)


“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain Mercy.”

(Mt 5:7)


“The Mercy of God enriches your soul when you express mercy towards others.  Mercy will shape the bonds of love in relationships through forgiveness and respect for the dignity of life.  You can encounter a mutual bond of love in your relationships through mercy; and you will experience God’s gift of joy, peace of heart and freedom by loving as Jesus loves….”  (Public OLOE, Nov. 19, 1998)


“The best work that you could ever do through humility is service.  When you give yourself to others, everything else takes care of itself.  Whether you feel joy or not, to give unconditionally and continually is a great gift, because this is where you meet Jesus face to face….Whether there is sorrow or joy in the world, you can be certain that if you focus on my Son and continue to work for His cause, you will always be protected and be with Him for all eternity…”  (Private OLOE, Dec. 11, 2005)


“The joy that you share with others is alive, and it radiates and shows people God’s Love.  You do not need to understand everything….You wait for the perfect timing of God’s Divine Will.  You pray….You implore God’s assistance….You implore God’s Mercy, and this is necessary.  How blessed you are, and how joyful I am!”  (Private OLOE, Apr. 5, 2006)


“Evil begets evil, but when you have a free will and you choose to do good, tremendous glory is given to God.  This changes the world and allows peace and freedom.  It gives a renewal, refreshment to the heart and the soul, and a new birth, one where God dwells humbly, joyfully, lovingly and compassionately.  Then with a childlike spirit, you are able to freely give and to freely receive.  What a joy!”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 26, 2006)


“When you live in turmoil and your heart is sorrowful; and yet, when you see people, you smile as if nothing was disturbing you, know that this great gift is graced by Heaven.”  (Private OLOE, May 20, 2007)


"Neither the pillar of cloud by day

nor the pillar of fire by night

ever left its place in front of the people."

(Ex 13:22)


“Remember this, children:  those who are suffering now are those who will gain later and will be the pillars of Light for those who have everything now.  Those who pray will be the ones who will help those who are confused and frightened and almost in despair.” (Private OLOE, Apr. 18, 2009)


So, be the Light of Jesus!  Allow all those in the world to know the Truth, and never waver.  The truth is the Truth!  Even in your torments and sufferings, you are made just in the eyes of God and righteous through your humility…Peace to you for all the Peace you give of my Son!  Joy to you for all the Joy you give of my Son!...(Private OLOE, Dec. 16, 2007)


“I will rejoice over them when I shall do them good;

and I will plant them in this land in truth,

with my whole heart and with all my soul.”

(Jer 32:41)



The Closing

"No one has greater love than this,

to lay down one's life for one's friends.

You are My friends if you do what I command you….

I have called you friends because I have told you

everything I have heard from my Father."

(Jn 15:13-15)


In closing, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, as a joyful Mother, thanks all of us, her children, most especially for their friendship and their love of her Son.  She entices us with a “glimpse” of what rewards await the faithful; she assures us of what is attainable: complete joy and a new world; and she blesses us with her encouragement and hope:


“With the joy of a Mother that I am, I thank you not only for your camaraderie and unity in prayer, but for your friendship and your love of my Son.  All your works give Him glory and honor; but what gives my Son the greatest glory is when people join together, not only to pray, but united in friendship, happiness and jovial times, sharing the goodness, the freedom and the victory of God….All your pain and sorrow, all your joys and the fruits of your works are but a mere glimpse of the rewards and the ecstasy that will be each of yours when you come face to face with the Beatific Vision of the Triune God.”  (Private OLOE, Oct. 18, 2004I wish you could see the Joy that God has when He looks into your souls and sees the beauty and tranquility there, and when he receives the praise you give to the Triune God….My Joy is with you, and my prayer is that your joy may be complete.”  (Public OLOE, Jan. 31, 2005)


“In the way of today's world, it is not easy to stand on the ground of Truth and Faith with Hope and Joy in your hearts; but you can because I am with you, encouraging you and helping you; and my Son, He will make everything new!”  (Private OLOE, Jan. 11, 2006)


“I give you the blessing of His Hope and His Encouragement; and I give you my blessing as a Mother to encourage you as I did my Son, and in hope for your Joy, a Joy that is for you to be had.”  (Private OLOE, April 6, 2004)



In the following “Words” of God the Father from August, 2007, Our Heavenly Father ended with, “How wonderful a time to live when praise and thanksgiving should be directed to your Creator.”  Is it not a shame that humanity has not taken advantage of this time? 



The Words of God the Father

To the World

 August  8, 2007



Dear Children of Humanity,


Blessed be life, life that I created for your good will and your good pleasure, life that you may live it fully and reap most copiously from the fruit of the land! 


This time is a time of joy.  Joy is what you should be grasping.  You should grasp it fully.  If you are not reaping the benefits of joy, then look interiorly.   Maybe your attention should be focused more on what you have now than on what you could have.  Then, perhaps you will be joyful.


When the Archangel Gabriel went to my humble servant, Mary, he said, "Rejoice, O' most highly favored one"; and then, once again, "Rejoice, the Lord's favor is upon you."  (Lk 1:26-30)


When my Son was presented to Anna and Simeon at the temple in Jerusalem, Simeon rejoiced,  "My soul can now rest in peace, for I have seen the glory of God." (Lk 2:29-32)


Days before my Son entered Gethsemane in prayer (Mk 14:32), He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem; and there they sang, "Rejoice!" with palms upraised to God. (Mt 21: 9)


How wonderful to live in a time when praise and thanksgiving should be directed to your Creator!  With all the wonderful gifts you receive, it is a joyful time.  All the angels sing songs of joy.


Joy, joy is yours to be had!


Take a moment, just one moment, and you can also receive joy.  This gift is in you.  It is graced to you at your Baptism.  It is a gift.  Keep it, and never lose it. 


I love you as your Creator, and I will always love you.


Have we kept the gift of joy we received at Baptism, or have we forgotten about it or have we lost it?



Brother Rufino was already a priest by 1210, and was one of St. Francis’ first friars in Assisi.  Preserved outside of Assisi are some of the mountainside caves where the friars would go for prayerful solitude and contemplation.  On a visit to Assisi in 1992, through an inner locution, Gianna heard this prayer from Brother Rufino:




(Given by Brother Rufino in Assisi to Gianna)


Lord, O' my Lord, I am a wretched sinner

Pleading for your Mercy

On this poor soul.

Grant that I may see and live freely

Your Joy now and forever.



Have mercy on me.

I do not deserve Joy of You;

But if You see this poor sinner

As Your Joy in Your Mercy,

I can live in union with You in Joy.


Blessed be God,

For He shall have Mercy

On those who seek Him purely.

Strip me of my ugliness.

Renew me in Your Holiness.


Come, my Lord, come.

O' come to this poor wretched sinner.

May all the world know of my wretchedness

So I may experience and live

In Your Joy forever.


Come, O' Grace of Joy.

Come, your spouse awaits you.

Not shall these lips rejoice

Until my Joy, my Savior, enlightens me

By breathing His Joy upon me.

Praised be God! 

Amen. Amen.

(JOM, Vol IV, #26, July 7, 1992)


Although we don’t deserve it and we cannot earn it, we have the promise of God’s Love for each of us.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds us in closing that it is that Love that sustains and that no one can take from us.  Thanks be to God!


“Sing joyfully to God, your strength!...His vows are never  broken.  No matter the circumstance, your heart of love should be dedicated in resignation to God’s Will and filled with Joy.  Look to the glorious day of meeting Him face to face with heart-filled longing and joyful offerings of praise.”  (Public OLOE, Dec. 15, 1994)


“Take within your hearts the joy that no one can take from you, that is the joy that you are loved by God….It is the Love of my Son that sustains each of my children and gives each of them the ultimate   pinnacle of Joy….”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 14, 2003)


"For the Father Himself loves you,

because you have loved Me and have come to believe

that I came from God."

(Jn 16:27)



Just as we began this Part 4, the final segment of the Joy Series, with Our Lady of Emmitsburg sharing some of the intimate details of the faith journey she and her Joseph began in Nazareth and Bethlehem, a journey filled with both tremendous joy and sorrow, let us now conclude with another image of the two of them, an image in which they have now reached that pinnacle of Joy, that is taken from the traditional 30-day Novena to St. Joseph, in which we are praying to St. Joseph for a special favor:


“…I ask it by the joy which filled your (Joseph’s) soul, when the Redeemer of the world, triumphant over death and Hell, entered into the possession of His Kingdom and led you into it with special honors.

I ask it through Mary’s glorious Assumption, and through that endless happiness you (Joseph) share with her in the Presence of God.…”


“Rejoice and leap for joy on that day!

Behold, your reward will be great in Heaven.

(Lk 623)”



Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cause of our Joy,

Pray for us!




End of Part 4

End of the Joy Series