Part V of a 7 Part Series

Part V of a 12 Part Series


“What on earth are you afraid of?”

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


“Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy

that will be for all the people.  For today in the city of David,

a Savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord.” 

(Lk 2:10-11)


In medical terms, “fear” is often defined as an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, often accompanied by increased autonomic activity (increased heart rate, blood pressure and sweating).  “Anxiety” is defined by an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by the same physiological signs, by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it.  However, “fear” in the most general term as used in the English vernacular, and so often in the multitude of mystical gifts from God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Emmitsburg through Gianna Sullivan, most often implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.  The moral evaluation of anxiety begins with the exercise of prudence, to discover if there are valid grounds for the apprehension.  If there are not, to act on the anxiety or fail to act because of it would be a lack of trusting God’s Providence.


Part V


16.  Fear of Punishment

17.  Fear of the Reality of Satan and Hell

18.  Fear of Death



Fear of Punishment



"Even if, for the time being, I avoid the punishment of men,

I shall never, whether alive or dead,

escape the hands of the Almighty."

(2 Mac 6:26)


Throughout the Old Testament, God was often portrayed as an enforcer, one who distributed His Justice to those who did not obey, to those who broke covenants made with Him and His people.  He was to be revered.  His Name could not even be spoken.  He was not One with whom humanity sought to develop a personal relationship, but rather One Who was approached with a servile fear in anticipation of punishment.  "Punishment" is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as pain, loss or suffering received for an actual or perceived crime or wrongdoing.  In His Lessons to the world through Gianna, Our Lord

offers a different picture:


"Never fear My punishment.  Fear of losing Me is the loss men risk when they denounce Me and do not desire the gifts of life." (JOM, Vol IV, #6, Oct. 27, 1991)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg, too, in her messages to the world through Gianna expresses how God sometimes uses suffering and how she can even help mitigate its effects:


"There are many people who associate God with punishment.  They are afraid that God will afflict them with sorrow…It is not sacrifice that Jesus desires, but a humble contrite heart, a heart which loves and then can be merciful."  (Public OLOE, June 10, 1999)


"Little ones, Jesus doesn’t punish you.  He sees your incentives, and the best thing He does is that He loves.  So all of your worries and concerns can be placed in His Most Sacred Heart where you will find Joy….However, there is a special place where I can purify you and elevate you.  I can change your position from that of Purgatory to Heaven if you but come through my Immaculate Heart."  (Private OLOE, July 6, 2006)


However, Our Lady has often spoken of another role she embraces  as our Mediatrix of all Graces and our Advocate, that being the one holding back the sword of the Angel standing poised to unleash God's wrath:


"I have held back the Angel's arm and the sword he carries.  But when God the Father decides to act, not even I will be able to stop Him."  (Public OLOE, July 2, 2006)  "Many people in the world are no longer interested in listening to my words and in believing that my arms have held back the sword that the Angel will use to strike."  (Private OLOE, June 24, 2006)  "So receive the graces that you can receive now, because when they stop due to the events to unfold, if and when God directs His Angel who stands holding the sword, those graces may be held back for purification."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 23, 2007"And if and when, in God's time and pleasure, the Angel's sword strikes, will you be frightened, confused and selfish? or Will you be detached, giving and all-available unto death?"  (Private OLOE, Aug. 18,2009)


It would seem that from what has been said by both Our Lord and Our Lady, not only through Gianna, but in many places around the world for decades, that certain events are inevitable--events so necessary to bring as many of God's children as possible, to bring humanity back to God.  Our Lady shares this point:


"All of humanity will know of the great injuries they have inflicted upon my Son; and for these they will be purged, not because God would be vindictive, but because of His Love."  (Private OLOE, April 21, 2007"This is a time of great hope….However, it is also a time of discord and confusion, a time when those who do not pray nor desire to pray will be enlightened to know the true course.  Because of free will, the weight of God falls on those hardened hearts, not as a vindictive punishment, but as a way to help them come back to Him."  (Private OLOE, Sept. 6, 2008)


Even God the Father Himself in His Words to the world through Gianna establishes His role as "Father," not avenger:


"Now this period is the time when My Son's Mercy unfolds; and through His Mercy, Justice comes….There is nothing to fear.  I love you and wanted to know of your love; and yet, so many are afraid.  How is it that you could be afraid of the Truth, but not afraid of deception….Stand firm on the grounds of Truth….You belong to One Creator, One Father, not a 'god' of punishment, but a God Who is your Father.  You belong to Me!"  (GTF, April 8, 2007)


And is there anything that we can do to mitigate this Divine Justice? 

Our Lord in His Lessons answers this question, and His answer might surprise you:


"You restrain Me, all those My beloved ones who seek to love, to serve unconditionally and to appease Me, by your tears which bind the punishment of offences through Divine Justice.  When you pray for others, My Mercy can unfold and the humility of your tears can mitigate the fire of My Father's wrath."  (JOM, Vol V, #8, Mar. 18, 1995)




 "But esteeming these very punishments to be less than our sins deserve,

let us believe that these scourges of the Lord,

with which like servants we are chastised,

have happened for our amendment, and not for our destruction." 

(Jud 8:27)









Fear of the Reality of Satan and Hell



"Let every soul be subject to higher powers,

for there is no power but from God; and those that are, are ordained by God.  Therefore he that resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God. 

And they that resist, purchase to themselves damnation."

(Rom 13: 1-2)


We seem to live in a world where "anything goes;" where all things are "relative," nothing absolute; where "my rights" have very little to do with God's Will; where there are no consequences for disobeying God's Commandments; where there is almost no limit to the human arrogance which can affront the Godhead Himself, even in regards to the very fundamental issues of Life Itself.  However, Our Lord, very early in His Lessons to the world through Gianna, establishes firmly the risk in approaching life in this way:



"My child, tell my people to be on guard against the evil one and his followers.   Where there is good, so too will evil be!…Those people who do not belong to Me are those who have given their souls to the evil one….They are gone forever because they choose to walk with Satan!  Those who fall into the trap of evil can be saved through prayer and devotion.  However, those who turn away by their own free will from the Trinity, lose life forever."  (JOM, Vol II, #27, Dec. 18, 1989) 


"My people, these times are times in which the evil one has asked My Father to be allowed to rule….My Father granted him a very short period in which His people would have the choice of following the way of the world over the way of Him.  I ask you to persevere and to be strong soldiers.  This is not a war of people, but a war in the heavens….and you are subject to its effect, because Satan wants you as victims."  (JOM, Vol IV, #90, Nov. 1, 1992)


If left defenseless here on earth, all humanity would fall victim to evil and its effects, but God has not left us defenseless.  God's grace has power over all the effects of evil.  Through prayer, the sacramental life and good works, and with the help of all the graces that God has allowed to flow through Our Lady throughout the world, Satan will succumb to Our Lady's Plan, endorsed by God Himself, to crush his head through the faith, trust, hope and love of her children:


"Do not fear….The adversary will use every opportunity to irritate you, cause confusion and distract you from prayer and works of love." (Public OLOE, June 25, 1998)  "I have said that Love casts out fear, and Satan cannot love."  (Public OLOE, Oct. 28, 1999)  "Whenever God speaks words of love and encouragement, Satan is there to try to distort, confuse you, cause fear and ultimately division.  Always be on your guard to the subtleties of his deceptive ways, because he will try to cloud your vision of My Son's Truth."  (Public OLOE, April 13, 2000)


"I am on Satan's turf (USA), and I shall be victorious in crushing his head.  God the Father is intervening so that no child shall be lost."  (Private OLOE, Jan. 30, 2004)   " Being on Satan's turf, the only way for me to conquer him is through Faith, through your Faith, your Trust and your Hope; and this will all be done according to God's time and good pleasure."  (Private OLOE, June 9, 2004)


There is a politically powerful atheist movement in much of the world, and this, combined with the relative atheism of so many of the world's indifferent souls, has allowed many in the world and even within the Church to be lulled to sleep and to even downplay or deny the existence of eternal damnation and hell.  Our Lady firmly reassures her children in the Truth of this matter:


"Hell does exist!   Everyone needs to know that the devil is trying to tempt, to distract, to confuse and to destroy anything that is good….I want all the children of the world to know that this is not a game.  How real this scenario now is!"   (Private OLOE, Oct 12, 2005)


Where in His Lessons in 1992 (JOM, Vol I, Nov. 1. 1992) Our Lord said that the war was truly in the Heavens, Our Lady of Emmitsburg in 2005  acknowledged a shift in the events and the intensity of Satan's efforts as humanity approaches certain events in these end times:


"The battle truly is no longer just in the Heavens, but you will see the unveiling of my Son's Divine Mercy here on earth through a battle against Satan himself, who seeks to destroy humanity through malicious acts and in harmful ways."  (Private OLOE, April 8, 2005)


"As Satan has tried to divide and attack the children, so too he will also attack the family unity.  He has also gone against the priests who raise and stir up children to be holy.  He is also attacking those who are responsible and who are at the forefront of the battle for the ordinary family."  (Private OLOE, March 8, 2005)



Throughout history, in times of trouble, God has sent prophets, saints and angels in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and lifestyles, of every level of knowledge and experience, to help redirect His children back to Him.  Over these last 200 years, in this so-called "Age of Mary," God has sent Mother Mary, the Mother of His Son and our Mother too, hundreds and even thousands of times in all corners of the world.  But this time, is anyone listening?


"Children, this world is in trouble; and I have given you many circumstances, situations and warnings.  I have cautioned you.  I have identified to you many things that are to come in hope that you and your loved ones would pray and change….Perhaps you are not so confident in God's Love that you would trust the words of His Mother….God is real, children.  Heaven is real.  Hell is real, and Satan is real.  You would be wise to pay attention, and vigilance should be a way of life for you."  (Private OLOE, Aug. 18, 2009)


"If a person denies God's Love and does not accept His graces, then an alternative path is chosen for that soul.  There is a Heaven; there is a Hell; and there is a place where a soul is purged to become beautiful, to then be with God forever."  (Private OLOE, Sept. 29, 2009)


Much has been said, both by Our Lord and Our Lady through Gianna to the world, and through many others prophets and seers around the world, about the "Warning," the "Illumination of Conscience," that event where all humanity on an individual basis will see the state of their own soul, the Truth about their own relationship to God, and the actuality and effects of their own sinfulness.  This unparalleled act of God's Mercy will change the world in ways our human intellect cannot even anticipate.  The prelude to the time of tribulation and era of peace is all part of this "welcoming of the Divine Will of God," which Our Lady of Emmitsburg says is "possible":


"Soon all of your enemies shall be enlightened to know that the only enemy is Satan himself.  Christians must unite, and global peace needs to follow, which is all possible through humility and through the welcoming of the Divine Will of God."  (Private OLOE, Mar 31, 2006)


Unfortunately, the end of the reign of Satan and the re-establishment of God's Truth and Glory do not come without a price.  It appears from the words of Our Lord in His Lessons that God does not have to impose this purification but rather allow, through His permissive Will, what is to come at the hands of man himself:


"The time of Satan's reign is ending, and soon this world will know that the God of Glory truly exists!  All deceptions will be put aside, for the Truth of God's Reign will be revealed.  Soon all will realize that their current stresses and worries are irrelevant and trivial compared to what is to come at the destruction of their own hands."  (JOM, Vol IV, #82, Aug. 17, 1992)


And the Lord said to the serpent: 

"Because thou has done this thing,

thou are cursed among all cattle and beasts of the earth. 

Upon thy breast shalt thou go,

and earth shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. 

I will put enmity between thee and the woman,

and thy seed and her seed. 

She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." 

(Gen 3: 14-15)



Fear of Death


"And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul,

but be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna." 

(Mt 10: 28)


The image of the "grim reaper" stalking each soul at the end of its life is an image to which many of us have been exposed.  This aspect, namely death, can often be approached with denial, anger, or even fantasy; but it is real, it is certain to occur, it can be the beginning of that Life for which each of us was created, or it can be the door to eternal damnation.  Our Lord warns us how seriously it should be taken:


"My people live their lives as if they have much time to pass.  My people do not know the hour or day I shall come to take them.  They do not live their lives in purity, good conscience or self-denial.  When the time comes that they will be judged, the few minutes of their earthly life remaining are lived with grief and remorse for not repenting.  How foolish the one who thinks he shall live until tomorrow!  The day of tomorrow is uncertain."


"Prepare as if death were today.  If you live your lives with good conscience and in My purity, you would not have much fear of death….Live your lives, and strive for death to find you favorable in My Sight….Be fearful that I, your Lord God, do not forget you!  For those who live for earthly treasures and momentary pleasures shall be forgotten by the Son of Man….Fear that your soul be ready and found in good standing for the Son of Man to make His resting place.  Repent and reform your earthly, vain lives to the life of everlasting Peace."  (JOM, Vol I, #75, Aug. 9, 1989)


Our Lord in His Passion and Death for us has given us the perfect model of how human death can be a glorious victory.  Thus Our Lady wants her children to be courageous and hope-filled in the face of one's own death, to not be distracted by the deaths of others, and to be vigilant and unconditional in our quest for God's Love and His Truth:


"Jesus desires for you to not only ponder His Passion but to know His Love behind His Passion.  He wants you to be inspired to the Love which redeemed you, sanctified you and allowed you to share in His Glory….When you live in His Holy Will, death has no power over you."  (Public OLOE, June 18, 1998)


"Do not be afraid to die.  It is far better to die than to live where there is no peace or love." (Private OLOE, Aug. 5, 2007)  "Do not look to the souls who are suffering in purgatory, the souls of your lost loved ones, for they are with God….You cannot dwell upon the life of one that now belongs to God.  You have to dwell on your own life and how you will make that presentable to Him….You must simply give all your life to Him as He desires it, when He desires it, and how He desires it.  You must be a total servant, unconditionally and without compensation….If you try to walk around the Truth, you will never know the Truth itself.  If you try to divert from God's Love, you can be certain that Love itself, even though it be at your beckoning hand, will miss your grasp."  (Private OLOE, Nov. 2, 2009)


In a very profound message on the first Sunday of Advent, a time when the Church and the world are either focusing on the secular eclipse of the Christ Child, or His glorious coming on Christmas morning, Our Lady of Emmitsburg chose to speak of "death":


"Ponder the reality of death.  There are various forms:  the death of detachment without knowing the reality of death in the body; the death of the body without understanding where the soul goes, and the torment that brings, in relation to the loved one; the death of the body where the soul goes to God and the family understands that the soul is with God, but the death itself returns back to the family through sorrow, inviting the family to detach through that death to live life fully in Jesus.  Then there is the death of those who have died and returned; and in that every day of their lives they live another expiration." 


"Know that in whatever form death presents itself, if you focus on God and you realize that your life is one which belongs to God--- gift given freely and a gift in which God decides when you are to finally be His in real, true and monumental glory."  (Private OLOE, Dec. 1, 2009)


On our spiritual journey, long before our death in body, many are called to a death to "self."  This type of living death is something to which all the saints were called, and to which any of God's children pursuing "holiness" are called.  Many of today's prophets and seers have experienced this in countless ways, often especially in the way they have been received by those whom they have been invited to help.  As an example, Our Lady of Emmitsburg consoled Gianna in 2008:


"I never pushed anything on you.  I gave, you desired more; I gave more, and you received more and desired more.  Your longing for life now is in death.  You have tasted the bitter sweetness of death to 'self' and are no longer afraid to even face death.  Living is your tormented death, and death will be your freedom.  Yet, you must live in a world trapped by confusion and falsities.  Your mission is only commencing ….and as a child of God, you have just marked a new path."  (Private OLOE, Oct. 22, 2008)


In His infinite Love, God the Father has offered humanity its creation, its salvation and its invitation.  He has gifted each of us with free will, which He unconditionally respects; and it seems He in so many ways is trying to provide humanity with every opportunity to know what is at stake.  He poses the question; and what is our answer?


"Come to know the Truth of salvation and redemption, and the Truth of sacrifice, of Love and of total abandonment to My Will, even to the point of death. Come to love so much that your every vein and artery, and every cell in your body lives, breathes, dies and ceases to be, all for My sake and that of My Creation."  (GTF, Feb. 8, 2006)  "The day of creation was a blessed one indeed!  The day of your salvation was blessed indeed!  The day of your invitation is blessed and ongoing.  The day of Life is now to be had—not that you die and are resuscitated—but it is through the Death My Son endured that was salvific, redemptive, real and eternal so that He would die no more….You have every port of glory at your fingertips if you but know how to access, retrieve, utilize and submit.  In all of your passion and suffering, even unto death, you are renewed in Life, not in words but in Truth."  (GTF, April 8, 2008)


"Is your soul at rest within your body, desiring to be unified with the Triune God, freely, unconditionally and without reservation, even unto death

If the answer is 'no,'….


(GTF, Sept. 8, 2007)


"Behold, God's dwelling is with the human race. 

He will dwell with them and they will be His people….

He will wipe every tear from their eyes,

and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain,

for the old order has passed away."

(Rev 21: 3-4)

“But as for cowards, the unfaithful, the depraved,

 murderers, the unchaste, sorcerers, idol-worshipers and deceivers of every sort, their lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur,

which is the second death.” 

(Rev 21:8)