Part 3:  Total Abandonment to Divine Providence



God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg



Jesus' "Fiat"

"Yet, not as I will, but as you will….Your will be done!"

(Mt 26: 39,42)


Mary's "Fiat"


"May it be done to me according to your word."

(Lk 1:38)



Our "Fiat"

"Nothing will come to pass unless it is permitted by Me. 

Everything shall be in accordance to Divine Providence

Therefore, put your mind at ease and rest in My Love." 

(I am your Jesus of Mercy, Vol IV, #44, July 30, 1992)


 (Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


Part 3

Total Abandonment to Divine Providence


Abandonment to God, Not by God


God to Noah:

"I will recall the covenant

I have made between Me and you and all living beings,

so that the waters shall never again

become a flood to destroy all mortal beings." 

(Gen 9:15)


When we speak of "abandonment," let there be no confusion between "abandonment to God" and "abandonment by God."  In literally dozens of instances over the last 20 years, Our Lord and Our Lady of Emmitsburg, as well as God the Father, have promised and continually reassured humanity that They would never abandon us, that They are not leaving, and that we are not alone:


"…I patiently waited for Noah to prepare, although everyone around him except a few did not listen to him.  They were making merry in many ways, in the form of adultery and other sweet enticements and good pleasures.  Then that one great day fell upon earth and wiped out their existence, which I promised not to do again…..  (God the Father, July 8, 2006)


And that is a promise that God the Father has kept and will keep in the future, not only to humanity, but even to His Own Son.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg addresses even the apparent abandonment of her own Son on the Cross and reaffirms the Father's promise to humanity:


"Remember my Son on the Cross.  He said, 'My God, My God, why have you abandoned Me?' (Mt 27:46), as His last words there, completely tormented.  God the Father had abandoned Him, so He felt.  But it was not true; so He knew after He said those precious words, and it was consummated…."  (Public OLOE, Aug. 14, 2007)


"God will never abandon you!"

(Private OLOE, Oct. 29, 2005)


Jesus in His Lessons to the world extended that promise to humanity even if we abandon God.  It seems that the world is certainly putting God's promise to the test as so much of humanity walks away from God:


"Each one of my beloved ones has a created plan from My Father

….I have been here all along!…

I will never abandon you, even if you abandon Me." 

(JOM, Vol III, #10, July 29, 1990)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg explains:

 "When it seems that all else fails and that you are alone, forgotten, and abandoned to the hands of evil, do not despair.

 Jesus is with you….Your soul belongs to God,

and there is nothing that can separate you from Him

 unless you choose to do so of your own free will….

I assure you Jesus walks with you. 

He is your Savior, and you are not alone." 

(Public OLOE, Oct. 1, 1998)


"Jesus wants to teach His Divine words of Love

to your souls and speak to your hearts.

 Do not resist His providential care for you. 

He will not abandon you. 

Do not abandon Him  by not trusting in His care

and turning away from His consultations." 

(Public OLOE, Jan. 13, 2000)


"I am here with you, and My Son will never abandon you. 

He forgave His enemies, as you too must do….

This is now a call to action, the 'totus tuus' to God the Father."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 3, 2006)


"My Son will never abandon you; but because of His permissive Will,

 He will allow all things to unfold and give you a choice." 

(Private OLOE, Aug. 2, 2007)


"Know that We have not abandoned you,

even though you may think and feel We are not there. 

We have not abandoned you!" 

(Public OLOE, Jan 12, 2003)


"We will never abandon you." 

(Private OLOE, Sept. 28, 2008)


"I am your Mother who will never abandon you. 

I will always protect you, guide you and direct you to my Son. 

My beloved spouse, my St. Joseph, will always protect and comfort you.

He will never leave you.  He too will always direct you to my Son." 

(Private OLOE, Sept. 23, 2004)


"Many may not respond, yet many will. 

But my plan will unfold, and I am not leaving….

No one will be lost that desires to be with Us." 

(Private OLOE, Aug. 3, 2002)


"My Son is with you. 

As He makes all things new,

He will make everything new for you, too. 

We are not leaving. We are just beginning,

 and now we make our home with you." 

(Private OLOE, Apr. 4. 2004)


"I desire all children to know about this precious moment

that they have with me and my Son. 

But it is not for just a simple moment, not for just a passing era. 

It is for eternity, for We are not leaving! 

Many shall come and go, but We will stay!" 

(Private OLOE, April 8, 2006)


"For those who have ears to hear,

 'We are not leaving!'" 

(Public OLOE, July 13, 2008)



"So stand firm, believe, and it will happen! 

For I am not leaving; I am here to stay!" 

(Private OLOE, Aug. 15, 2010)


"I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you."

(Jn 14:18)


In contrast to any concern we might have had about our being abandoned by God, we now explore all that goes into our abandonment to God, to His Divine ProvidenceWe would be remiss in exploring this topic if we did not draw from the spiritual classic, "Abandonment to Divine Providence," by the 18th century French Jesuit, Father J.P. de Caussade, S.J. In this great work of spiritual direction, he draws from the life of Our Blessed Mother Mary as she lived her life in abandonment to God in the present moment, and he applies these same principles to the ordinary circumstances and experiences--good, bad or indifferent--in each our own lives:


"Were her occupations ordinary, or of an elevated nature?  They were to her but the manifestation, sometimes obscure, sometimes clear, of the operations of the most High in which she found a like subject matter for the glory of God.  Her spirit, transported with joy, looked upon all that she had to do or to suffer at each moment as the gift of Him who fills with good things the hearts of those who hunger and thirst for Him alone, and have no desire for created things."  (Ch. 1, Sec. I)  "…O' Sacrament of the present moment!…God reveals Himself to the humble under the most lowly forms, but the proud, attaching themselves entirely to that which is extrinsic, do not discover Him hidden beneath, and are sent away empty.…"  (Ch. 1, Sec. II)


"...This Divine Will, working in the soul of a simple ignorant girl by means of sufferings and actions of a very ordinary nature, produces a state of supernatural life without the mind being filled with self-exalting ideas; whereas the proud man who studies spiritual books merely out of curiosity receives no more than the dead letter into his mind; and the Will of God having no connection with his reading, his heart becomes ever harder and more withered… 


"…Our moments are made fruitful by our fulfillment of the Will of God.  This is presented to us in countless different ways by the present duty which forms, increases and consummates in us the "new" man until we attain the plenitude destined for us by Divine Wisdom.  This mysterious attainment of the age of Jesus Christ in our souls is the end ordained by God and the fruit of His grace and of His Divine goodness…..In fulfilling these duties we are always sure of possessing the 'better part' because this Holy Will is itself the better part.  It only requires to be allowed to act and that we should abandon ourselves blindly to it with perfect confidence.  It is infinitely wise, powerful and amiable to those who trust themselves unreservedly to it, who love and seek it alone, and who believe with an unshaken faith and confidence that what it arranges for each moment is best, without seeking elsewhere for more or less…." (Ch. 1, Sec. V).


"No soul can be really nourished, fortified, purified, enriched and sanctified except in fulfilling the duties of the present moment…."  (Ch. 1, Sec. VI)


"To find God as good in the tiniest and most ordinary events as in the greatest is to have not an ordinary, but a great and extraordinary faith.  To be content with the present moment is to appreciate and adore the Divine Will in all we have to do and suffer in the events which reveal it to us.  Souls in these dispositions adore God with redoubled love and respect in the most humiliating circumstances; nothing hides Him from the piercing eye of their faith.  The more the senses declare 'There can be no God there,' the more these souls hug to their breast the myrrh of their suffering; nothing astonishes them, nothing disgusts them…."  (Ch. 2, Sec. II)


"The present moment is always full of infinite treasures; it contains far more than you have the capacity to hold.  Faith is the measure; what you find in the present moment will be according to the measure of your faith.  Love also is the measure: the more your heart loves, the more it desires, and the more it desires the more it finds.…When the event of the present moment terrifies, starves, strips and attacks all the senses, it is just at that moment that it nourishes, enriches and vitalizes faith, which laughs at the losses of the senses as the governor of an impregnable town laughs at useless attacks.  When the Will of God has been revealed to a soul and has made it feel that God is ready to give Himself completely if the soul on its part will also give itself, the soul experiences in all circumstances a powerful assistance….From then on it tastes by experience the joy of the coming of God; and it enjoys it the more, the better it understands in practice the self-abandonment in which it should remain at every moment to that all-adorable Will."    (Ch. 2, 3)


"For all Thy ways are prepared,

and in Thy providence thou hast placed thy judgments."

(Jud 9:5)



Act of Abandonment to Divine Providence

By St. Jane Frances de Chantal


O' Sovereign Goodness of the Sovereign Providence of my God!  I abandon myself forever to Thy arms.  Whether gentle or severe, lead me henceforth where Thou wilt. I will not regard the way through which Thou will have me pass, but keep my eyes fixed upon Thee, my God, Who guides me.  My soul finds no rest without the arms and the bosom of this heavenly Providence, my true Mother, my strength and my rampart.


Therefore, I resolve with Thy Divine assistance, O' my Savior, to follow Thy desires and Thy ordinances without regarding or examining why Thou does this rather than that; but I will blindly follow Thee according to Thy Divine Will, without seeking my own inclinations.


Hence, I am determined to leave all to Thee, taking no part therein save by keeping myself in peace in Thy arms, desiring nothing except as Thou incites me to desire, to will, to wish.  I offer Thee this desire, O' my God, beseeching Thee to bless it; I undertake all it includes, relying on Thy goodness, liberality, and mercy, with entire confidence in Thee, distrust of myself, and knowledge of my infinite misery and infirmity.  Amen!


St. Louis de Montfort's Prayer of Total Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary uses words that very precisely express the degree to which we are offering ourselves in that total abandonment to Divine Providence:


"…I surrender and consecrate myself to you, body and soul, as your slave, with all that I possess, both spiritual and material, even including the value of all my good actions, past, present and to come.  I give you the full right to dispose of me and all that belongs to me without any reservations, in whatever way you please for the greater glory of God in time and throughout eternity…."



The Path

"But Thy providence, O' Father, govern it;

for thou has made a way even in the sea,

and a most sure path among the waves…."

(Wis 14:3)


Billions of children have been born into this world, and possibly just as many have been created and never been born; however, each is unique in God's Love and has a path chosen by God in His Infinite Plan to holiness.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds us that each path God chooses calls us to love; and paths of our own choice lead not to the Peace and comfort of Jesus:


"Abandon yourself to Jesus.  Trust in His guidance.  God has blessed the path each person must take to be holy.  You cannot be sanctified if you attempt to choose to travel a different path.  This path calls you to love….Do not continue to travel in the ways of your own designs."  (Public OLOE, Oct. 5, 1995)  "Unite your suffering to Jesus' and offer in love all up to Him.  The sweetness of your sacrifice in love and self-abandonment conquers forces of evil….Accept with patient resignation your crosses in life, and turn to Jesus and have recourse to Him.  Graces will flow abundantly, and anguish will turn to tranquility, and the Peace and comfort of Jesus will result in your heart."  (Public OLOE, Nov. 9, 1995)


The Race

In his pastoral letter to his disciple Timothy, St. Paul uses the analogy of the athlete in a race:


"I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith."

(2Tim 4:7)


In contrast to an Olympic athlete who may train his entire life for just the opportunity to participate in an event that he has little or no chance of winning or even placing, God's faithful children have the opportunity to train an entire lifetime for an event that has already been won for each of us by Our Lord.  This training involves a slow, steady movement toward sanctification leading to perfection, but can only be accomplished in total abandonment to the Providence of God, whether that be in this earthly life or in Purgatory.  Our Lord in His Lessons teaches us that we have a patient God and that He will provide many opportunities for each of us to reach that finish line:


"Nothing happens to you in life unless My Father wills it so.  Trust in Divine Providence….It is My hope that My people practice filial submission to Divine Providence.  This allows them to rest in My Father's arms as a child rests in its mother's arms.  Conforming the soul in love to Divine Providence allows the soul to rest in peace and gives hope to the weary…."  (JOM, Vol V, #29, Nov. 9, 1995)   "Every moment of your life is in My Hands, in My Hands of love, safety and protection.  As you are subjected to trials and tribulations, confidence in Me will allow you to surrender and accept all which is sent you with patience and meekness of heart.  You never have to fear, because in the end I will rescue you.  This does not mean that you will be free in your life from all trials, humiliations, mortifications or desolations, for all come from Heaven to prepare you for the glory of My Father's Kingdom.  It does mean that utilizing the gift of confidence and trust in My Divine Love and Mercy will free you, protect your soul, and gain you sanctification.  It takes many opportunities to practice humility and patience before perfection reaches sainthood.  It is how you prepare to reach the finish line."  (JOM, Vol V, #26, Oct. 27, 1995)



"Whoever receives one child such as this in My Name,

receives Me."

(Mt 18:5)


In the classic "Litany of Humility," written by Rafael Cardinal Merry de Val (1865-1930), we pray that we be delivered by Jesus from the desires of being esteemed, loved, extolled, honored, praised, preferred to others, consulted and approved; and we ask that others be chosen and we set aside, others be praised and we go unnoticed.  It is the prayer of one who is spiritually childlike, confident in our abandonment to God that what He desires for each of us would far exceed all our expectations. Our Lady shares with her children the value of abandoning even our least desires to the Father:


"The Kingdom of Heaven is for those who are spiritually childlike, those who attribute nothing to their own merit, whether it be works or personal strength.  They desire to be poor and weak of spirit because they know that the weaker they are, the Father will give them assistance and come to their aid.  They are confident in abandoning even their least desire into His Hands….They know the Father loves them so much and will give them all good things and caress their souls….."  (Public OLOE, Oct. 23, 1997) 


The Holy Spirit

"For John baptized with water,

but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit….

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you,

and you will be my witnesses….to the ends of the earth." 

(Acts 1:5,8)


No one enters a contest with the intention of losing or takes a test with the hope of failing.  We are at least drawn to the possibility of victory or success. Victory in the spiritual arena will most always eventually involve total abandonment.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares how union with her Son must include this desire for God's agenda, not our own, as we more and more completely allow the Holy Spirit to direct our very beings:


"To be like my Son in sorrow and in suffering always ends in victory.  To truly share for all eternity the Life of glory fit for a king and a queen can only come when you submerge yourself in total abandonment and acceptance, and in unity with my Son.  Truly, that is how all the Saints, have given their lives for God--by being like Him in suffering, and yet, now bedecked with jewels in glory."  (Private OLOE, Aug. 23, 2008"Each of you must look at your own prayer life to see where you can achieve a greater union with God.  That union depends on the main issues of abandonment and detachment.  The less you are, the more you can give.  You can give, and your works will be great.  But when you detach and have no agenda, and when you virtually seek with the spirit of poverty, then your works become those of God."   (Private OLOE, Nov. 17, 2005) "The more you talk to Him, the more He will give you--great gifts, not gifts of this world, but gifts as you grow older you will need, like knowledge and wisdom, patience and perseverance, strength and courage, abandonment and acceptance, great joy and tremendous humility, and everlasting peace."  (Private OLOE, April 18, 2009"What pleases my Son and God the Father is your willingness, abandonment and total surrender to the Holy Spirit Who lives among you at all times."  (Private OLOE, July 10, 2008"As you surrender day by day, do your best and know that not only am I there to comfort you and direct you, so too is the Holy Spirit!"  (Private OLOE, Mar. 22, 2008)


As Jesus' Mother I desire you to know that He your God is not alone with you, but I your Mother join Him and am also with you.  God the Father releases the graces and gifts of holiness upon you, for all those who love, respect, adore, and humbly submit and surrender their lives to Divine Providence.  I would ask all of you to do this."  (Public OLOE, April 9, 2004)



"…But we do see Jesus crowned with glory and honor

because He suffered death;

He Who for a little while was made lower than the angels,

that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone." 

(Heb 2:9)


This spiritual journey will undoubtedly include suffering and sacrifice because that is the same path Our Lord has taken.  God the Father points out that this journey may take each of us to at least a death to "self" and possibly even to the sacrifice of our very life:


"Why are you called 'children' of humanity?…Because faithfulness needs to be developed.  So, children of faith, which is what you are called to be, come to know the Truth of My Son's Humanity and the Truth of His Divinity.  Come to know the Truth of salvation and redemption, and the Truth of sacrifice, of Love and of total abandonment to My Will, even to the point of death."   (GTF, Feb. 8, 2006)


Most of us will be called to the death to self, "white martyrdom," as opposed to a bloody death, "red martyrdom."  In either case, Our Lord likens this offering of "self" to that same offering He experienced and lived out for each of us.  During these most difficult times of emptiness, heaviness and aridity, He encourages us to contemplate the glory which awaits all who remain faithful:


"Those who are blessed to suffer unto Me, must also be crucified and die to their very selves.  Self-denial is the ultimate self-death route….Self-denial is an emptiness, not only of physical pleasures, but also spiritual!   Avoid spiritual gluttony.  Abandon totally in your pain to the emptiness of self-death, as I experienced and lived out for you.  This I have done for you, that I experienced even the abandonment spiritually of My Father and my beloved Mother, My treasures."  (JOM, Vol IV, #5, Oct. 21, 1991)


"As long as you are of mortal body, you will feel heaviness of the heart.  You will not always continue in a fervent desire of virtue, but do not give up hope.  Continue to persevere and seek Me.  Bear with patience this abandonment and aridity until you are graced with a deliverance from your anguish.  It is good, at moments such as these, to humble yourself to exterior actions, doing good works and to persevere for the glory to come….Contemplate how your sufferings now are minor, compared to the glory which is to come for you.  In this light you will be able to persevere, and to seek and love Me with a burning grace of My Love."  (JOM, Vol IV, #36, July 21, 1992)


"If anyone wishes to come after Me,

he must deny himself and take up his cross daily,

and follow Me."

(Lk 9:23)


"Little ones, know that the Son of God is with you….He is guiding you, and He is your Savior.  He has come for you.  He has given His Life for you.  He loves you.  He will not leave you.  He will not betray you.  He will not abandon you.  He will be by your side.  He will guide you in all ways as your Salvific Savior….But each person must come before the Lord.  Those who are true and authentic must suffer as He suffered; not that you shall suffer more than He has suffered.  But if He desires to have an intimate relationship with you, He will grace you as His friend to share with you His Cross.  In that Cross He will share with you His intimate Passion." (Private OLOE, May 1, 2003)



"Then He said to Him, 'Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.'" 

(Lk 17:19)


These sentiments may seem like just empty "words"; for in our current world in which we are bombarded 24 hours a day with every type of temptation, deception, occasion of sin and sin, how can we possibly accomplish what God is asking?  We can't!  It is only through God's grace that this is possible, and even the very desire to approach this journey is dependent on His grace.  And that theological virtue that makes this possible and which we have received at Baptism and nurtured throughout our entire life with the sacraments, prayer and good works is Faith.  We may find that the abandonment to which God is asking us may consist not in doing some noticeable and profound activities different from what we are now doing, but in carefully tending to our daily duties in life with God's Love:


"As your senses are stripped of the created things, stand firm in faith.  Faith becomes the endless source, the harbor where Love dwells; and you abandon yourself to Divine Providence, to the mouth of the ocean.  Here in abandonment can you embrace your whole being in God.  This can only be prompted by Love.  When you abandon unto Me, I insure that your union with and in Me is complete.  Only My Will can satisfy you!  How to follow My Will is identified in the daily whisper, as you partake in your activities.  Daily self-surrender and inspiration, through others and yourself, reveal My Will.  Every moment is special!  I use channels of love to reveal the Will of My Father.  What I arrange for you is holy, so accept and seek after My Holiness with thirst!  Look at the actions, the responsibilities, the shadows of the moment; and there, you will find Me in Love, revealing the Will of God in Love!"  (JOM, Vol IV, #83, Aug. 18, 1992)


"When you totally abandon your will to God, you are able to embrace all of your spirituality, and you are then able to do what pleases Me.  If you give to Me all of yourself, you would take little interest in devastations to come, but would instead, submit to everything and leave all to Me!…I would like My people to carefully tend to their duties every day; and if they submit peacefully to My graces, then they will be giving to Me in total abandonment!  This type of surrendering is also self-giving and self-rewarding, unlimited in its value and effects."  (JOM, Vol IV, #87, Aug. 31, 1992)



"Let no one deceive himself. 

If anyone among you considers himself wise in this age,

let him become a fool so as to become wise. 

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God…." 

(1Cor 4:18-19)


As a result of our original sin, our fallen human nature is drawn to those deceptions that might try to convince us that abandonment to Divine Providence can only result in poverty, suffering and sadness.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg  assures us that the opposite is true, but must be accompanied by a daily offering of ourselves if we expect to experience the freedom and peace and the Love that accompanies this desire to live in and with God's Will:


"I desire you to have good health, prosperity and true happiness, detachment and total abandonment to Divine Providence.  What I desire and what you accept rest with you.  But the invitation is there always--to be one with God." (Private OLOE, Dec. 29, 2009)


"Strive always to abandon yourself unconditionally to God, so that you will be able to love unconditionally.  Do not allow self-deceit to pull you away from my Son.  Even when you think you are loving in purity as Jesus would have you love, you can fall into loving according to your standards….It is very important that abandonment of yourself be a daily offering to my Son, so that you can love in purity, unconditionally, as Jesus would have you love."  (Public OLOE, Nov. 3, 1993)


"I must tell you not to trust in deceitful words.  If you focus on Jesus, trust in Him, abandon yourself unto him and practice His words of Truth, you will not be deceived, but live healthy, joyful lives."  (Public OLOE, Mar. 10, 1994)  "Keep within your hearts all that is good, and you will be at peace.  Reject those who desire to do harm and to create malice and calumny, and those who are angry.  Be the Love of Jesus and His Face will always shine upon you….You must abandon yourselves to God in total filial trust."  (Public OLOE, Jan 7, 2007)


"It is through abandonment that you become free and are receptive to do God's Will….It is through detachment from the world and in being open to His Way through obedience, that you can be at peace, so as to love and receive great graces….Love is a decision, and your heart will live out His Love, if you abandon yourself to my Son."  (Public OLOE, Dec. 1, 1993)



"Take ye heed, watch and pray. For ye know not what the time is…"

(Mk 13:33)


It is no surprise that the lifeblood on any journey toward God is prayer--prayer for our own faithfulness, prayer for those who are afraid to get too close to God, and prayer for those who have walked away from God. For  God desires that all who suffer, not do so without His Love:


"I come before you asking you to pray that the challenges My Son presents to you for your good be fulfilled through abandonment….Pray that His challenges of love will be fulfilled through your acceptance and abandonment…..Pray that you will surrender unto God and accept His Divine Will, designed especially for your happiness."  (Public OLOE, Feb. 9, 1994)  "Pray for all my dear little ones who have chosen to keep their distance from God.  It is not God's desire they suffer the sufferings of a world without His Love.  The suffering of Love is one of joy, freedom, surrendering, abandonment, even though painful many times.  This is due to sanctification, purification, wholeness and becoming Love."  (Public OLOE, July 7, 1994)



The Crown

"Blessed is the man who perseveres in temptation;

for when he has been proved,

 he will receive the crown of life

that He promised to those who love Him." 

(James 1:12)


Not all who are initially gifted with God's consolations are so patient when the enticements are withdrawn.  In fact, as "backsliding" along the spiritual path occurs, many deceptions penetrate the minds and hearts of His people.  Our Lord, however, offers reassurance that He will be there to strengthen each of us just as He was there to strengthen all of His Saints; and He reminds us that the Crown of Thorns preceded the Crown of Jewels:


"Many of My people desire initially the heavenly graces, but soon abandon the heavenly desire for the enticements of the world.  Place your investments in the reality of the Eternal Word!  I am the Word, for I Am!…In order to always be on the path to righteousness, you must continually decline the falsehoods of deception through the richness of this man-made world.  This man-made richness will never grant you eternal freedom…."  (JOM, Vol IV, #67, Aug. 2, 1992)  "I will be with you in all your trials.  Know that, when you experience anxieties, humiliation, disappointments, difficulties, temptations, injuries and sickness, endure them in patience.  I will strengthen you in virtue--the graces to be held for those who have confidence and love for Me, those who do not abandon their hope in Me.  My Saints were purified in the same way….You want your crown of jewels without sharing in the jewels of the thorns!  Take first My thorns, and you will not desire the jewels….Be strong and have confidence in your God.  Do not run away….The end of time will not commence without Me, and I will wait for you.  I've been waiting, and I will continue to wait until completely denied."  (JOM, Vol IV, #48, Aug. 3, 1992)


The Closing

"Will not God then secure the rights of His chosen ones

who cry out to Him day and night? 

Will He be slow to answer them?" 

(Lk 18:7)


Our Lord in His Lessons to the world promises that He is listening and waiting; but many, even those in desolation, despair and pain, are not listening to Him:


"I hear the cry of My people.  I hear their plea.  All is answered through My most merciful Heart….I will not allow My people to be alone….I have told My people that it takes time to change and not to wait to the last moment……The window of opportunity has been opened to love, but now My people in desolation, despair and pain accuse Me of abandonment.  I will always remain Who I Am.  I Am Love!  I have never changed.  So few have listened to my words.  Many are still not listening.  Who is guilty of abandonment?  The window of opportunity still exists.  I have never left My people….There is hope for the future of mankind, a hope founded in Love.  For evil's reign is close to an end!"  (JOM, Vol V, Nov. 2, 1995)



"Look at the birds in the sky;

they do now sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns;

yet, your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are not you of more value then they?" 

(Mt 6:26)


As a loving mother, Our Lady of Emmitsburg affirms the value of each of her children and encourages us to do as she did:


"…Persist, and do not give up hope….Each of you is a real person, a treasured gift to Him.  Your soul is valuable!  You are not alone.  You are not just one among many other souls, as if not even recognized.  No, each one of you is valuable and important!...Give yourself too, as I did!…"  (Public OLOE, Aug. 14, 2007)




"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Who in His great mercy gave us a new birth to a living hope

through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…."

(1Pet 1:3)


St. Faustina Kowalska, Our Lord's chosen Apostle of His Divine Mercy, in her diary entitled "Divine Mercy in My Soul," shares Our Lord's instructions:


"…Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy….My Heart rejoices in this title of Mercy.  Proclaim that 'Mercy' is the greatest attribute of God.  All the works of My hands are crowned with Mercy."  (Our Lord to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, #300-301)


 Certainly, in the process of our own abandonment to Divine Providence, we strive to become one with Our Lord, thus one with His Divine Mercy.  This would seem to necessitate that mercy becomes our greatest attribute too.  Our Lord Himself gave this prayer to the world through Gianna Sullivan--a prayer to the Father of surrender and abandonment as well as a plea for Mercy:


Our Lord's Prayer of Divine Mercy


O' Heavenly Father, O' God of Beauty and Love, I give you my heart.  I surrender unto You my life.  I abandon to you my soul.


Pour forth Your Divine Spirit of Mercy, and shed Your Love on me by creating your beauty on me.  Master of mercy, have mercy on me, a poor sinner.  Allow me to sing hymns of praise with the Cherubim and Seraphim of Angels in Your Kingdom of everlasting beauty and everlasting peace.  Do not deny me Your Mercy, for I give you my heart this day.  Unite my heart to Your Heart, and protect me in Your cloak of purity.


Today is a new beginning in which I have mercy on You, my God, by having mercy on myself and others.  Grant me the favor of your everlasting peace.  Have mercy on me this day and for  eternity.  Amen. Amen!  (JOM, Vol I, #48, April 2, 1989)



"Behold, I make all things new!"

(Rev 21:5)