Part 2: Total Surrender to the Divine Will

Part 2:  Total Surrender to the Divine Will



God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg



Jesus' "Fiat"

"Yet, not as I will, but as you will….Your will be done!"

(Mt 26: 39,42)


Mary's "Fiat"


"May it be done to me according to your word."

(Lk 1:38)



Our "Fiat"

"Nothing will come to pass unless it is permitted by Me. 

Everything shall be in accordance to Divine Providence

Therefore, put your mind at ease and rest in My Love." 

(I am your Jesus of Mercy, Vol IV, #44, July 30, 1992)



Part 1:  Jesus' "Fiat";  Mary's "Fiat";  Our "Fiat"

Part 2:  Total Surrender to the Divine Will

Part 3:  Total Abandonment to Divine Providence

(compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)



When comparing the meanings and usage of the words "Fiat" and "Surrender" and "Abandonment," there is certainly some overlap in how they are used.  However, in the dozens of times each is used in the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg, the Lessons from Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Words of God the Father--all given through Gianna Sullivan to the world—there are only a few times when they are used together in the same thought or sentence.  Most often they are used separately; thus, there may very well be at least some subtle differences in what is meant in each of these mystical gifts and commitments.  We will now attempt to explore some of those subtleties:


Part 2

Total Surrender to the Divine Will

"For what man knows God's counsel,

or who can conceive what the Lord intends?"

(Wis 9:13)


Since 1994, thousands of less fortunate people have come to the Mission of Mercy Mobile Healthcare ministry, founded by Dr. Gianna Sullivan, to receive free medical and dental care.  When so moved by the Spirit, many have been offered a simple, anonymous prayer that often filled a need far greater than that for which they had come.  Could you, a family member, a friend or acquaintance, or even an enemy draw from the grace which accompanies this prayer?





Dear God, I am powerless and my life is unmanageable without Your help and guidance.  I come to You today because I believe that You can restore and renew me to meet my needs today.  Since I cannot manage my life or affairs, I have decided to give them to You.  I put my life, my will, my thoughts, my desire and ambitions in Your hands.


I give You all of me:  the good and the bad, the character defects and shortcomings, my selfishness, resentments and problems.  I know that You will work them out in accordance with Your plan.  Such as I am, take and use me in Your service.  Guide and direct my ways and show me what to do for You.


I cannot control or change my friends or loved ones, so I release them into Your care for Your loving hands to do with as You will.  Just keep me loving and free from judging them.  If they need changing, God, You'll have to do it.  I can't.  Just make me willing and ready to be of service to You, to have my shortcomings removed, and to do my best.


Help me to see how I have harmed others, and make me willing to make amends to them all.  Keep me ever mindful of thoughts and actions that harm myself and others, and that separate me from Your light, love and Spirit.  And when I commit these errors, make me aware of them and help me to admit each one promptly.


I am seeking to know You better, to love You more.  I am seeking the knowledge of Your Will for me and the power to carry it out.


Author, anonymous



In His Lessons to the world, Our Lord clearly marks out the Way, His Way home to the Father, a Way that He Himself has paved.  Certainly, for many in the world, this Way may not be fully apparent until that moment of their last breath; but for millions of "Christians," that Way is not only apparent, but demands accountability in this life:


"Those who wish to acquire glory in Me must submit in resignation to the Father's Will as I.  No one goes to the Father except through Me, and there is only one Way.  You may exert much energy wastefully in attempting to reach the finish line through a shortcut, but only come to your own shortcomings….There is but only one Way to the Kingdom, the Way of Love;  I am Love!"  (JOM, Vol IV, #43, July 29, 1992)


In our modern world it is this invitation to submit or to surrender that seems so foreign to our human attention.  It would appear that all "hell" has successfully led mankind down that road of self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment.  However, our Heavenly Father reminds us that we risk losing everything in the next life if we pursue our own way in this life:


"My Son's Heart is aflame, reaching out to the entire world with Love for you.  I am with you; and even as I am with you, My Son and the Holy Spirit are with you, for We are One in the Holy Trinity….What is important is the Love, there forever, cherishing and living in the Light and Truth of God.  Vigilance, prudence, temperance, patience, humility and the complete surrender to My Divine Will are the ultimate end of gratification and the ultimate beginning."  (GTF, Dec. 8, 2007"Life was created forever to be lived in Paradise.  You now have that opportunity once again by avoiding temptation.  Through your free will, you can reject evil and be the Truth and the Light through compassion, kindness, love and fidelity….Nothing goes unnoticed….It is best to surrender and to have nothing in this world than to lose everything in the next….For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is for you to behold."  (GTF, Sept. 8, 2008)



"Have you ever in your lifetime commanded the morning

 and shown the dawn its place…?" 

(Job 38:12)


To "control" someone is to exercise authority over that person, to direct or to command him/her.  That might be considered politically incorrect in our culture when freedom and rights are not linked with that which is morally consistent with the Divine Will.  Our Lord addresses this aspect of "control" and the obstacle it poses for so many of His people:


"My people should not mistake faith with their feelings.  Faith is trusting in the Truth--the Truth that I shall save them and care for them….They must surrender and trust and have faith on a day to day basis, not on a time interval of their own choice…."  (JOM, Vol I, #12, Nov. 30, 1988)  "If people would only surrender to Me and give Me their problems by giving Me their hearts!  It is because they do not surrender, or fear losing their control, that I cannot offer them to My Father.…My people must surrender their control to Me….


"…By trying to hold on to power, you will lose it, because you are grasping the wrong source of power….So trust in Me when I say to surrender unto Me with an open heart.  You will gain control, My Control, and you shall never fear again…."  (JOM, Vol I, #30, Jan. 11, 1989) 


"I love you and want your love freely, without contingencies or controls.  It is a long journey of life I take with you, depending on your patience and your true desire to embrace the good fruits of this journey.  Then, as you surrender totally, daily, you experience a true romance relationship, one fulfilling your life.  I teach you what you acquire is not what you merited by your control, but by My Love!"  (JOM, Vol IV, #37, July 23, 1992)   "It is a challenge when you surrender your control to Me, but not a loss to you.  You will never be cheated from My Love.  Your surrendering will only be fruitful and rewarding.  The fervor of My Love will inspire you to give to Me all the more; to give until there is no more to give; and, even then, I shall draw from you!  In this grace of prayer, you will discover what truly nourishes your soul.  The search becomes the goal, and the longing for My Love is sufficient in itself to sustain you.  The fruits will become self-evident.  The desert flowers bloom when your will no longer exerts energy to control or distract you from attentiveness to My Will."  (JOM, Vol IV, #39, July 25, 1992)



"But whence can wisdom be obtained,

and where is the place of understanding?" 

(Job 28:12)


Certainly, one of the attachments that we as humans have is that attachment to our own understanding. Our entire educational systems are so often geared toward this aspect of learning, our understanding of all that we are presented.  Then along comes God with His teachings on Faith and Trust as well as the influence of our own human experiences and reason;  and far too often we are at a loss in how to proceed:


"My people are so afraid.  They do not understand….In order for My work to be done through them, it is necessary that they submit totally to me without understanding through human reason.  If they would give themselves to Me as I have given Myself to them, they would be given the knowledge to understand what they would need to understand in accordance to My Father's Will…..Surrender totally and receive abundantly!"   (JOM< Vol III, #5, June 4, 1990)  "If you would surrender unto Me and be in My peaceful Love, tending to Me, the fruits of your life would never put you in a situation where you need to discern or take a course of action to help yourself, because I would be paving the course of your safety and happiness for you….Remember, I have chosen you.  You have not chosen Me!"  (JOM. Vol IV, #38, July 24, 1992)


We would be considered presumptuous if we did not show some concern for our futures and plan for our own futures and those whom we love.  But how often does that planning consist only or primarily for material and physical needs?  And how often does that planning focus on the spiritual needs and well-being?  Or is that something that should be left to the prayers of the retired and elderly who often seem tormented because they see both their siblings, children and grandchildren drowning in the world without a secure foundation in their faith?  Our Lord continues to plead for that surrender now, not later, before people become so addicted to the world that their pride no longer allows them to discern the Way or the Truth:


"How I watch My people suffer needlessly because of their desire to control their future….Cannot man remove himself from his vain and egotistical ways and live in gratitude to My Father for his life?  Cannot man pray as My Father has taught?  Cannot man practice humble, loving, honest and selfless ways of living to bring peaceful resolutions?….I continue to ask and pray for My people that they will surrender unto Me by simply willing to accept My Ways; but when My people say 'yes,' and I begin to work many changes in their lives, they withdraw because they seek consolation first, before acceptance of My Will.  They are addicted to their way of life, which must be centered around themselves, instead of God.  Even My many who love My Father and are committed to following the rules of the Church, follow them centered around their own life and spiritual journey, which must be filled with consolation and the fullness of joy."  (JOM, Vol III,#20, Dec. 26, 1990)  


"I am here always because of My Love.  The choice is for all My people.  They decide which path to walk instead of surrendering to Me to guide them on the right path, separate from the ones they are taking. Man looks for support on his journey and acceptance from other men.  Words move them.  They either boost them in pride or offend them through insult and shame…. "(JOM, Vol IV, #6, Oct. 27, 1991)   "The time will come when My people will know that the Truth is that they are powerless without Me, and it is I Who gives to them everything, even allowing their control….They will realize that by surrendering and allowing Me to care for them as their spouse, that their fear, turmoil and suffering will end in true peace and joy and total happiness."  (JOM, Vol IV, #16, Mar. 21, 1992) 



"For my days vanish like smoke; my bones burn away as in a furnace. 

I am withered, dried up like grass, too wasted to eat my food."

(Ps 102:4)


Each of us has a unique spiritual journey with and home to God.  However, in some way or another, that journey most likely includes periods of enticement and consolation, but often later and sometimes of even longer duration, periods of aridity and dryness, as in a desert.  In nearly all of the lives of the Saints, they have experienced, and often described in great detail, those periods of their lives.  Our Lord in His Lessons addressed this dryness of the soul:


"In the heat of a hot summer, looking out into the desert, you feel the dry, hot wind beating against your face; and the stillness makes you wonder in the tortuous heat how there is life.  You begin to thirst….Your soul, empty, is searching for coolness and fluid to drink.  'Where is my God,' you wonder, 'to refresh me and calm my mind?'….You wait--you pray--no answer.…You wait.  You wait, and you wait….Then in silence you surrender, realizing you are exerting energy without result.  You accept, and now you pray without words….Be still, quiet and silent in the dryness of the soul….Submit in surrender and in acceptance of yourself.  Strip open your soul.  Lay bare.  Be humble….Wait as I have waited….Wait for the dawn….Dawn will come, and all will be renewed."  (JOM, Vol IV, #17, May 2, 1992) 


"I want you to love yourself dearly.  I want you to embrace yourself….But I do desire you to love yourself purely and keep Me in sight, surrendering and continually emptying yourself in order to follow the Way of Love, Truth, Hope and Mercy…." (JOM, Vol IV, #46, Aug. 1, 1992)   "Be gentle on yourselves and keep surrendering.  I will grace you and protect you as you grow in Love." (JOM, Vol IV, #89, Sept. 15, 1992)


The Heart

"Let us approach with a sincere heart and in absolute trust,

with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience

and our bodies washed in pure water."

(Heb 10:22)


In human imagery and metaphors, the "heart" is considered the source of life and love.  So too, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is often depicted as a burning furnace of Divine Love.  Our Lord speaks to us about our human hearts and the process by which they are made clean and pure:


"It is a humble and contrite heart I will not despise….A humble heart is one who always wills and desires that which is most acceptable to Me, that which will please Me best.  It is one who seeks his will to be My Will always and follows it with a resignation of total surrender."  (JOM, Vol IV, #31, July 17, 1992)


"The heart is made clean through silence.  Not of your labor or merit do you succeed in strength of virtue, but through surrender.  My Love is true, but the tests I give to you to see your progress do not always prove true….Now you, My broken people, must allow Me to be your God; to remold you; to be the potter; or you will continue to break yourselves and one another until the existence of your world ceases to be."  (JOM, Vol IV, #40, July 26, 1992)   


"I was broken for you, and so much desire your happiness and love.  So, see My teachings, not as a reprimand, but as encouragement to face your vices and to surrender even more unto Me, that I may clean you and make you pure of your human vices of the flesh.  I will then replace them with the spiritual virtues of Heaven."  (JOM, Vol IV, #41, July 27, 1992)


"If you allow yourself to allow Me to filter you in My Love, you will progress rapidly, even though at times, from the human element, uncomfortably!  The discomfort is due to your lack of surrendering.  When you have experienced surrender even further, you are no longer aware that you even have the control to surrender…..Desire only to be close to Me….Do not even attempt in fervor to seek more.  You must just be who you are, not knowing who you are, but knowing you are because of Me!" (JOM, Vol IV, #42, July 28, 1992)



"If you wish to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor;

and you will have treasure in heaven. 

Then come, follow Me." 

(Mt 19:21)


A virtue which has been highlighted as one that is essential in the pursuit of holiness is that of "littleness."  It too is an attribute that seems so much in contrast to all that the world teaches and all to which we are encouraged to aspire.  However, Our Lord in His Lessons emphasizes the value of it in our journey with Him, and He encourages us to use the joy and freedom which accompany that littleness to bring His people back to Him:


"Littleness is detachment from possessions and is purity of heart….It is not associated with the lack of wealth, prestige or success.  Those who are little joyfully surrender all of their attachments to this world and persevere with endurance….Initially, the surrender of their possessions may involve disheartening feelings along with temptations for the sweet enticements of the world; but as My little ones accept and renew daily their invitation to allow Me to love them, they master their feelings and find that even their feelings are attachments and obstacles to purity and humility of heart."  (JOM, Vol V, #18, Sept. 11, 1995)  "This littleness is a dependency of trust and it surrenders unconditionally at all times and in all circumstances and situations to God's Will.  Simpleness of life and satisfaction in God's designs lend to the achievement of great heights in your sanctification."  (JOM, Vol V, #23, Oct. 6, 1995)  "To be pious is to put total confidence in Me.  It is to surrender unconditionally and entrust everything to Me….This type of unlimited confidence allows sin to be expiated.  Your life becomes a reflection of Mine, both in pain and consolations.  Love separates you from everything.  It separates you from social position, wealth and anxiety.  It liberates you in My freedom…." (JOM, Vol V, #21, Oct. 4, 1995) 


"Bring My people to Me through your example of living and trust in Me.  Let your life show them the freedom and joy affiliated with the surrender of affection toward the passions and material possessions of the world.  Your life must be an example of prayer, joy and service.  It must be free of fear, anxiety and attachments of all sorts."  (JOM, Vol V, #24, Oct. 13, 1995) 



God has given us, both as Mother and Queen, a most pure and Immaculate model of littleness in the Blessed Virgin Mary, a peasant girl of no particular significance in the world into which she was born, except that she had been created and chosen to be the Mother of God.  As that perfect model for her children, she too expands on that most desirable characteristic of littleness:


"God the Father loves you…and He desires you to share in His great glory in His Saints.  His Saints were 'little' in the world, yet powerful because they chose to master their attachments to the world by surrendering any possession which might have prevented them from listening to His Will and responding.  The less the world gave to them, the more they received from God."  (Public OLOE, Mar. 21, 1996)  "Strive to be 'little' children who desire to guard His Word through faithfulness, love and humility, by surrendering to Divine Providence." (Public OLOE, Nov. 30, 1995)  "Total surrender leads to total joy." (Public OLOE, Sept. 2, 1999)



"The Lord will reward each man for his justice and faithfulness."

(1Sam 26:23)


Our inability to fully understand God's Plan, and in fact, the probability at times of almost totally misunderstanding it, makes the virtue of faithfulness even more precious.  Our Lady's faithfulness was never-ending, and it is to that same degree of faithfulness we are all invited:


"My little ones, seek to surrender every day and accept God's Love….Pray that you will surrender unto God and accept His Divine Will, designed especially for your happiness."  (Public OLOE, Feb. 9, 1994)   "Place God at the center of your life by surrendering all of your attachments, concerns, fears and manipulating ways to God."  (Public OLOE, July 21, 1994)  "Surrender to Love and strive to live in His Love to its fullest, living Life, living Love."  (Public OLOE, Sept 8, 1994)  "Face your challenges and obstacles of life and rise above them by working continuously in the field of Love….I need an army who will face challenges with Love and fidelity to God, and who will surrender in faithfulness to Him.  The battle against the Truth strikes, but the power of persistence, perseverance and Love results in victory, freedom and Peace."  (Public OLOE, Dec. 8, 1994)


"You will merit many virtues for your perseverance in faithfulness….God's Way may not always unfold as you would like or have planned it….Many times, when you experience interior desolation, God is preparing you to receive great virtues; so delight in His Way and surrender in a spirit of love and acceptance to what He has planned for you."  (Public OLOE, July 17, 1997)  "As you surrender yourself to His Will,…you will gain insight and victory in His wisdom and power.  You will begin to change in thought, word and deed.  You will grow in holiness, and you will become more and more like Jesus until you are sanctified and live in perfect union with Him."  (Public OLOE, July 31, 1997) "He will free you from the demanding restraints of the world."  (Public OLOE, Nov. 20, 1997)


"Not because of any righteous deeds we had done,

but because of His Mercy He saved us,

through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit."

(Tit 3:5)


Becoming more and more like Jesus involves becoming more and more merciful.  Without the total trust and childlike confidence in God's Will, Our Lady of Emmitsburg affirms to us that our pride will prevent the changes needed to grow in holiness.  Without that change, our souls become fertile for sin as the growth in Love and Mercy is thwarted:


"To be merciful, you must not only forgive, but forget.  Love is the virtue of Mercy.  How can you say you love, if under any circumstance you cannot be merciful?  You limit the amount that you can love by limiting the amount of mercy you show.  Conditions and restrictions molded into your lifestyle, along with the need to control, inhibit you from maturing in God's Love and surrendering with total trust and childlike confidence to His Will.  Realize how you judge someone when that person does not meet your standards, and how your pride will not accept or permit a person to change.  When you perform an act as such, you are proclaiming by your actions and thoughts to be superior to God.  By not allowing people to forget, you do not allow mercy to unfold and love to mature in its entirety.  The implications of this are serious."  (Public OLOE, Feb. 5, 1998)


Reparation and Penance

"Those, who suffer in accord with God's Will,

hand their souls over to a faithful Creator as they do good." 

(1Pet 4:19)


Satan exists!  Evil exists!  Sin exists!  And it is because of this that man, in his fallen nature, continually offends God.  The implications of this are serious!  Those offenses demand reparation; and God seeks that reparation in our prayer, fasting, penances, almsgiving and good works.  Throughout the history of the Church, through many devotions introduced to the faithful through the Saints, God continually provides incentives and indulgences to address the reparation that is due Him:


"God has been offended, and He desires reparation and penances for the sacrileges and outrages against His Most Sacred Heart.  You must learn to ask and receive in humility, not demand or spurn His Mercy.  It takes time to change a world focused on materialism, self-image and the power to rule.  It can only change with the grace of God, with His Mercy, and with the willingness of His beloved ones to surrender to 'God's 'Way, to accept his desires, to become 'little', to pray, and perhaps even to suffer, if that is what God asks in order to soften the direct attacks against the Blessed Trinity….I would like all of you to have peace of heart, but many of you lose heart and become frustrated at the first attempt when God purges."  (Public OLOE, Jan. 28, 1999)   "You are all invited into this most glorious plan.  As you dwell within my Son and my Son within you, the Cross becomes your salvation at all times; and there comes a point in time when your sufferings become your consolation.  As you accept and continue to surrender, you will receive the wisdom; and God's grace shall be infused within you."  (Public OLOE, Nov. 4, 2007)


The Spirit of Prayer

"At dawn may the Lord bestow faithful love

that I may sing praise through the night,

praise to the God of my life." 

(Ps 42:9)


Surrendering to God's Will is not a once in a lifetime event, nor is it just an "altar call," but it is a continuous daily active process that is nurtured by prayer.  It is in the absence of this spirit of prayer that the door to our soul is opened to all kinds of deceptions and problems.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares that the fruits of this spirit of prayer are found in the love of neighbor and service to others that mark an authentic and true child of God:


"Surrender allows you to live in a spirit of prayer, and it is the way to treat the pains of life in this world.  When you surrender to God, you die to your own will and you quiet all the frustrations you encounter by passing them into the Hands of God….You will be safe and secure when you surrender into His arms; and all the deceptions of life, trouble and pains will be softened because you will not be concerned about the end result.  Whether in life or in death, surrender is the purest form of love and is the way to live permanently in a spirit of prayer."  (Public OLOE, Feb. 10, 2000)   "Spend time in prayer.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.  Spend today in the Peace of My Son; and through the fruits of prayer, you will address your problems with His Love and His Peace."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 2, 1999)


"Open your hearts, and my Son will change you into His glorious Self….My Son ruled the heavens and the earth by being open to the Will of His Father and surrendering unto it.  You are invited not to be afraid to trust with childlike confidence in His Love.  You are invited and called by my Son to love one another by bringing His Life into each others’ hearts.  A miracle will not come by the conviction of your minds but by the Love in your hearts and through service and courtesy to one another.  Recommit yourself by surrendering to God's Will."  (Public OLOE, May 18, 2000)



"How good it is, how pleasant, where the people dwell as one!" 

(Ps 133:1)


Will we live to see a world where all can live with their Creator as One, or will that be left for those who follow us?  Regardless, Our Lady of Emmitsburg is clear about our responsibility:



"Every act of surrender will result in a closer union with God….The act of surrender, loving gestures, and consistency in behavior will prove your authenticity as a true child of God….Your responsibility is to trust and surrender to God's Way and to love one another equally with the same love you carry in your hearts for your own beloved ones."  (Public OLOE, Aug. 10, 2000)


"Do not conform yourself to this age,

but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,

that you may discern what is the Will of God,

what is good and pleasing and perfect."

(Rom 12:2)