A Christmas Message

Part B:  Mercy




"The spirit of Christmas is LOVE,

and the spirit of giving is priceless when it stems from Love.  Jesus is LOVE,

and He is giving Himself to you as a gift….Love all people as Jesus. 

He will fill you with His Presence

and give you the strength to continue on your journey.

You will feel His Love and desire nothing else, nothing less….

He is your gift of Love." 

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Dec. 11, 1997)



"Be Jesus!"--"Be Me!"

          (Our Lady of Emmitsburg, June 8, 1995)                          (Jesus of Mercy, Sept. 20, 1988)




"Slow down, little children,

and ponder the moment of your salvation with the Birth of Jesus,

Who humbled himself and stripped Himself to nothingness

in order to take on the sinfulness of the world….

Be filled with the joy of a child when presented with a priceless gift….

Reflect on what it means to be a child of God and heir to His Kingdom….

Take time to ponder how this one act brought forth salvation for the world…. 

Pray in thanksgiving to God the Father for your Savior,

and ponder what this means for you and how you can be like Him."

(Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Dec. 2, 1999)



Part A: Love

Part B:  Mercy





Part B



"Mercy" is an attribute of God which has been defined in many ways.  One such definition is that it is "God's Love in action." It has been written that Mercy is God's greatest attribute.  God certainly loves everything and every creature that He has made.  His Love urges Him to shower benefits upon them.  When man, God's rational creature, is in need, and most of all when he is in dire need and in the misery of having offended his God, then God's Love is not withdrawn.  Even then is He willing to shower His benefits upon man, and He is willing to forgive him.  This Love and goodness of God is called "Mercy."


It is our human free will that triggers His Mercy.  Both Judas and Peter betrayed and gravely offended Jesus, but Peter trusted in Our Lord's Mercy, and Judas did not.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg emphasizes the importance of that kind of trust:



"Trust in your Jesus of Mercy.  The more you trust in Him, the more you will see that He is with you and that you are not alone, and the more you will desire to be like Him."  (Public OLOE, Jan 21, 1999)


"I will sprinkle clean water upon you to cleanse you all

from your impurities, and from all idols I will cleanse you.

I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you,

taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.

I will put my Spirit within you and make you live by my statutes,

careful to observe my decrees.

You shall live in the land I gave your fathers; you shall be my people,

and I will be your God." 

(Ez 36: 25-28)


"You must look at your own self and pray in your own way for God's Mercy on you, for His forgiveness and His strength that you can carry on.  For you can do nothing without Him!  Then you must be charitable and kind, and through your actions people will see what you have and will want it.  Even initially, if their incentives are through envy, they will want what you have.  You can share that with them, but you cannot change to be like them.  You must encourage them through your actions to be like you because you strive to be like Jesus….You have been given gifts, children.  Perhaps you yourselves should be grateful and look to see what you have received; and then, in all humility, you will see that you are nothing, but you are everything through His gift." (Private OLOE, Sept. 25, 2009)



“…And now I am not in the world,

and these are in the world, and I come to thee.

Holy Father, keep them in thy name whom thou has given me;

that they may be one, as we also are One….”  

(Jn 17:11)


Very early in His Lessons to the world through Gianna, Our Lord reassures each of us that He is living in us, along with His Father and the Spirit.  This

being the case, He challenges us to not only passively house the Trinity, but to carry God's Love  and His Word to all those in the world who do not yet know Him:


"Listen!  It is I Who Am, Who made you!…It is this, My Presence, of which you are aware and which is in all My children.  My Body is united in Oneness with yours.  Oneness in My Body is a gift which I have promised to all My children.  I am present in all My children….I have promised this to My Father and to My children for their glorification.  Unity with My Body allows the power of My gifts of Love, Faith and Hope--to be Me, to live them in you!"  (JOM, Vol I, #14, Dec. 6, 1988)  "Many can feel My Spirit in them, but they do not believe that I am--in the truest sense--living in them and with them!  My people think that God, being the higher authority, created them; but that they cannot be like Him.  This is not true!  God created man in the image and likeness of Me, so that all could live in Oneness with the Trinity….My Father, Who lives within your hearts and your thoughts, will grant you strength to persevere and wisdom.  He will comfort you, not harm you!  He will cradle you like a newborn babe.  He will not enslave you, but give you everlasting freedom, for which your souls desire and plead….Call Him 'Abba,' for He is your 'Daddy'!   He is My 'Abba', and He is your 'Abba!'"  (JOM, Vol II, #17, Nov. 1, 1989)


"There are many of My beloved ones who do not know Me and who are thirsty for My Love.  Many are confused, downtrodden, angry, bewildered and lonely.  Be Love for them. Be Me….Bring My people to Me through unconditional love, deeds and prayers….Bring these people to Me by your example of living and of trusting in Me."  (JOM, Vol V, #24, 1995)





"Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son,

and they shall name him Emmanuel, which means 'God is with us.'"   (Mt 1:23)


It is this unity with the Holy Trinity that our souls desire, whether we know it at a conscious level or not.  Through our free will we can certainly dilute or even drown that desire; however, Our Lady stresses that without it we can possess nothing:


”Pray that your every good thought, prayer and desire will be like Jesus' and will reflect in your actions.  Pray your interior being may be one with your exterior self, so that you may completely be whole in God's Love.  Your soul was created for the glory of God.  It desires to live in unity with the Holy Trinity, while in this world, until it dwells for all eternity in God's eternal bliss of Love…..People who are searching will follow your example of love.  Be like Jesus in meekness, humility, patience and mortification….Believe and you will see miraculous works of His Mercy….Without Him you possess nothing, even though you may think you have everything."  (Public OLOE, July 8, 1999)



"For I am convinced that neither death, nor life,

nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor future things,

nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature

will be able to separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

(Rom 8:38-39)


Whether people are little or big, all are sinners.  The beauty of everything my Son has done is that it is an act of Love--nothing that you were worthy of or are worthy of.  His Love is so great because He wants you to be with Him and to be like Him, to live in Him and to be in union with the Holy Trinity.  What more glorious event could anyone want?  It was the initial idea at the creation of the world, the universe and the cosmos."  (Private OLOE, Jan. 15, 2009)


"This is the way we may know that we are in union with Him:

whoever claims to abide in Him ought to live just as He lived."

(1Jn 2:5-6)





"When I found your words, I devoured them;

they became my joy and the happiness of my heart."

(Jer 15:16)


As can be ascertained through His relationship with the Pharisees, Our Lord despises hypocrisy.  In His Lessons to the world, He challenges each of us to not just study His Word, but to live His Word:


"How can you say you love Me with all your heart and desire to be Me and even study My Way and My Word, and then turn around and criticize and condemn with a sense of authority?  The more you humble yourself and become meek of heart will you gain authority on that which is Divine….My words are to be loving and merciful to all people.  My words are to be meek and humble of heart.  My words are for all people of all races, of all nations….Regardless of the messenger, regardless of the place, regardless of your own personal opinion, you will love unconditionally and humble yourself to be like Me if you are truly My servant….Love yourself, love others, and love to be humble."  (JOM, Vol V, #27, Oct. 30, 1995)


"Whoever preaches, let it be with the words of God;

whoever serves, let it be with the strength that God supplies,

so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ,

to whom belong glory and dominion forever and ever."

(1Pet 4:11)


"To love God is to take delight in His Word….Take time to read and study Scripture.  Know and learn about my Son's Life.  In knowing my Son, you will learn and come to know yourself….You will live according to His Word and fulfill His desires according to His Divine Providence….Study and seek to be like my Son….The Word of God should be your delight."  (Public OLOE, Jan. 26, 1995)  "You can be like my Son in every way…Turn your hearts towards Him and live the Good News of the Gospel."   (Public OLOE, May 6, 1999)




We live in a world where many times people "talk the talk," but far too often they are not willing to "walk the walk."  When it comes to mercy and forgiveness, we had better be "walking," not just "talking."  Our Lady of Emmitsburg affirms the necessity for us to both be merciful and to forgive if we expect to see God face to face with a pure heart:


"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

 (Mt 5:7)


"If you desire to be like Jesus, you must be merciful.  Your hearts must be overflowing with Mercy for Jesus to acknowledge you as His own.  This is a time of confusion, and there are many sorrowful people in need of love.  There are many people filled with interior pain, and there are many people filled with anger and disgust….I pray you will be enlightened with God's Truth and healed in my Son's merciful Love….Ask Jesus to permeate your being with His merciful compassion and Love.  Ask Him for His Divine assistance and grace so that you might be an Apostle of Mercy, showing kindness and goodness to all people."  (Public OLOE, Aug. 21, 1997)


"Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." 

(Mt 6:12)


"Have confidence in God's Mercy and Love.  If you are confident, you will trust Him with a dependent surrendering love…..The evil one would like to confuse you and cause division among you in the most trivial situations in order that you would not focus on God's Mercy and Love…Join together and avoid issues that might stimulate friction, anger and division.  Forgive one another and rise to God's merciful ways of Love.  Pray with confidence, and trust that His Mercy and Love will soothe all broken hearts.  Pray, and trust peace will exist….Pray and be merciful and strive to be like Jesus in order that you will be able to see Him face to face with a pure heart."  (Private OLOE, Sept. 28, 1995)


"We have this confidence in Him,

that if we ask anything according to His Will,

He hears us."

(1Jn 5:14)




"So speak and so act as people who will be judged by the law of freedom.

For judgment is merciless to one who has not shown mercy;

mercy triumphs over judgment."

(James 2:12-13)


It is far easier to judge others, to excuse ourselves, and to be too proud to convict ourselves so we can forgive ourselves, than it is to be honest with God and ourselves.  To accomplish this level of purity in our honesty, it requires the enlightenment and grace of the Holy Spirit dwelling in each of us.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg urges us to see as Jesus sees:


"Do not judge one another….Be kind and open to the Love of God which dwells in each person. Please do not live with a stubborn stony heart, for there is glory and honor for all who do good….Look through the eyes of Jesus and see as He sees, instead of seeing what you want to see….I love you and desire you to be like Jesus, merciful and loving….Ask Him to enlighten you and to give you the grace to change."  (Public OLOE, Apr. 24, 1997)





Then he (the good thief) said,

"Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom."

And Jesus replied to him,

"Amen, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise."

(Lk 23:42-43)


Forgiveness is a very dynamic process.  It involves the acknowledgment of sin, true contrition, as well as a firm purpose of amendment so as to avoid the occasions of that sin in the future.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg teaches us that as God forgives each of His children, so too we must forgive others as well as ourselves:


"The ways of God are not the ways of this world, but the ways of God will be the new tomorrow.  I am with you, never to leave you.  God loves you; and even if you deny Him, He will love you as He loved Judas.  He will forgive you as He desired to forgive Judas, but you have to desire to be forgiven and seek to change to be like Him."  (Private OLOE, Apr. 18, 2009)


"As long as you repent and are sorry, sins are forgiven forever….As you regularly and in an ongoing way ask for God's forgiveness, then you are made whole and you become holy through your desire to be like Him.  This is most pleasing to God the Father."  (Private OLOE, Jan. 23, 2007)


"Forgive with all your heart.  Try with all your heart, because no one is perfect.  Only God is perfect!  Strive to be like Him, meek and humble of heart.  All you need to do is to try.  Forgive, and at the proper time that person will ask your forgiveness, if you pray for them.  Remember:  Do not let the sun go down on arguments, for you do not know when your day of calling to meet God face to face will be.  Make amends and ask forgiveness so that there is healing, and then bring your gifts to the altar."  (Private OLOE, June 7, 2008)


"God makes the truth of your sinfulness known because He loves you and desires you to come to Him.  But you must have mercy on yourself and forgive yourself so God can forgive you and make you whole in His Love."  (Public OLOE, Apr. 20, 1995)   "If you cannot forgive those who have hurt you, then it will be most difficult for you to forgive yourself when you meet your Creator face to face."  (Public OLOE, Mar. 11, 2007)




St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787) prayed:

"May the very words ‘Crib’ and ‘Cross’ and ‘Sacrament’ inflame my heart

with the desire to do great things for you, O my Jesus,

Who has indeed done so much and suffered so greatly for me."


Our Lady of Emmitsburg implies a sense of urgency in encouraging all of her children to cling to the Sacramental life:


"God's Love is endless, and He is merciful…. I have said that time is no longer on your side.  This is true because of the continuous acts against God's Mercy….Look to God and pray.  He is your safe refuge.  Receive the Sacraments and have fidelity to Him.  You must make a sincere effort to change, to be loving and to be like Him."  (Public OLOE, Aug. 1, 1996)


"There is great power in prayer….Unity comes through prayer and merciful love towards one another….Jesus is Love….Jesus is meek and humble of heart.  Seek to be like Him.  Seek to live in Him.  Seek to live in humility….Return to God….Return to His Sacraments and remain faithful to His Word."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 21, 1995)


"The more you embrace the Love of my Son, the more you will diligently work to remain in the state of grace.  You will desire to receive the Sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation….Through His Love you will see how pure He is and desire to be like Him." (Public OLOE, Dec. 31, 1998)



"You should put away the old self of your former way of life,

corrupted through deceitful desires;

and be renewed in the spirit of your minds;

and put on the new self,

created in God's way in righteousness and holiness of truth."

(Eph 4:22-24)


Certainly, one of the most misunderstood and underutilized gifts of God's grace resides in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Our Lady was conceived immaculate, pure and innocent.  The rest of humanity was not; however, Our Lady of Emmitsburg points out that we have an abundant source of life-giving grace so that we can regain the purity and innocence we have lost.  That source is in this Sacrament:


"All people are invited to be immaculate, pure and innocent.  Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation you can also be purified from sin; but your free will is still there, accessible to any temptation….When you remove your 'self,' when you focus on my Son, and when you work on eliminating even those areas and desires that are needed, you are working on your free will and protecting yourself against temptation.  This will not only allow you to be pure, but will allow God to sanctify you so that you may be like Him wholly.  Ultimately, as you grow in humility, you grow in holiness.  The more humble you are, the better you will handle temptations and tribulations in a way so pure that it will give God great glory and honor….especially when you overcome them through vigilance, prayer and the desire to remain faithful and committed."  (Private OLOE, Dec. 7, 2005)




"Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good."

(Rom 12:21)


To all her children Our Lady of Emmitsburg continues to emphasize the gifts and tools given by God, to warn of the potential obstacles placed by the evil one, and to provide the pathway through all the hazardous terrain, filled with deception:


"Ask my Son to help you and to show you the ways you can love more, so that you can be free and so that you can live with hope, not despair….Be like Him, and continue to try with all your heart.  If you continue and still wonder why that, when you go to confession, you seem to be confessing the same sins over and over, perhaps you need to ask my Son and the Holy Spirit to enlighten you in the ways that you can be free.  Freedom and Peace are what you have been gifted by God…No doubt Satan has a plan for you, but the plan of my Son is greater; and no fear or evil spirit can destroy you unless you become distracted and allow the bondage to enter into the doorway of your soul….Many believe that Satan does not exist, and the need for and lack of prayer will only fuel the events that will lead you astray.  Prayer must be central in your life; and God must be first or you cannot love, because you truly will not understand the meaning of it."  (Private OLOE, June 17, 2010)





Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, "God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful."  It is this same importance that Our Lady of Emmitsburg gives to the virtue of faithfulness:


"Be very careful, because much of what is being said today in other areas is deception, and many are being deceived.  The most important thing that you can do is to remain faithful--faithful to the Church and the Sacraments, to yourself and to your prayer life--and to encourage yourself to be clean of vices, to challenge yourself to grow, and to forgive yourself so that you can help others.  Be very close to God!...But the Truth will come with the Triumph of His Cross, as it did in the past and all the way through to current times.  Those of you who have been devoted and loving and not presumptuous of your final fate, but humble and prayerful, and vigilant, will be able to welcome in a new era, fully trusting in God Who is all-merciful and all-glorious!  What a great reward for those who truly have ears to hear and eyes to see what is happening around you!"  (Private OLOE, Sept. 14, 2009)


"Beloved, we are God's children now;

what we shall be has not yet been revealed.

We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like Him,

for we shall see Him as He is."

(1Jn 3:2)


"If you believe with all your heart, it will happen. But you must not doubt.  You must believe with all your heart, because nothing is impossible with God.  The evil one would like you to fill your mind with distrust, and he would like you to believe this is all fallacy.  But you control your heart; and in your heart, all you must do is believe and not doubt, knowing that in good time--God's time--all fruition will come to the surface."  (Private OLOE, Jan. 15, 2009)


"You yourselves know very well

that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night.

When people are saying, 'Peace and security,'

then sudden disaster comes upon them,

like labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

But you, brothers are not in darkness for that day to overtake you like a thief. 

For all of you are children of light and children of the day.

We are not of the night or of darkness."

(1Thes 5: 2-6)





From so many prophetic sources in the world today, we are hearing the words, "Time is short."  Time is short for each of us, for our family and friends, for our enemies, for the heretics and pagans, for all sinners.  So too is time short for our consecration to Our Lord through His Mother's Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart; time is short for our abandonment to the Divine Will; and time is short for our efforts to draw people to the Truth of God's Plan.  As always, Our Lady of Emmitsburg invites, welcomes and challenges:


"I direct you to my Son, and I invite all people of all faiths to return to Him….We must all pray and work together in unity to be like Jesus.  All are welcome!  All are challenged!  For once you know the Truth, you cannot walk away.  You must walk the Way of my Son.  It is the only Way to true freedom, peace and happiness."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 3, 2006)


"As your Mother, I am here!  I have never left, and I am here to stay, protecting and guiding you; and, yes, always challenging you so that you can be like Him."  (Private OLOE, Sept 14, 2009)


"Do this because you know the time;

it is the hour now for you to awake from sleep.

For our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

The night is advanced, the day is at hand.

Let us then throw off the works of darkness,

and put on the armor of light….Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

and make no provision for the desires of the flesh."

(Rom 13: 11-14)


"A whole new change is coming, tremendously positive!  Wait now, wait on Our Lord, and do not doubt….Praise Him, thank Him, and continually bless Him as He blesses you, loves you and gives you wonderful gifts, gifts of grace and invitations to grow in holiness.


"Blessed are those who accept the invitation and follow Him, working and striving to be like Him. Do not stop, but pray more fervently with tremendous faith and confidence in God alone."  (Private OLOE, May 29, 2007)




"…He emptied Himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness;

and found human in appearance, he humbled Himself,

becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross."

(Phil 2:7-8)


It is a paradox that will only be fully understood in eternity with God:  from the Crib to the Cross, humility and love driving our God to unfathomable Mercy.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg speaks of the joy and the wonder, the hope and the love:


"It is a wonderful time to contemplate the Joy and wonder of the Child Jesus; and yet, not far from that is the Wood of the Cross.    From the Crib to the Cross!  The world looks at His Birth, and the world also looks at His Passion and Death, the pain of coming into the world taking the form of a human, and the pain of leaving the world through Death.  But then there is the Resurrection and Ascension to give new life and a new beginning, one of hope, one that all people of the world can follow, Hope and Love!"  (Private OLOE, Dec. 16, 2006)


"The true Light, which enlightens everyone,

was coming into the world."

(Jn 1:9)


That first Christmas--all were there!  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were there!  Our Blessed Mother and her beloved spouse Joseph were there!  The angels came; the shepherds came; the Magi came. A Plan had been set in motion, and time now would record its fulfillment--that being eternal salvation and freedom.  God the Father in His "Words" to the world best reminds us what this life of ours is all about:


“I sent My Son, your Savior Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who agreed to humble Himself and to come and be born in the womb of a Virgin.  He agreed to become flesh and to suffer for you so that all of the children of humanity would know that their sins were forgiven through his one Redemptive Act of salvation.”  (GTF, July 8, 2006)  “My Son, Who was forsaken and Who gave His Life on the Cross, redeemed you.  My beloved daughter, Mary, spouse of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who was beside Him pleading for you, joins in this great gift of bringing and inviting all of you to freedom.”  (GTF, Dec. 8, 2006)



The Closing


"So be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love,

as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us

as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma."

(Eph 5:1-2)


The invitation and directive is quite simple and of very few words.  The example is a perfect one.  The gifts are Love and Mercy--gifts we were given, gifts we are to share.  The reward is eternal life with God!  Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!   Our Lady of Emmitsburg concludes:


"How blessed His Name!  All peoples in all nations can see the Face of God and adore Him.  Strive to be meek and humble of heart, and then you shall meet Jesus in the faces of your peers and many other peoples of all nations. 


"The gifts that the Magi gave to my Son are gifts that you can also receive with blessings, with honor and with dignity, because you can be like my Son.


"I pray for you that you will have my eyes to adore my Son, and my Heart to love Him as I love Him, and my humility to follow Him at all costs.  Be strong and filled with faith, for my adorable Son is yours!"  (Private OLOE, Jan 4, 2009)




 "Be Jesus!"

(OLOE, June 8, 1995)







"I am your Lord God,

here to protect and save all My little ones,

all those who desire to be with Me,

to walk with Me, to live in Me and to be Me!"

(JOM, Vol V, #20, Sept. 13, 1995)




"Be Me!"

(Jesus of Mercy, Sept. 20, 1988)