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Part B:  The Pharisaical Spirit in the Church


God the Father,

Our Lord Jesus Christ & Our Lady of Emmitsburg

The Saints, the Popes & Theologians

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The Pharisaical Spirit


A “spirit” not of the Holy Spirit

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


“Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye,

but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?...You hypocrite!

Remove the wooden beam from your eye first;

then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.”

(Mt 7:3-5)


A.     The Pharisaical Spirit in the World

B.     The Pharisaical Spirit in the Church


The Catholic Encyclopedia (Catholic Reference) defines the “Pharisees” as members of an active, vociferous religious Jewish sect in the centuries before and after Christ appeared on earth.  They represented by and large the intellectual sector of their people, because they were avid, contentious students and teachers of Jewish religious law.  Their intensity and single-mindedness resulted in a harsh and uncharitable emphasis on the legal aspects of religion at the expense of charity and loving concern.  Jesus represented a threat to their intellectual security and leadership.  They baited Him at every opportunity, and they tried to trap him into wrong answers. (Mt: 22:15-22)  They proposed questions, hoping to prove contradictions. (Mt 23:34-40)  They deplored the company he kept.  They objected to his Sabbath activities. (Mk 2:15-17, 23-26) They even plotted against His life. (Jn 11:45-54)  Indeed they worked together with the priests and Sadducees until their plotting culminated in His arrest and crucifixion.  (Jn 18:3)  Their hostility, of course, was aggravated by the accusations that Jesus leveled at the Pharisees.  He called them “hypocrites”. (Mt 15:7)  He deplored their legalisms as rendering God’s Word null and void. (Mk 7:13)  Their self-righteousness he exposed in the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. (Lk 18:9-14)  The entire Chapter 23 of Matthew is a lengthy, detailed indictment of the Pharisee mentality.  Needless to say, all Pharisees were not fanatics.  Gamaliel and Nicodemus were men who kept a sense of balance and were open to the development of Judaism (Jn 3:1-21, Acts 5:34-39).  It is likely that many Pharisees became Christians. (Modern Catholic Encyclopedia, Fr. John A Hardon, S.J.)


B.  The Pharisaical Spirit in the Church


“Do not let the writer’s authority or learning influence you,

whether it be little or great;

but let the love of pure Truth attract you to read.

Do not ask, ‘Who said this?’ but pay attention to what is said.

People pass away, but the Truth of the Lord endures forever.

God speaks to us in many ways without considering a person’s status.”

(Imitation of Christ, Thomas A Kempis, Bk. 1, Ch. 5)

In his outstanding and well-researched book, I Am Sending You Prophets: The Role of Apparitions in the History of the Church, Fr. Edward O’Connor, C.S.C., provides an excellent summary of what the Church teaches in regards to private revelation, but also questions how at times that same Church has applied its own teachings:

“..In the Vatican II document, Lumen Gentium, the Council addressed extraordinary charisms in clear and understandable language.  Although the Council does not specify which gifts are thus referred to, certainly the gift of prophecy would be one of them, especially since the very topic of this section 12 of Lumen Gentium is the participation of all the members of the Church in the prophetic office of Christ.

“The Holy Spirit also distributes special graces among the faithful of every rank.  By these gifts he makes them fit and ready to undertake various tasks and offices for the renewal and building up of the Church….Whether these charisms be very remarkable or more simple and widely diffused, they are to be received with thanksgiving and consolation since they are fitting and useful for the needs of the Church.  Extraordinary gifts are not to be rashly desired, nor is it from them that the fruits of apostolic labors are to be presumptuously expected.  Those who have charge over the Church should judge the genuineness and proper use of these gifts, through their office not indeed to extinguish the Spirit, but to test all things and hold fast to what is good….”  (Lumen Gentium #12)


Karl Rahner, S.J. is considered one of the most influential priest-theologians of the 20th Century and had significant impact on the Vatican II Council.  In his book, Visions and Prophecies, he writes:

“Without any doubt, in the course of the Church’s history, there have continually been private revelations….(addressed to the Church or to major parts of the Church through the visionary) and they have exercised great influence.”  (P,18)

“It seems to us that this is the essence of post-apostolic, prophetic ‘private revelations’:  God inspiring a member of the Church with His imperative for the Church in a concrete historical situation. (p.27)  “…side by side with the office transmitted by the imposition of hands (the priesthood), there must always be in the Church a prophetic vocation as well, which is not handed down by man.  Neither of these two gifts can replace the other.”  (P. 28)


Long after the Council, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spoke of God’s right to intervene,” a term that Our Lady of Emmitsburg has also used on several occasions:

“God reserves for Himself the right to intervene directly in the Church again and again by means of charisms to awaken it, warn it, promote it and sanctify it.  I believe that this prophet-charismatic history traverses the whole age of the Church.  It is always there, especially at critical turning points.”  (Interview with Niels Christian Hvidt, The Problem of Christian Prophecy, p. 76, 1999)


In an apostolic exhortation entitled Christifideles Laici, Pope John Paul II summarized the fruits of the discussion on charisms by a Synod of Bishops held in Rome in 1987.  He speaks of the gratitude with which these charisms should be received and the vitality and holiness they bring to the Church:

“Whether they be exceptional and great or simple and ordinary, the charisms are graces of the Holy Spirit that have, directly or indirectly, a usefulness for the ecclesial community, ordered as they are to the building up of the Church, to the well being of humanity and to the needs of the world….The charisms are received in gratitude both on the part of the one who receives them, and also on the part of the entire Church.  They are in fact a singularly rich source of grace for the vitality of the apostolate and for the holiness of the whole Body of Christ, provided that they are gifts that come truly from the Spirit and are exercised in full conformity with the authentic promptings of the Spirit.  In this sense, the discernment of charisms is always necessary.”  (Christifideles Laici, JPII, 1989)

Pope John Paul II again in a speech on the Vigil of Pentecost in 1998 spoke about the newness and the radical change to persons and history brought about by this intervention of the Spirit through the charismatic dimension of the Church:

“Wherever the Spirit intervenes, He leaves people astonished.  He brings about events of amazing newness; He radically changes persons and history.  This was the unforgettable experience of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council during which, under the guidance of the same Spirit, the Church rediscovered the charismatic dimension as one of her constitutive elements.”  (JPII, June 3, 1998)

In the beginning of His papacy in May, 2005, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the limited understanding of the Body of Christ and the mission of the Spirit to introduce each new generation of the Church into the greatness of Christ:


“…There can be no other revelation which can communicate more or in some way complete the Revelation of Christ.  In Him, in the Son, all has been said to us, all has been given.  But our understanding is limited; thus, the Spirit’s mission is to introduce the Church, in an ever new way from generation to generation, into the greatness of Christ’s mystery.  The Spirit places nothing different or new beside Christ….

“…The Holy Spirit is the interpreter of Christ….He does not lead us to other places, far from Christ, but takes us further and further into Christ’s Light.  Consequently Christian Revelation is both ever old and ever new.  Thus, all things are and always have been given to us.  At the same time every generation, in the inexhaustible encounter with the Lord—an encounter mediated by the Holy Spirit—always learns something new.”  (Pope Benedict XVI, May 11, 2005, p. 3)

Since the publication of Lumen Gentium (Nov. 21, 1964) at the Second Vatican Council over 50 years ago, what can be said of the way that the institutional Church has handled private revelation?  Is there an openness to the gifts and fruits of the Spirit in the form of charismatic grace?  Or is there a widening disparity in the desirable complementary balance between ecclesiastical authority and charismatic grace?  Today, there is an inarguable, well-documented trending in the Church:  the empty pews, the lack of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, the dying religious orders, the staggering percentage of professed Catholics who believe not in the Real Presence, the embarrassingly short lines for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the closure of so many Catholic parish churches and schools, the sex and power scandals in the hierarchy of the Church!  Indeed, might one not argue that there is a sense among so many of the faithful laity, priests, the younger priests and seminarians that there has been an agenda by some in power to altogether squelch the supernatural character of Our Lord’s Church? 



“Jesus came to His native place and taught the people in their synagogue. 

They were amazed and said,

“Where did this man get such wisdom and mighty deeds?”

(Mt 13:45-55)


  “They were amazed out of indignation, not favor;

they were astonished with jealousy, not with praise;

they were furious because what haughty judgment-seats were not able to grasp, humility taught perfectly while standing up.”

( St. Peter Chrysologus, +450, Selected Sermons, vol II)


After decades of research, author Richard Sipe, in a 2005 article regarding how the Church has handled the clergy sex abuse scandals, discussed four patterns of behavior by Church officials that he had observed:  denial, delay, defiance and deception.  Here we do not express support for or against Mr. Sipe’s positions and opinions regarding this issue, but we do want to consider these four tactics in relation to the Church’s handling of both private revelation and charismatic grace in general.

Many have observed the denial of the supernatural character through flawed investigations; the delay in redressing any wrongs done or in correcting any errors in the investigative process;  the defiance in supplying any meaningful responses to so many legitimate and reasonable questions from not only the faithful and first-hand witnesses, but also from Marian experts, scholars and theologians; and the deception in an apparent attempt to protect the reputations of any active or retired living or deceased members of the investigative process.  Are these same tactics not apparent today in this arena of private revelation and charismatic grace?  Our Lady of Emmitsburg offers some insight to this question through visionary and mystic Gianna Talone Sullivan:

“I can tell you, little ones, be cautious of those who claim that they know whom God should choose and use as a vessel for His Words.  There is no theologian, no authority in Mother Church who in certainty can say who is or is not receiving words from Heaven.  God chooses whom God desires, of all genders, of all races and of all ages.  I do not come only to peasants.  I come to whomever God allows me to come.

“Yes indeed, you must use prudence and holy Wisdom to discern what is true and what is not.  That comes through prayer and through a closer Union with God in the Eucharist.  But you must have an open heart.  For if you do not, then you will be held accountable for the sin of omission.”  (Public  OLOE, Aug. 6,  2006)


“Gross is the heart of this people,

they will hardly hear with their ears,

they have closed their eyes,

lest they see with their eyes and

hear with their ears and understand with their heart

and be converted, and I heal them.”

 (Lk 13: 14-15)

“Mother Church is in tremendous turmoil and danger….Cardinals are against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops.  What is happening is a falling from the graces of God.  Power and materialism are becoming the mainstream, and administrative ways have taken the place of the holiness and the humility that are needed in the Hierarchy in order for them to discern and to make use of God’s graces.”  (Private OLOE, Nov. 12, 2006)


They went to the chief priests and elders and said,

“We have bound ourselves by a solemn oath

to taste nothing until we have killed Paul.

You, together with the Sanhedrin,

must now make an official request to the commander

to have him bring him down to you,

as though you meant to investigate his case more thoroughly.

We on our part are prepared to kill him before he arrives.”

(Acts 23: 14-15)


Fr. Edward O’Connor, C.S.C., of Notre Dame University, is a retired mystical and Marian theologian, and author of several books dealing with discernment and private revelation.  He was invited to witness and testify at the proceedings of the Commission of Inquiry in June, 2001, held by the Archdiocese of Baltimore in regards to the alleged mystical events involving Gianna Talone Sullivan.  In a letter dated October 7, 2002, to William Cardinal Keeler following these meetings, Fr. O’Connor wrote:  “It is our (including Frs. Joseph Ianuzzi and Robert Faricy, S.J.) impression that the Commission has made some very serious errors.  It attributes to Mrs. Talone-Sullivan statements not contained in her messages, distorts the sense of the statements that were in them, and finally attributes to certain points an emphasis that is completely lacking from the text….When we appeared before the Commission, we asked explicitly whether any theological problems were to be found in Gianna’s messages, and not a single one of the points now cited by the Commission were mentioned.” 

Then in a subsequent letter to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, then Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, dated January 19, 2005, Fr. O’Connor wrote:  “After careful study of the matter, I am convinced that a grave injustice has been done to Mrs. Sullivan, first by the Commission, whose report is very biased and flawed; and secondly by the Cardinal (Keeler), in going even beyond the conclusion of the Commission….”

In the timeless spiritual masterpiece, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, he writes about the difference between wisdom and knowledge.  It is this difference that has seemed to plague the institutional Church much of the time when it comes to discerning many of God’s gifts and charisms freely given to individuals or groups for the benefit of the entire Church:

“There is a vast difference between the wisdom of an enlightened and devout person and the knowledge of a well-read and accomplished scholar.  The learning that flows from Divine influence is far more noble than that acquired by a person’s study and research….Nature looks at a person’s outward appearance, but grace looks inside; nature is often mistaken, but grace never is, since it trusts in God.”  (Imitation of Christ, Book 3, Ch. 31)

In his Lenten 2010 Message, Pope Benedict XVI (previously Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) spoke specifically about injustice as it relates to the Pharisees and to egoism:

“…We can detect within the reaction of the Pharisees a permanent temptation within man: to situate the origin of evil in an exterior cause.  Many modern ideologies deep down have this presupposition: since injustice comes ‘from outside,’ in order for justice to reign, it is sufficient to remove the exterior causes that prevent it being achieved.  This way of thinking—Jesus warns (Mk 7: 14-15,20-21) is ingenuous and short-sighted.  Injustice, the fruit of evil, does not have exclusively external roots; its origin lies in the human heart, where seeds are found of a mysterious cooperation with evil….Indeed, man is weakened by an intense influence, which wounds his capacity to enter into communion with the other.  By nature, he is open to sharing freely, but he finds in his being a strange force of gravity that makes him turn in and affirm himself above and against others: this is egoism, the result of original sin.  How can man free himself from this selfish influence and open himself to love?...Conversion to Christ, believing in the Gospel, ultimately means this: to exit the illusion of self-sufficiency in order to discover and accept one’s own need—the need of others and God, the need of His forgiveness and His friendship….Humility is required to accept that I need another to free me from ‘what is mine,’ to give me gratuitously ‘what is His.’  This happens, especially in the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.  Thanks to Christ’s action, we may enter into the ‘greatest’ justice, which is that of Love….” (2010 Lenten Message, Pope Benedict XVI, Lent, Oct. 30, 2009)


“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,

but underneath are ravenous wolves.

By their fruits you will know them.”

(Mt 7:15-16)


There was great anticipation for decades concerning the 3rd Secret of Fatima; and since it was finally released on May 13, 2001, at the beatification ceremonies of Blessed Francesco and Jacinta in Fatima, there has been some controversy as to whether it was released in its complete form.  But more important than that is the UNOFFICIAL interpretation of that secret which Church officials soon after released and which was neither infallible nor dogmatic.  It was this incomplete understanding of the message in the Church’s unofficial “Attempt to Interpret the 3rd Secret of Fatima” that Our Lady of Emmitsburg took issue with:


“I need priests who want to give of themselves and live as did the First Apostle, the first Pope, who lived his life for the Truth….He lived for humanity, not for dignitaries and diplomats, nor for political issues.  He lived for the depth and breadth and Life of my Son.  He even sacrificed his life as did my Son for the Truth.  The Church is in jeopardy today because its vision is being focused in a different direction.  The Church will always stand because of my Son, but what is in jeopardy are the souls of many of my priests, my Bishops and my Cardinals who will have to atone and who will be held accountable for misleading the flock.


“That is why the 3rd Secret that I gave at Fatima told of my most beloved Pope climbing a mountain followed by wolves.  It told of the future and what will happen in my Church.  It did not end with the Millennium, but is beginning now because of the lack of commitment of many priests, Bishops and Cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth….Do not be misled.  Pray for the Truth.  Support your priests in prayer.  Be active, giving yourselves so that my priests can give spiritually and fully to my Son’s people and not be caught up in political issues.”  (Public OLOE, Sept 15, 2003)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg had previously used this image of “wolves” to warn Gianna and those who had supported and defended Her apparitions about the danger which surrounded them:


“You must be as sly as wolves, even though you are sheep. (Private OLOE, May 15, 2003)  My Son will vindicate you, but He must first reveal those who are proud and those who on the surface seem committed and sincere, but are really wolves only waiting to destroy and devour the innocent. (Private OLOE, June 29, 2003)  As my beloved Pope (JPII) grows older, he is no longer able to speak in the voice he would choose because there are many wolves that surround him and who would like to silence him.  (Private OLOE, July 17, 2003)  The wolves that surround His Holiness in the Vatican are like the wolves that surround you.  They are like thieves watching in the night for any error on your part.  The only way you can be victorious over them is to be wiser than them.  To be wiser is to be kind and loving, because these people do not know what kindness and love is.  So if you are kind and loving, you will be shrewd and will be able to discern what God wants.  (Private OLOE, Sept 20 2003)  You are encapsulated in the Love of God to protect you against evil and the wolves that also desired to devour my beloved Pope.  Receive the gift of Wisdom and know how loved you are in your giving to my Son the glory and honor by following in His footsteps and by living the Truth.  (Private OLOE, April 8, 2005)  It is not much longer.  You are meeting the faces of wolves; and this is good, even though at this time it looks very bad to you. (Private OLOE, March 20, 2006)  Know that this world is suffering.  Many people close to you are suffering.  God desires tremendous love and care and freedom for all.  But you must be very wise and prudent in your actions for there are many wolves surrounding the lambs.  Pray to the Holy Spirit, and know that as you pray and ask for protection, you are covered with the Precious Blood of Jesus and comforted within my mantle.”  (Private OLOE, June, 25, 2008)


“In the last time there will be scoffers

who will live according to their own godless desires. 

These are the ones who cause divisions;

 they live on the natural plane, devoid of the Spirit.

 But you, beloved, build yourselves up in your most holy faith;

pray in the Holy Spirit.  Keep yourselves in the Love of God,

and wait for the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” 

(Jude 17-21)


Fr. Jacques DePaul Daley, O.S.B., STL, STD, of St. Vincent’s Abbey in LaTrobe, PA, was Gianna’s spiritual director from 2000-2006.  In a letter dated April 28, 2006, to William Joseph Cardinal Levada, then Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Fr. Daley wrote:

“In conclusion, I repeat that I, as her spiritual director for over 6 years, am fully convinced that Gianna Talone Sullivan is authentic. She has received no personal gain for her role as the messenger of Our Lady's messages. She has given her entire being in following her call to give to the world these messages. Even though Our Lady's messages challenge the Church to a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, I find nothing contrary to Scripture in them, the same position held by many prominent Marian and Mystical Theologians. Gianna and her husband have demonstrated over and over again to be both psychologically and spiritually solid and strong.  They both have embraced their Cross and have an unquenchable thirst for holiness and the Divine Will.  The fruits of Our Lady's messages in Emmitsburg as well as the fruits of the Sullivans' works with the poor have been good! At no time has there been any obedience issues with Gianna and the Church, and she fully realizes the importance of obedience to the Church as a sign of authenticity, even if at times the Church is incomplete or errs in its initial evaluations.  She is a daughter of the Church.


In regards to the Decree from the Archdiocese of Baltimore using the formula Constat non supernaturalitas (total exclusion of the supernatural), rather than Non constat supernaturalitas (the supernatural has not been established), I feel there has been a grave error.  First, what Our Lady has said in Emmitsburg has been seriously misrepresented in both the secular and religious media.  Secondly, no credibility has been given to the previous scientific testing done during Gianna's ecstasy in 1992 by Fr. Rene' Laurentin, the noted French Marian theologian and investigator.  However, having personally witnessed many of Gianna's apparitions and having discussed the scientific findings with other scientists who have also witnessed this phenomenon, it is beyond my understanding how the supernatural character of these events can be excluded by anyone. And thirdly, Gianna's right to a good reputation (as noted in Canon Law) as well as her standing within the Catholic Church as a holy woman embracing the sacramental life with daily Mass and Communion for years and frequent confession, has been totally ignored.


I fully understand how the Church Hierarchy must test the spirits in the O' so many alleged mystical events which are referred to them; however I feel that the spirits here in Emmitsburg have been duly tested, and both Our Lady and her messenger need a much more thorough second look by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  In the end, I am confident that the Truth shall be made known.  God alone is in charge.” (Fr. Jacques Daley to Cardinal Levada, April, 2006)


“He has shown the strength of His arm,

and has scattered the proud in their conceit. 

He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,

and has lifted up the lowly.” 

(Lk 1:51-52)


As has been the case throughout this history of mankind, when God’s gifts are neglected or wasted or rejected, there are consequences—consequences for each and every individual, consequences for the world, and consequences for the Church.  In her message to the world, Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares what they can be:

“I have been coming to this country for many years.  I have invited all to come to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. I have told you and warned you of the many things to come, and it seems to me that you have passed them off….I have told you over and over again:  There is no time for fear, only time for change.  If you desire to waste your time debating on whether this is real or not, instead of preparing your soul and doing without the things you desire the most, then you will be held within yourself accountable, because you are missing an opportunity of Love. 

“The distance from the mind to the heart is far.  If you think your mind, which God created for you and gave to you, can discern all good things, perhaps you had best purge yourself first of sin; and then you might have a clear conscience and be gifted with the grace of discernment and vigilance….But if you believe that your focus should be on something else, and you ignore the Mother of God, I can tell you that you also ignore the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the entire foundation on which Mother Church has been built.”  (Private OLOE, Aug. 15, 2009)


“God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise,

and God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong,

and God chose the lowly and despised of the world,

those who count for nothing,

to reduce to nothing those who are something,

so that no human being might boast before God.” 

(1Cor 1:27-29)


The Church has always had its prophets and saints, and these had one unswerving characteristic in common:  Faith!  It was through that faith that they were able to complete their mission, thus leading all toward that heavenly home.  There have always been forces obstructing those missions, and on the feast of her holy spouse, St. Joseph, Our Lady of Emmitsburg explains how that pertains to the present situation in the world and in the Church:


“Many great prophets, leaders and saints were commissioned to do many things they never lived to see; but what they did have was faith.  If they had not believed, where would you be now?...Too many people do not believe or pray....Everything in Scripture that has been foretold for this new era is on the brink of explosion into a new tomorrow for which you have all been prepared.  Many will see how they have been wrong and what they have caused; but it won’t matter because you, in a joyful way, will be leaders of peace and love, forgiveness and unity….And that really pertains to the Church today, and for the millions of people that have been misled from the Truth by the hierarchy of the Church.  As Queen of Heaven, I can tell you that it gives great disservice to God when the Truth is not revealed, thus not bringing all into a new way, this new era.”  (Private OLOE, March 19, 2010)


Our former Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, while still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in a Bavarian radio series of lectures in 1969, expressed his own prophetic words about what lay ahead for the Church.  Did the Holy Father see at that time, over 40 years ago, the results of a Church that had become so susceptible to this pharisaical spirit as it approached the end of an era?


“From today’s crisis, a Church will emerge tomorrow that will have lost a great deal.  She will be small and, to a large extent, will have to start from the beginning….Because of the smaller number of her followers, she will lose many of her privileges in society….As a small community, she will demand much more from the initiative of each of her members….There will be an interiorized Church, which neither takes advantage of its political mandate nor flirts with the left or the right.  This will be achieved with effort because the process of crystallization and clarification will demand great exertion.  It will make her poor and a Church of the little people….”   (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Bavarian Radio lecture series, 1969)


On the Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, September 5, 2009, Our Lady of Emmitsburg put in perspective where things stand in regard to the Church’s role in authenticating God’s messengers in spite of the effects of the pharisaical spirit which has become so pervasive: 


“It doesn’t matter anymore—the outcomes of authentication of any and all my visionaries and prophets—because God Himself has taken the reins in hand; and everyone will be illuminated to know the Truth.  That doesn’t mean you should not continue in your way.  You should and you must in devotion to God.  But “Woe” to those who have desecrated my Son’s Most Sacred Heart and my most Immaculate Heart and denied the graces which they could have received!  When the time comes, no one will be able to help them; and you must be focused, not distracted, focused on making sure your lamps are full of oil to prepare those God desires.”  (Private OLOE, Sept. 5, 2009)


“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom,

and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”

(1Cor 1:25)

In closing, in His “Words” to the world through Gianna, God the Father reviews how his prophets were treated, how the gifts of His Son, His Spirit and His Immaculate Mary have been treated, and the consequences of neglecting those gifts:

“My Words are for all peoples of all faiths.  They are not for a select few.  Be careful how you judge; for even in the time of My Son, prophets were ridiculed and mocked.  The ancestors of the Pharisees and Scribes washed their hands of the blood of the prophets; and then in turn, those who followed later wondered about the outcome.  (Mt: 23:29-32)

Is it not the same today?  If you can now wash your hands of the blood of My prophets who both listen and give, then who will be responsible for what comes later?  Will there not still then be the same blood which you are now dismissing yourself from dealing with?

I have given you very much—My most treasured Son, the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and the most pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary.  To what extent will you desecrate her, only to get ahead and lift up your own self.  It would be most wise and prudent for you to look to her and learn, O’ you of little faith.  Learn from her conviction, her devotion, her meekness, her kindness, her fidelity and loyalty to God, at all costs, living the Truth….Nothing goes unnoticed.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you have been given a gift.  If you drape a cloth of negligence over your eyes and block your ears from hearing the Truth, then your own fate is what you make of it; for you do not allow Mercy from Heaven.  Justice and Peace shall meet; and all must be held accountable.  It is best to surrender and to have nothing in this world than to lose everything in the next.”  (GTF, Sept. 8, 2008)


“We ourselves heard this voice come from Heaven

while we were with Him on the holy mountain. 

Moreover, we possess the prophetic message that is altogether reliable. 

You will do well to be attentive to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place,

until day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” 

(2Pet 1:18-19)



“I am here to help you, not to be shunned by you.”

(Private OLOE, Jan. 19, 2008)