Foundation Action

Foundation Action

October 15, 2008

The Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary Inc. is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) charitable organization at the service of the truth in disseminating among its communications words of help and assistance allegedly from heaven.  

One primary Foundation purpose is the dissemination of the Our Lady of Emmitsburg Public Messages to the World.  We ask all to remember that to the knowledge of anyone, never has any of the alleged communications from heaven been specifically, irrefutably and incontrovertibly confirmed as inauthentic nor has proof been found that they are positively in error in any way with respect to the faith and morals of the Christian faithful.   Also, with respect to their origin, never has precise and specific proof of fraud been found, explained or demonstrated by the investigation of any person, committee, organization, or church.  Unsubstantiated assertions aside, the Foundation remains always open to accepting from any source any such proofs be they rightly reasonable and true, possessing clearly articulated convincing irrebuttable rational arguments.  In fairness and submissiveness, we have and will always acknowledge and respect the current positions of the Roman Catholic Church and have never shied away from either their widespread publication or from embracing the language of their content.  Furthermore, we have always striven to the utmost to be cautious to represent only the truth in our efforts at publishing only clear and responsible communications devoid of implicature and obfuscation.  To that end, we are also always mindful of the freedom and rights of all persons to express opinions, being extremely careful to never do harm to the reputation of any person, organization, or creed due to slander, defamation, innuendo or the like. 

In line with the above considerations and the October 8, 2008 “Pastoral Advisory” from Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Foundation Board of Directors is currently seeking independent legal counsel as to the rights and responsibilities of the Foundation and its members, from both the perspective of civil and canon law.   Meanwhile, both in deference to the desires, opinions, and cautions of the Archbishop and out of concern to not jeopardize the standing or status of Roman Catholics within the Archdiocese of Baltimore in the profession of their faith, until notice otherwise, the Foundation will no longer sponsor the Monthly Marian Prayer Service.  The entire future schedule for the Prayer Service at the Lynfield Event Complex in Frederick, Maryland is suspended.  Notice of any further Foundation Actions will be promulgated as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors in consult of spiritual and legal counsel.

We regret so many are experiencing great sorrow and disappointment that they will now no longer be able to pray at the Monthly Marian Prayer Service.   We encourage all Foundation members and others to continue on in fervent prayer and ever strive to grow in the virtues of wisdom and charity, and thus, always and increasingly:  Ever more deeply love God! 

The Board of Directors
The Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary Inc.
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