Our Lady of Emmitsburg on Wolves

Our Lady of Emmitsburg on Wolves

“…Little ones, know how much I love you.  Know how much God is with you.  Know how special you are, and know:  serious this plan is!  I can tell you that there is much evil surrounding you.  Do you remember when I told you that you are surrounded by wolves?  Do you remember?  Go and retrieve my words and you will rekindle in your heart the meaning of that violation of your purity and peace. ...”  (OLOE Private 07-05-09)

Private Message from Our Lady May 15, 2003

through Gianna Sullivan


Praised be Jesus!   Little ones, this is a war.  This is a real war.  It is about good and evil, and it is a war.  A battle is at hand.  I have told you many times to be prepared, to wear your armor, and to protect yourselves in the Most Sacred Heart of my Son.  This is a true battle.  You must defend the Truth.  You must be very, very prudent.  You must be as sly as wolves, even though you are the sheep.

You live in a different era, a different time.  There are many confused people; and if you are not focused, you yourselves can become confused.  But at this moment you are focused; and I invite you to continue to remain focused and to be together as a family, all of you to support one another.

Evil will not win, and there are many things that will change.  Many would like to see me leave.  Many would like to see this end.  But it is just the opposite, for those who believe in my Immaculate Heart will not be silenced.  There is just a little longer now and things will change.  The tide will turn, and those who have caused trouble will scatter.  The few that remain will form the pillar on which my Immaculate Heart will rest. 

…The country is not (safe).  The world is on the verge of a new beginning.  There will be both controversy and challenges with the unveiling of God's Truth, especially regarding those who manipulate and monopolize all of this world's monetary means.  The Church and politics will merge; and the drape will fall, revealing the true masterpiece of turmoil, malicious slander and evil.  Middle East peace will come, and you will be the mouthpieces of my Son as I have revealed before.  Without His words of Truth, there shall not be any peace. 

Even those at the Center of my Immaculate Heart who go around thinking that all of my messages have been silenced and buried will come to know that what they have buried will grow and blossom into the new trees, vines and fruit of the world. 

I bless you and I love you.  How I wish there were many more with you, but how joyful I am that the few you are have remained.  It does not take many to save the world when you are invited to my Son's Cross; because it was One, and only One who saved the world.  It takes only a very few who will join together in prayer and be messengers of my Light to reveal my Son's words so that all can return to a life of purity, innocence, fruitfulness and pure joy.  Thank you, my little ones, for listening to my words.  I remain with you.

Private Message from Our Lady June 29, 2003

The Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

through Gianna Sullivan


My dear little children, praised be Jesus.  …I must tell you that my sorrow in what the Church has allowed to unfold here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart is only one that shall be turned against them for not responding to God, because God must remain faithful to Himself.  As He remains faithful in upholding the Truth, those who tried to belittle Him or tried to desecrate my most Immaculate Heart and His most Sacred Heart will have a price to pay.  Only God can judge what that punishment will be.  In the meantime, you must remain faithful servants as you have committed yourself devoutly to my most Immaculate Heart.  …(In the letter that I asked be sent)  …Be very specific; because they… are not as honest as they would like you to think.  It is my sorrow that I, your Mother, would have to reveal this truth.  But because the poor are in this world, and because the poor belong to my Son, by right they deserve the proper treatment and to have their dignity upheld as human beings. 

I do not wish to give this message tonight to you as if I am dictating it.  However it is because of the situation in this world that it is necessary that I defend the Truth and that I make this clear for your protection, for the protection of my Son's poor, and for the protection of His own mission statement.  So, I know you shall respond gallantly, with courage and in the spirit of the tremendous promise for a new tomorrow which will  invite those who have sinned to once again be renewed, refreshed and forgiven. 

No one can fight God because the battle that they fight would only turn against themselves.  So, as long as you remain faithful to Him, I remain faithful to you, because I cannot turn against Him and He cannot turn against Himself.  For this I bless you and I thank you for the pain you have endured and for withstanding the massive attack that has here been launched against me and my Son.  He will vindicate you; but He must first reveal those who are proud and those who on the surface seem committed and sincere, but are really wolves only waiting to destroy and devour the innocent.  What seems painful now for you will be your elation in the coming Light, and I will not forget you because your names have been engraved, not only in His Crown, but in my Son's Heart. 

I bless you all.  I thank you.  By no means am I leaving this area.  By no means is this the end, but only a new level, a new step in my messages.  For those who assist me here... (and those who allow) …my messages to be disseminated, for all of you and all of your beloved ones who have joined in the Triumph of my most Immaculate Heart, you too are under my mantle and will receive this great glory.  Thank you.

Peace to you.  I thank you for being martyrs living in the world.   Now in this world as you live the pain, you shall later receive the glory.  Now take my sword, the sword that pierced my Heart.  I give to you.  As I give it to you, hold it courageously before you and slay those who are evil in protection of the Child Jesus.

Private Message from Our Lady July 17, 2003

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be Jesus.

Little ones, I love you.  Little ones, I will not leave you; but, little ones, do not leave me.  Be with me.  Defend me. Come to the aid of my Son.  Fight as you have never fought before, because this battle is being waged against my Son. 

I know you are very dedicated to my most Immaculate Heart and to my Son's Sacred Heart; however, there is a side of each human being that desires to receive signs and wonders or some specific item from my Son to allow them to know in what way they should proceed.  I am asking you to be strong.  You are ambassadors and commanders of Light.  So, you should already know in your hearts all the graces and Love you have received, not only from me but also from my Son.  He gives you Life and Love; and now I need you to be strong as you were created to be, to use whatever tactics you know through your own intimacy with Him, and to move forward in the defense of my Immaculate Heart. 

We are not just in another place like where I have come before as an apparition site.  But we are together in a place where we are making history, the history of the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  Therefore, do not waste time.  You have been given channels and people in your lives for a purpose.  The purpose should always be to give God great glory.  If in your hearts you believe in my most Immaculate Heart, then cultivate the relationships that are necessary and move forward to challenge others and to save the Center of my Immaculate Heart. 

As my beloved Pope grows older, he is no longer able to speak in the voice he would choose because there are many wolves that surround him and who would like to silence him.  Many things go by without his supervision or awareness.  You have just a few months to prepare; and as a puzzle cannot be complete without all the pieces, so too, every one of you is important, and loved, and created by my Son to make a difference in life, to make a difference in history, and to be another jewel in my crown.  You are all parts of my Son's vine. 

I am proud of you because I love you and because a Mother can only be proud of her children; but I cannot cease from challenging you to move forward. Make a decision and move ahead so that we can be together in Oneness, so that you will be able to receive further messages from my Son, and so that you can be pillars of Light to not just one or a few, but to the thousands of people around each one of you, who will then embrace millions of people gathering here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.   

I give you the blessing of my Son.  I love you.  I take your petitions.  I plead for you.  I protect you and guide you.  Know that I remain with you, and at all costs I love you forever and ever.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

Public Messageto the World September 15, 2003

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be Jesus!  Thank you for focusing on my Son and praying with all your hearts.   I can tell you, my dear ones, that there is not a difference between Church and State.  If there were a separation between Church and State, then all the politicians in this country and the leaders in the world would not seek the advice of my most beloved Pope.  Dignitaries, diplomats and leaders from many different countries all filter through channels to my most beloved Pope.  He makes appeals to them and to the world.  He strives for Peace.  He challenges people in the world to rise above divisions, wars, conflicts and animosities between groups.  If Church and State were different, then the Church would have to be truly and most completely separated from all the political issues in this world today.

This is why my Church is in such turmoil today.  My Cardinals, my Bishops, many of my priests, and even the laity are so deeply involved politically; so focused on relationships, administrative and political issues, and career stepping stones; and so intent on being recognized in many ways other than spiritually.  The effects of all this have rolled down through the hierarchy of the Church to the local parishes, where many people are suffering because my children desire to be fed the Truth;  and what they are receiving is only what is desired within the "self" of each of those in charge rather than what my Son desires to give them.   

My most beloved Pope is surrounded by many priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity who orchestrate his time and who have oftentimes fed him incorrect information. It is not that these priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity are not good, but rather that they are most intimately preoccupied with both political and administrative issues, as well as many self-satisfying issues.  

That is why the third secret that I gave at Fatima told of my most beloved Pope climbing a mountain followed by wolves.  It told of the future and what will happen in my Church.  It did not end with the millennium, but is beginning now because of the lack of commitment of many priests, Bishops and Cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth.  My Son sacrificed His Life for you for the Truth.  If He did not give you this Truth and invite each of you within the Church to be a voice of His Truth, then His Death would have been an act of vanity; but His Death was not in vain.   

I need priests who want to give of themselves and live as did the First Apostle, the First Apostle who became the first Pope, who lived his life for the Truth.  He was a Pope who people could approach.  He lived for humanity, not for dignitaries and diplomats, nor for political issues.  He lived for the depth and breadth and Life of my Son.  He even sacrificed his life as did my Son for the Truth.   

The Church is in jeopardy today because its vision is being focused in a different direction.  The Church will always stand because of my Son, but what is in jeopardy are the souls of many of my priests, my Bishops and my Cardinals who will have to atone and who will be held accountable for misleading the flock.   

The 3rd Secret of Fatima is about to unfold.  It has not been revealed and understood in its totality as to how it applies to humanity.  It deals with the Truth and who shall stand up for the Truth, and how my most beloved Pope is holding up the Truth of my Son while being hit with crashing waves. 

Do not be misled.  Pray for the Truth.  Support your priests in prayer.  Be active, giving of yourselves so that my priests can give spiritually and fully to my Son's people and not be caught up in political issues.  I love you.  I bless you.  I thank you for your response.

Private Message from Our Lady September 20, 2003

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be Jesus.  Little ones, you are surrounded by so many people who desire that my Plan from Heaven does not unfold.  So the way you must approach them is with Love, kindness and compassion.  You must be prudent and wise, wiser than the wolves themselves.  For the wolves that surround His Holiness in the Vatican are like the wolves that surround you.  They are like thieves watching in the night for any error on your part.  The only way you can be victorious over them is to be wiser than them.  To be wiser is to be kind and loving, because these people do not know what kindness and Love is.  So, if you are kind and loving, you will be shrewd and will be able to discern what God wants.   

You must move forward.  You must have a plan.  You must be prudent and quiet.  You must be specific; yet at the same time, you must not lend yourselves in detail to those people who are not close to you like my ambassadors of Light, like those I have mentioned by name, those who are coming with you, and those who have been here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart on my feast day (2002) to hear my special words. 

What can be done will be done valiantly and victoriously, but prudently and quietly.  There are many people who do not want Peace.  There are many people who do not want to know that they may have been wrong or they may have offended God.  God is most merciful, and He lends His Hand of Love to all people; but for this most important mission, now as time closes in on it, you must be very well prepared.  And how are you prepared?  Not only through prayer, but through back-up support.   

I would advise you that you must be careful of certain members of the Curia and the bureaucracy within the Vatican.  ….  Be very careful what you say and to whom you say it.  There are many who may love God, yes indeed, but not so much my beloved Pope nor his beliefs and his following my way.   

…You have in every way tried to protect and defend my Immaculate Heart and live within my Immaculate Heart, which through the Sacred Heart of my Son shall reveal to the world the Triumph of His Mercy as He unveils it and the new beginning in His Eucharistic Reign.   

There are many elements ready to support you in this matter.  However, there are many people who would rather desecrate the entire mission and even my Center of my Immaculate Heart.  All rests in God's Hands, and we bow in humility and obedience and in Love.  I only ask you to do your best and to be good stewards of Love, ambassadors of Light, and genuine in your friendship and camaraderie.  And I especially invite you to be happy, joyful children.  The burden is not on you, but rests on my Son.   

I love you and I give you the Peace of your King, Who shall guide you with me in His Love and Peace.


Private Message from Our Lady April 8, 2005

The Day of the Funeral and Burial of Pope John Paul II

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be Jesus! Little ones, I come here with you to bring you Peace.  Beside me here is my most beloved Pope.  See how glorious he looks and radiates the Love of my Son.  He also echoes the Words of my Son, "Do not cry for me, O' Jerusalem, but for your children!" (Luke 23:28).  

This world now is in tremendous need of God's Love; and God desires all to know His Love and to know that each creature in the world is important and most needed in the Plan for humanity and for the greater glory and honor of God the Father.   

My Cardinals now have one week before they gather into their conclave; and in this one week they are working viciously to recruit others to vote for the Pontiff of their desire.  I bless you …with the most protective seal possible, the Seal of my Immaculate Heart and the Seal of the Crown of Thorns from the Sacred Heart of my Son.  The Light of the Divine Holy Trinity encompasses you in the form of a Triangle.  You are encapsulated in the Love of God to protect you against evil and the wolves that also desired to devour my beloved Pope.  Receive the gift of Wisdom and know how loved and precious you are in your giving to my Son the glory and honor by following in His footsteps and by living the Truth.  

My little ones, the Center of my Immaculate Heart truly will be one of the greatest sites in the world.  It is the completion of Fatima.  What was started in Fatima will be completed now at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  The world will come to know God's great Love and Mercy.   

Satan dwells in the United States.  The battle truly is no longer just in the Heavens, but you will see the unveiling of my Son's Divine Mercy here on earth through a battle against Satan himself, who seeks to destroy humanity through malicious acts and in harmful manners.   

Many shall die.  Those who think that God will take their sides and that they are righteous should perhaps reflect on the words of the humble servant who could not raise His eyes to Heaven in prayer (Luke 18: 9-14), and they should ask for God's Mercy.  All are vulnerable.  These words are not given to frighten you, but because God can only be faithful and will remain faithful to His Words and promises.  Peace.

 (Pope John Paul II appeared to Gianna as a much younger man in gold vestments with Our Lady who wore white trimmed in gold.  Present in Miami for this apparition were Gianna and Michael Sullivan and the Doctor who conducted the new medical electroencephalogram tests).

Private Message from Our Lady June 23, 2005

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be Jesus!  Little ones, you have so many prayers that you have presented to my Son through my Immaculate Heart.  Just as you have all these prayers, remember also that you have within you the grace and the power of God, and the Holy Spirit Himself to guide you, as long as you remain faithful, humble, and open to His guiding call.   

You can do so many wondrous works in the Name of Jesus through the blessing of God the Father.  All can be changed.  The world moves and grows, and has learned to be motivated through various means and through people who try to manipulate and change the personalities of others through their actions.   

What I am telling you is that Love changes everything.  It goes against the very fiber and the currents of the changing times.  Love slowly becomes the very fabric of the being, interwoven into those areas that have harmed the soul and the person.   

I love you.  I rally you on to be strong, never be afraid to challenge, and always gracious and humble to receive.  I take all your petitions.  I gather them to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. 

I have invited so many people to come to the forefront to make a new tomorrow.  This new tomorrow is close at hand.  Many have become lax in their ways; and so, when Triumph comes and the trumpet calls, how many will be there to march valiantly ahead? 

In the world, how many times can one call "wolf" before no longer anyone listens or responds?  Yet, my Son calls many times because He wants all those who are genuine to really listen and to respond, not once or twice, but every time He may call, whether it be false or whether it be real.  He wants the servant to say, "Here I am Lord.  Your servant is listening.  I come to do Your Will."  How lax people become after so many times when they have not felt gratitude, recognition and comfort!  When will it ever be so? 

The servants that God has called will not be so comforted, but will be on edge to respond, waiting and looking.  There are many in God's field; but even now, after the many years of drawing and calling and molding, there are only a few who are ready to spring up when the Lord comes, and to say to Him, "Here I am Lord!  I come to do Your Will." 

Beware and be alert; for there are those among you may not be so alert.  Those who are now alert may later drag their feet.  For when my Son comes, where will you be?  Will you be alert?  Will you be ready? 

"Yes, Lord, I come to do Your Will."  (Fading whisper). 

Be not afraid, but be certain!  If you are with another on the rooftop who says, "I will not come"; leave him/her and go.  For the Lord will take one and leave one behind.  It must be all for God, all!  In this next phase it must be all for God, not half.  It is not for those who might come, but it can only be for those who choose freely and fully to come to God.  No one can risk his/her soul for another.  One can give his/her life for another, but never risk his/her soul.  Peace.

Private Message from Our Lady March 20, 2006

through Gianna Sullivan


Little children, praised be JesusLittle ones, in this most difficult time, I desire to tell you that there is not much you can do at this moment.  I know that you are asking and praying, "What can I do?  What can I do to give God greater glory and to surrender myself more fully?" 

At this point, my children, all I can say is that you can do nothing.  You have to wait.  You have to wait on God the Father, because humanity through free will has changed the tide; so God will allow it.  However, that does not mean that you will be set off to the side where God will not vindicate you.   

What is happening is that God the Father is exposing the true ways and beliefs of many, so that the greater glory of His Holy Name and the Truth that has been commissioned to me and to my Plan will unfold.   

So you see it is not much longer.  You are meeting the faces of wolves; and this is good, even though at this time it looks very bad to you.  

I am gracious to you and thankful that you continue to endure with such tremendous Love and devotion in prayer, even though your own human element at certain times lacks trust and faith.  But allow me to tell you that with your continued prayer and your camaraderie in joining together, you will see that God is victorious, and my most Immaculate Heart will be victorious. 

I love you, and I thank you for taking the time to expose even the deepest elements of your souls most fully, asking for assistance and help.  What greater prayer of humility is there than that of coming before God and to your most humble Mother asking for assistance? 

Peace to you.  I take your petitions.   Be strong and steadfast; and remember, this is only a phase.  Let nothing disturb you.  Nothing changes with God.  All things shall pass.  God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; and nothing is impossible with God! 

Private Message from Our Lady June 25, 2009

through Gianna Sullivan


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!  Thank you, children, for praying.  Thank you for giving your lives to God.  God loves you and blesses you.  I thank God for allowing me to be with you in a special way.  I take your petitions, and I will present them and lay them at the Foot of the Cross.  

Know children that this world is suffering.  Many people close to you are suffering.  God desires tremendous love and care and freedom for all.  But you must be very wise and prudent in your actions, for there are many wolves surrounding the lambs.  Pray to the Holy Spirit, and know that as you pray and ask for protection, you are covered with the Precious Blood of Jesus and comforted within my mantle.   

I am not leaving, children, because you are so special.  I will fight evil to save your souls.  How beautiful you are!  How little, childlike and confident in God's Love, with the filial confidence trusting in Him.  This is what makes you special! 

I bless all priests, all religious and the consecrated faithful ones, all married couples and those who are single too—all who live for the Truth.  Be a light for Christ, and know tomorrow will bring a change that gives hope and true meaning to life.   

Peace to you.  Thank you for all of your prayers, as I bless you with the most omnipotent blessing from Heaven, and with graces through my hands from Them—the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Praised be God (fading whisper).