Part A



A Fruit of the Holy Spirit

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

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Part A

The Gift of Life

The Gift of the Mother--A Gentle Woman

The Gift of the Son

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The Gentleness of the Father

The Gentleness of Jesus


Part B

Our Gentleness--a Fruit to Seek and Cherish

His Gentleness--a Fruit to Share

Closing Rally

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Part A


"The Lord God formed man out of the clay of the ground,

and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,

and so man became a living being."

(Gen 2:7)




The Gift of Life


Salvation history has involved a series of gifts--gifts from a gentle God to His beloved children.  First, there is the gift of life.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her Messages to the world through Gianna Sullivan speaks about this gift of life:


"Each day is a new day when God the Father's Love shines on His beloved creatures….Listen to my words and take seriously my invitation to a deeper relationship with the Father, for it is out of Love I have come to you….God does exist, and He can give and take away the breath of life as you know it to be.  He offers the breath of everlasting life, and this is not denied to anyone who desires it, nor is it ever taken away from anyone who asks for it.  The Father loves you, little children; and He is gentle and kind.  Praise Him for your existence and join in a deeper union with Him."  (Public OLOE, April 10, 1997)



The Gift of the Mother--A Gentle Woman


In "Words" only God the Father could share, He links that gift of life with the gift of His blessed daughter, Mary, our most holy Mother.  The very popular Marian hymn, "Gentle Woman," places significant emphasis on her invaluable qualities.


"The gift of life is given to each of you for all eternity by means of the woman whose "fiat", sorrow and suffering are greater than what the mind can comprehend.  United to God and her Son, she is inseparable in suffering from Him Who redeemed the world.  She, who in silence, gave to the world, is your hope; and He is your salvation."  (GTF, Oct. 8, 2008)




"Without this tremendous gift of your Mother, you would be nothing!  Here she is, gathering her children continually, pleading on your behalf, and prodding for change. Who could move the Throne of God if not her, who is so pure and Immaculate, so obedient and humble, so gentle and meek, and so filled with virtue and knowledge as to be called the Seat of Wisdom?"  (GTF, Feb. 8, 2006)


Gentle Woman

(Carey Landry, 1975)


Gentle woman, quiet light, morning star, so strong and bright,

Gentle Mother, peaceful dove, teach us wisdom; teach us love.



1.  You were chosen by the Father; you were chosen for the Son. 

You were chosen from all women,

And for woman, shining one.


2.  Blessed are you among women, blest in turn all women, too.

Blessed they with peaceful spirits. 

Blessed they with gentle hearts.


The Gift of the Son


The Lord God to the serpent:

"I will put enmity between you and the woman,

and between your offspring and hers." 

(Gen 3:15)


In His first of many "Words" to the world through Gianna Sullivan, God the Father explains in very understandable terms the essence of salvation history:


"From the inception of time the Triune God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, gathered together.  In this meeting Creation unfolded; and the Eyes of this Triune Godhead, the Father, released a plan of Goodness and Joy, filled with all the good works that were to unfold in this Creation.  However, man went against My Word.  Man needed to repent and atone for sin.  From the inception of this most beautiful Plan of the Holy Trinity, it was determined that My Son would later come in human flesh to redeem the world, which created by My Hands would come back to Me."  (GTF, Dec. 8, 2005)




The Gift of the Holy Spirit


Of Wisdom  Solomon speaks:

"For in her is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique….

gentle, kind, steadfast, assured, having all power, overseeing all things,

and containing all spirits, intelligent, pure and holy." 

(Wisdom  7:23) 


God the Father continues as He summarizes the gifts He has made available to all humanity:


"Through My Son and the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you have all things at your side and in reach."   (GTF, Aug. 8, 2008)  I have given you very much--My most treasured Son, the Gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, and the most pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary…."  (GTF, Sept. 8, 2008)


Our Lord Himself, in His Lessons to the world through Gianna Sullivan, goes on to explain Who is this Holy Spirit:



"The Holy Spirit is My Divine Spirit, Who literally dwells in your physical, bodily formation as your spirit.  He is united to the spirit of the soul and body to become a living, walking Spirit of My Father.  When the Spirit exists and dwells in you, you share in My Life in all phases and in all totality….My Spirit is a living Person, Who unites His Spirit to your existing spirit, and grants gifts of salvation, peace, beauty and endless graces….The Holy Spirit means Life!  He is the Truth of My Life.  He unites the soul to the Holy Trinity.  He will speak to you.  He will speak!…The Holy Spirit is your salvation!  Invite My Spirit!  That is how you acquire My Presence--simply ask!  Then listen and trust…..You must trust in My Spirit as I trust in you.  Then there will commence in you comfort and the O' so many gifts which await you."  (JOM, Vol II, #20, Nov. 27, 1989)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg encourages her children to pray for and be open to the Holy Spirit and those gifts and fruits of the Spirit:


"Little ones, pray for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and be open to receive them with gentle, accepting hearts.  The Holy Spirit will enlighten you, and He will help you in your quest for Truth.  It is the Spirit Who raises you to the heights to become like Jesus in every way.  You can be Love.  You can be Mercy.  You can be One with God.  My Son left you a great gift when he joined the Father in Heaven; and the power of the Holy Spirit is God Himself Who penetrates every source of life."  (Public OLOE, May 20, 1999)


Our Lady of Emmitsburg acknowledges that even she is one of those gifts given by her Divine Spouse, the Holy Spirit:


"It is very wise to be prudent and cautious not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and the gifts given by the Holy Spirit.  I am a gift to you!  I am a gift to all who desire to receive it.  For those who desire not to receive this gift, it is returned back to Heaven from whence it came."   (Private OLOE, Aug. 6, 2005)


God the Father then goes on to highlight the role of his most pure creation and encourages us to make use of this precious gift of our Mother and Queen:


"It would be most wise and prudent for you to look to her and learn, O' you of little faith.  Learn from her conviction, her devotion, her kindness, her fidelity and loyalty to God at all costs, living in Truth.  (GTF, Sept. 8, 2008)  How blessed you are that the Most Holy Trinity has given to you the gift of this fairest Queen in this time of your need, to strengthen and to guide you, to point the way, to outline a safe path, to preserve you from harm and to protect you from evil.  In all of history throughout ages past, never has there been a Queen as pure as she!  Esther led the way; Mary fulfilled the way."  (GTF, Oct. 8, 2008)




The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


"The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: 

a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, spirit of counsel and of strength,

a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord." 

(Is 11:2)


As expressed in the Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent), to the Holy Spirit are attributed the operations of grace and the sanctification of souls, and in particular spiritual gifts and fruits.  The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit are freely given by God (Is 11:2-3), and they are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.   These are considered supernatural and permanent qualities which make us attentive to the voice of God, which render us susceptible to the workings of actual grace, which  make us love the things of God, and consequently, render us more obedient and docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  As permanent qualities, they can be nurtured over a lifetime to bring about our eternal reward, or they can be neglected and starved over a lifetime and convict us to our eternal damnation.**


The Fruits of the Holy Spirit


"The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,

 goodness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, modesty, chastity and self control."

(Gal 5:22-23)


Webster's Dictionary defines "fruit" as "the result, product or consequence of any action."  In contrast to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are 12 in number and are (according to St. Thomas Aquinas) restricted to mean only those supernatural works that are done joyfully and with peace of soul.  The fruits of the Holy Spirit are not habits, permanent qualities, or even merely virtues themselves, but they are acts. In contrast, the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines "human virtues" as "firm attitudes, stable dispositions, habitual perfections of intellect and will that govern our actions, order our passions, and guide our conduct according to reason and faith."  But however perfect the virtues may be, they cannot be considered as the ultimate effects of grace intended to produce something good unless they are performed with ease and pleasure drawn from the presence of the delight and satisfaction resulting from the good accomplished. 





A Fruit of the Holy Spirit


"There stood one whose countenance I knew not,

an image before my eyes,

and I heard the voice as it were a gentle wind."

(Job 4:16)


In today's world, gentleness appears to have become the forgotten fruit.  Gentleness includes meekness, mildness, tenderness and kindness. The fruit of gentleness is a desire that no harm be done, a refusal to use power to harm anyone, an unwillingness to cut and slash at people, wounding them for vengeance, spite or control.**


The Gentleness of a Mother


Our Lord Himself in His Lessons to the world through Gianna Sullivan  describes His beloved Mother as one to be our model:


"Do not take lightly the holiness of My Mother, My Queen of My Kingdom.  If you wish to dwell in My Kingdom, honor her and seek her purity, goodness, humility and meekness.  I will not deny you if you do not deny My Mother.  Her wish is to save you by purifying you and bringing you to Me.  Praying to her honors Me because, when you pray to her, you are praying to Me!"  (JOM, Vol I, #67, July 10, 1989)


Simeon to Mother Mary and Joseph:

"Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel,

and to be a sign that will be contradicted;

and you yourself a sword will pierce,

 so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed."

(Lk 2:34-35)


As the Mother of all nations and of all humanity, Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares the empathy she carries for all her children, as well as her desire to help:


"Please remember, little ones, before the sword struck you, it first pierced my Immaculate Heart….I share your sorrow, and I take your suffering to God….As a gentle Mother, I caress your tender hearts, which have been submerged in the complexity of life's burden imposed by man.  (Public OLOE, Sept. 15, 1994)  Look to your Mother, and you will see a Mother whose tears of humility and gentle love have sustained humanity by holding back the sword of God's angel."  (Public OLOE, July 13, 2000)


"I am the Mother whose Heart has had the same sorrow and has felt the same pain as my Son.  My Heart is Immaculate because it is pure, pure so as to be able to carry my Son, and clean without sin.  My heart is pure in all ways of Love, gentleness, compassion, kindness, and most importantly in fidelity to God with all humility….My children, my Son has given me as a gift to you and to all the peoples of the world here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart.  I am here to help you, to guide you, to take your intentions and to present them to God the Father, and to direct you to the Foot of the Cross where your suffering can join with my Son's to be pure and redemptive.  I am a gift, and I desire all my children to be happy that I am here and to graciously receive the gift that God has given to you."  (Public OLOE, Sept. 15, 2004)


"The blessings I give from my Center of my Immaculate Heart are gracious and abounding indeed; because they come through me from my Son, through me with the special graces of a Mother, special kisses and hugs, protection and guidance, and with the gentle hand of a Mother who is wise."  (Private OLOE, July 14, 2003)


Gentleness of the Father


Certainly the Old Testament image of God was often one of a stern disciplinarian; and many today in this modern world may view Him as such, if they don't altogether ignore Him and dismiss Him.  Our Lord Jesus in His Lessons to the world through Gianna first offered a view of His Father that depicts a much different view of Him than did the Old Testament writers:



"My Father loves you and is Love.  I am one with the Father.  Because of Him, therefore I am....Love is a communion in which charity allows you to attain 'IT' in My Goodness.  I am 'IT' because I am Love, because I am.  Love is gentleness, kindness and submissive thankfulness.  Love keeps guard over all the senses.  It is being chaste and sober and in union with fidelity to God.  It is not intent upon vain things.  Love is patient, courageous, prudent, long-suffering, and never seeking itself."  (JOM, Vol IV, #92, Sept. 15, 1992)


"All that is from God will bear good fruit and will come to pass in God's time….Many times God's time seems slow to mankind.  But according to God's standard, time is eternity and all that is good is molded and unfolds with the gentle stroke of the Father's Hand."  (JOM, Vol V, #20, Sept. 13, 1995)


Moreover, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, in her Messages to the world through Gianna, also offers an image of a most loving and gentle Father:


"Please do not neglect the Divine reality in your own lives….  In simpleness, gentleness, and in the quietness of prayer, God will fulfill His Divine Plan in your lives.  God's good works unveil in the simplicity of Love….Be kind and charitable so that God's good works and the fruits of His promise will surface….Less speech and more silence in prayer will reveal the Truth and allow the Divinity of Peace to enter.  (Public OLOE, Aug. 25, 1994)   Each day it is necessary to ponder God's Love and how to incorporate his Love in all your works.  If you ponder His Love daily, you will seek to be like Him, gentle and meek of heart.  People will see His gentleness in you.  They will see His Love in you.  They will desire to love and to be loved….It is a wonderful gift God gives to each one of you.  (Public OLOE, Nov. 7, 1996)   God the Father is tender and kind.  You cannot go to the Father unless you return to Jesus your Savior.  He will take you to the Father.  Do not keep your distance from Him any longer."  (Public OLOE, July 11, 1996)


"God is always by your side, gloriously guiding you and protecting you.  His Eyes of Mercy and Love with gentle sweetness look upon you and see the awe of creation within you.  How blessed you are!  How blessed I am to be called your Mother!….I am very grateful to my Son and to God the Father, for through the gift of the Holy Spirit I have been able to be with you and to proclaim His Good News of a new dawn." (Private OLOE, Dec. 30 2006)


The Gentleness of Jesus


"Here is my servant whom I uphold,

my chosen one with whom I am pleased upon whom I have put my spirit;

he shall bring forth justice to the nations, not crying out,

not shouting, not making his voice heard in the street. 

A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench,

until he establishes justice on the earth; and in His Name the Gentiles hope." 

(Is 42:1-4; Mt 12: 18-21)


The gentleness of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could be no better demonstrated to all of humanity than by the way He conducted Himself through His self-oblation and His immolation on Holy Thursday and His suffering and death on Good Friday--all with the gentleness, meekness and humility and love that the world had never before seen, nor will again.


"I am a gentle God, loving all people.  I am here for all people, not only a select few.  All are special to Me, for all were created in My likeness. It is my people who have the choice to belong to Me.  I will never reject them….I love each person and am merciful not only toward the greatest sins, but also the slightest imperfections and failings.  (JOM, Vol V, #25, Oct. 25, 1995)   I desire all who are tired and filled with anguish to have recourse to Me.  No matter how busy your schedule is daily, I can comfort you….If you desire time with Me, I will give it to you.  I am gentle and meek of heart.  I will teach you how to pray.  I will lead you to a conversion of heart through praying for forgiveness and purity of heart….You will knock, and I being the Door will open to you the Way.  Your heart will be disposed to do the Will of My Father, for you will be bonded to Him in filial love."  (JOM, Vol v, #29, Nov. 9. 1995)


"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find,

knock and the door will be opened to you."

(Mt 7:7)


I am the innocent, gentle Son of Man who was betrayed and condemned to death.  In My innocence I carried sorrow in My Heart for all the world.  The wickedness of the world stood before Me and condemned Me….I accepted the sentence of death for them, for all people, that the body might die by the sword but the soul could live forever for all those who believed in Love….Those who believe in My salvation through My victory in death will joyously celebrate and be with their gentle God.  The wicked and (self) righteous shall be slain by their very own sword, but the innocent and meek of heart shall live for all eternity."  (JOM, Vol V, #18, Sept. 11, 1995)


The dawn brings on a new day, a new day filled with My Love, goodness, tenderness and gentleness.  The dawn is the break from the darkness of the night when the light rises and shines through to brighten the pathway of love and the horizon of freshness, hope and wonders.  There is no more fear of the dark and uncertainty of the future.  The dawn brings hope for the tomorrow of My Love.  (JOM, Vol V, #14, Aug. 1, 1995)  So put aside your fears and temptations, and be at peace with the gentleness and loving caress of My touch."  (JOM, Vol V, #38, July 24, 1992)


"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,

and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,

for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden light."

(Mt 12:28-30)



The Gentleness


the Child Jesus, the Good Shepherd

and the Suffering Servant


"Give yourselves to my Son in an act of pure and total love….Place everything at His Feet; the little feet of my Son, Who as the Child Jesus in His gentleness and purity, gave Himself unreservedly and ever so sweetly through the last steps He walked without any regrets as the Son of Man, the Man of Sorrows.  Do not be afraid, children, for Jesus is your victory….All that matters is Love."  (Public OLOE, Sept 7, 2000)


No human being had more firsthand knowledge of the gentleness of Our Lord Jesus Christ than His beloved Mother Mary.  She alone observed that gentleness in all phases of His Life with us here on earth:  His childhood, His public life as a Shepherd of men, and through His Passion and Death  as the Suffering Servant on the Cross.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg shares with her children her experience of the gentleness of Jesus on that journey: 


The Child Jesus


"The new dawn is arising and your Savior is among you….Look to the Heavens for your Savior is born, and He brings you tidings of Joy.  It is my desire that the world rejoice in His Love and for humanity to live in harmony, peace and honesty.  It is my desire that the entire world receive the childlike virtues of my Son:  humility, obedience, gentleness, innocence and purity.  It is my desire for all peoples of the world to rejoice and be happy.  (Public OLOE, Dec. 26, 1996)  This is why now is the time of the Eucharistic Reign of the Child, the Child Jesus.  There is Life, Life in His Hands.  In one Hand, His Most Precious Heart; and in the other, His Most Precious Love--in its purity, innocence, dependency, filial confidence, meekness and kindness--all there.  (Private OLOE, Oct. 16, 2007)  This day I bless you in the Name of the Holy Trinity, and especially with the blessing of my Little Son, your King of all kings, Omnipotent and Kind, Wise and Gentle."  (Private OLOE, July 17, 2005)


"Let the little children come unto me,

for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

(Mt 19:14)



The Good Shepherd


"At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned,

like sheep without a shepherd….

And all nations will be assembled before him. 

And he will separate them one from another,

as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 

(Mt 9:36, 25:32)


"Little ones, Jesus has sent me to help you….He is your Good Shepherd.  He does not want division and devastation to happen at the hands of mankind…He is kind and understanding….He wants you to live your gift of life free from fear and burdens.  He is your gentle and kind shepherd.  He is with you always.  He will weed out good from evil….Trust in His salvation."  (Public OLOE, July 16, 1998)


The Suffering Servant on the Cross


"If I therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet,

you ought to wash one another's feet."

(Jn 13:14)

"You would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above."

(Jn 19:11)

"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

(Jn 23:34)


"The Cross is the connection to suffering with Joy and Love in union with my Son….Do not fear the Cross.  His Cross is sweetness, charity, meekness, wisdom, justice, Mercy and Truth.  Join together, little children, and unite with my Son in the joyful sufferings of love of your cross….Jesus is Love.  He desires you to be Him, to be Love.  Please do not fear the Joy of His Cross that He desires to share with you.  (Public OLOE, July 7, 1994)  It is your response to the grace from God and cooperation which makes you holy.  Seek to imitate Jesus every day….Jesus loves you so much that He gave you the true examples of patience, humility, obedience, meekness and piety.  Ponder His modesty and meekness that marked His words.  Reflect and examine your own inclinations and sentiments, and pray for the grace of God to be bestowed on you, that your works may be holy and filled with dignity."  (Public OLOE, Sept 29, 1994)


"And I was as a meek lamb, that is carried to be a victim;

and I knew not that they had devised counsels against me, saying,

'Let us put wood on his bread, and cut him off from the land of the living,

and let his name be remembered no more."

(Jer 11:19)


"Gentleness" is what is needed to meet challenges.

It is necessary to meet challenges with love

in order to move ahead valiantly and with courage.

(Public OLOE, Mar. 28, 1996)



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