Chronology of Events relating to the Apparitions

Chronology of Events relating to the Apparitions


Our Lady of Emmitsburg


Gianna Sullivan


A.     Nov. 3, 1993 through Sept. 7, 2000:

Weekly Marian Prayer Group at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Emmitsburg, MD, accompanied by public apparition of Our Lady and her public message for the world 


B.                 Sept. 8, 2000:

Archdiocese of Baltimore summon Drs. Gianna and Michael Sullivan for a meeting in Baltimore and present them with an unsigned document stating:

1.  Following a careful examination of recently available information

relative to the alleged apparitions (of Our Lady to Gianna Sullivan), the Archdiocese of Baltimore finds 'no basis' for them.

2.      The Archdiocese of Baltimore has directed the Thursday night prayer group meetings held at St. Joseph's Church in Emmitsburg, MD, be discontinued at this time.

3.      The Archdiocese of Baltimore is unable to support the message of the video "UNBRIDLED Mercy" and has asked that sales of the video be discontinued immediately."


(This was released in the Baltimore Catholic Review weekly newspaper and posted on their web site and read at the local parishes.)


C.                May 5, 2001:

Drs. Gianna and Michael Sullivan speak at the Pittsburgh Marian Conference, outlining both Our Lady's explanation of the Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus as well as how the Archdiocese of Baltimore has handled the discontinuation of the prayer group and any investigation up to that point.


D.                May 11, 2001:

Archdiocese of Baltimore notifies Dr. Michael Sullivan by mail that Cardinal Keeler is now "taking necessary steps to set up the investigative committee, which you and Gianna Talone-Sullivan requested…. It is asked that Gianna reserve on her calendar the dates of June 12 and June 13 (2001) to be available to come to St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore for a meeting."


E.                 June 12, 2001:

Three commissioners spend one hour with Gianna alone and two more hours with Gianna, Michael, and mystical and Marian theologians Fr. Ed O'Connor, and Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi.  Fr. O'Connor informs the commissioners that it is not Gianna's job to defend the theology of her messages, but that is why they have come.  The head commissioner, Fr. Dominick Maruca, SJ, informs the group that they are not aware of any theological concerns, only pastoral concerns; thus, totally obstructing any further theological discussions with the theologians present to defend Our Lady's message to Gianna.


F.                 September 24, 2002:

Gianna Sullivan receives a letter from Msgr. Jeremiah F. Kenney, Judicial Vicar  of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, stating that the Commission felt there was no reason to indicate that any supernatural element is present in these alleged apparitions and warned the faithful not to be led astray by the apocalyptic prophecies.  Cardinal Keeler accepted their recommendations, and the letter stated that no Church properties could used for the purpose of providing a platform for any activities associated with these alleged apparitions.  The media called Gianna at home asking for her response to this release the day before she received the letter in the mail.


(This information was released by the Baltimore Catholic Review newspaper, and posted on their website.   A letter from Cardinal Keeler was sent to the pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Fr. William O'Brien, cm, on September 27, 2002, explaining some of the positions of the Commission.  Fr. O'Brien was instructed to read parts of that letter to the parish. No such letter was ever sent to Gianna Sullivan.)


G.                April 17, 2003:

The Baltimore Catholic Review, in its Holy Thursday/Good Friday edition, released an article containing incomplete and confusing statements, implying restrictions that have never existed regarding dissemination of the messages, and concluding that some "prohibition stands and is reinforced by (the Vatican Congregation's) consideration that I (Cardinal Keeler) may conclude that the matter is not supernatural in nature."


(This was released in the Baltimore Catholic Review newspaper and posted on their website. Gianna never received any documentation at this time of what if any communication transpired between Cardinal Keeler and the Vatican.)


H.                 May 11, 2003:

Dr. Michael Sullivan writes Cardinal Keeler reviewing the manner in which Gianna has been treated during this process, and he demands that, "If there is a formal decree or declaration signed by you, that Gianna be provided it.  Both Gianna and the faithful deserve to see the signed decree for which you are going to be held accountable by both God and the faithful."


(This letter was sent to most of the active US Cardinals and Bishops, and was also reviewed and signed by two priests, Gianna's  spiritual director, Fr. Jacques Daley, OSB, and her spiritual advisor and canonist, Fr. John Wang, Ph.D, JUD).


I.          June 28, 2003:

Dr. Michael Sullivan receives a letter from Chancellor Monsignor Woy, containing a decree signed by Cardinal Keeler declaring the events to be constat de non supernaturalitate, and that "there is to be no public activity in the churches, oratories and other properties of the Archdiocese of Baltimore relating to the alleged apparitions and locutions."


(The Archdiocese of Baltimore chose NOT to print this in the Baltimore Catholic Review newspaper or release this information on the Catholic Review website to the public at that time or anytime since.  It was not until May,2004, that Gianna was informed by others who discovered that information about the decree had been posted on the Archdiocese of Baltimore website (not the Catholic Review website), where all previous information regarding the apparitions had been posted.  However, it did not appear to be posted and certainly was not brought to Gianna's attention till sometime in late spring 2004; and it was posted as an attachment to a September, 13, 2000, press release.)


J.         July, 2003: 

It was decided by Gianna Sullivan, in consultation with both her priest spiritual director as well as several priest spiritual advisors, that her primary responsibility was to obey the decree.  They encouraged her to continue to disseminate any future public messages from Our Lady of Emmitsburg to the world, should Our Lady continue to provide them.  They assured Gianna that it was not her responsibility to presume or assume the pastoral duties of the Archdiocese, especially since she knew their conclusions contained serious errors.  They also encouraged her to continue to accept any invitations to speak to the faithful as long as it did not conflict with any of the restrictions that applied only in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  She has and will continue to be obedient to the Magisterium of the Church in this regard and would encourage others in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to do so.


K.        February 25, 2004:

While visiting her family in Phoenix, Arizona, and after meeting with and making aware in person Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix about a prayer group to be held at St. Joseph's Catholic  Church in Scottsdale, AZ,  that same evening, Gianna participated in a local Marian Prayer Group, during which Our Lady appeared and gave a public message for the world. (Public Message 02-25-04)


L.         July 12, 2004:

At the request of the 101 Foundation, Drs. Gianna and Michael Sullivan presented an important address in Fatima, Portugal, regarding World Peace.  ( Fatima Talk )             


M.        July 19, 2004:

Upon returning from Fatima, Portugal, Gianna received a copy of a letter dated July 6, 2004 that Bishop Olmsted sent to the priests of the Diocese of Phoenix in which he, after consultations initiated by Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore, extended "to the Diocese of Phoenix the same pastoral prohibition as that done earlier by the Archdiocese of Baltimore….I ask that none of our churches or institutions be venues for any such prayer services and that no publicity be given of these alleged apparitions and messages."  Again, Gianna has every intention to be obedient to the directives of Bishop Olmsted.


N.        Summer, 2004:

During a brief visit to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in October, 2003, Gianna was informed that if she believed these mystical experiences to be true and accurate that she had a "moral obligation" to pursue an appeal.  Such an appeal is currently being formulated by a team of priest theologians.