From God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ

God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

speak about:


Science, Medicine and Technology

in Today's World

(Compiled by Michael T. Sullivan, MD)


"Life will proceed;

however, if man continues to spurn God's Mercy,

life as you know it will not proceed in the same form."

(Private OLOE, Nov. 1, 2003)


The Book of Genesis--Chapter 1


"In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth,

the earth was a formless wasteland….


Let there be light….


Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters

to separate one body of water from the other….


Let the water under the sky be gathered into a single basin,

so that the dry land may appear….


Let the earth bring forth vegetation:


Let there be lights in the dome of the sky

to separate day from night….


Let the water teem with an abundance of living creatures,

and on the earth let birds fly beneath the dome of the sky….


Let the earth bring forth all kinds of living creatures….




Let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness.

Let them have dominion….


Be fertile and multiply;

fill the earth and subdue it….


God looked at everything He had made,

and found it very good!"


Whether one adheres to the "Big Bang Theory" and evolution or the Creation Theory, it is still necessary to believe that at some point in time God instilled into His creature the human soul, composed of intellect, will and imagination.  Innate in that soul is also provided by God the human conscience.  That conscience can be nurtured or diluted, depending on man's response to God's grace.  Man's response to that conscience can be played out in the world in the form of virtuous living, indifference or sin.


Man was commanded by God to be fertile and multiply, to fill the earth and to subdue it.  Man's ability to be fertile, multiply and to subdue the earth is in part due to not only God's grace, but to the proper or improper use of science, medicine and technology.  This use has been directly influenced by the sin of Adam and Eve and all the subsequent generations of mankind.


Certainly, to house the advances of science, medicine and technology from just the 20th century would take countless libraries.  Exponential accomplishments have been made in so many areas:


Science:       in what has been learned from the electron microscope to the Hubble telescope


Medicine:  in understanding the human body and the mysteries of life

                   in microbiology and the treatment of infection

                   in disinfectant and sterilization techniques

                   in diagnostics and imaging

                   in treatment and prevention of diseases


Travel:        from the automobile to trains and planes, ships and submarines, to outer space exploration



from the telegraph to the telephone, the early UHF/VHF network television to cable and satellite TV and communications, from the crude and clumsy early computers to the high-speed internet with all of its ever-increasing applications, and with the microchip with its many uses and potential abuses


Energy:       in electricity derived from water power to coal to gas to oil to nuclear sources, and now toward all the "green" alternative fuel sources



Resources and infrastructure:

                  in the development of techniques of water and electricity distribution and delivery, waste treatment and disposal, mass transportation systems, safety and protection, education and information sharing and storing



However, St. John the Evangelist also puts all of these human accomplishments in perspective when he closes his Gospel with the words:


"There are so many other things that Jesus did,

but if these were to be described individually,

I do not think the whole world would contain

the books that would be written."

(Jn 21:25)


Science and Medicine


                        In both the Lessons from Our Lord and the Messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg to the world through Gianna Sullivan, much has been said about medicine and disease


Our Lady framed the world's situation as it relates to medicine and disease, but not without placing it in the proper spiritual perspective:


"There are devastating diseases throughout the world and many people suffer.  When a person is ill, it is difficult to pray….Your prayers can help a suffering victim receive tranquility and deep joy.  I know you would like diseases to be eradicated and for medical technology to develop cures.  I am here to tell you that until prayer is placed at the center of the lives of science researchers, and genuine love the fruit of their motives, as well as the motives of the medical industries, many cures will remain puzzling; and researchers will continue to walk in circles.  Self-righteousness, fame, power and prestige are current obstacles to medical advancements.  The stone which the builders rejected is the cornerstone.  Jesus must be the foundation for any lasting effects of life to be sustained and bear good fruit."  (Public OLOE, May 1, 1997)


Although medical science and medications, both natural and synthetic, have a role, even that role is far more effective when it is God-centered.  Hatred seems to be limiting what God is able to provide His people in this self-centered world, as Our Lord explains:


"There is so much hatred in your world that love is growing cold.  I cannot even plead with My beloved people, because they have allowed this disease of hatred to spread throughout their hearts, minds and souls…They are not giving Me a moment's chance!  When they do listen, they wish for Me to speak to them!  Everything centers around them.  Do they not  know that I speak to those who want nothing for themselves, because these are the ones who want everything for everyone else?"  (JOM, Vol II, #29, Dec. 23, 1989)


"So many of My people rely on medications in order to have control of their lives, in order for them to function.  They rely on medications, instead of Me, for control.  They cannot function without their medicine, their source for relief, in which they place their entire trust and confidence.  I, their Lord, am placed last, or not even placed in their lives.  They would rather put their trust in synthetic chemicals as their source of comfort, instead of their Lord.  It is hatred, power, prestige and the stress of these factors that have resulted in the corruption of this world.  If only My people would allow Me to love them!  They do not, My child, they do not!"  (JOM, Vol I, #44, Feb. 1, 1989)


Most apparent to the world over the last 30 years has been the devastating illness of HIV/AIDS.  Although there has been some success in containing this incurable infection in some of the Western countries, on a worldwide level its effects have been and still are deadly.  Our Lady of Emmitsburg describes this terrible plague in terms of its attack on the family unit and its reflection of the effect of sin on each human soul in the world:


"There is so much suffering from disease in the world today, little ones, especially in those who suffer from the AIDS epidemic.  The family unit is the victim of such suffering.  Precious children are suffering, and mothers feel they cannot protect them.  Mothers are suffering, and children feel abandoned and alone.  Fathers are suffering from the loss of interior strength and ability to save their families.  Sons and daughters are suffering from the effects of rejection by society.  Satan would like to destroy the family unit through deception in the power of free choice, freedom and gender, and eliminate the role of woman as mother completely.  Only a woman can bear children, and the role of a mother can be filled only by a woman because she brings forth life." 


"The AIDS epidemic is a direct attack on the family unit, but God in His Mercy shall prevail.  Many people may find it difficult to connect God's Mercy to AIDS, and many may see His Mercy towards only those precious souls who suffer from the disease; but truly the effect of this devastating virus is an act of God's Mercy on the entire human race.  It is a reflection of the effect of sin on each human soul and portrays the struggle which occurs when the precious gift of life is denied from its inception.  It is an act of God's Mercy, little ones, not an act of punishment.  To deny this truth would only spurn God's Mercy."  (Public OLOE, March 16, 2000)


In a very thought provoking message through Gianna on World AIDS Awareness Day, December 1, 2005, Our Lady of Emmitsburg extends this analogy involving the AIDS epidemic to even her Church:


"O' what a day you celebrate today, a day of such suffering in the world by those whose interior bodies are dying from HIV/AIDS.  This is the Mercy of God upon the earth.  This is likened to the soul, the soul of the Church, weakened and disintegrating because of the lack of focus on the Truth."


"My children, if you remember when the Church was born, beginning with my Son, it was despised, humble and without power or materialism.  Look at the Church now:  power and materialism.  The framework is most glorious, but the interior is dying as in AIDS.  The body looks like any other body, but interiorly it is being destroyed little by little.  There is no room for anything but hope."


"The soul of the Church awaits an awakening and enlightenment and the power of God's glory, which can happen through prayer, change, acceptance, surrender and the desire for God's Divine Will.  AIDS is not a punishment.  It is God's Mercy.   Corruption within the Church is neither God's desire nor a punishment; however He shall will it and allow it.  What will happen is that all will meet at the same port where the ships come in.  On one side there will be the pillar of the Eucharist and on the other pillar I shall stand, guiding the Pope as He leads the ship."  (Prophecy of St. Dom Bosco, 19th century)


"Do you not see a new tomorrow?  The Church may fall, but it will rise because my Son said it would never be destroyed.  The only thing that must be destroyed is evil."  (Private OLOE, Dec. 1, 2005)


All of the advances in science and technology have been made through the gifts of God and His permissive Will.  All are good; however through human free will, all can be used for evil.  Most certainly, any of these, when used to restrict our freedom to do God's Will are not being used for that which they were intended.  This is especially true in the areas of human life from conception to natural death; microchip technology in controlling human mobility, travel, speech and even thought, as well as access to food, fuel and supplies; and the internet in its spread of pornography and corruption, identity theft and invasion of privacy.  Remember, all of these advances and applications are good only in the way that they facilitate humanity to follow this command:


"You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself."

(Lk 10:27)



Our Lady of Emmitsburg speaks of some of these abuses, their effects, and how the faithful should try always to deal with them:


"If you want to walk the path of freedom, you must place yourself in the hands of God.  The fullness of His Love will envelop you.  The world is entangled with many contradictions, threats to human freedom and tensions affecting moral issues.  Many people are suffering with fear and oppression.  Tensions are acute and solutions are being replaced with technology and economic welfare.  The human spirit is being threatened by people who thrive on power and a materialistic world.  There must be an interior freedom and an interior peace in order for humanity to experience a global peace.  It is necessary to place yourself in Jesus' merciful Love and trust in His path which has been outlined for you….With Love many things can change quickly and effortlessly.  All you must do is love in return for the love you have received."  (Public OLOE, Oct. 15, 1998)



These abuses have spilled over into a climate of greed in much of the medical world.  Our Lady implores us:


"Pray for all those involved with medical research and all people who have manipulated health care costs in the medical empire which has resulted in the suffering of innocent people.  Pray also for the people in other countries and continents, for this medical problem exists worldwide."  (Public OLOE, May 1, 1997)


The issue of Life is certainly most fundamental and controversial as it relates to the use and misuse of science and technology.  Issues such as in-vitro fertilization, fetal stem cell research, organ harvesting, abortion, child abuse and trafficking, pornography, pre-marital sex, contraception, adultery, homosexuality, gay marriage, mercy killing and euthanasia, are but some of those areas linked with the life issue.


In the Words of God the Father to the world, our Creator Himself affirms:


"You belong to Me!  How is it that you are so preoccupied with life and not from where life commenced?  I gave you your soul and your life.  I desire you to enjoy life.  Why is it you cannot enjoy the Source from where life came?" (GTF, April 8, 2007"Blessed be life, life that I created for your good will and your good pleasure, life that you may live it fully and reap most copiously from the fruit of the land!"  (GTF, Aug. 8, 2007)  "Life is precious! I have so much to give; and yet, in the freedom given to humanity, much is abused, disregarded and oftentimes disrespected.  I have prepared you over centuries and thousands of years to invite and ask you to be vigilant in your works and to keep your hearts pure."  (GTF, Oct. 8, 2007)


"You are given life.  What you do with your life is the end of the story.  The world was given life to use it, to build on it, and to graciously develop all good things.  What you do with your life, through the gifts given to you, is the end point of all of your life and its worth….The end of the story, the final chapter depends on your free will."  (GTF, Nov.  8, 2007)


"At what cost I would give a Life for your life!  At what cost would you give a life for Life?  Do you not understand the depth and breadth of the most hideous torture My Son endured for you?  O' yes, as a human being, Divine and free of sin!  But He took it upon Himself for your freedom."  (GTF, May 8, 2008)  "I am relinquishing all graces unto you, not one by one, but as if a floodgate was to open to you so that you can be inebriated by My Love and come drown in the Precious Blood of My Son, protected and full of Life."  (GTF, April 8, 2008)


"Life (physical life) is only dust--a life that is breathed into you.  The soul is accountable and lives for all eternity.  Where the soul goes depends on your free will."  (GTF, Aug. 8, 2008)  "The gift of life is given to you for all eternity by means of the woman whose 'fiat,' sorrow and suffering are greater than what the mind can comprehend.  United to God and her Son, she is inseparable in suffering from Him Who redeemed the world.  She, who in silence gave to the world, is your hope; and He is your salvation!"  (GTF, Oct, 8, 2008)


According to Webster's Dictionary, to "heal" is to make sound, well or healthy again.  It may take the form of physical, psychological or even spiritual healing.  Healing may involve the medical sciences, and it often involves suffering; but healing can only be fully recognized in the total abandonment to the Divine Will, an act of both obedience and humility.  Our Lady further explains:


"The Truth must be lived under obedience to God.  Humility falls under obedience; and obedience to my most beloved Pope will outline for you everything that is necessary for moral values related to life, to the production of life, and to the scientific nature of things (including fetal stem cell research) as they relate to the cures and well-being of people with serious diseases." (Public OLOE, Oct 17, 2004)   "I see within your hearts all the suffering and pain.  For this you must bow most graciously to His Divine Will, for in suffering there is healing; and my Son will lift your suffering just as quickly as it was given to you, in good time and with good reason."  (Public OLOE, May 15, 2005)


Our Lord in His Lessons to the world also offers some insight into His compassion for His own Mother and the healing of her children:


"I, your Jesus, continue healing My peoples' souls so that they can live forever.  The Son of Man came to gather His people and heal them spiritually.  This was the main purpose I healed physical ailments--because of My Mother, who suffered by seeing her children suffer through their diseases.  Know this:  It is your souls which must be healed in order to receive everlasting life, not your bodies!  (JOM, Vol II, #6, Sept. 30, 1989) 



Science and Technology


In most of the modern world, even in very remote areas of the world, the technology of the 20th century has brought at least electricity.  With that, now satellites and the internet have brought the ability to disseminate information, both truthful and erroneous, both virtuous and sinful, but all still dependent on electricity in some form or another.  The scientific advances in astronomy have also allowed mankind to probe into the mysteries of space--yes, the mysteries as well as the threats and dangers to life on earth.  These potential threats to life on earth could be in the form of solar storms and their effects, meteors, asteroids, comets, supernovas--all of which through radioactive, gravitational and electromagnetic alterations as well as even direct impact, could seriously disrupt human life as we know it on earth.


In her widely disseminated message of June 1, 2008, Our Lady of Emmitsburg spoke to the world:


"When you see 'two suns' on the horizon, you must know that this is a time of change, a time of this new beginning about which I have spoken to you before.  After you see the 'two suns,' there is only a short time before you will see a tremendous change in weather.  After this, as you know, there are more changes to come…." 


"Even your governments and the Church authorities already have knowledge of the stars aligning and its implications upon you.  You must not fear, but must be prepared, primarily spiritually." 


"After awhile, you will see a time when there is another body in orbit around your solar system, coming between Earth and the Sun and leading to tremendous devastation."  (Public OLOE, June 1, 2008)


Our Heavenly Mother, however, did not leave her children without hope:


"Prayer is the answer!  Prayer can mitigate much of anything to come.  Love and unity must be at the forefront, not survival of the fittest….As your Mother and with you as children of God, it is my duty to forewarn you and to draw you to my Son for protection."  (Public OLOE, June 1, 2008)


Times have changed.  Science and technology have also brought about a change in the way in which God uses His prophets.  If God had given a message about the "two suns" in centuries past when mankind did not yet know that the world was round rather than flat, it would have brought about mockery, condemnation and chaos.  Today, being different than in the past, with mankind having all the wondrous avenues through which God's grace has been allowed to enlighten humanity, not only medically, but technologically and scientifically, all are within a hand's reach for humanity to make a change. 


"All is in the reach of your hands if you have but an open mind, and most importantly, a humble and open heart."  (Private OLOE, Sept. 1, 2008)


One of the tasks of the Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary is to make known to the world this June 1, 2008, message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg.  She has urged:


"It is important that the world know, since my message of intense climate changes and other effects of the 'two suns,' how people can prepare.  They need to know what has unfolded since that message.  It is quite evident in the world that since my message, many things have unfolded and have been even revealed through the media and other sources, such as the effects of solar flares and what could unfold relating to the planets aligning along the plane of the Milky Way.  The importance of this is so that people will not only continue to pray, but that they not be afraid.  It is not a time of a catastrophic end of the world, but a time of true enlightenment.  There is no specific day or time, but an overall ambiance so people can be prepared."  (Private OLOE, April 21, 2009)  "Imagine if technology is wiped out--no communications, no way in the least of having the proper tools to communicate!  What would you do?  How would you exist?  What will you do when you see flares flying as if in a shower, balls of fire coming upon you?  And yet, it is not the end of the world.  What will you do when you see this?  Are you prepared?"   (Private OLOE, March 21, 2009)


That being said, as a concerned Mother, Our Lady is saddened when she sees so many of her children who are confused and misinformed, who do not pray and do not trust,  and who fear but are resistant to change.


"Today there are many confused people.  There are many people who do not pray, and there are many people who do.  There are many situations that have surfaced which not only cause tremendous tension within economic and global atmospheres, but within hearts….There have been many planned devastations and disruptions within the world; but because there are many people who have prayed and remained devoted to God, this has offset some of that devastation and evil….


"Yes, no one knows the time nor the day, but the world knows scientifically that there are most certainly elements which can affect the lives of the majority of the people in this world.  That being said, the grace of God, the Holy Spirit and your goodness and love can restore, protect and keep safe all of those who desire to live a life in Truth and Love….Do not people realize when they receive the True Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of my Son, the power they retain within them?  I tell you:  90% of the world do not know what that means; but the limited 10% have the power to heal, to change, to re-create and to be co-redeemers with God."  (Private OLOE, June 13, 2009)


In an effort to both gain the attention of all her children as well as to challenge and encourage them, Our Lady of Emmitsburg raises some hypothetical questions:


"If there is a natural catastrophe, if there is economic collapse, if there is death or serious illness, or if there is dangerous spirituality, you seem to forget all of what I have said….Do you not know how many graces you could receive in healings and blessings?  If my army would only rally up and speak as a loud voice to the Church to allow me to be here in a special way!…Perhaps, children, you should pray that you can be like me--not speaking about one another, not voicing your opinions, but only loving and following what I have asked.  Those who do this are safe!…Those of you who truly desire to have the ears to hear, the heart to absorb, and the mind to embrace the Truth, are welcomed.  You have all been called by God….


But if you believe that your focus should be on something else, and you ignore the Mother of God, I can tell you that you also ignore the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the entire foundation on which Mother Church has been built! " (Private OLOE, Aug. 15, 2009)


In closing, Our Lady of Emmitsburg reminds us of the promises of that era of peace which awaits her faithful children:


"Continue to pray and work towards a new tomorrow when temptations will not affect you.  Use every occasion to become perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, by being humble, bearing difficulties with love, being merciful and doing penance.  Strive now to be holy and pure of heart, like a little child, so you will be prepared to slay evil through love and littleness in the moment of confrontation and truth, and then triumph with your Savior." 


"There will be a time of peace and no disease, a time and place where every human being will live in unity and come to know the Truth of Jesus through a Eucharistic Reign.  Every human being will understand and embrace mercy and will know the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  Every heart will be enlightened and healed of brokenness, slander, malice and anger….Life will flourish, and the ways of the Child Jesus will renew your hearts and fill you with joy.  You will have long life and happiness.  Those who pray together in the family as partners of love will march triumphantly into the era of peace."  (Public OLOE, March 9, 2000)


“I am about to create new heavens and a new earth;

the things of the past shall not be remembered….

No longer will the sound of weeping be heard there….

They shall live in the houses they build,

and eat the fruit of the vineyards they plant….

They shall not toil in vain, nor beget children for sudden destruction…

None shall hurt or destroy on my holy mountain, says the Lord”

(Is 65: 17-25)



"There is much to unfold, and in that there shall be an unveiling of God's Mercy.  In His Mercy you shall see everything that I have foretold before to my prophet, my daughter, my little one.  You shall see that everything that I have said about crime, about AIDS, about turmoil and natural disasters, about catastrophic events, and about Life itself; yes, you shall see that everything that I have said will have surfaced."  (Private OLOE, Mar. 16, 2003)


"I thank you for your continued prayer, because your prayer is your protection, even against maladies and life-threatening diseases, against natural disasters and any man-inflicted acts of terror.  Prayer is your greatest tool because it keeps you centered and focused on the Truth, the Truth of God Who is Father, the Truth of the Son Who is Jesus, and the Truth of the Holy Spirit without Whom you would never be able to discern or know the Way."  (Private OLOE, June 20, 2006)


Let us leave the final words of this review to God the Father:


"Perhaps you had better look to the Truth now and discern it so that you do not commit the sin of omission, but rather reap the benefits and fruits and graces and gifts and healings and the miraculous, awesome, omnipotent blessings."  (GTF, Aug. 8, 2006)





“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth….

‘Behold, God’s dwelling is with the human race’…

‘Behold, I make all things new’…

‘I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end’….

‘Behold, I am coming soon!..." 

(Rev 21-22)