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Fact Sheet 1987 - 2000
"Unsigned" Diocesan Statement 2000
Gianna Sullivan's Response 2000
Chronological Events 2000 - 2004
Baltimore ArchDiocesan Decree 06-07-2003
Summary Of Mystical Experiences 2005
A Pastor's Testimony 1993 - 2006
Video: Our Lady of Emmitsburg Documentory 2007
Gianna Sullivan's Response to Pastorial Advisory 2008
Foundation Action I 10-15-2008
Foundation Action II 07-04-2009
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Summary of Church Approved Apparitions
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Fr. Rene Laurentin
Commentary on Mystical Events of Gianna Sullivan
What is an Apparition?
Dictionary of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary
Book Review: "I Am Sending You PROPHETS"
Fr. John Wang
Emmitsburg and the HOLY SEE
Forward to the Collection of Our Lady of Emmitsburg Messages
Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh
Editorial Emmitsburg Paper
Roses In December Commentary
Carmelite Saints
Compilations By Michael Sullivan, MD
Evil Series
1. Evil Part I An Overview
2. Evil Part II Satan, the Devil
3. Evil Part III Demons and Evil Spirits
4. Evil Part IV Hell
5. Evil Part V The Chastisements
6. Evil PartI VI Our Lady’s Role
7. Evil Part VIIA The Weapons against Evil - Prayer
8. Evil Part VIIB The Weapons against Evil - Faith
9. Evil Part VIIC The Weapons against Evil - Charity
10. Evil Part VIIIA The Victory over Evil
11. Evil Part VIIIB he Victory over Evil -Freedom, Peace & Victory
Ponder Series
Part I
1. Introduction   2. Opening Remarks from heaven   3. The Holy Spirit  
4. Understanding   5. God's Love  
Part II
The Life of Jesus through Mary
Part III
1. Suffering   2. Prayer and Discernment   3. Humility and Holiness  
4. The Blessed Sacrament 
Part IV
1. The Prophecy of Our Lady of Emmitsburg   2. Her Triumph   3. The Center of Her Immaculate Heart  
Part V
1. Contemplation   2. The Closing  
Fear Series
Part I
1. Fear General Terms,   2. Fear of Intimacy with God,   3. Fear of Unworthiness and Sinfulness,  
4. Fear of Loss of Control,   5. Fear of Taking a Risk for God,   6. Fear of Trusting in God,  
Part II
7. Fear of the Role of Our Lady,    8. Fear of the Response of the Church & within the Church,  
9. Fear of the Inauthenticity of the Messenger/Prophet
Part III
10. Fear of Suffering and the Cross,   11. Fear of Loss,    12. Fear of Change
Part IV
13. Fear of Defending God's Truth,   14. Fear of Rejection,   15. Fear of Failure
Part V
16. Fear of Punishment,   17. Fear of the Reality of Satan and Hell,   18. Fear of Death
Part VI A & B
19. Fear of the Immensity of the Mission
A. The Call to Mission,    B. The Mission for the Poor and the Ordinary
Part VI C & D
19. Fear of the Immensity of the Mission
C. The Mission for the Church,    D. The Mission for the Center of the Immaculate Heart
Part VII
20. Fear of the Message
21. Fear of the Future: In General Terms
Part IX
22. Fear of the Future: The New Beginning
Part X A
23. Fear of the Future: The New Tomorrow
A. The Transition,   The Role of the Family,   The Unveiling of Divine Mercy
Part X B
23. Fear of the Future: The New Tomorrow
B. The Eucharistic Reign,    The Era of Peace,    The Covenant of the Two Hearts,
The Epilog
Part XI
24. The Holy Fear of the Lord
Part XII
25. The Closing
Prepare Series
1. Prepare Spiritually
2. Prepare Practically
3. Consequences of Not Preparing
4. Preparation and the Clergy
5. A Why The Promises I
5. B Why The Promises II
6. A Unity In Truth I
6. B Unity In Truth II
7. The Obstacles - Complacency, Indifference, Procastination
8. The Poison - Doubt
9. The Antidote - Faith
Wisdom Part I
1. Introduction 2. The Wisdom of the Father
3. The Wisdom of Jesus 4. The Spirit of Wisdom
Wisdom Part II
The Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom
Our Wisdom
Wisdom Part III
The Characteristics of Wisdom
Wisdom Part IV
The Lack of Wisdom
The Closing
Joy Part I
1. The Joy of God the Father, 2. The Joy of Jesus,
3. Jesus, The Joy of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 4. The Joy of Our Lady in the Holy Spirit
Joy Part II
1.The Joy of My Divine Providence, 2. The Joy of My Light and in My Truth
3. The Joy of the Cross
Joy Part III
1. The Aspects of Our Christian Joy
Joy Part IV
1. The Fruits of Christian Joy
Perseverence I - The Father, the Son & the Spouse of the Holy Spirit
Perseverence II - Prayer, Faith, Hope, Love & Truth
Perseverence III - Surrender Suffering and Patience
Perseverence IV - The Lack of Perseverance, Perseverance in Comradery & Unity,The Lack of Perseverance, Perseverance in Comradery & Unity
Fiat -- Part I - Jesus' "Fiat", Mary's "Fiat"; Our "Fiat"
Fiat -- Part II - Total Surrender to the Divine Will
Fiat -- Part III - Total Abandonment to Divine Providence
Adoration Part I - The Call to Adoration
Adoration Part II - Adoration of the Eucharist, the Cross & the Child
Adoration Part III - Adoration of His Holy Name & Holy Face
Adoration Part IIIB - Adoration of His Precious Blood and Divine Will
Adoration Part IV - Honor, not Adore, His Mother The Lack of Adoration
Forgiveness Part I
Forgiveness Part II
Forgiveness Part III
Apostasy Part I - Its Roots and Freemasonry
Apostasy Part II - Its Forewarning through Mother Church
Apostasy Part III A - Its Forewarning through Private Revelation
A. 13th through 19th Centuries
Apostasy Part III B - Its Forewarning through Private Revelation
B. 20th Century to Present Day
Apostasy Part IV - Its Defeat
Honesty & Integrity I - Honesty, Integrity
Honesty & Integrity II - Sin, Dishonesty, Deceitfulness
Honesty & Integrity III - God’s Mercy, Dignity, Our Lady, The Model of Honesty, Integrity, Dignity & Truth
The Cult of Holiness Part I - The Holiness of God
The Cult of Holiness Part II - The Holiness of Jesus
The Cult of Holiness Part III - The Holiness of Mary
The Cult of Holiness Part IVA - The Decalogue
The Cult of Holiness Part IVB - Sin and Holiness
The Pride Part I - Lack of Humility
The Pride Part II - Spiritual Pride & Obstacles to Overcoming Pride
The Pride Part III - Remedies for Pride
The Pride Part IV - Her Heal
Be Jesus Be Me Part A
Be Jesus Be Me Part B
Pharisaical Spirit Part A
Pharisaical Spirit Part B
Gentleness Part A
Gentleness Part B
Divine Will
Eucharistic Reign
Illumination Of The Soul
Miracle of Eurcharist
Motherly Advice
Mystery of the End Times
Science, Medicine and Technology in Today's World
Time For Repentance and Conversion
What About theChild?
Gianna Sullivan
Open Wide The Doors To Christ
Fatima Talk
The Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary
Idle Words
Prof. Courtenay Bartholomew, MD
Round The World Review
Why Are Certain Visionaries Chosen?
The Significance of the June 1, 2008 OLOE Message
Video: The End of This Era
Dom Forker
The Center of the Immaculate Heart Background
Video: Emmitsburg Presentation - Roses In December
Fr. Edward O'Connor
O'Connor Challenges Commission
Video: Emmitsburg Presentation - I Am Sending You PROPHETS
Fr. Fred Jelly
LESSONS from Our Lord for the World Afterword
Wayne Weible
Private Revelations 12:1 Lecture Review
Video: Emmitsburg Presentation
Supportive Books
The Hidden Life of Our Lord
I am your Jesus of Mercy Series
The Last Help Before The End of Time - Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, MD
The End Of This Era - Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, MD
Roses In December - Dom Forker
Our Lady of Emmitsburg - Dom Forker
The Final Confrontation - Mark Mallett
I Am Sending You PROPHETS - Fr. Edward O'Connor
The Splendor of Creation - Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi
The Fruits of Our Lady of Emmitsburg